tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 2

A World Of My Own Ch. 2


The only direct feedback on the first chapter was to shorten the paragraphs and make greater use of dialog. The feedback was greatly appreciated and I hope, effectively applied. Let me know what you think.

* * * * *

Chapter 2: Where Do I Go From Here?

My success with Jan should have had me on cloud nine. After all, the time I spent buried in all those books was finally paying off and I got my first taste of how good true control could be. I could truly be her master if I really wanted to be. But, did I want that and what would I do with her once she was completely enslaved to me? Should I try my newly discovered talent on Emily? That could be fun as well but would I be able to accomplish the same with her? I spent the next couple of days locked in my room just trying to sort all of this out.

I needed to understand my true desires and I needed a plan for achieving them. So, my next step was to scourer the Internet for everything I could possibly find on Master / Slave relationships. What was possible and what would get the wind in my sails or should I say, wood in my mast?

What I discovered was rather simple. Actually it was reaffirming. First, I was not alone. The Internet was full of information on all sorts of Master / Slave relationships. Second, I simply wanted the freedom to do whatever popped in my head without reservation or hesitation. The questions that remained were how far I wanted to go and with who and the answers proved to be equally simple. I wanted a world of my own. Nothing less than complete control was going to be acceptable. The question of who was simple as well - anyone who struck my fancy.

I needed a plan and that is what I spent my time developing. That proved to be a significant challenge, primarily because I couldn't keep focused on the present. I kept getting caught up in what would ultimately be possible and that was making me horny as hell. I needed some relief or I was going to go crazy. I needed to give Jan another lesson and I needed to do it now but was she home? I realized I would have to leave my room to find out and then I realized I hadn't left the room for a full 4 days. Jezz but I was consumed with this thing.

I caught a quick shower, threw on a pair of Dockers and a pullover and headed downstairs. If my space was impressive it was nothing compared to the rest of the house. It was built as an exact replica of a traditional country home in the north of England or Scotland. It was the kind of home where you might find English royalty relaxing or some major industrialist vacationing and entertaining. Heavy wood paneling, great oak stairs, amazing chandeliers, the richest carpeting and lots of stained glass were just a few of the features that stood out. Just about every room had a fireplace and the staff insured there was a fire burning in everyone. It was magnificent and I wasn't interested in any of it. I was on a mission. Where was Jan?

If anyone knew it would be James, our head butler. James was stereotypical right down to the uniform. In this case it was a tuxedo with a morning coat, an image that should have been found in the Webster dictionary next to Butler. James was traditionally discreet. Nothing that was ever said or done by any of the family ever got repeated, and James had the entire staff perfectly trained to be equally discreet. It was the perfect setting if I ever got my plans together.

I found James in his study organizing the household expenses and he quickly directed me to the kitchen where Jan was apparently getting some lunch. Damn, I realized I was starving so I made a beeline for the food and my next adventure.

I found Jan at the table just beginning to attack a roast beef sandwich that looked fantastic and the first thought that popped in my head was "I want that one". So, without so much as a hello I whispered our one word, Scrava. Jan immediately froze and fixed her eyes on me. There was no sense of any emotion in her them. She was simply waiting for instructions.

Jan, that sandwich looks good. Give it to me. Without hesitation she handed it over and I dove in. It was every bit as good as it looked and Jan just sat, tranquilly watching me devourer her meal.

I went through it pretty quickly before I remembered why I was looking for her. It was actually the strain of my cock trying to escape my pants that brought me around. Jan was about to get a very different meal and now had to be the time.

Two of the kitchen staff that were working on dinner had to go anywhere else, quickly. Esmarelda was probably in her late forties. She had a decent looking face but the body was just round from head to toe. Actually, she was shaped like a short barrel and was about as appealing as one. What saved her was her ability at the stove. When she got to work on a meal magic happened. The other staff member was her daughter and everything Esmarelda was in the looks department Fernanda wasn't. She was 19, at least 6 inches taller than her mother with long curly brown hair she normally had tied up in a bun, striking green eyes, nice breasts that stood proudly from here chest and an ass that was about as perfect as any I had seen. She worked for us during the summer and went to the university the balance of the time. The thought suddenly crossed my mind that she would have to join the fun but not now. I chased them out so I could have a "private" conversation with Jan and they obediently turned and left us alone.

I turned my attention to Jan who was still sitting quietly waiting for me to tell her what I wished of her and I realized then and there that I wanted her cherry. I wanted it now before some creep slipped in ahead of me. I wanted to tear her clothes off, bend her over the counter and fuck the shit out of her. I was getting ahead of myself again. I shook my head to clear it, took a few quick breaths to calm my nerves and settled on a quick blowjob.

Jan, do you remember your lessons? A slight smile creased her lips, the twinkle I saw in her eyes the first time returned and a clear "Yes" eased out of her mouth.

Have you been with anyone else since that day?

No, no one.

Have you been playing with yourself since our last lesson?

Yes, but not allot.

How many times, Jan?

Just twice.

Listen to me carefully Jan. From now on you don't play with yourself unless you ask my permission first. Do you understand?

Yes, I will ask you first before I play with myself.

Jan, have your been thinking about giving up your virginity?

Oh yes. God yes. I think I'm ready. I even talked to mom about it. She thinks I should wait but she helped me get a prescription from Dr. Rainer for birth control pills. She said it was just a precaution.

Well Jan, I'm not going to take your cherry. A look of disappointment invaded her face before I got the rest of the thought out.

At least not yet Jan, and the disappointment faded just as quickly. I want you to suck my cock. Remember what you learned the last time and make it good. If you can manage to take all of me and swallow every last drop I may let you come to my room later for a good long fuck. If you don't satisfy me I'm going to fuck your throat, come all over your face and leave you here for the help to find. Understand?

Yes! I can do it. I promise, and with that she dropped to her knees, pulled me around on the stool and started to work my pants open. She immediately noticed how hard I was and a slight look of worry crossed her brow. Almost as quickly, that became a look of determination and she freed my cock.

She wasted no time getting her tongue to the task and she had in fact remembered what I taught her. She worked her tongue slowly up and down my cock a few times and then stopped to work my balls into her mouth. She suckled each for a bit and then started up my cock again, this time concentrating on the head for a few seconds before she started down again. When she let my balls go this time she continued down and began searching for my asshole and as much as I liked that the last time that's not what I need now.

Jan, don't worry about my ass. Get my cock in your mouth and make me cum.

She didn't miss a beat. She engulfed me and immediately found a rhythm. With each stroke she got me deeper and by the fifth stoke her chin came to rest on my balls. She held it for a second and looked up at me with such a look of pride I nearly applauded. I was amazed, showed her a great big smile and leaned back in the chair to let her know she was doing fine.

With that her rhythm resumed with long strokes that ran from the tip of my cock all the way to the base and as her pace quickened I was caught in a near trance watching her hair bouncing in the air. I was going to cum and I suddenly realized I wanted her to succeed. I wanted her to catch every drop of my load. I wanted her to earn her way into my room. I wanted to fuck her. I needed to cum now.

Jan, I'm going to cum. Get ready. Get it all. You're doing great.

She didn't miss a beat. She drew her head up until she had just a couple of inches in her mount. Her right hand wrapped around my remaining length and her left hand began messaging my balls. With that, her hand and head began a matched pace up and down my cock with a frenzy and that was it. I exploded and she swallowed. Another shot rocketed out and she swallowed, and never stopped working my balls. Again I shot and as this one leapt from my cock her head dove down the shaft to meet it at the back of her throat.

Four days ago this girl had only dabbled with cock sucking and refused to take a load in her mouth. Now she's on her knees working feverishly to get every last drop I've got. Did I do this to her? Did my invasion of her mind trigger something wild that was just waiting for a chance to escape? Those questions were going to have to wait.

I started to ease back to reality and Jan continued to work my cock for the last few drops when I heard a noise from the pantry. We were going to get caught if we didn't get out of there soon so I look her head in my hands and drew her up off my cock. Her eyes immediately found mine and when she saw the smile on my face she jumped to her feet and wrapped me in a great warm hug and whispered "how did I do". There was no denying it. She was great and I told her so.

Will you take my virginity now?

That and more. First, I want you to go to your room and shave your pussy. I want you bald. Then take a nice long bath and meet me in my room in two hours. Jan, put on the sexiest panties you have and don't wear a bra. Wear your white jeans and that red tub top you use at the pool. And Jan, be ready.

With that she gave me a great big kiss and went bounding out of the room while I put myself back together. Just then Fernanda came back into the kitchen, saw me and tried to act embarrassed at returning before I had said it was Ok. The funny thing was she was flushed and I realized immediately that she had been watching the whole scene. What's more, I was pretty sure she enjoyed what she saw and was probably dripping wet. My brain immediately locked on one thought; "seize the moment".

Fernanda, come here please. While I said please this was a stern request that left no doubt that she needed to do as asked. I rose from the stool, took her by the shoulders and guided her to my seat.

Fernanda, you watched me even after I told you I wanted privacy didn't you?

No. No. I saw nothing. I just came back in. I thought you already left.

Bullshit! You were watching. Don't make it worse by lying.

Oh please sir. I won't say anything. It's none of my business. Please don't fire me. My mother will kill me. Please, I swear I'll never do it again. Please sir. With that a tear rolled sown her cheek and she started to sob in earnest.

Fernanda, be quite. Where's your mother?

In the apartment waiting for me to bring her some garlic. That's why I cam back. I was supposed to knock and say excuse me but I saw you and…

Her voice trailed off and she waited.

Tell me what you saw.

I saw Jan sucking your cock.

She was shivering as the words came out and I could see goose bumps covering her arms.

Now tell me the truth. If you lie I'll fire you right here, right now. Watching got you excited didn't it?

She flushed an even deeper red and stuttered over her response a few times before she got a single Yes out.

It made you wet didn't it?

Yes it did. Her eyes were fixed on my feet. I don't think she could have looked at me if she wanted to.

You enjoy sucking cock don't you?

Yes I do.

And you like the taste and feel of cum don't you?

Yeah, I really do.

Her chin stayed glued to her chest and a tone of resignation seemed to creep into her voice. I'm pretty sure she realized where this was going.

Are you a virgin Fernanda?

Her head sprung up at that one and her eyes took on the glaze of a deer in the headlights. As her head fell slowly back to her chest she whispered No, I'm not.

I pressed on.

Have you ever taken it in the ass?

That snapped her head back up and she issued her first emphatic response.

No, never.

One last question Fernanda and you better keep up the honesty here. When you were watching Jan you were wishing it was you sucking my cock, didn't you? In fact, you were imagining it was you, weren't you?

Yeah, I was.

Good. Then here's the deal if you want to keep your job. Tomorrow is your day off isn't it?

Yeah, it is. I'm supposed to go out with some friends.

Well you can forget about that. Tomorrow you will spend the day with me. I want you to come to my room tomorrow morning with my breakfast. Dress sexy but don't go to far. I don't want your mom getting suspicious. If I'm happy with the way you look I may let you suck my cock. And when you're finished doing that I'm going to take the rest of you until I'm worn out. You will do exactly what I say without hesitation or complaint or the deal's off and I'll fire your mom as well. There'll be no references; no new job; no nothing for either of you if you don't managed to please me. Do you understand?

I do was all she said but the look of total resignation could have answered that for me.

You have one other option. Say no now and I will only fire you. Your mom will probably kill you when she finds out why but her job will be safe. If you say yes you better be prepared to go all the way with this deal or you're both finished. Now, what's it going to be?

She hesitated for what seemed like an eternity. I could almost hear her thoughts. Quit now. Don't give him the satisfaction. Oh but he's got a great cock. This could be great. But what if he wants to fuck my ass? What if I can't please him? What if he fires me anyway? I really do want to suck him off and I bet he's a great fuck. God I'm an idiot!

She finally seemed to get all of this clear in her head and asked….

If I do everything you ask will you promise me you won't still fire my mom and me?

You have my word. I realized I was hard again and almost decided to let her suck me right then and there but I held back. After all, Jan was going to be visiting and I wanted to save at least a few loads for her.

Then can I ask just one favor?

Sure you can ask.

Please don't do it in my butt. It'll hurt too much. My boyfriend sometimes uses his finger and even that hurts a bit. I'm afraid I won't be able to take it and then you'll just fire me.

Fernanda, you need to understand something right now. I'm going to fuck you mouth, your pussy, your ass and maybe even your tits. Nothing will be off limits. The only thing I'm going to promise you is I will try to be gentle when I take your ass. But, know this. Whether it hurts or not your ass is getting fucked at least once or there's no deal.

There was no way I was giving up on such a perfect ass especially considering it was the only cherry hole she had left. She hesitated again as a whole new wave of thought rushed through her head. I broke the trance.

I don't have all day. Yes or no.

Her mouth moved in silence a few times trying to form the words until she finally uttered yes.

Good. Now get back to work and tell your mom the kitchen is free. I'll see you tomorrow at 9. Oh, by the way, shave your pussy. I want you bald and I turned to leave when a stray thought jump out.

Fernanda, on second thought don't shave. I'll do it for you. With that I left to prepare for my next conquest. I can only imagine how the rest of Fernanda's day went.

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