A Wonderful Awakening


"I should really charge for the ears but..." and with that she turned around, caught my eyes with hers and leant quickly forward to plant a lingering kiss smack on my lips. Astonished by the unexpectedness (I had assumed her friendliness was just a woman thing) I blinked a few things and must have looked mortified, an expression she then copied as she imagined she had read me wrong. "Oh, sorry Alex; I thought...never mind please forget that," she blushed.

Realising how close I was to losing out on exactly what I wanted an element of my old masculinity came to the fore and I stepped forward reached my hands behind her neck and pulled her to me. Stiff and unresponding for a second, equally surprised as I was a moment earlier, she quickly relaxed into me with a sort of sigh of relief and wound her arms around my neck whilst matchging my mouth with hers. Seconds later our tongues were locked in a game of catch and our bodies were as close as they could get and still be 2 separate people. She found my hair clasp, undid it and shook my hair out down my back – running her hands through it, making me moan with desire. I slipped a hand down her back and cupped her bum, tracing the crease where it met her leg with one finger and pressing on the taught fabric stretched over the central gap between each cheek. After what seemed like hours had passed we slackened our holds and pulled back slightly, foreheads almost touching as we gazed at each others eyes. Her entire face was beaming and her voice caught as she mummered:

"God I wanted you, I saw you as you walked into the shops this afternoon and immediately felt weak. You're like my ideal woman!" The flattery cut straight to my feminine heart and I felt myself redden. "Do you mind?"

"Lucy, Lucy" I replied, "I've always lusted after you – every time I see you in this window I've wanted to do what we've just done; I just had no idea you fekt the same." She looked confused, too late I remembered she would never have seen this body before and this being a small town she must have thought I was a newcomer. Before she could wonder further I continued, "I come here a few times a year to my Gran and always look forward to walking past this window."

"Oh" she said, "well, I don't care now, you're not walking past again anymore – not without coming in and saying hello..." this last with a coquettish smile. Suddenly she took my hand in hers and pulled me through a swing door into a tiny staff room with a sink, a couple of hard chairs and a battered sofa. Pushing me down onto the sofa she flung herself on top and straddled my waist with her black-trouser clad legs. A few quick kisses from my lips down my neck and she was nuzzling at my cleavage as she reached down to my waist, hunting for the bottom of my shirt. Locating it she firmly tugged up and, once I had leant forward a bit, successfully pulled it over my head. My breasts were now well and truly on display, the too-small bra and rough pulling combining to make them nearly fall out of the cups. She didn't waste time with any straps, just peeled the lace back and scooped a tit into each hand and started to massage one whilst leaning forward with lips parted towards the other. I relaxed back into the sofa and shut my eyes in anticipation, one massively sensitive nipple already on fire from her fingers and the other straining out desperate for her hot tongue.

As she clamped down on it I felt like my entire body was on electrocuted – the tingles running up my spine reminding me of when a fire ant once bit my shoulder as a child. I fell into a complete stupor, dimly aware of her one free hand exploring my back, neck, hair and face. My entire concentration was centred on the 2 not-so-tiny points in the middle of my quite frankly heaving chest. Having swapped her mouth over a few times I began to feel a little left out and frustratedly tweaked at her shirt buttons. Eventually (I wasn't helped by her being affixed to my nipples like some leach desperate for life blood) I had access and pushed the shirt back over her shoulders, feeling around until I had her bra-covered breasts in my hands.

Content to cup and squeeze them for a while I continued to enjoy her attention before following her bra straps up to her shoulders and pushing them down onto her upper arms and leaning forward – trying to reach the clasp. I was obviously preventing her single minded sucking on my nipples and she hurumphed for effect, sat back and told me to stop being so insistent. As far as I was concerned she was being downright cheeky so decided to tickle her and before long we were flat out on the sofa with me on top and my breasts and hair hanging down over her face. I groaned as she once more suckled away then quickly reached back and unclasped (where had I learnt to do that so naturally I wondered?) my bra, letting it fall to the floor. Determined to even things up a bit I slipped to the floor and pulled her shoes off before running the flats of my palms up her legs towards the side zip at her waist. She smiled lazily at me and purred with delight through the mask of hair that had pulled out of her bun and fallen over her face like a net curtain.

Zip undone I heaved her tight trousers down and threw them behind me where they flopped into the corner. I had the most lovely, pale pair of legs stretching up before me, slight freckle decorating the tops of her knees and the glimpse of lace panties between the flaps of her shirt. I slowly rubbed my breasts up her shins, preceding this main assault with a barrage of tiny kisses. Reaching her thighs she started to moan and the higher I went the more she spread her legs until I was just below her panty line. As I have already said I had never been much of a pussy licking man – normally content to finger fuck a girl to orgasm and then jumping on to finish myself off. Not really sure what to next I hesitated and Lucy jumped to the wrong conclusion:

"Is this your first time with a girl?" she looked worried,

"You don't have to if you don't want to..." Kind of her to say so but I could see her eyes were begging for the opposite.

Work in progress...if you liked it please let me know – I need motivation!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/17/18

Yeah, I loved it!

I really enjoyed your story. It is very true to some of the immediate problems Alex faces. Lucky he has an accommodating housemate, or these problems would be a little more difficult. His/her explorationmore...

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by Anonymous08/13/17



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