tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Woman's Place Ch. 04

A Woman's Place Ch. 04


Ellie woke up minutes/hours/days later? She had no idea. There were no windows in her cell and no way of telling what time of day it was. All she knew was that she was cold, thirsty and in pain. Bringing a hand around, she gingerly lay it on her stinging backside and winced. Someone had covered it in some sort of cream but it still radiated heat. She craned her head around to see it and groaned at the sight. Red and purple welts covered her arse and the tops of her thighs. They looked angry and she knew they'd be there for days if not weeks. She let herself flop back down onto the bench again and lay there wondering if Dredge was still in the building. Would he come back for some more revenge or had his boss sent him home? Better yet, fired him? The auction came flitting back into her mind and her stomach dropped.

"Group C next Joe. Start getting them out will ya?" came a call from outside her door. Surely they wouldn't try and move her in this state – would they? On the other hand, did she want to stay here for an extra night waiting for Dredge to show up? Ellie lay still, making the most of not having to move. Just when she thought they had forgotten about her, the door opened and a new handler stepped in. He whistled when he saw her backside and crouched down beside her.

"So you're the one that Dredge got his nasty mitts on then. Ouch. Think you can walk?" Ellie shook her head.

"Ok – don't worry, I'll carry you. I need to get you up on your feet first though so that I can tie your wrists and blindfold you. I'll be as gentle as I can." The handler slid Ellie's feet off the bench first and then supported her shoulders as she stood. She whined piteously as she straightened up and he looked at her with concern.

"If it was up to me he'd have got more than a suspension for this." he mumbled as he tied Ellie's wrists together in front of her.

"I heard you covered him in a bucket full of sick – is that true?" he asked grinning and she nodded not able to contain the smile that crept onto her lips. "Ha! Good for you. I think there are plenty of girls in here who'd like to thank you for that. Let's pop this blindfold on..." Ellie looked at him like a frightened rabbit. "It's ok, I won't hurt you. It's routine. All the girls are blindfolded so that they can't see who's bidding for them." and without further discussion he secured the thin strip of black material over her eyes tightly. Next he swept Ellie up into his arms and carried her like a child out through the corridors and up the stairs.

Ellie could hear voices – lots of them. Every so often she'd hear a woman cry out in pain or shock but the rest of the voices were overwhelmingly male. There was a slight echo in the room and Ellie pictured a large auditorium with a stage on which the girls were standing. Her handler carried her up a few steps and then set her on her feet. Ellie winced in pain when her legs moved but she tried to be brave. She felt her hands being secured to something above her head and then her feet were spread apart and manacled to the floor like they had been for her interview.

"Ok, I'm leaving you now Dredge–drencher! Good luck!" whispered her handler and Ellie had never felt so alone in such a crowded room in her life.

"10 minutes of viewing time left gentlemen." boomed a voice across the room. Men came up close to Ellie and made crude observations. They were very free with their hands and felt her breasts and pussy as they pleased. Some wanted to look in her mouth and they prized her jaw open painfully. All of them commented on her punished bottom –

"Looks like this one put up a fight."

"Expensive starting price for a slave so beaten up – maybe she has some special talents in the bedroom?!"

"This one had a bit of spirit – I wonder if it's been broken."

"No, she's no good – someone's already marked her up."

"She's pretty but I think I prefer the red head and God knows how long it'll take for those bruises to fade."

"I might go for her – looks like she can take a good whipping."

"Shit. What did she do? - shoot the Prime Minister?!"

"This one looks good but I'm not sure I can be bothered with one that's gonna misbehave."

"Oooo – are you a naughty girl? I like naughty girls. I like putting them in their place." That last one ran his hands over Ellie's tender backside making her cry out in pain. She had three others shove their fingers roughly inside her pussy making her squeal and one man twisted her nipples so hard she begged him to stop.

"Take your seats please gentlemen, the auction is about to start." the voice boomed again and Ellie could sense the men departing the stage. She had tears streaming down her face and she concentrated on calming her breathing. Her heart fluttered like a butterfly caught in a jar – it wanted to escape her body and fly away as fast as it could but it was trapped, just like Ellie.

"YOU EVIL BASTARDS! YOU'LL PAY FO..." the shout had come from one of the women further down the line but she had been quickly muffled – gagged Ellie guessed. A few of the others were sobbing heavily. Ellie tied to block them out.

The bidding went on around her but Ellie had no idea when it was her turn, if she raised a high price or who had bid for her. All she could do was wait for it to be over and hope that the man who'd bought her hadn't been one of the sadistic monsters who'd groped her earlier.

"Thank you gentlemen. The next auction takes place in half an hour's time. Would those who made successful bids please make their way to the office."

Waiting again. Ellie could hear the men chatting amongst themselves and she heard the woman next to her being unshackled and taken away by her new owner – "Come on slut, let's get you home." Ellie wondered if it was possible that Ben had managed to find her. Could it be that he'd been at the auction? Is there any hope that he might have bid for her and won? Would he have taken the time to do that after what she had done to him or would he have given her up as too much trouble. He could easily have caught someone else – someone better. Even if he had turned up at the auction, he will have seen younger, prettier women up for sale. He might have even bought himself a virgin. Why would he bother with Ellie after she had proven how much of a nuisance she was and how much she didn't want him?

Her breathing increased again when she finally felt someone undoing the restraints around her ankles.

"Are...are you the one who bought me?" she asked tentatively. No answer. The man then released her wrists from above her and retied them behind her back. "The thing is, I belong to someone else and this has been a huge mistake..." She waited for him to remove her blindfold but he didn't. "I'm sure if you call him he'll give you whatever you paid for me..." silence "...maybe more? .... Or my Dad, he'll probabmmm!" Ellie jumped and struggled slightly as he slipped a ball gag into her mouth and fastened it snugly.

Wrapping something around her (a blanket?) he lifted Ellie in the same way that the handler had, making her gasp in pain through the gag. He hesitated slightly and Ellie felt him pull her closer to his body. Then she was carried from the building and laid on her stomach on something soft.

Ellie heard the sound of seat belts being pulled and clicked into place around her and then the car door closed. The man opened the driver's door and got in. He rumbled the engine to life and they set off, presumably towards her new home. He hadn't spoken to her at all. Not one word of introduction, welcome, reassurance or comfort. He hadn't even taken the time to insult her with crude names or threaten her with the disgusting things he was planning to do to her. If it was Ben he would have said so by now. There was no reason that Ellie could think of, why he wouldn't. Who was it then? Ellie was petrified.

She tried to get his attention by mumbling through the gag but the man simply turned on the radio to drown her out. Ellie groaned when she heard which song was being played – 'It's a man's world' by James Brown – how apt.

"Yes indeed, a man's world. Or certainly in this country it is!" said the cheesy DJ when the song ended. "Earlier we asked you to call in with your tips on training and we've had a fantastic response. Let's hear some of them – on Line One we've got Jim. Hi Jim, what's your tip?"

"Well Adam, I've found that you've got to show them who's boss from the very start. Don't let them get away with anything and you've got to make all the decisions - mine was never any good at making decisions anyway – I think it's been a bit of a relief for her to tell you the truth."

"What sorts of decisions are we talking about here Jim?"

"Everything. I tell her when she can eat, sleep, use the bathroom, sit, stand...the works really. She has no say in anything anymore. No room to move at all and it seems to be working a treat."

"OK, thanks for that Jim. Lets hear what Line Two has to offer...er, Dave. Hello Dave?"

"Hi Adam. My top tip for training is a cattle prod. I keep it on me at all times but I've only needed to use it on her twice – she's so afraid of it that whenever I even twitch it at her, she stops what she's doing and falls to her knees. The best thing I ever bought!"

"Interesting, I might try that. Thanks Dave. Line Three – Chris. What have you got for us?"

"I think the key thing is to start with a fresh slave. There's no point battling with a woman who knows you too well. I've been married for 18 years but I traded her in the first chance I got for a younger model. My wife would have been hell to train so I didn't bother."

"Out of interest Chris, what happened to your wife?"

"I sold her to the old letch down the road. He's had his eyes on her for years – paid me well over the odds but we're both happy so who cares!"

"Lucky you Chris – congratulations on your new purchase. Let's move on to Line Four and that's Zach. Go ahead Zach."

"Thanks Adam. Mine was always a chatterbox. She was impossible to shut up so I've started as I mean to go on – by gagging her. I ordered one that locks into place so that she can't take it off. It's driving her crazy! She has to earn 'talk time' by pleasing me to get the gag off. I'd really recommend it."

"Wow Zach – that's a good one and I think a lot of our listeners will be having trouble with mouthy slaves. Brilliant tip! Let's move on to Mitch on Line Five. Are you there Mitch?"

"Yeah, I'm here Adam."

"You're live on air Mitch, what's your tip?"

"I've got mine sorted the old fashioned way – a good hard spanking three times a day. I used my hand to start with but I've been experimenting with other things like a wooden spoon, a slipper, rolled up newspaper (that one didn't work so well), a ruler and a long handled shoe horn."

"A shoe horn?!"

"Yeah – she hasn't put a toe out of line since I used that! It was great! I might make it a regular thing just to remind her what'll happen if she..." but the radio went dead. Ellie's new owner must have turned it off. She hoped he hadn't picked up any new ideas.

The car turned off the road and ground to a halt. Ellie's legs weren't restrained and the thought of kicking or running briefly flitted through her mind – it would be useless. Her hands were bound, she was blindfolded, gagged, injured and exhausted. She wouldn't have a hope in hell. She listened to her new owner exit the car and open her door. She flinched when she felt his hands on her so he kept them still for a moment so that she could feel he was being gentle. He pulled her along the seat and lowered her feet to the ground before helping her stand. She yelped a bit in pain so he held her still and supported her until it subsided. He tried to walk her but it was obvious that moving her legs made it worse so she was carried into the house and up the stairs.

Ellie heard a door being unlocked. She was taken inside and then stood on her feet. He left her for a few moments and Ellie could hear the rustling of things being moved around. Ellie felt something (furniture?) being placed in front of her and then his hands were on her legs moving them apart and tying something silky soft around her ankles. She wiggled a bit and discovered that they had been fixed to whatever had been put in front of her so that her legs were spread and she couldn't move. Ellie's anxiety levels were raised another notch. What was he planning to do with her? She mumbled through her gag but the words were incoherent. She hoped her tone at least, would communicate her unease.

The man was beside her. She could sense him. Ellie could feel his eyes scanning her body and she shrank sideways away from him as much as possible. He lifted her chin and clicked something onto her collar at the front. A nervous noise escaped from Ellie and her breathing became audibly heavier. Suddenly she felt pressure on her neck and she was being pulled forwards and down so that she had to bend at the waist. Ellie screeched and resisted but she was no match for him. Her upper body made contact with a solid surface but it had been covered in something luxurious and soft – fur? The lead that had been attached to her collar was tied in front of her so that she couldn't stand up and she was stuck. The last time Ellie had been in this position, she had received the beating of her life. Was he going to cane her some more? - to 'show her who's boss' and 'start as he meant to go on'?!

Ellie panicked. Her hands, which were still tied behind her back, fanned out across her backside in an effort to block the blows she imagined were coming and she tossed herself around in her bondage looking for escape. Discovering that she couldn't move no matter how much she thrashed, she burst into loud wailing tears, the like of which she hadn't cried since she was a child.

"Ssssshhhh Beautiful." It was barely a whisper but Ellie was so shocked he had spoken that she quietened slightly in the hope he would say more. The man put his hand flat on her back between her shoulder blades and held it still. Heat radiated from his palm and calmed her until her heaving sobs had subsided. Then he slowly undid the gag and removed it.

"P... please... please don't hurt me... please?" she pleaded. He didn't respond. "Who are you? What are you going to do?" Her voice shook with fear but there was still no answer.


Someone was knocking on the front door and Ellie heard the man leave and go downstairs. While he was gone, Ellie tried to steady her breathing – in through her nose, out through her mouth counting to 4 each time. It helped a bit, but not much. Two sets of footsteps on the stairs. Two people entering her room. What the hell was going on now?!

"Dear God. Look at the state of her." said the new person. He spoke with authority and Ellie imagined an older man, maybe in his fifties? "You bought her like this?" There was no answer that Ellie could hear but the older man grunted as if there had been some sort of response. She heard him move closer to her head.

"Hello er, Ellie is it?" Ellie nodded. "I'm a doctor and I'm here to check you over. I can see that someone has hurt you and I'm going to help you with that but first I need to know who it was. I don't want you to be scared – if it was your master then tell me. I've got the power to take you away from him right now." Ellie hesitated. She could lie and say that her new owner had done it but then what? Go back to the auction house and be at someone like Dredge's mercy until she went up for sale? Or stay and take her chances with the man who (so far) hadn't hurt her? No contest really.

"No, it wasn't him." she replied "It was a man called Dredge at the auction house."

"I see. Did he give you that cut lip too?" asked the doctor.

"No – that was the roundup men when I was in their van."

"That's where you got the rest of the bruises and grazes is it?"

"The ones on my back and legs yes, but the bruise on my cheek came from a man in a field and the ones on my ribs are from where I fell into a boat."

"A boat?" Ellie nodded. "I think you'd better tell me the whole story young lady - from the beginning please." So Ellie recounted her sorry tale. As she described the origin of each injury, the doctor gently cleaned and examined her to determine if anything was broken or if she needed any kind of treatment. The two men listened patiently and exchanged looks every now and then. The doctor made encouraging noises when she faltered but her new owner remained silent throughout.

"...and then I came here but, but Ben is probably still out there looking for me. He'll be really worried and I, I should never (sob) I shouldn't have left. I'm so stupid (sob). P...please can you ring him (sniff) just so that he knows I'm ok? Please?"

"Well you don't need to worry about that right now." said the doctor patting her shoulder. "Let's concentrate on getting you fixed up shall we?" The doctor turned away from Ellie and addressed her new owner. "Starting from the top down, she has sustained a bump on the back of her head resulting in a mild concussion." Ellie couldn't even remember doing that! "You'll need to be very careful with her lip – I'm in two minds about putting a stitch in it but as it's stopped bleeding we'll leave it for now and see what happens. There's likely to be a small scar. Her cheek is a bit more swollen than I would like, suggesting that she got quite a good wallop from this Greg character. Keep an eye on it and ring me if the heat and swelling hasn't subsided by tomorrow evening. I suspect she has a couple of cracked ribs - not a lot to be done about that except rest. The grazes and bruises on her back, arms and legs will heal within a few days but the injuries to her backside will take longer. I'm worried about infection so I'm prescribing a cream for you to apply to the area twice a day for a week. She'll need some pain killers and anti-inflammatories too. In the genital area she's been extremely lucky. She has some mild bruising and a few scratches but, from what she described, I was expecting to see some tearing - very lucky indeed." Ellie didn't feel particularly lucky but she stayed quiet. "She's dehydrated and I would guess she could do with a good meal. Let her rest before you, er, introduce yourself properly. Have you thought about contraception?" silence "Well, we'll talk about that downstairs shall we? Nice to meet you Ellie – I'll arrange a time with your master and pop back in to see how you're getting on in a few days."

"Thank you." Ellie replied. She listened to the two men departing and relaxed into the soft fur beneath her. It was nice to rest her head and it seemed like every muscle and joint in her body were aching. The solid surface that she was on was surprisingly comfortable and it was supporting all of her weight – only her toes touched the floor.

Easing slightly, she thought about the fact that her new owner had arranged for the doctor to examine her. He must have phoned him from the auction house before he'd collected her from the stage. The fact that he'd done that showed some compassion at least. The doctor had said she needed rest – could she trust this man to heed his advice or would he do whatever he had planned regardless? Either way it was out of Ellie's control so there was little point in worrying about it.

Ellie wondered why he was keeping her blindfolded. Maybe he was hideous to look at and he was worried what her reaction would be. Perhaps he was a burns victim or had some sort of deformity. It could be that he was embarrassed because he was much older than her. Maybe it was someone she knew – someone she'd gone to school with perhaps, but why wouldn't they want her to know who they were? Ellie suspected it was simply a form of control. He was attempting to keep her vulnerable and off-balance. It was working and she was almost tempted to suggest that he phoned the radio station with this as his 'top tip'!

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