tagNonHumanA Wolf's Unbridled Lust Ch. 05

A Wolf's Unbridled Lust Ch. 05


Hey guys, here's the newest chapter to AWUL! Sorry for the long wait again, I had finals and ended up having to cram hard. But it's all over now! Hope you like the new chapter, let me know what you all think!

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Liesel felt like she had barely slept before she was woken by a rough wet tongue scraping against her cheek. Startled she flinched and jumped back, eyes wide as they took in the massive wolf curled up on the wooden floorboards before realisation caught up with her.

Hesitant and unsure, Liesel edged forward and nudged the backs of her knuckles against the wolf's head. "Rafe?"

Half a second of thick chunks of fur stripping from his body and some agonising cracks of bone and muscle later, Rafe stood naked before her with a diffident smile curling his lips.

"Boo?" He softly chuckled, a weak attempt to make her smile.

She did anyway, peering down at her hands in her lap. "Is there a reason you woke me so early? The sun isn't even up yet."

"We are in the middle of a garden Liesel, a garden that's open to my family. I'd really rather they didn't happen upon us sleeping here. Trust me, neither of us would hear the end of it for weeks." He whispered as he pulled on his jeans and stood, reaching a hand down to help her up. He hadn't even bothered to zip up his pants so they hung loosely on his tapered hips.

"Of course," She laughed, "Thanks for being err, considerate. I think we both know we need to talk..."

It annoyed her that this was the second time in two days she'd spoken those words, to practically a stranger no less. That and it was a fierce internal battle to keep her eyes from straying, but she continued to hold her head high as she strode over to where he'd tossed his shirt and passed it to him to put on, innocently averting her eyes.

"I know. I'm not intentionally trying to pressure you Liesel... I never intended for this to happen, it just... did, and now that it has I wouldn't wish it any other way. We need each other. Can't you see that?" His dark eyes were staring imploringly into hers, in such an intense way it gave her chills.

"I... It's not about needing each other Raphael." She groaned, raking her hand through her hair as she turned her back to him and walked to the railings, her footsteps creating soft, hollow thumps against the wood. "You... You're all... You're not human. You're not a man, you're a wolf."

"Thank you for pointing that out, I had no idea." He replied dryly from behind her, "Yes I am part wolf. But I am also part human. Look at me Liesel."

She reluctantly turned to him, his muscled form bathed in moonlight.

"Do I look like anything but a man to you?" He whispered. She'd never seen anyone look so broken before, his eyes pleading silently with hers. She realised now she'd cut deep with the 'you're not a man' remark, something she hadn't meant to do.


"Then please," He stepped forward, tilting her head up so she was captured by his eyes and gathering her hands in his. "Stay here, with me. At least for a day or two. You could be happy here Liesel... I can make you happy."

"I don't... You're... I need some time alone. I need to go home... Please just let me think. I need to call my brother... I have to go." She whispered, eyes brimming with unshed tears. Liesel wasn't sure how to deal with the tirade of emotions boiling beneath the surface. She didn't know how she should feel. All she knew was that she needed a few days alone to wrap her head around all of this. It was just too much... Only two days ago she'd been a single city woman, worrying about things like work and money and her social life. Now she was bombarded by all these foreign feelings and had been thrown into a world of chaos and the supernatural. Werewolves? Really? Was this some twisted dream or did all this actually happen? All Liesel knew was that she had to get out of there and think.

"Can I please borrow your phone Rafe?" She pleaded, holding her hand out.

Rafe was hesitant. And something else... A feeling he wasn't used to. It took a moment for him to realise he was actually afraid. Was she going to leave him? He didn't know. But despite his forceful words and arrogant manner, he wouldn't ever actually make her do anything she was against doing. If she wanted to leave, he would let her go. But he'd always be near, in the shadows. Waiting.

Reluctantly he handed his cell over, brushing his fingers through his hair and sitting down on the gazebo steps to wait.

Liesel didn't waste any time dialling her brother's number, holding the mobile tightly to her ear and pacing impatiently as she listened to the constant ring of the dial tone.

"Hello? Edouard DuBorque speaking." Her brother's deep voice answered. He sounded sleepy, yet alert and anxious. Almost desperate.

"Edouard?" She answered, concerned.

"Leece? Fils de pute, where are you?! Oh my God, do you have any idea how worried I've been? How worried mom has been?! You almost gave her a heart attack! The police have been combing the entire city looking for you! Le cerveau il était en option chez toi?! I can't believe how irresponsible you are, two days Liesel! What the hell happened to you?!"

"What?!" She yelped, "The police?? Already??"

"Yes already. The second dad heard you'd disappeared he transferred money over to get a PI to investigate. Mom pretty much forced him to, screamed at him over the phone. It would have been hilarious if you weren't missing."

"Oh my gosh, call it off Edouard! I'm fine! Well, I was attacked my some mugger but my... a friend stepped in and saved my life. I've been staying at his house and, I guess I lost track of time and everything... I'm so sorry but I'm coming home right now and I'll explain it to you both then."

"Where are you Leece? I'll come get you. We've been worried sick and there's no way I'm gonna let you run off again. Stay where you are and I'll pick you up." He ordered, questioning her for directions.

"Um, I don't really know where I am... Hang on a second," Liesel pressed her palm to the phone, mouthing to Rafe for the directions.

Rafe rolled his eyes, deciding his mate's twin could do no harm to the whereabouts of his pack and held his hand out for the phone. It pained him deeply to have to let her go, but he knew holding her here would be a severely wrong move on his part. For now, he had to play it cool and let her free.

After going through the directions and confirming Liesel's safety, Rafe hung up the phone and slipped it back into his pocket.

"Your brother will be here soon, I suggest taking a shower and having something to eat before you go? You've barely had anything since you've been here but a few sips of soup and you're thin enough as it is." He chuckled, tugging her out of the luscious garden and towards the house.

"Hey I do eat! It's not my fault I've not had anything. Obviously your hospitality cuts short where food is concerned." She grumbled, glad he'd been so flexible in letting her go.

"Oh quiet you, I'm not used to this host job and you've been unconscious for the majority of your time here." He chastised teasingly back.

She smiled softly as they rushed to his rooms, careful not to wake anyone or bump into anybody else. Neither of them felt like a confrontation right now, and Liesel didn't have the time to sit and chat. Her stomach was grumbling like crazy and she was in desperate need for a shower and a change of clothes.

"I'll leave some fresh clothes out on the bed once you're done in the shower. I'll be in the kitchen when you're finished." He told her, passing her a clean towel and closing the slides to the magnificent bathroom with a small smile.

Liesel quickly hopped into the luxuriously large shower, tuning the taps until the room was filled with hot steam, just how she liked it. After a quick shower she wrapped her dripping body in the towel, padding out into the bedroom and spying a neatly folded pile of clothes at the foot of the bed. This time he'd left her a pair of acid-wash skinny jeans and a loose yet fashionable grey sweatshirt with a white tank top to go underneath. She had to hand it to him; he did know how to dress in style. After pulling her legs through the tight jeans and pushing the sleeves of the sweatshirt up to her elbows she slipped on the pair of plain black flats left on the floor and walked hesitantly into the lounge room.

A mouth-watering, spicy smell assaulted her senses the second she stepped into the room. Liesel followed the source of the smell into the kitchen where Rafe was adding the final touches to a delicious looking stir-fry.

"Rafe?" Liesel questioned, eyebrows raised.

He turned to her, flashing a smile at her expression. "What? Didn't think I was capable of cooking for myself?" He asked, feigning hurt as he held a tanned hand to his chest. Liesel noted that he'd changed also, into a deliciously hugging navy blue cashmere sweater and dark jeans. His hair was loose, curling sexily around his gorgeously lashed eyes.

Gulping, Liesel turned her eyes to the food he was cooking, chuckling at his teasing. "Well I must say I am surprised. It looks and smells great."

"I am a man of many surprises," He teased, winking at her as he turned back to the sizzling contents of the pan. Liesel bit her lip softly as she was provided with a very enticing view of Rafe's incredibly sculpted ass. Shaking herself mentally, Liesel crossed to the small yet stylish glass table and sat down on one of the chairs.

"I've noticed." She answered dryly, a little bit late. He turned holding two bowls of steaming vegetable stir-fry, offering her an apologetic smile as he set one bowl in front of her and presented her with a fork.

"You must really despise me right now." He stated, gesturing for her to eat.

Her stomach was growling ferociously from lack of food and she didn't need any more encouragement to dig in. Twisting some noodles onto her fork, she popped them into her mouth, glancing up to find Raphael staring at her lips with fascination and... Lust.

After swallowing quickly and nervously, Liesel took a sip from the glass of water set beside her bowl. "I don't despise you Mr. Black," She answered softly, "I'm... Nervous. Confused. Frustrated. Angry. Shocked... Even a bit scared. But I don't despise you."

His sigh of relief was only just heard by her, leaving a small smile to curl her lips.

"I understand how you're feeling..." He began, only to have her cut him off with a dark chuckle.

"No you don't, Mr. Black. You don't understand how I'm feeling because you've never been in my situation before." She retorted stubbornly, her eyes flitting up and boring into his.

"Then explain to me how you are feeling and why. Help me understand." He replied softly, almost pleadingly.

"I'm scared because in the course of 48 hours I was almost raped, stabbed, healed magically, held against my will, introduced to a secret community and oh yeah, I just found out Werewolves existed. I'm angry because of the... audacity of you to bring this into my life. I'm frustrated and confused because at the same time I wish for nothing more then to have this in my life because at least it comes with you. And finally, I'm nervous because even though I hardly know you at all, you make my heart race every time you're near... and I think that scares me more than anything." Her pulse was racing already and she could feel her face heating up from her words. She lowered her eyes to the food, concentrating on eating as she felt the embarrassment wash over her. I can't believe I just said that.

"Liesel... I--" Rafe's voice was cut off from the tone of his cell, reverberating loudly in the small room.

"Yes?" Rafe growled, holding the phone to his ear impatiently. A dejected sigh followed. "She'll be down in one minute."

Liesel glanced up at Rafe who'd stood, towering above her in all his glory. The sight took her breath away before she realized she was staring and looked back down at her half-eaten bowl of food.

"Who was that?" She asked, glancing back up hesitantly.

"Your brother is here. It's time to go Liesel."

Liesel let out a deflated sigh, surprised she wasn't all that excited to be leaving. She almost felt like she wanted to stay, desperately even. With him. Dismissing that thought and pushing it to the back of her mind, Liesel stood and followed Rafe back through his rooms and down towards the foyer of the grand estate.

Turning to him when they got to the foot of the marble carved stairs, Liesel offered him her hand, putting on a brave face and smiling softly. "Thankyou Mr. Black, I appreciate everything your family has done for me. Please give your father and Tanis my thanks for their hospitality and care."

Surprised by her formal attitude, Rafe took her hand and shook back against her firm grip. He growled low in his throat before reminding her, "Call me Rafe, Liesel. I'm not your superior. We're on equal terms here."

"It's not proper. You are my superior Mr--" Liesel was cut off when Rafe rolled his eyes and tugged her into his arms, placing a gentle kiss upon her lips.

"Stay with me." He pleaded softly, eyes desperately searching hers.

She looked away, avoiding eye contact and trying to ignore just how tempted she was to take that offer. "You know I can't." She whispered back, her lips burning from his soft caress.

"Right... I know. You need to think. I respect that... Just promise me you will think, and not go off into hiding? Until-- I mean, if we're mated, I'd be able to find you instantly but... Without our connection established you're lost to me if you disappear someplace. And I won't stop searching for you. Not ever."

The seriousness of his tone deeply effected her, causing heat to rise in her cheeks as she stared gravely into his dark eyes and promised him she wouldn't run, that she would come and see him again soon with her answer. And right now, what that answer would be she didn't know... Was this the life she wanted? The life of a wolf? Her mind was reeling, unable to wrap her head around it. It was exactly why she needed some space and time to really think about this and try to understand her feelings before making any rash decisions.

"If you choose to be with me Liesel, there is no turning back. I want you to understand that. We wolves mate for life. And our lives are extended to eternity, so it's a long time. Forever to be exact. So if you choose this life with me, you can't change your mind. It's not like having a boyfriend where ties can be broken so easily, this is binding." He whispered to her, eyes dark and intense.

"You mean, you're...? How old are you?" She asked, suddenly feeling shocked and mildly violated.

"That Liesel, is a story for another time. Your brother is waiting." This was followed by an impatient honking coming from behind the grand doors, resulting in laughter from the two.

"Please keep yourself safe." Rafe said, sobering instantly, "I'll be worrying constantly with you gone. I hope you understand how difficult letting you go is to me..." He murmured, stroking a thumb across her soft alabaster jaw.

"I will, and I know... Thank you for everything Mr. Black."

"Rafe," He corrected, smiling warmly down at her before softly planting a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Go," He said, tapping her derriere as he ushered her to the door where two diligent guards stood at attention, one beside the intercom, "Before I give in to temptation and hold you hostage in my room. I can't promise I'd keep my hands off you... I'd want to make love to you for hours..." He whispered seductively into her ear, causing a bright red blush to stain her cheeks and a molten heat to rush to the centre of her core.

Ignoring his lustful words Liesel smiled shyly at the two men who dipped their heads in return, opening the double doors for the couple. Standing nervously in the doorway Liesel turned once more to Rafe.

"Thank you again, Rafe." She smiled, slowly sliding her hand from his and making her way down the steps towards her brothers black car parked on the gravel driveway.

Do not look back, do not look back, do not look back.

She looked back; resting her hand against the handle of the tinted car as Rafe arrogantly blew a kiss in her direction. Chuckling to herself, Liesel pulled open the door and slipped into the comfortable leather seats, preparing herself to be seriously chewed out by her over protective brother. She definitely had it coming to her, but still. She was in for the bashing of a life-time.

"Liesel Evonne DuBorque you are in severe trouble. What on earth were you thinking?! Did you know it took me over an hour to find this place! And that was after I got out of the city! I haven't even heard of Black Estate until now!" Edouard's angry voice filled the car, causing Liesel to smile and turn to her brother who was glaring at her angrily from behind the wheel.

"Nice to see you too, brother dear." She laughed, stroking his hair patronizingly before kissing him on the cheek. "I'm sorry. I should have called, in fact I would have but I've been unconscious for the most part."


Liesel blanched, remembering she'd left that part out. Oops.

"Just a teeny bit... Look you can yell at me all you want when we get to my apartment, okay? But right now, can we please just enjoy the silence?"

"We're not going to your apartment. Mère still has something to talk to us about. Well, talk to you about. Since she's already told me. I've been staying at her house since you disappeared. Do you have any idea how much stress you caused her?! She's been worrying constantly! Almost hysterically! I cannot wait until she rips into you Leece, 'cause wow you deserve it after the shit you put her through." He growled, throwing the car into gear and driving down the long driveway and into the homely domestic streets. "You know it's like an entire fricken town here? What is this place?"

"I don't really know myself..." She murmured under her breath, surprised at how ordinary the rows of houses they passed looked. Was this tidy suburban community really the home to a pack of werewolves?

"Oh hey, what did Elizabeth want? She sounded pretty urgent on the phone when I spoke with her." Liesel questioned, suddenly excited.

"Um... Look Leece, I can't really..." Edouard looked confused and... maybe even scared. Something was wrong and she didn't like it.

"What is it?" She asked, her voice hardening in preparation for a bomb fall.

"I don't really know. I don't understand what she is on about Leece. It's freaked the hell outta me, but she made me promise not to say anything. She needs to talk to you herself. But... It's big. Huge. You will not believe it..." He answered nervously, strumming his fingers against the wheel.

Groaning impatiently, Liesel thumped back into her seat, chewing her lip nervously as she watched the scenery out the window. Normally she'd argue, having a gift for breaking down her brother's will when it came to secrets, but today she was just too exhausted to handle anymore information. Only a few hours ago she'd found out werewolves existed. She needed time to prepare herself mentally for the next onslaught of life changing news.

The first morning rays began to spark across the horizon, glistening across the surface of the huge dark lake near the entrance to the majestic gates that guarded the community. Wrought iron and twisted into ancient Celtic design, it was beautiful and spooky all at once. The creeping mist above the lake and the sparkling dew lacing every tree and bush added to the mystical quiet feel of the place. It made a beautiful and peaceful picture.

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