tagLesbian SexA Woman's First Touch

A Woman's First Touch


Trying not to look nervous, Sharon walked towards the door of the pub. The sign beside the door said, 'Strictly Over 21s Only'. The doorman looked imposing. His black suit and his steely gaze suggested he would take no nonsense from anyone. With her heart pounding in her chest and her older sister's driving licence in her handbag, Sharon walked up to the door.

The doorman stared at her for a moment. Time seemed to come to a stop as Sharon endured his scrutiny. Why the hell am I doing this? she thought to herself once again as the doorman's gaze seemed to bore straight through her. She almost jumped out of her skin when a coldly dispassionate voice said, "In you go." Startled, Sharon managed to smile. "Thanks," she said as the doorman pulled the door open allowing her to enter.

Sharon stepped quickly inside. Breathing a sigh of relief she realised she'd finally done it. She'd made up her mind to visit this bar on a number of occasions but her nerve had always failed her in the past. It wasn't that Sharon was normally a nervous person. She was 18 and normally full of self confidence. Attractive with shoulder length, naturally blonde hair, she'd never had any problems attracting men, but it wasn't a man she was looking for. For as long as she could remember, Sharon had been aware of an attraction to other girls. It was a growing curiosity that had led her, finally, to this bar. It was nearly six months ago that she had finally decided that she should attempt to satisfy her curiosity. Despite her resolve, tonight was the first time that she had managed to summon up enough courage to enter one of the town's gay pubs.

Sharon briefly surveyed the scene. The bar was pretty full but there were still a number of empty seats. Loud music blasted out from a speaker above the door as she made her way through the crowd to the bar. Ordering her drink, Sharon looked around for somewhere to sit. Most of the tables had couples or groups. Two tables had single occupants. Sharon studied the tables trying to work out which to approach. Looking at the girl at the first table, Sharon suppressed a shudder. The expression 'typical dyke' sprung to mind. She appeared to be in her early to mid twenties, hair cropped into a crew cut and very butch. The occupant of the other table was older, early thirties thought Sharon. She had long brown hair. A white halter top displayed full, well rounded breasts to good effect. She seemed to exude an aura of assured self confidence. Sharon made her choice. Taking a long sip of her lager she made her way over to the unoccupied chair at the table.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken? asked Sharon. To her own ears there was a note of uncertainty in her voice and she mentally kicked herself.

The woman looked up from her book. Sharon felt a momentary discomfort as she fell under the penetrating gaze of the woman's intense green eyes. Her mouth twisted briefly into a smile as she replied. "No," she said, "be my guest."

"Thanks," replied Sharon. She sat down as the other woman's attention returned to her book.

Sharon took a sip of her drink. She sat in silence, not knowing what to do next. She'd never had trouble chatting up men, especially not ones of around her own age, but this was different. Sharon realised that she hadn't a clue about how to start a conversation with this woman. Instead she sat there, sipping her drink, trying to scrutinise the unknown woman sitting next to her without appearing to do so.

Behind her book Sam shook her head and smiled to herself. She's just so obvious, she thought to herself, and so young. Sam suppressed a chuckle. I was that young once too, she thought, realising that she should be flattered that someone so young should be showing an interest in her. Sam sighed and shook her head again. Glancing quickly over the top of her book she thought, she's barely more than a child. Pretty though, she added to herself, risking another quick glimpse over her book. The girl was wearing a tight black dress. The low cut neckline revealed her firm young breasts to full advantage. She had a slender figure but, before she had sat down, Sam had noticed the generous curves suggested by the clingy material of her dress.

Sharon was at a loss. The fact that the woman seemed to be completely wrapped up in her book, leaving her with no apparent opening only added to her frustration. Opening her bag, she took out her cigarettes. Extracting one from the packet, Sharon raised it to he lips then returned her attention to her bag. An idea came to her. She rummaged around in her bag for a moment then turned to the woman beside her. Removing the still unlit cigarette from between he lips she smiled and said, "Sorry, you don't have a light do you?"

Hardly the most original opening line, thought Sam. She smiled, "Sure," she said. Digging into her pocket, Sam pulled out her lighter. With a practised twist of the wrist, she flicked open the lid and turned the flint wheel to produce a flame.

Sharon leaned forward to take the proffered light, making sure her cleavage was fully on view. She drew on her cigarette, taking a few puffs to make sure it was well lit then sat back. "Thanks," she said with a smile.

"Don't mention it," replied Sam. The little tease, she thought to herself as she dug into her jacket pocket once more, extracting her own cigarettes. Drawing deeply as she lit one, Sam sat back. Still giving the girl no clear opening, she smiled inwardly wondering what she'd do next.

Feeling slightly bolder, Sharon decided to press her luck. "I'm Sharon," she said.

Sam smiled. "Sam," she said then took another draw on her cigarette. Noticing a look of consternation flicker over Sharon's face when it was obvious she wasn't going to divulge any more, Sam decided to take pity on her. "First time?" she asked. "In here, I mean."

"Yes," replied Sharon. "Does it show?"

Sam smiled, "To an old hand like me it does," she said. She stared at Sharon for a moment. "How old are you?" she asked.

Sharon hesitated. he realised that Sam would probably see through any lie she told. "18," she replied.

Thought so, thought Sam. "So do you normally go for older women?" she asked.

Again, Sharon hesitated. "No, not usually," she replied, thinking, well that's true up to a point.

"I see," said Sam. Then it struck her, a plethora of little signals made themselves obvious. "You haven't been with a woman before, have you?"

Sharon was dumbstruck. She hadn't realised she had been so transparent. Sam had read her like an open book. "No," she replied with a rueful shrug.

"So why'd you pick me?" asked Sam.

Sharon didn't know how to respond. "Well..." she replied. "You were on your own and I guess I decided to take a chance."

"I see," replied Sam, "so the fact I'm almost twice your age had nothing to do with it then?"

"No," said Sharon, "not at all."

"I believe you," said Sam with a sigh. She took another sip of her drink and drew once more on her cigarette. "So what brings you in here?" she asked finally.

"Curiosity, I guess," replied Sharon. "I guess I've always been attracted to other women, well girls really I suppose. I've had a fair amount of experience with men but what I want is to be with another woman, to try it, to find out if it's more than just a part of the teenage, growing up thing."

"I see," said Sam, nodding. "And have you done anything about this curiosity of yours?"

"Sharon frowned, "Well I'm here aren't I?" she asked hotly. "I've been trying to pluck up the courage to do this for months."

"But why come here at all?" inquired Sam, "Why not try someone your own age?"

"Well, I guess I thought that girls my age are probably no more experienced than I am and besides, I'd still have to meet one somewhere. I can't just walk up to someone in the street and ask them if they want to sleep with me. At least in here the chances are that anyone I meet is likely to be gay, or at least bi."

Sam sucked thoughtfully on her cigarette, watching as Sharon unconsciously mirrored her actions. "OK," she said finally, "so what you're saying, to put it bluntly, is that you're looking for someone experienced to make your first time more..., I don't know..., special. Is that it?"

"Well, you could put it like that," replied Sharon.

"And you think I might be that more experienced woman?" asked Sam.

"Maybe, I guess that's up to you."

"I see." Sam sat back, pondering the implications of this conversation. Finally she shook her head, sighing she said, "Sorry, but I don't think so." Noticing the crestfallen expression on Sharon's face she continued, "It's nothing personal. You're young, good looking and I suppose I should be flattered but somehow, I just don't think it would be right."

Before Sharon could muster any protest Sam drained the last of her drink and stood up. Pulling on her coat she turned to Sharon. "Look it's been nice talking to you and I am sorry. I hope you're lucky and find what you're looking for. Take care OK."

"Yeah, sure. And you." replied Sharon a little sullenly, then watched, briefly, as Sam strode away.

Sam was almost at the door when she stopped. She turned round. The girl, Sharon, she corrected herself, had lit another cigarette and was staring blankly into space. So the little fox had a light after all, thought Sam to herself. A brief smile flickered across her lips then she sighed and shook her head. Was she being needlessly cruel? She tried hard to remember how nervous she had been when she'd first tried 'the scene'. She'd been a little older than Sharon and probably nowhere near as worldly as the girl had appeared to be. Part of her told her to keep going, to turn around and to walk out. Another part felt a pang of sympathy for the girl she'd just casually cast aside. Sam hesitated, drawn between conflicting desires. Finally she decided. "Oh bugger it!" she said out loud and headed back towards the table.

Sharon was still staring blankly into space. Sam hesitated again. "Sharon?" she enquired softly. Sharon looked up, a puzzled frown stamped across her brow. "Look," began Sam, "I think this is probably a mistake, the drink clouding my good sense most likely but I live about five minutes from here, if you'd like to come back with me..." She left it hanging.

Sharon hesitated. "You... you mean it?" she stuttered.

"Yes," said Sam, nodding.

"Now?" asked Sharon, still not quite able to take it in.

Sam smiled ruefully, "Yes," she said, "before my better judgement kicks in and I change my mind again."

"Sure, I mean, yes," said Sharon standing up and pulling on her coat.

Sam smiled. "I must be crazy," she said with a hint of laughter in her voice. Then, without warning, she kissed Sharon briefly. "C'mon, lets go." she said, taking Sharon's hand.

The kiss had been brief, a peck nothing more but suddenly Sharon's senses were aflame. She hardly noticed the brief walk from the pub to Sam's flat. This is it, I'm finally going to do it, she kept thinking to herself. Her mind raced with excitement. She remembered now nervous she'd felt just before she'd lost her virginity. There had been excitement but there had also been an apprehension that had prevented her from fully enjoying the sensation of having a man inside her for the first time. There was no trace of uncertainty in Sharon this time. This felt right. The anticipation grew to fever pitch with every step she took.

"We're here," announced Sam suddenly, snapping Sharon out of her reverie. Sam pushed open the door and motioned for Sharon to enter. Sharon stepped into the dark interior of the flat and sensed Sam enter, closing the door behind her.

Suddenly she was in Sam's arms. Sam's lips pressed firmly against her own. She returned the kiss with mounting passion, the excitement of the situation left her feeling light-headed.

Breaking away, Sam asked in a voice made husky with arousal, "So you want me to be your first?"

"Yes," replied Sharon, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"Are you ready?" asked Sam.

"Yes," breathed Sharon, "Oh God yes!"

Sam took Sharon's hand and led her through to the bedroom. Pausing at the door she switched on the light then turned the dimmer down to low. They both shucked off their coats, letting them fall to the floor as they kicked off their shoes. The evening was warm. The soft lighting served to heighten Sharon's arousal as she moved into Sam's embrace once more. "Take me," she whispered, suddenly feeling bold, "show me what a woman's touch is like."

They kissed again. Sam's hands ran up and down Sharon's spine, searching for the zip of her dress. With her lips pressed to Sam's, Sharon trembled with anticipation as Sam pulled the zip open. She felt Sam tugging at the hem of her dress, slowly pulling it up. Sharon stepped back and raised her arms, letting her dress be lifted from her body. She felt a momentary embarrassment. It had been a warm night and she had decided to go without underwear. The feeling quickly passed and as her dress fell to the ground she stood, naked and proud, displaying her firm young body for Sam's approval.

Sam stood for a moment, her gaze lingering appreciatively as she eyed Sharon's naked form. Her eyes traced Sharon's generous curves. They drank in the sight of her firm breasts. 34 at least, thought Sam, or maybe 36 and at least a C cup, not bad for someone so young. She continued her appraisal, noting the trimmed and tidily kept, soft, light brown curls of Sharon's pussy. Sam moved forward to embrace her once more and as she did it occurred to her that while she maybe almost twice Sharon's age, her own body, while older, was still every bit as good as this specimen of youth that she was about to devour.

Sam stepped forward, smothering Sharon in her embrace as their lips pressed together. Sharon's breath felt hot against her own and, at last, she felt her own passion begin to mount. "Undress me," she demanded urgently. Sharon hurried to comply. Sam let her tight halter top be removed, raising her arms as Sharon puled it over her head. Sam quickly unzipped her short leather skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Like Sharon, she had decided to do without knickers, preferring freedom over confinement on such a warm night.

Sam took Sharon's hand and led her towards the bed. Kissing her tenderly, she invited Sharon to lie down. As Sharon took her place on top of the bed Sam cast a final appraising glance over the naked body of the girl who had paid her the highest compliment of letting her be the first woman to make love to her. She climbed onto the bed. The last of her reservations gone, Sam now looked forward with relish to what was about to come.

They kissed, tongues exploring each others' mouths as they let their passion build. Sam ran her hands over Sharon's body. Her skin was soft and inviting beneath Sam's fingers.

"Turn over," urged Sam, "Let me give your back a rub."

Sharon quickly complied. Sam opened the drawer of the dresser beside her bed, looking for one of her bottles of massage oil. Finding the one she was looking for Sam moved into position, her legs straddling Sharon's thighs just below the curve of her bum. Sam poured a small amount of oil onto her palms then leaned forward and began to gently rub Sharon's neck and shoulders. Sharon sighed and squirmed below her. "Nice?" asked Sam, working her hands along Sharon's arms. "Mmm, nice," agreed Sharon dreamily.

Sam applied some more oil to her hands and began to work steadily down Sharon's back. Her fingers seemed to glide easily over Sharon's soft skin. Beneath her, Sharon murmured contentedly as Sam's fingers worked their way up and down her spine.

Sam began to move her hands in broader circles. Her hands slid down Sharon's spine, from her shoulders to the small of her back then, parting, they worked their separate ways back up the sides of her body.

"Oooh, that's nice," breathed Sharon as Sam's fingers brushed against the sides of her breasts. She propped herself up on her elbows, lifting her breasts free of the bed. Sam reached round from behind her, her hands working their way over Sharon's abdomen. Sharon's body trembled with anticipation as Sam's hands expertly worked their way up to under the rise of her breasts then withdrew, never quite touching. Sharon endured the teasing of Sam's fingers, quietly longing for them to cup and caress the sensitive skin of her breasts.

Sam leaned forward and, with a feather soft touch, began to kiss the ridges of Sharon's spine. She could feel Sharon's heart pounding in her chest as she moved upwards to softly nibble the nape of her neck. Sam ran her hands over Sharon's stomach, working them ever so slowly upwards. Her fingers brushed against Sharon's breasts.

Sharon sighed. "Ohh, mmm," she breathed as Sam's well oiled palms slid over their surface. She sighed again as Sam's fingers teased her nipples. As her hands gently cupped and squeezed Sharon's breasts, Sam softly kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders. She marvelled at how firm Sharon's young breasts felt beneath her fingers. Her hands slid easily over their surface. Beneath her, Sharon moaned with pleasure as Sam's hands worked their magic on her breasts.

Sam leaned forward, her nipples pressed against Sharon's shoulder blades. The contact sent a sensation like an electric shock coursing through her. Gripped by the heat of passion, Sam felt her own desires mount. "Turn over," she whispered huskily into Sharon's ear.

With a sigh of expectation Sharon did as she was asked. Sam leaned forward, her breasts pressed against Sharon's, intensifying the sensations she was already experiencing. Their lips pressed together with increasing urgency. Their tongues explored each others' mouths as their bodies writhed together. Sharon wrapped her arms about Sam, holding her tight as she savoured the feeling of having a woman's body pressed closely to her own. Both women surrendered themselves to the rising passion, the intensity of their kisses grew with every passing moment.

Finally Sam broke away. She began to kiss her way down Sharon's neck, her hands coming up to cup Sharon's breasts as her mouth moved lower.

"Oh God yesss!" moaned Sharon as Sam's tongue flicked over her breasts. Sam worked her tongue over their surface with a broad, circular motion, coating them with a fine layer of saliva. Sam's hands cupped and squeezed as her tongue flicked over the nipples. Sharon squirmed and moaned, lost in the sensations of the experience. "Oooh!" she cried as Sam bit down softly on one nipple. "Mmmm," she sighed as Sam repeated the action on the other. "Oh fuck Sam, suck them!" demanded Sharon, "Suck my tits! Suck them hard!" Happily, Sam complied. Sucking as much of one breast into her mouth as she could, her tongue flicked at the nipple while her hand gently squeezed the other.

Sharon was in heaven. Tremors of pleasure pulsed through her as Sam feasted on her breasts. A warm glow spread over her body as she gave herself up to Sam's expert ministrations. Hovering on the brink of orgasm, Sharon experienced a sense of frustrated disappointment as Sam suddenly stopped.

While Sam had concentrated her attention on her young lover's breasts she became increasingly aware of her own need for release. Sensing the rising intensity of the tremors in Sharon's body and realising she was on the verge of a climax, Sam decided to slow things down and attend to her own desires. First things first, she thought to herself, there'll be time for that later. She leaned forward and kissed Sharon fleetingly on her lips. "Time for your first taste of pussy," she whispered softly in her ear.

Sharon felt a growing excitement as Sam worked her way up her body. As Sam's legs moved to straddle her face Sharon could feel the heat emanating from her cunt. She licked her lips in anticipation as Sam slowly lowered her pussy onto her face. "Lick me!" demanded Sam urgently, "Lick my pussy."

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