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A Wonderful Wife


Preface: This is a story about a man who for years has secretly wanted his wife to cuckold him and when she discovers his cache of files on their computer, he gets his wish. If cuckold stories are not your thing then please click on as this story has strong female control and male submission story lines including cross dressing with lingerie. Also a lot of emphasis is placed on his fascination with cum and eating her creampie.


"David, what the hell have you been reading on this computer? These web sites are about hot wives and married women screwing around with other men."

"Oh it's nothing dear, I'm just playing around is all," I tell her.

"I can't believe you read this crap. Do you think real people do this stuff? Why are there so many bookmarks of slut wife stories and look at all these pictures. My god these pictures are really gross. Is that cum in her cunny? Jesus David, I'm so upset with you."

My wife Deb is fuming as she reads some of the stories I've bookmarked and keeps mumbling to herself about what a pervert I am. She must have spent an hour or so on the computer before she went looking for me and found me in the garage.

"David, why do you read those kinds of stories? Does that stuff turn you on or something? Why haven't you ever told me you like to read about wives who date and cuckold their husbands?"

"It's just that I, maybe think of you, and you know, doing stuff with others. I'm really turned on when I read them and when we make love I think about you with another man and it makes me hard as a rock."

"Well, I think you got rocks in your head," she says and walks back into the house.

I'm kicking myself for leaving the computer running and not logging off. I'm so stupid; I should have erased my history and hidden those story and pic files better. What am I going to do now that she knows what I fantasize about? I'll just act like it's nothing and maybe she'll get over it.

At dinner she acted normal and didn't mention anything more about what she found on the computer. She put our young son to bed earlier than usual and went to bed herself without even saying goodnight. I waited till I thought she was asleep and crawled into bed.

Not two minutes later she says, "David do you really think you could handle me doing stuff with other men like in those stories?"

"Debbie, I am sorry for not talking to you before about this subject, but I never expected you to find out what I read on the computer when you're not here."

"You mean you're sorry you got caught."

"No, yea, ok I'm sorry but maybe now that you know we can talk about it. Like no I don't want you to be a slut or anything, just maybe tease me a little to liven things up, you know, here in the bedroom. Maybe that's why I read them, to add jest to my libido." I explain to her.

"I read a few of those stories and they are very explicit and direct in their content. Wives going on dates and fucking men with their husbands consent and encouragement. You never answered my question."

"Could I handle you being with someone else?" I repeated her question.

"Yes." She replied.

"Debbie, I really don't know if I want you to be with anyone else. I do know I love you more than anything and would never cheat on you."

"Well, I can see you're not going to answer me and tell me what you really think, so I'll just have to find out another way. Goodnight." She says and then rolls over, but I can tell she is thinking.

The next few days drags on and she doesn't say anything about the subject. On Friday morning she says she would like to go out that evening for dinner and has already asked our babysitter over for that evening. I tell her it sounds like fun as we haven't been out for a few weeks. When I get home from work she is already in the bathtub and is sipping a glass of wine. She's very cheery and asks me how my day was. I'm thinking like everything is getting back to normal and maybe I'll get lucky tonight. She puts on a new bra and panty set and starts doing her makeup, telling me to shower and hurry up or we'll be late for dinner. I come out of the shower and see she has on a new short cotton dress. I can faintly see her pink panties and lacy bra right through the soft white fabric. My wife looks hotter than I've seen her in years as her makeup is different and hair must have been done today.

We have a very nice dinner at the steak house and she suggests we stop at the local watering hole for a few beers and a game of pool, saying, "David I'd really enjoy stopping there, maybe they'll have a band tonight and I can dance a little." She tells me knowing I don't like to dance.

"Great," I say and as we're walking in I instinctively pat my back pocket to check my wallet is there and realize I don't have it. We used to be regulars at this bar, so I tell Deb to go on in and get us a seat and I'll be right back. When I get to the car I can't find it, so thinking she'll be alright I drive back to the restaurant. They don't know anything about it and I'm really concerned. I'm back at the bar and looking for Deb to see if she picked it up and I can't find her. Hell, I don't even have money for a beer.

"Hey there handsome" I hear Deb say behind me.

I ask her if she saw my wallet and she gives it to me and says she just picked it up off the car seat for me when I got out of the car. I'm embarrassed as hell and tell her I drove back to the restaurant to find it.

"So that's where you've been. I'm sorry, I didn't know where you were going."

"Is there a band tonight," I asked her.

"Yes, dear. It's an oldies group and they're supposed to be pretty good."

"Really." I say. "And you know that because?"

Ohhh yea. "Well a nice young man I met, actually he's a friend of a girlfriend of mine, bought me a beer and we chatted at the bar. My girlfriend says he's a nice guy. She dated him for a long time and almost married him, but he went into the military and then she fell in love with Roger."

"Really." I say again.

"The cute guy over there... see. I'll wave. The tall young man with the big smile." She says.

"I see him, Deb"

"He told me he has dibb's on the first dance. I told him I have dibbs on the last dance." She says as she smiles coyly at me and giggles, then waves the guy over.

"Terry, this is my husband, Dave."

We exchange pleasantries and I excuse myself to get us drinks at the bar. I am kind of just taking in Debs body language as she is talking softly to Terry. She is quite antsy and giggly while being captivated on his every word. I make my way back to them standing by a small wall table with a couple bar stools next to it. I give Deb the beer and she doesn't even look at me. I stand there listening to them talk about how they both enjoy square dancing so much and maybe they could get together some evening and do the two step. She was obviously flirting with him, even with me standing there. He could tell she was interested in him and would occasionally put his hand on her lower back and slowly rub her and just keep talking. I couldn't get a word in and just sat down on one of the stools and sipped my beer. I had a feeling like he wasn't just there by chance.

An old friend of mine hits me up and asks me to shoot a game of pool with him and BS for awhile. I excuse myself and again Deb hardly even acknowledges me leaving. I do notice she sits down where I was and Terry stands beside her. She takes his hand and keeps hold of it, which really starts to turn me on.

I hear the band start to play and see Deb dancing with her new friend. The waitress keeps bringing me shooters and more beer and says Deb's friend Terry is picking up the tab. I win the first couple games, and then we go partners and try to keep the table. I lose track of Deb and Terry after an hour or so and tell my friend I'll be right back and went to the bathroom all the while looking for them. I went outside and found them under a big tree, her sitting on a picnic table in an area on the side of the building. He was leaning over and kissing my wife. One of his hands was feeling her ass and she had her hands around his head stroking his hair. I watched them for a few minutes but didn't think they would go too far being out in the open and well lit. I decided to leave them alone for a little while. My dick was hard but my stomach started feeling funny.

It was difficult to concentrate on shooting straight being I was concerned about Deb and also had quite a buzz going. She finally shows up and is all smiles, but no Terry. She said she was tired and could we get going. I bid fair well and she grabs my keys and we leave.

After she paid the babysitter, I walked her home and when I got back and into the bedroom she was already in bed. I hurried up and undressed and snuggled up next to her. Deb didn't say anything to me and just kissed my nose goodnight. I tried to get her going by rubbing her leg and tummy. She finally turned around and I spooned her. She could feel my cock poking her butt and I heard her giggle. She finally told me she really was tired and could I wait till morning to talk and stuff. I kissed her neck and told her I loved her.

Debbie was up bright and early and made breakfast. After getting junior dressed and sat in front of the TV to watch cartoons, she grabs my hand and leads me up to the bedroom. She tells me to sit down and listen first and then I could talk.

"David, I've been reading your dirty stories whenever I get a chance and I've learned alot about this hotwife and cuckold husband stuff. I know what you've been up to. I did some investigating on the hard drive. Did you know you have over 5 hundred hot wife and cuckold stories and subdirectories containing hundreds of picture of women in their panties, having sex and or just plain nude?" Don't answer she says." What is amazing to me is that you had this secret life on our computer and never once asked me what I thought about any of this hot wife stuff. For five years now, our whole married life; you have been cheating on me with this secret world on our computer." Deb is very calm and deliberate and I stood by her every word while she continues.

"I asked you the day I found those stories and stuff, if that is what you wanted and how you wanted me to behave. All you said was you loved me and wasn't sure." She goes on and on about what she read in the stories and how could I think of her being with another man and still love her. What was it about panties that I found so compelling to collect thousands of picture of women in them and even some sneaky up skirts. So she says, "Apparently you love panties and slut wives. I'm not enough for you, a faithful loving wife, so you sneak off to your little exciting world and what jack off to thoughts of me in another man's arms. What do you have to say for yourself?"

It was like she hit me right in the stomach. She knew everything, so I just started telling her the truth in hopes she wouldn't leave me. I told her how when I was young my mother made sure I saw her in her panties so I wouldn't turn gay. As a teenager I used to steal panties from my sister and her girlfriend's hamper and beat off to the scent and silky feel of them. How after I went to college I used to date girls and found the fact that they dated other guys a real turn on. I would usually ask them out for Sat night vs. Friday so I knew they had sex the night before. Then having found the internet, became addicted to stories of cheating wives and discovered I wasn't the only one who liked cuckold stories. How I still take her dirty panties to the computer and smell her on them as I jack off while looking at pics and reading stories. Even telling her I wear them to the mall now and then to tease myself thinking someone might be able to see them when I bent over. I told Deb I was so sorry for deceiving her and would never do it again and asked for her forgiveness.

"Un fucking believable" she yelled and started crying.

I immediately wrapped my arms around her and told her I loved her very much. I just sat there comforting her a good ten minutes till she calmed down.

"I am just so disappointed in you, my husband, to have this big secret world and to never tell me."

She's quiet for a few more minutes and then looking right at me, she says "Things are going to change around here. I am not going to divorce you, just yet. We'll have to see if you can earn my trust back. But please tell me something Dave, are you gay too?"

"No, I am not gay Deb."

"Is there anything else you're not telling me, because if I find you lying to me ever again, we are through."

"No, I've told you everything. I am so sorry. No more secrets, I swear."

"Good. Well, I've learned a lot about you today. I've read quite a few of those stories and you don't sound as bad as a lot of the husbands, but here's the deal. I'm going to set a few rules and if I find out you're cheating on me with the computer again or you aren't completely honest with me, then I just can't stay married to you. I need to trust my husband. Do you understand?"

"Yes dear."

"Also, to earn my trust you will be required to do anything I tell you to do and no arguments, period."


"Starting today, I will be available for another man to make me happy. I am not a slut, but I have decided to take a lover and tonight I have a date with him."

"Oh my God, do you really? Is it with the guy from last night, Terry, is it?"

"Yes, Dave, Terry is going to be my lover from now on, if he wants me to be, that is. Last night I found out that I am attractive to other men and he wants me really bad. No I haven't done anything yet, except make out a little, but I will make myself available to him anytime he wants me, wants to make love to me. My girlfriend says he is a great lover and I won't be disappointed when I hook up with him."

"Wow, great, I can't believe it. My wife is going on a date."

"Hold on, big boy. You are going to have to step up here and take care of junior whenever I am with Terry. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I can, I can."

"Good. Now there are conditions you need to understand. First, no more sex with you until I know I can trust you. You will not be told about my love life unless you do as I say, and even then I reserve the right to tell you only things I choose to tell you about him, and about what we have done together in and out of bed. Do you agree and promise you won't pester me to know anything more than what I feel you deserve to know?"

"We aren't going to have sex anymore?" I ask.

"Didn't say that, you have to be honest and do as I tell you to earn my trust and my love."

"All I know is that I've come clean with you and will do anything to keep us together. I will never stop loving you and I will hopefully earn back your trust. If you're going to date though, I would like something as a reward for being a good husband."

"Ok, tell you what. Being you like panties so much, I'll let you have my dirty panties to play with after my dates"

"Debbie, I'd really love that for starters."

"You're enjoying this aren't you; being told what to do. You like me being the bitch don't you? I mean you have deceived me our whole marriage and I'm ready to throw you out, but I've decided to take a lover and test your love for me and you can't be happier."

"I'm hard as a rock. I can't believe you're actually going to go out with another man."

"Take off your pants, now!"

Deb walks over to her lingerie drawer and sorts through her panties and pulls out a stretchy pink cotton pair with lace on the waist and tells me to put them on and then says to go put on my thin white nylon shorts. She wants me to wear them and do the yard work and if I'm lucky the neighbors won't laugh at me. She left the house with junior and went shopping all afternoon. When she got back she told me to take a shower and shave my nuts and pubic bush off, adding.

"You've been a good boy today and finished all the yard work. So I am going to reward you with a new pair of panties in your own size and I expect you to put them on after you shower. Then while I'm gone tonight you can feel feminine knowing another man will be taking your place in my arms and between my legs. That will make us both happy, won't it? Go on now!"

So I take a shower and shave down there. It feels pretty weird and looks even funnier. When I put on the soft silky panties though, boy did they ever feel nice. My dick got hard immediately and then I thought of Deb and her date tonight and started tingling all over. I was so excited I wanted to take matters in my own hands, but knew I better not. I dressed in no time and just lied back on the bed. When she came in, I was told to leave as she needed to get ready. I wasn't allowed to watch, this time, she said. I went to the kitchen and made dinner for junior and myself.

Deb wouldn't let me back in the bedroom and must have been in there for over an hour. When she finally came out it was just a couple minutes before seven and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I think I fell in love with her all over again. She had on a beautiful tight blue dress with a low bodice. It hugged her C cup breasts and shapely ass, and was short enough to evoke thoughts of her hidden charms. Her thin legs were smooth and tanned with a color matching medium heel shoe. It also looked like she might have stocking on. I just starred at her.

"David, you know I might be late, so don't wait up for me. Remember this is your fault and I plan on making the most of it. Don't get your hopes up about doing anything with me tonight. It will be Terry and me making all the love, not you and I. Another thing, I hope you like the horns I will be putting on your head in a few hours. What is it you're going to be called?"

"A cuckold"

"Yes, that's it, a sissy cuckold husband. Don't mess in you panties. Promise me you won't jack off."

"I promise Hun. You can trust me from now on" I said.

"We will see."

Terry's sounds the horn on his car and she whispers in my ear to be a good boy, because she is going to be a naughty wife and maybe, maybe she will tell me what happened. She kisses me lightly and is gone. My dick is hard as a rock and throbbing in my satin panties. I can't sit still and pace around the whole house; finally deciding to watch a movie to keep my mind off what she is doing. I put junior to bed around 8:30 and fight myself over whether to turn on the computer. I know that if I did, I'd start reading cuckold stories and want to jack off. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep on the sofa and woke up to sun shining in the window.

I immediately remember Deb and her date last night and looked around. The TV is off and all is quiet. I open the bedroom door and see Deb in bed with a sheet lying halfway over her beautiful body. All she is wearing is her sheer bikini panties. She looks so content and is in a deep sleep so I creep back out of the room and close the door.

Around 9:00 Deb calls out for me and I run to the bedroom. She is sitting up on the bed and rubbing her eyes. She looks at me and cracks a big smile. "Good morning my cuckold husband." She says in a teasing way with a big grin. Deb pats the bed next to her and I walk over to her and sit down. I'm so excited, I'm shaking..

"Dave, were you a good boy last night?"

"Yes, Hun, I didn't even turn on the computer."

"Good, stand up and pull down your shorts." She says.

I do as she says and stood in front of her. She lifts up my tee shirt and inspects the front of my panties which are sticking straight out because of my hard on. She pulls down my panties and tells me to step out of them. She starts telling me about her date: where they went for dinner and how romantic it was to be on a date for the first time since marrying me and how much fun it was to hold hands and to kiss another man. How excited she was and how horny he made her. All she could think about was getting him in bed and feeling his hard cock inside her.

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