tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Witch's Love

A Witch's Love


All characters are eighteen or more years old.


"I love you so much," she said softly next to his ear.

She laid on top of him, his softening cock still in her pussy. She had cum hard and often, with gasps and cries of pleasure. At the end, when his warm, creamy cum filled her pussy it was like a continuous orgasm for her.

"And I love you, just as much," he responded.

"I'd do anything for you," She continued.

"So would I," he responded. "I'd do anything for you."

"You would?" She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "You've never said it before."

He hadn't said it. She had many times, but he had always been a little hesitant to commit himself so fully. She hugged him, his words excited her. They would be married soon. She could hardly wait for the big day. She was Sarah, his name was Dan.

"I just realized it," he said. "But I think I've felt that way for a long time."

"Oh, Dan, I'm so happy," she smothered him with kisses.

They had met at college. Dan majored in computer science, he was working towards his master's when they met. Sarah was a senior, about to graduate. She had plans to become a writer. They liked each other immediately, but there were no instant sparks. They did date often and became lovers.

Sarah was an attractive woman, and very feminine. She was 5' 4" and 125 pounds, breasts the size of grapefruit; they looked perfect on her. Her complexion was just a little dark; coal black hair fell in waves to her shoulders. She had a nice butt and lovely legs that she liked to show off by wearing a dress with heels and nylons.

Dan was not the type of man one would expect her to choose. He was short and slim, only 5' 5", he weighed 150 pounds. Dan had a baby face that made him look much younger than he actually was. It was the type of face that many women, especially older women, are attracted to. Indeed, an older neighbor seduced him when he was eighteen and taught him much. There were others too, and he learned from them all.

Sarah, when she took him to her bed, found him to be an attentive and talented lover. She never inquired about where he had learned so much, she merely enjoyed it. He was above average in dick size, just enough to fill her comfortably. He enjoyed oral sex too. In fact he had few inhibitions.

Both graduated the same year and Sarah returned to her home city to start her career. She had financial help from her family while getting started. It wasn't long, though, before she was making enough to provide for herself.

Dan and Sarah didn't see much of each other, but they did keep in touch through occasional emails. Things changed when Dan got a job in Sarah's home town. They started dating again and love bloomed between them.

She took him to meet her family. Her parents seemed like a happy couple. Dan was struck by the sense of love he perceived between Sarah's parents, they appeared to be totally devoted to each other. They made their living by investing. They were quite well-to-do so Dan assumed they were skilled at it. Sarah introduced him to a couple of aunts too. All in all everyone seemed normal.

On the way home Sarah told Dan about a family tradition, or maybe legend. The story went that the female members of her mother's family were witches. Sarah was quick to say she didn't believe any of it. But, she went on to say that a great aunt was convinced it was true.

"Aunt Sadie claims the tales are true," Sarah told him. "But she says it is much more subtle than the casting of spells. She also claims it works for the good of the people involved. Especially if it is something both want"

Dan thought it a quaint tale and dismissed it from his mind.

Later they traveled to Dan's hometown so she could meet his parents. She was a big hit with his family. Sarah thought that Dan's family, she also met his two sisters, were wonderful people. A family she felt she could be part of.

They became engaged soon after the family visits and not long after that moved into a house together.

Sarah did most of her work from home. She set up an office in one of the bedrooms. Dan sat up the other spare room as an office for himself. He had hopes of being able to work from home, instead of having to go into an office every day.

Sarah came up with the idea of writing about computers. Their two careers would mesh naturally into such an enterprise. They wrote one book together that was a moderate success. That got them their start.

Dan was able to get more work from his home. He'd had to threaten to quit to get the arrangement he wanted, but they didn't want to lose him and agreed. He gave his company a full day's work and collaborated with Sarah whenever he had time. They started a blog and often published in computer magazines. Another book was in the works, too.

And that brings us back to the talk that started this tale.


She lay next to him nuzzling his neck. "What would you like me to do for you?" She asked in a sultry tone.

"Loving me is more than enough," he replied. "What would you like from me?"

"Like you, your love," she paused. "I want to make you sexually fulfilled. I want you to have orgasms as wonderful as those you give me."

"I'm happy that I bring you pleasure," said Dan. "You tell me so often it humbles me. The idea that I can do that for you."

"When I cum," she said softly. "It goes on and on; one orgasm after another. Intense, beautiful orgasms that blow my mind. That is because we love each other so much. I wish you could have orgasms like that."

"Sarah, my orgasms are amazing. I am more than satisfied, fulfilled too."

She was silent for a few minutes. "Have you ever wondered about how women feel when they cum?"

It was his turn to be silent. His thoughts were jumbled. There had been times when he had wondered that very thing. About how he would be if he were a woman. They were idle thoughts, though. He had no desire to be female.

"Yes," he hesitated wondering how much he should reveal. He realized then that he loved her and she deserved to know his innermost thoughts. "Yes, a few times. Especially when you cum for me; it thrills me no end. I've never envied you for your intense orgasms though. I've only been happy for you."

She kissed him; hard, with love. "Would you try something for me?"

"Of course, I said I would. I meant it."

"I wonder if, maybe, you would cum more like me if you felt more feminine. Why don't you try wearing my panties?"

He loved her. He could not refuse her. He wouldn't have anyway, not after he had said he would do anything for her. The panties she had been wearing when they started their lovemaking were on the floor next to the bed. She picked them up. They were pink silk. The gusset was damp from the juices of desire that had seeped from her pussy in anticipation of their loving.

She pulled them over his legs and he lifted his butt from the bed to let her slide them over his hips. She tucked his, now flaccid, cock into them and pulled them over the cheeks of his ass. To him they felt surprisingly comfortable. The smooth silk, damp with her juices, against his flesh and his cock soon had him getting hard again. Sarah smiled.

"See," she said. "They're working already."

She kissed his hardening cock through the panties. They laughed together and were soon making love again. Dan with the panties pulled down to his thighs. They sixty-nined and happily ate each other to more climaxes. Dan licked and sucked at her succulent pussy and was delighted when she rubbed her juices over his face. Juices that were a savory blend of her musk laden nectar and his creamy cum. She thrilled with the feel of his hard cock between her lips. She exulted over the pulsing heat of his hardness; at the slick warmth of his cum when it spewed into her eager mouth.

There would be no going back. Changes had begun, but they were not aware of them, not yet.


They were married a month later. Dan wore her panties and a training bra under his tux. He didn't need the bra, not yet, but he liked the feminine feel of it. Both their families were there and other relatives, too. Dan got to meet Sarah's Aunt Sadie. She gave him a knowing look then turned and smiled at Sarah.

"You may need to talk someday, Sarah. Feel free to call me."

"Thank you Aunt Sadie. I will if I need to."

They went off on their honeymoon. Her parents had gifted them with a week in the honeymoon suite at a posh mountain resort.

She had brought a nightgown for him to wear. It was the same as the one she had brought for herself. They were full length and very feminine. They undressed and put the nightgowns on, a first for Dan. He felt wonderful as it settled about his body, against his bare flesh, against the hardness of his cock.

He ate her pussy first. She sat in a chair and he lifted her nightgown to show her full, untamed bush, the labia swollen and aroused, her clit peeking out saucily at the top of her lovely cunt. It had been becoming more prominent in recent weeks. Even as Dan's penis seemed to be getting smaller. It didn't matter. Any changes were minor.

He licked at the lips of her beautiful pussy. He had to tell her how lovely it was.

"You're so beautiful," He murmured. "So warm and wet."

His words excited her. She pulled his head tight to her heat, her thighs closed against his head, her heels pressed on the small of his back to hold him close. He licked at her red inner lips. He sucked her clit between his lips and was delighted with the gasps of orgasm from her. He ate her until her heels were drumming on his back. Until her cries of "Don't stop" became sobs of pleasure. Until her juices flowed onto his face and ran down to his chest. His chest where nubile tits were beginning to show. Even as he ate her pussy he found himself fondling them through his nightgown. Fondling them and tweaking the newly sensitive nipples. His hand rubbed the bodice of the nightgown so that it soaked up her juices dripping onto his chest. He smeared the slick goodness over his flesh, over his tits. It all felt so good.

She slid off the chair to kneel facing him. With wet open mouthed kisses she tasted herself on his face, on his tongue. She urged him onto the chair and lifted the hem of his nightgown. He looked so feminine wearing it, so lovely. Her pussy flowed from the feelings of love that filled her body.

She leaned forward to take his cock into her mouth, to let it slide seductively between her plump lips. Her tongue, her lips, her teeth. She used them to bring him to a glorious orgasm. His cum gushed into her mouth and she blissfully tasted it. Her tongue slid through its slickness, she opened her mouth and looked up at her husband to let him see the creamy whiteness framed by her red lips.

He slid from the chair, as she had before. They kissed and let their cums merge into a delightful blend that both swallowed as feelings of ecstasy filled them.

They rested, then ordered a light supper from room service. Sarah put on a robe to answer the door when it arrived. She took the tray and tipped the waiter. Dan stayed out of sight.

They ate, but not too much. Another rest and then more loving. They lifted each other's nightgowns off. Naked they fell onto the bed. Sarah took Dan's budding tits into her mouth and nibbled at his firm nipples. He moaned softly at the sensation. He cradled her head, held her close, as if she was a baby suckling. His clasp sent a wave of pleasure through Sarah. It was such a feminine thing for him to do.

They sucked each other's tits and fondled each other's sex. He to make her juices flow, she to make him hard and ready.

She straddled him, and let her pussy slide sensuously onto his hard cock. She had found that it was more satisfying lately for her to mount him. She could take more of his smaller size that way; it was more noticeable to her than to him.

They fucked each other. Their bodies met in that ancient rhythm of love. He grasped her hips and brought her to his face to lick and suck at her flowing cunt. Back onto his hard cock to feel him inside her once again. She was cumming hard and often, her love brought her to intense organisms. Even if his reduced dick wasn't as pleasurable his tongue certainly was.

He was able to last for her. She had emptied his balls when she sucked him so he did not cum before she was fully satisfied. Thrills tore through his body and raced into his cock as he filled her belly with his cum. It was the best organism he had ever experienced.

In the morning they ate each other sixty-nine. Both enjoyed the juices and cums from the previous night's love making. They showered after that. Sarah shaved Dan's legs. Then her own. She did their underarms while she was at it. They dried each other and prepared to dress.

She knelt in front of him as he sat on the side of the bed and rolled a pair of nylons unto his legs. She added a lacy garter belt. These things were all new to him. The shave, the hosiery, the garter belt; but somehow they seemed natural and right. He pulled on his panties and clasped his bra over his tits. The bra cups seemed fuller, maybe it was time to get a larger one. He felt sexy and desirable. Sarah wore a pretty dress with nylons and sandals with two inch blocky heels. She looked lovely to Dan's biased eye.

He put his male clothes on to go for breakfast. His waist seemed a tiny bit smaller when he put his trousers on, but his butt filled them nicely. The newlyweds ate a nice breakfast and wandered about the resort grounds. They fed the ducks in a pond and kissed under a tree. At midmorning they went back to the inn for coffee.

They put on swim suits after lunch and went to the hotel pool. Dan's tits weren't big enough yet to be noticed, except by him and Sarah, of course.

They made beautiful love all week. There was much sucking and fucking; loud, gasping orgasms and contentment afterwards. Their last full day at the resort they took stock. Dan's penis was definitely smaller. His tits were a little bigger, but still only about an AA cup; the areolas had expanded and darkened. There was a reddish tint to them now. Dan's nipples were bigger too, and fatter. They had stopped visiting the pool the last couple of days because of the nipple changes. His waist was smaller, his hips fuller. Equally significant as the physical modifications were his mental changes. He found himself loving the feel of the lingerie he wore, he had from the start, but now he wanted to display his femininity. To wear heels and dresses. But, he was worried that something was wrong. Sarah hugged him and soothed him and told him how much she loved him. Everything was okay then.

Sarah's changes were confined to her clit. It was even more enlarged and protruded from her pussy whenever she was aroused. It was starting to get even firmer than it used to. She liked the feeling. It increased her enjoyment when Dan sucked it for her. Dan loved it too. He would take it between his lips to suck it and lick it and even nibble at it until she had cum. Until her delicious juices would flow onto his face.

The important thing, to Sarah, was the fact that the changes had accelerated during the week of their honeymoon. Maybe it was time to talk to Aunt Sadie. She called her and made arrangements to drop in for a visit on their way home.


Perhaps we should take a moment to discuss something. Most men who suddenly saw their penis growing smaller, for no discernible reason, would have made a mad dash to their doctor.

Not so Dan, nor did Sarah's growing clit cause them concern. Although they were not concerned they were certainly aware. Dan compensated by the wearing of feminine lingerie. He still came too. In fact his orgasms seemed more intense than before he had started wearing lingerie. Maybe Sarah had been right. Sarah's reward was the mind blowing orgasms she experienced when Dan sucked her to climax on her newly enlarged clit.

Their visit to Aunt Sadie explained much.

Aunt Sadie was a pleasant looking woman in her late sixties. She was widowed and lived alone. Her home was neat and well kept. It was only a little out of the way for Sarah and Dan to visit her.

She welcomed them warmly and served coffee and pastries. She watched them as they ate the pastries. She knew what was happening without too much effort.

"It's a spell," she told them. They hadn't even told her what they were visiting about. "It's okay. It's what you want."

She turned to Dan. "Dan, do you want to be a woman?"

"No," he replied honestly. "But I have come to like wearing lingerie and feeling feminine."

Sadie was not surprised at the answer, but it was not quite what she had expected. She tried again. "What do you want, Dan?"

"To please her, my Sarah. To make her happy."

She asked Sarah. "What do you want, Honey? Do you want him to be a woman?"

Sarah realized what she was getting at. "No, not become a woman. I want him to be happy, to experience the same wonderful orgasms he gives to me." She paused as a new thought came into her mind. "But for that he needs to be a woman, doesn't he." She seemed surprised at her sudden insight.

It was clear now. At least to Sadie and Sarah. Sarah had cast a spell. She hadn't realized it.

"You have inherited the witching power, Sarah," said Sadie. "Almost all the women of our family have it, to some degree, but many won't admit to it. Your mother is an example."

"Mom, has the power?" Sarah explained.

"Of course she does. Where do you think the ability to invest so profitably comes from? That is a major trait in our lineage. And why do you think she and your father are so happy together, still so much in love. It is from a spell she wove years ago, without ever knowing she was doing so."

Sadie paused as if thinking. She continued. "In your case the results were too obvious to be ignored, not once they started to accelerate. You should know that only the fact you are so much in love with each other, and so want to please each other, allows the spell to work. The spell, too, is the reason neither of you ever thought of seeking medical help."

Dan was listening. He realized what was happening to him. He found a mix of emotions in his mind. He would miss his manhood. But, look at what he was gaining. He could be the feminine person he wanted to be. It was a new desire in him, one he had not felt before the honeymoon. He could actually be a woman, a true woman. He spoke up.

"I understand, Sarah My Love," he took her hand. "It is your love that is changing me. And my love that is accepting the changes, letting it happen. That is all I need to know."

He smiled at Sadie. "Thank you for making it plain to us, both of us."

Sadie smiled back. It would be okay. These spells, those that took hold like this one, always were.

They left Aunt Sadie's relieved, excited and anxious to be home.

Dan had thought to carry his bride over the threshold of their home. He managed, but just barely. He had lost some of his upper body strength. They laughed together when he almost dropped her just inside the door.


They ordered a pizza for dinner after they were home. Sarah opened a bottle of wine to drink with it. They had been too excited for rational talk after leaving Aunt Sadie's. They were calming down now and it was time to talk.

"Do you have any regrets, Dan?"

"No, My Love, none at all. I truly meant it when I told you I would do anything for you. But, you know, this is all for me too. I'm excited."

"I'm so glad," she responded. "I want you to be happy."

They showered together, put on sheer nightgowns and fell into bed. Knowing what the end result was going to be for him Dan found himself more willing to act as he thought a woman would. He urged Sarah to straddle him. When he took Sarah's clit between his lips he thought, for the first time, that he was giving her a blow job. Of course she didn't cum like it was a cock, but her pussy flowed and her juices coated his chest and his nubile tits as she fucked his face.

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