tagAnalA Wonderful Night

A Wonderful Night


"2:26" the alarm clock next to the bed said, with the little dot next to the AM.

I awoke because sometimes I just do for no rhyme or reason, and this was one of those times. I felt warmth under the sheets, and you were all curled up next to me; with a faint smile of udder contentment.

I look around the bedroom, just the nightlite was illuminating the din, I count a box worth of 3 condoms, all used, strewn in various places on the bedroom floor. My shirt here, your bra on the top of the dresser, panties over there, dont see my underwear (black boxer/briefs). Your vibrator sits on the side table by my side of the bed; I sniff it and it smells like you.

A wide smile crosses my face.

Slowly, the memories of last nite come to life. We decide that weve both masturbated ourselves enough; and while we both find it very enjoyable, the temptation has gotten to us to the point where we HAVE to meet; we simply must meet; if nothing other that to see if the chemistry we share on the phone and online is truly real.

Looking around the bedroom; I think that something is real between us; for it looks like we had a REAL good time between us. The realization of that results in me getting another erection; 6 inches with no where to go.

You look all sweet sleeping next to me, so I dont want to wake you up. So, I throw the sheets off of me, and slowly start to stroke my erection. When masturbating, I usually use one of several types of strokes. If I am in bed, or on my back usually just stroke it lengthwise. Plus, that usually doesnt result in my partner waking up next to me. With one hand, I cup my taught balls, playing with the hairs on them, while the other one strokes my length lengthwise. Sometimes the other stroke I use is to roll it between my hands, as if molding playdoh.

The rhythmic motion of my masturbating wakes you up, and the first vision you see is me slowly stroking my erection; thinking about the things we shared from the night before. A sly grin comes over you, as your hand moves onto mine stroking me, and both of our hands continue to stroke my shaft. You slide closer to me and we share a kiss, our hands not missing a beat.

Your mouth moves from mine, across my chest kissing a trail lower and lower, and you take my shaft into your mouth. The salty taste of several orgasms are dried on it, and your mouth and tongue lovingly clean me dry. Your hand replaces mine, and ever so softly pulls at my pubes. You look me straight in the eye, while your hand moves from sac to by anus.

I told you one time that tickling me there drives me insane; and that any touch there sends me to the moon. However, you have something else in mind. Before we really got close last night, we shared a nice and intimate shower together; so we both know that each other is squeaky clean. So, while your mouth is sending the ultimate shiver to my very soul, with that tongue of yours ever so lovingly circling my growing-more-sensitive by the minute tip; a single finger of yours plays more forcefully with my anus.

Over a minute, your finger works its way inside the very entrance of me. With your finger still inside, you reposition to where you are kneeling in front of me; your finger doesnt move; allowing me to get accustomed to the exquisite pleasure; my feeling so very open to you, very vulnerable; trusting you completely. Only one other person in my sexual history has ever done what you are doing; and the memories of that afternoon are still a fun masturbation fantasy.

Slowly you work your finger inside; my muscles have relaxed to the point where your entire finger can slowly slide itself inside me. Over several minutes, you slowly slide your finger to where it is completely inside of me. You kiss the insides of my thighs, for my whole being is open to you.

My shaft glistens with your saliva as you move your finger around inside me; talk about a role reversal! Meanwhile, my shaft is harder than its ever been in your mouth. You take a deep suck on me, while that finger inside me squiggles around, giving me shivers.

Oh babe, is about all that I can get out of my mouth - every never ending in my body feels like its centered in that 6 inches which is now buried in your mouth. You slowly draw me out, lick and tickle around the tip, and then bury me deep in your mouth. One hand is playing with my pubes, one finger of one hand buried deep in me, while your mouth is performing the most wonderful magic on me.

Shortly, that tongue of yours has performed its exquisite magic, and while I already came 3 full times earlier this evening, somewhere from deep within me, another load of cum shoots from my mouth, and slides right down your throat.

I shudder at the 4th orgasm of the night; you slowly withdraw your finger which was buried deep in me, and we share a tender kiss.

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