tagInterracial LoveA Woman Scorned Ch. 01

A Woman Scorned Ch. 01

byThe Avenger©


Hi there. I am a white woman of forty, divorced and childless.

An eternity ago, I studied business. It was during my wild years at University that something occurred, which messed up my family plans. I fell pregnant from a married man, who also happened to be my professor. The consequent abortion was botched up. I barely survived it. They had to remove my womb.

I met and married my ex husband, also a business major, on my first job. My ex, Mike, and I were a perfect professional team. We worked so well together, we decided to form our own company. I was upfront to Mike about my being barren. It suited him fine, he also did not want to have children. Our business flourished, over the years we went on to open several other businesses. We lived quite comfortably.

I lived in happy, faithful, marital bliss until, driving in town one day, I saw my husband walking with some pregnant woman and two children. There seemed to be a family intimacy about the whole thing. On that day, my husband should have been a 1 000 miles away on business.

To cut a long story short, I hired a private investigator. And yes, my hubby of 12 long years was cheating, and yes indeed, his former secretary was pregnant from him, with their third child. All the late meetings and business trips out of town were spent with his second family. I was devastated. But my shameless husband blamed it all on me, for being barren. The divorce was ugly. I took the son of a bitch for everything. In the end I got a lot of money, and a couple of our companies.

For a long while, I was bitter and I hated all men. My love life was reduced to sex with call boys.

However, I am a romantic woman who hates being alone. A year ago, I went against my own judgment and everybody's advice and decided to go for it, with this young handsome kid, Tim, 15 years my junior. Tim had just come from college and was working as a junior manager at one of my companies.

Tim is young, handsome, dynamic, witty, intelligent and slick. He made me laugh, and feel loved and desired. I will be honest, when I turned forty, I started feeling old. And it made me feel good to have this handsome young beau chasing after me.

Tim is a strategist, he chased after me smartly, carefully, giving me the feeling that I was in charge. And he is very patient. Finally, I gave in to his amorous advances. We graduated from an office flirt, to a secret affair between boss and subordinate, to an open relationship. I was very happy.

After Tim and I had been dating for a year, I started having secret fantasies of moving in together with my young lover. By then, Tim was living in an apartment I owned, driving a car I lent him, and I had promoted him at work and given him a credit card.

Of course, when I look back, I feel so stupid. I have a sharp business mind. But get me emotionally involved and I am naive like an innocent little child. And to be fair, Tim is smart, he had a way of making me think I made all the decisions, right?

Anyway, a worried friend of mine talked me into hiring an investigator to have him checked out. I did so reluctantly.

Yep. My heart was broken a second time. Yes indeed, Tim had another girlfriend, some blond tramp of his age. And yes, he even had the occasional flings on the side too.

To think that that young fool was living it up, on my money, picking up his sluts with my car, making love to them in my flat.

I was so livid with anger I didn't even have time to cry and feel bad about it. I wanted revenge. I wanted to punish him, and make him suffer. At first, I wanted to confront him and throw him out on the street like the stray dog he was. But I decided to bide my patience and wait for the right opportunity.

I wanted to do something real evil to him. To punish him for all men on this planet.

My story begins on the day after I had received the nasty heartbreaking Photos. I met Tim in what had become our favorite restaurant.

Fade in:


A woman scorned

Fade in:


We see an elegant, classy, five star restaurant, strictly suit and tie establishment. Numerous people are sitting at tables, enjoying the fine cuisine on offer to the sounds of a live Jazz Band.

At a candle lit table, we spot Tim, 25, tall, athletic, handsome, blond, blue eyed young man, looking elegant in a white shirt, tie and tailored, striped suit. Tim is smooth shaved Everything about him is slick. He could well be an actor or a model. He carries himself with confident grace.

Tim's dinner companion is Lisa, a tall, dark haired, pale skinned brunette. Lisa is forty years old, but she could easily pass for early thirties. Her face is pretty, her skin smoothly tanned, without a blemish. Her raven black hair is short cropped giving her a youthful touch. Her hazel eyes sparkle with intelligence. She wears a friendly, confident smile, but the thin lines around her eyes and pouting lips bear testimony that the pretty woman has encountered some tough times.

Lisa exudes wealth, taste and elegance. The tall, dark haired woman is sheathed in an elegant evening dress with an open back, spaghetti shoulder straps and a deep cut décolleté, and she is justified to. Even though her body has recently started taking fuller contours, the former athlete still boasts of a curvaceous, coca cola bottle shaped body.

Lisa is iced out, her neck, ears and wrists sparkle with jewels. She wears light make up.

Though she keeps smiling at her lover throughout their meal, one gets the feeling that the white woman is not really as much at ease as she is pretending to be.

The two of them are indeed a handsome, lovely couple. One would not even guess that there is a fifteen year difference to their ages.

Lisa and Tim enjoy their delicious, four course meal as it is served, eating, drinking, chatting and laughing, like happy lovers do.

Fade to:

As the last plates are taken away, Tim, the young blond Don Juan takes his elderly lady's hand and looks serenely into her hazel eyes.

Tim (in a soft, romantic voice) Lisa darling, I just want you to know that you make me feel special, you beautiful, lovely creature. I adore you. (he kisses her hand so affectionately)

Lisa Tim, you don't have to say that.

Tim But I mean it seriously. I adore you. I guess I am falling in love. (Lisa smiles sweetly, blushing) I cant wait till we get home. Tonight will be our special night. (he lovingly kisses her hand again)

Lisa (smiles a dazzling white smile, flashing her even teeth) Then lets go. Lemme just sort this out.

Tim is a smooth criminal. His performance could have won him an Oscar. His lady friend seems impressed as she waves a waiter over and pays with her card.

The charming young player jumps up, helps his lady friend get up, gets and holds up his lover's jacket for her. Lisa slides into it, and kisses her young admirer on the lips.


Tim and Lisa leave the restaurant, arm in arm. They walk onto a pavement lit by fluorescent lamps. Tim is wearing a beaming smile, flaunting the sexy, mature beauty on his arm, feeling on top of the world. Lisa is deep in thought.

Lisa o.s. I was so mad at Tim I was boiling inside. Such a shameless liar! Taking me for his naive old fucking fool! It took all my willpower not to explode, scratch his smooth, lying face, and gouge his beautiful eyes. But what I wanted was slow, nasty, painful revenge. And the opportunity came faster than I thought.

Two tall young black men walk towards them on the pavement, from the opposite direction. They are Dean and JD, two guys in their mid twenties. Dean is taller, but JD has wider shoulders. They are both muscular. They are dressed in sagging jeans hanging low and open jackets with vests underneath. They both carry sports bags slung over their shoulders. Both of the black men ogle the sexy white woman, with the glittering ice.

Dean Yo! Check out that iced out fine white booty mama there man!

JD Shit! Nigga! I need to fuck me one of them top notch rich white bitches like that yo!

Dean Word son! The fuck she want with that lil cracker boy any old how? He cant fuck her like I can.

JD For real my Nigga. Classy, top notch white bitch like that need some real man's dick, not some puny white boy cactus.

Dean Hell yeah! Big black cock in them pretty white bitch lips! I swear I'll have that cracker lady so sprung she'll be putting a car, house and weekly allowance on me.

JD Yeah Nigga. Tell her like, (he raps) "White bitch, take this big black dick in them hands! I'll fuck you so good bitch, you buy me a brand new Benz, Always keep my balls empty and my tank full, Keep me flooded in ice, and bitch we cool".

Dean Fuck Nigga, now that's some fucking talent right there, I swear! Platinum shit!

The two black men laugh heartily at their silly jokes as they walk past the white couple. Tim frowns. He looks over his shoulder after the two blacks, who also happen to be looking over their shoulders, at Lisa's fine ass globes. Tim decides to play the Hero.

Tim (sneers) The hell you looking at?

JD The fuck you looking at, white boy?

Tim (snickers) That's the problem with you people, always starting trouble.

The two black guys turn around and come back, faces shining with mischief. Lisa stays cool. Tim is raring for trouble, his jaw working.

JD Wassup fool. You a little super hero huh?

Tim Learn to speak fucking English first, alright? (he laughs provocatively)

Dean's eyes meet Lisa's for a second. He winks at her, like don't worry. She smiles and winks back.

JD So your a Comedian huh? Know what, my man, either you start rapping, and show mad skills like Eminem, or I will whoop that cracker ass. Think he got talent, Dean?

DEAN Nah! He kind of stiff and stuck up.

JD Yeah, boring office type of cracker, huh.,

Tim (explodes) Who the fuck you calling a cracker?

JD You see another blond haired, blue eyed devil ass redneck white cracker here?

Tim (explodes) Fucking Nigga!

JD Is that so?

He smiles and lowers his bag. Raising his arms, he moves to Tim, to smack his ass no doubt. Now Tim realizes that he has bitten off more than he can chew. He starts backing away and reaching for his phone.

Tim (his voice sounds like a whine) I will call the cops. If you touch me you will be in shit. I am powerful and well connected.

Dean laughs with derision.

Dean Big mouth, little balls, little cock. Hmm. Say, are you a white man?

JD Don't worry, I will paint him black.

Lisa (steps between the two men holding up her hands) Guys. Come on. Stop it. Tim. Go to the car and wait!

Tim But...

Lisa (curtly) I said go to the car! Right now!

JD You lucky, you lil punk!

Lisa Calm down guys, I wanna talk to you.

Sighing, Tim leaves, throwing JD threatening looks over his shoulder. JD wants to say something but Lisa calmly holds up her palm and signals for him to wait until Tim is out of earshot. She looks the two muscular black men over, and likes what she sees. She smiles.

Dean is tall, lean and muscular, like a boxer. He has a smooth, handsome, clean shaved face and short hair. Rings sparkle in both his ears. He seems to be a gentle person.

JD on the other hand is burly and muscular, his body a thick barrel, but there is not a gram of fat on him. Its all hard, black muscles. JD has a hard, dark face. He is the aggressive, swaggering, braggadocios, impetuous type of ghetto African American male.

As Dean smiles at the white lady, JD leers at her openly, licking his lips at the curve of her hip, and her big breasts outlined by the fine lady's evening dress.

Lisa o.s. I have always been one to quickly grab an opportunity when it presents itself. I am quick on my toes. It only took me a couple of seconds to realize that these two black men were exactly what I needed, to punish my lying, cheating fool of a boyfriend. The fact that he had called them Niggas would come I handy.

During my University days, I had my fair share of black lovers. I found black guys to be better lovers than white men. My black lovers gave me wonderful, thorough, wild, back breaking, dirty fucking. Indeed, back then, I never slept with a white man. I was such an addict for black cock and a true slut. I once somehow ended up leaving a party with five, young black guys, and we ended up in some apartment. We all got drunk and stoned, especially me, and I was feeling real horny.

They took care of that. That night, I found out the true meaning of "airtight". Several times I found myself with a dick in my pussy, another in my ass and one or two in my mouth, all them hard, fat and black. I cant remember if they were all long, but they were definitely thick and constantly hard. My mouth pussy and ass got stuffed full of dick and pumped full of cum.

I was a wreck the next day, and my vagina and ass hole were sore for weeks afterwards. Unfortunately, I never ran into those wild boys again.

After college, I stopped dating black guys, because my family and friends wouldn't stand it. Looking back at it, it was stupid of me to let those stupid racists force me to give up the superior, more satisfying product. After over a decade of puny white cock and boring cracker boys, I wasn't about to be denied any longer.

Tim always showed a hatred for black men. He had been dropped out his college foot ball team for a more talented black guy. A better looking, cooler black guy had taken away his first girlfriend. And his father had left his mother for a better looking, less complicated, much nicer black Latina. Get the picture.

As they say, watch your friends closely, coz they know all your weaknesses.

Lisa (smiles and moves closer to the guys, her voice a soft, sexy coo) Sorry about. My little toy boy kinds of gets cheeky sometimes. His grand dad was Grand Wizard. But he is harmless. All big mouth and little balls, like you rightly deduced... (she laughed and the black guys laughed heartily) Maybe I will let you guys punish him. But we will get to that later. You guys sportsmen?

Dean Yeah, we were just pumping iron.

Lisa Wow. Mind if I touch? (the sexy white lady gives the black men come on smile, as her dainty white hand reaches for Dean's upper arm and strokes the firm muscles) Mmmm) That feels good. I love men with hard, firm muscles. (Lisa is surprised as Dean starts laughing) What's so funny?

Dean You really hitting on us, or is this some hidden Camera thing?

Lisa (laughs) Damn! I suppose I am getting too old for this, I suppose. Then lets get to the point. Do you have any plans for tonight. I need some help. Some assistance. From real men.

JD (laughs) You need black dick or what the fuck?

Lisa (smiles dirtily) No!!! I am just a poor white woman who wants to hire you guys. I will pay 500 bucks each, for 2 hours work. You want?

Dean Depends what we gotta do?

Lisa (smiles deliciously) Fuck the shit out of me, right in front of my boy toy. That is, if you guys have the necessary equipment! Mind if I feel? (she steps up to the astounded black guys and cups a crotch in each hand. She squeezes and gasps) Mmmm. I think you are well armed and dangerous, right?

JD (licks his lips) Damn! You playin with fire!

Lisa (giggles and steps back as she reaches in her bag and pulls out a card. She hands it to Dean) Listen, here is my address. Drive over in an hour. I'll leave the gate and the door open. Gosh, I am so excited. I haven't had black dick in over a decade. I need some real dick tonight! If you guys are good, I might even let you fuck me up the ass.

JD Can we smack boy toy around a bit?

Lisa Yup. I would love that. In fact, you can fuck his face, if you like. I would appreciate...

Dean You nasty!

Lisa Just call me horny. Please don't make me wait too long. Please...

She squeezes their cocks and kisses them both on the lips.

Dean (gasps) Damn! Now you in trouble!

He slaps her ass, as the white beauty turns coolly and walks off, her tight round buttocks rolling under her gown, mesmerizing the two young black bucks.

Dean (turns to JD as she disappears) Is this shit for real!

JD Nigga, if you wanna day dream gimme the Card! I'm calling my girlfriend and calling off our date.

Dean Lets go eat something and load up some Vitamins for that white slut!

JD Fucking stingy ass bitch, talking 500. Where's my fucking Benz bitch!!!

Fade to:

Lisa enters Tim's car and the angry white man starts the motor.

Tim What took you so long?

Lisa Nothing. I just calmed them down. You shouldn't have called them Niggers.

Tim But that's what they are, no good, violent, aggressive fucking Niggers! I hate them!

He guns the motor and the fine sports car shoots off with squealing tires

Cut to

We see a spacious, modernly furnished living room. Abstract paintings hang on the walls. The lighting is dim and romantic. A fire crackles in a fireplace. Sweet, romantic music is playing in the background.

Lisa sits back on a designer couch. Her long evening dress is draped over the armrest of the couch. The tall, dark haired woman is busty, with thick tits, slim waist, curvy hips and long legs. Her skin is pale and creamy. She is naked, except for a tiny thong and a half cup bra, that holds up her proud, firm, prominent breasts, crowned by thick dark nipples.

The rich seductress takes a deep sip from a Martini glass. Then she raises a leash and tugs on it.

The leash is attached to Tim's neck. Tim is dressed in nothing but a red, latex thong and the leash. He looks drunk, embarrassed and uncomfortable as she pulls him to stand before her..

Tom I didn't know you were into such things.

Lisa Come on. Don't be a prig. You look so cute! (she fondles and smacks his ass) Love is about making each other's fantasy come true. Tomorrow will be your turn. (smack! Smack!) I will do anything you want. But tonight, you do for me honey. Now, please go down on me honey. I am dripping. You know I love the way you eat me...You know I love it when you tongue both my holes...

She parts her full, smooth, juicy thighs and pulls on the leash. Tom sinks to his knees before her on the carpet. Lisa pulls her thong off her dripping, shaved pink pussy and pulls him into it by the leash. Soon, his young smooth face is buried in the elderly seductress' shaved, gorgeous pink slit.

Tim throws his mouth at her slimy wetness with gusto, lapping, slurping, sucking and licking away for all he is worth.

Lisa moans, rolling her hips, and pulling her lovers face deeper into her cunt by the leash.

Lisa Ah!!! That's it boy, eat my pussy. You naughty little boy (she tugs lightly on his leash)

Tim (groans hoarsely, between mouthfuls of slimy, pink cunt) Oh yes Madam. I love your shaved pussy. Thanks for letting me lick you...

The young, blond Romeo licks the pussy like there is no tomorrow.

Lisa looks up and sees door slide open. Two figures step silently into the doorway. Its Dean and JD. The black guys are astounded at the unexpected sight that greets them.

As they see Tim in thongs and a leash, they almost burst out laughing. Lisa quickly winks at them, and signals for them to be quiet.

The seductress raises her thighs high and parts them, leaving her ass crack smiling at her young lover. Her puckered anus winks up at his greedy eyes.

Lisa (tugs on his leash and barks sternly) Go on now Tim. Eat my ass. Eat my ass real good. Stick your tongue in there. You know I love it.

The young white guy moans with lust and greed and dives face first into the beckoning cleft and feasts on the sensitive flesh. He sucks, licks, chews and tongues his lover's rear hole.

Lisa (gives a long, guttural groan, tugging on the leash) Ah yes, suck the shit out my asshole. Yeah!

Tim eats her asshole with gusto, spearing it with his long tongue, made for licking ass. Dean and JD watch the greedy white rascal. The two blacks rub their crotches watching the white woman hump her lover's face, moaning as she feels his long tongue in her ass.

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