tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Wolf and a Vampire Ch. 02

A Wolf and a Vampire Ch. 02


I woke up tied down. Panic mode set in and my instinct was to flee. The room was dark, I thrashed around trying to free myself from the chains on my wrists and ankles. I was naked, and it took me a long moment to remember where I was.

He came in, drawing my attention to the door. He scanned the room for danger, glaring at me. "Fucking quit!" He came over to the bed and inspected the curtains on the wall. "You'll mess up the black out curtains.

The sun was out, I could feel it. He'd put up curtains so I wouldn't get burned. Why had he tied me up? Once he was sure they were secure he smirked down at me. "Can't have you running away. We're bonded, remember?" He crosses his arms over his chest, shaking his head. "I got these just for you, and you're already trying to fucking burn yourself." I don't say anything, surprised by the gesture. His expression softens. "Don't move to much okay?"

I felt exposed. The sun is out, i'm naked in a wolves bedroom, while he's fully dressed, and I can't move. He slowly slides his body on top of mine. The fabric of his clothes rubs against my skin. I see him smile as he moves in toward my neck, gently kissing my bare skin. "Besides, you won't break those restraints anyway. They're made for your kind."

I close my eyes and sigh, exposing my neck for him to give better access. "Thanks for the curtains." I look up to examine the chains around my wrist and tug gently, laughing nervously. "Do you chain my kind to your bed often?"

It's cold outside. I can tell from the goosebumps spreading across his arms and his breath in the air. I'm not affected, in fact I might be colder than the weather outside. Still, he rests all his weight on me, sort of a cuddling gesture.

"Only when they find me. But usually, i'm not so nice." He smirks and winks playfully. I know he's trying to set me at ease, and I think it's actually working.

"On cold days like this," He continues, lazily drawing circles on my side. "I'd walk around the house as a wolf, but I thought that might startle you." His lips move to the other side of my neck, paying equal attention. I feel the whisper of his breath when he nips at my ear. "You're welcome for the curtains."

I shuddered and let out a soft breath, thrusting my hips up to meet his. "Well, you're nice to me." Without thinking I try to reach for him, but laugh to myself when I remember the chains. "How ironic. Willingly tied up by a wolf and I actually like it. How'd you manage to tie me up without waking me?"

His lips travel up my neck, biting my chin, then kissing my lips hard. It's a hot kiss. Passionate. Maybe i'm not the only one feeling needy. When he pulls away, he's out of breath but smiling still.

"You don't realize it, but you kind of hover in your sleep. Easy to attach chains when I don't have to lift you up."

The kissing continues. His bulge is pressing between my legs, driving me crazy from lack of skin on skin contact. My head spun, I realized at some point my body had relaxed. My fangs are itching to come out but I keep them back. I was interested in this open behavior from him. Between his lips on mine, I managed to speak, "Did you think i'd run?"

He sits up, not ashamed in the slightest of the bulge pressing between my legs. I watch mesmerized as his hands slide up my stomach to my chest. His fingers circling both nipples, carefully watching my face for my reaction. "You were disoriented last night. If you didn't remember what happened, you would've definitely have ran when you woke up here. Obviously, that would've ended very badly." He gestured to the curtains before dipping down again, holding himself up with one hand while playing with my breast with the other, then taking one nipple in his hot mouth.

Despite trying to hold myself back, I let a moan slip out. I feel his teeth tighten on my nipple, then release as he moves off the bed. He makes a show out of taking off his clothes, his gaze never leaving mine. Instead of climbing back on top of me he runs his fingers across my skin, making me shiver. I lift my hips in a silent plea, feeling more and more desperate.

He chuckles, "A vampire who enjoys being tied up." Finally he gets back on the bed, hovering over me and teasing my clit with the tip of his dick. "You know, I really do enjoy these not so chance encounters."

When I thrust up to try and take him deeper, he's pulls back. Only giving me his tip even though i'm desperate for more. I groan with frustration, feeling the burning of my fangs that i'm not sure i'll be able to fight for much longer. I fall back on the bed, accepting he's creating the pace, laying still while he continues his teasing. When he starts shallowly thrusting in, barely giving me the head of his cock, I groan as my fangs pop out.

"Please... more."

My voice was so soft he wouldn't have heard me if he didn't have super hearing. He leans down close, still not giving me what I want.

"Oh? Begging? I thought that was below a high vampire like you?"

"What?" I feel my body lock up, momentarily forgetting he was teasing the heck out of me. "What do you mean 'high vampire.'"

He thrusts in a little more, sensing my sudden unease. "I noticed the ring you wear. You are, or were once, one of the high council members."

So, he knows more about our life than I thought. The ring he's talking about is a plain silver band with a black cross carved into the front. The cross was morphed from the Christian religion. The ends were spiked like thorns, and a rose dripping with blood sat in the middle.

I gasped when he slid inside slowly, making sure I felt every inch of him as he did. "I guess i'll find out soon enough."

He pulls back out, and thrusts in hard, then really starts to fuck me. I feel his wolf teeth pressing against my neck, a smirk on his lips. I lift my hips to meet him thrust for thrust, arching my back and pressing my neck into his teeth. He growls and bites, covering my mouth just before I let out a surprised scream of pain. The pain is replaced by pleasure, and I didn't realize how much until I hear the sound of scraping metal.

To my surprise he pulls back and laughs, fucking me harder and faster. Nails dragging down my back so hard there's probably marks. He brings one hand to my clit, rubbing in fast circles. I scream as my orgasm rushes, overtaking me and chasing away all logical thought. The chains break, sending pieces flying all over the room. I lunge forward, pinning him on his back. My hips grind against him and I force his head to the side to expose his pulsing neck. I dive into him with a loud moan, drinking his blood to heighten my pleasure.

I pull out my teeth just before the loss of blood can affect him to much. What I just did makes me laugh. I shake my head, "Sorry about your chains. You did say you thought I was a stronger than normal vampire though. You should've been expecting it."

He laughs with me, dragging lazy fingers up my back until he can grab a fist full of my hair. "I did say that, didn't I. Maybe i'll be better prepared next time."

I watch his neck would heal, some blood still left behind on his skin. He uses his free hand to wipe it away, then rub it on my lips and watches me lick it up. He grips my hair hard, dragging a scream from my throat as he starts to bounce me up and down on his cock. I dig my nails into his chest, but the wounds are healing to fast for me to get anymore blood. Then he flips us over, on top of me again. He rises from the bed, dragging me to the edge and thrusting into me again.

I can't do anything but lay there and moan and squirm while he goes harder and harder. He's holding my legs so I can't get away, the position giving him deeper access. Even when he slits his wrist, I have to watch the blood drip from his wound and fall between us all over my stomach and pussy. I growl fiercely, trying to reach him.

It turns into an annoyed laugh. "Cutting your wrist then not letting me have any? Kind of cruel don't you think?"

I'm surprised to feel another orgasm when the smell of his blood reaches my nose. I squirm and moan, "Fuck!" My back arches and I buck, my fangs fully exposed and burning not being able to reach his delicious blood.

"Of course it's cruel," He slams into me hard and stays there, pulsing, buried deep inside of me. "But for you or me? I'm the one bleeding."

He thrusts hard once more, making me cum with a scream. He starts to slow, coming down to lay on top of me. I'm actually tired. Given my higher than usual stamina, nothing makes me tired anymore except for the sun. I moan when he brings his wrist to my mouth, letting me reopen the wound just starting to heal, and drink.

"There you go."

He's still hard inside of me, and I think getting more hard as I drink from him.

When he pulls away I almost whine, but then he drags me up off the bed. We're standing, and i'm forced to wrap my legs around him or fall. He looks deep into my eyes, they're full of lust and hunger. His hands grip my shoulders, and my back hits the wall so hard I thought the walls would come down.

"My turn," He growls.

His thrusts get rougher again, every thump against the wall sounding like an earthquake. I felt his fingers digging into my shoulders so hard he was probably making bruises. If I was normal, i'd care. They'd be healed as soon as he let me go. So I focused on him instead. I sank my teeth into his neck, pulling on his hair with one hand and clawing his back with the other. The pain only pushed him on. He drove in harder, we got louder. I couldn't tell who was moaning louder, probably a combination of both.

He finished inside of me with a loud growl, pushing so deep I thought for sure he'd split me in half. The room is silent for a moment. It's a little weird, considering all the noise we've been making. My fangs retract, for once, I feel sated. Now if he offered me more, I certainly wouldn't turn it down.

Another moan from him broke the silence, shifting into a laugh that surprised me. I started to feel self conscious, felt to exposed again. His heavy muscle pinning me against the wall. Just before my panic could rise and get out of hand, he spoke.

"You're dead already, so that doesn't matter, does it?" He chuckles again.

Oh yeah.

I rest my head against the wall, surprising myself by starting to laugh. "Do you have to keep bringing up the fact i'm dead?"

"Well, it's an important part of your character," He says as he sets me back on the floor.

The mix of our arousal is dripping down my leg. His eyes glanced down and one of his brows shot up. He seemed a little nervous now. Or maybe this was just him calm.

"Uh, how about we clean up."

He wouldn't let me clean myself up. It felt kind of awkward, but more sweet. Now his touches were gentle. To my surprise there actually were bruises still on my shoulder, just faded. As he ran a rag over my private areas he kissed each bruise. Four on each shoulder, in line with where his fingers would've been. I sighed and eventually relaxed. It was hard not to given what we'd just did, his gentle touches, and I was very much aware of the sun being out. Suddenly I was extremely tired.

When he was done, I stumbled walking out of the bathroom. He scooped me up in his arms without a word, no asking if I needed help, just doing it. I leaned against his hard chest, finding his heartbeat soothing. We laid on his bed, cuddling up together like we didn't just have the roughest sex i've ever had.

Now I could think.

We were bound. For how long? Was this permanent? The council was still chasing me. If I stayed here i'd be putting him in danger. I hadn't seen any sign of them in weeks but I knew better than to get comfortable. Even though I wouldn't admit it out loud, I was actually starting to care for this wolf. King wolf, to be exact. That was dangerous all by itself. What if the other wolves came? They'd smell me. They'd smell me on him even if he went to them. Which he'd have to eventually. Right?

Soon he was asleep. It didn't take long. I wasn't chained. Does he trust me now? Well, he is my only food source for the moment. His soft snoring and steady heartbeat lulled me to a peaceful sleep. I'd think about everything later. Right now, I felt to satisfied and relaxed not to sleep.

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