tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 3

A World Of My Own Ch. 3


I was on a roll and wrote this chapter before I stopped to submit the previous one. Once again, any constructive criticism will be welcomed. I think I’ll wait a bit to hear back before I continue. I’m getting the feeling this could become a fairly long story if folks seem to enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

* * * * *

Fernanda made me realize something. Hypnotism was not a requirement to achieve my goals. Any opportunity to intimidate and control could satisfy my desires. As I headed back to my room to prepare for Jan I knew I was going to have to expand my thinking. A plan was starting to take shape. A new world was coming into focus. This might just exceed my wildest expectations.

For now, I needed to focus on Jan. Yes I was going to take her virginity. What I began to realize is I wanted her to enjoy it. More importantly, I wanted her to remember it. I wanted to make her a willing partner who kept coming back for more. Given her earlier reaction I thought I could make that happen but I was going to have to keep her under for just a bit longer.

As the next few hours took shape in my head I took a good hot shower, shaved, got my teeth brushed and had myself just about ready when I heard Jan knock. Now that was a surprise. She knocked. Barging in was what started this whole thing and now she was knocking. I wondered if that meant anything as I called out for her to enter.

As she come in I told her to close and lock the door. Not that anyone else would enter without knocking but I didn’t want any more surprises today.

Stand there for a minute and let me look at you.

She was fantastic. She dressed exactly as I had instructed and the contrast between the white pants and red top were striking.

Turn slowly and stop so I can see your ass.

Without a moments hesitation she did as instructed and stopped when she had her back to me. Fernanda still had the better ass but Jan’s was not bad. I could just make out the lines of her panties, which were V-cut and probably covered a third of her ass at most. Bend over and spread your legs a bit.

Again, she reacted immediately and the sight of her sticking her ass out like that left no doubt I would be fucking her in that position.

Ok Jan, come over here and sit with me.

I was in one of my big easy chairs so the only place she could sit was in my lap. She eased down on my lap and snuggled up to me and she smelled great. I guess it was something like a spring garden mixed with some type of fruit. I was about to discover heaven.

Did you have your pussy for me?

I did. It’s perfectly clean. I hope you like it. I had a hard time with some of it cause I couldn’t really see everything but I got everything, I’m sure.

Did you play with yourself?

No. You told me not to without your permission.


I was getting hard again and I realized Jan could probably tell as well.

Jan, can you feel my cock getting hard against your ass?

Oh yes. Do you want me to suck it again? I really enjoy doing that for you.

What else would you like to do with my cock Jan?

That now familiar twinkle returned to her eyes and in the sultriest voice I could have imagined she said, "I want you to slip it into my pussy and make me a woman.” I want you to take my virginity. Please fuck me.

Ok Jan but first things first. When I count to 5 you will awaken. You will remember everything. Your desires will still be as strong as they are now but you will be awake and aware of everything. Your only desire from this day forward is to please me. Anything I ask you will offer. You may even offer things I haven’t asked for but think I might like. All I require is your absolute obedience. Do you understand?

Yes Master. I am yours. Just tell me what you want and it will be yours.

Excellent. I’m going to count now and then we’ll have some real fun.

When I reached 5 her eyes fluttered for a second and she immediately snuggled closer.

How do you fell, I asked.

Really good. Like I slept perfectly. Thank you.

For what?

For bringing me out. I really want to remember this. I kind of had a feeling these last few days that something happened and I really liked it but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. And, the last couple of times I masturbated I had the most intense orgasms I ever experienced. I think you woke something in me that was close to the surface. It’s actually a bit scary but it’s also real exciting. I want you more than anything. Tell me what you want me to do. Please fuck me.

No other words were necessary. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her to me. I kissed her deeply and she responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth. I reciprocated and together we began to explore.

With my free hand I found her right breast and slowly worked my way to the nipple, which was hard and seemed to pulse as my hand brushed over it. I took her breast fully in my hand to test the weight and firmness of it and discovered it was a near perfect fit. My hand and her tit was a matched set. I continued my roaming until I found her left breast and gave it the same attention. Again, a perfect fit.

I needed to see and taste those babies so I slipped the tube top over one and then the other and a slight shiver ran through her. Her breathing was starting to get a bit more intense as I started playing with her nipples. They were now about a quarter inch long and very sensitive. Every time I tweaked and rolled them in my fingers she shuddered and moaned in my mouth. I needed better access so I slipped her tube top over her head and guided her around so she was straddling my lap facing me. I kissed her once aging and then started to run my tongue down her neck eventually running light circles around each breast. When I finally reached her right nipple she moaned loudly and pulled my head closer. In a husky, somewhat labored voice she asked…

Please suck on it. Your tongue feels so good.

I needed no encouragement. I sucked her nipple in and feverishly worked my tongue over it until her breath caught in her throat. That was as good a signal as any to release it and start to work on the other. Again, the same response. I continued working back and forth until Jan seemed ready to jump out of her seat. She was moaning constantly and whispering how much she loved my tongue and mouth. It was time for more.

Jan, stand up for me.

She did with only the slightest hesitation. I guess she just didn’t want me to give up on my suckling.

Now Jan, slip out of your pants. Slowly Jan.

She stepped out of her sneakers, popped the button on her pants and slowly lowered the zipper. She had chosen the perfect white lace panties. They were cut high on the thigh and wrapped around the waste with just a thin band of elastic. The lace pattern was a series of small roses that reminded me perfectly of the way she smelled.

She slid her pants over her hips and then turned and bent over as she slid them down her legs. This was the first time Jan had done something other than what I had asked just because she thought I would like it and I did. But, I made a note to remind her that I was in charge.

Her panties carried the same flower pattern around the back and were in fact V-cut, leaving most of her ass cheeks exposed. As she got the first leg free from her pants she spread them a bit so I could see the material find its shape over her mound. I was definitely going to be fucking her in this position before I was done. That was when I noticed the wet spot. It wasn’t very large, maybe the size of a quarter but she was definitely wet and I needed to taste her sweet juices.

Jan, slide your panties off for me.

Without changing position she grabbed the waistband and slid her panties slowly over her ass and down her legs. I loved watching the crotch of her panties kind of hang on as she slid them down. It was like there was some consciousness there that just didn’t want to give up its hold on a little piece of heaven.

Jan’s pussy was closed and her outer labia were plump with excitement. She indeed got the most difficult areas totally clean of hair and the sight of this clean-shaven virgin pussy was almost overwhelming.

Jan, it looks like your pussy is very wet. Spread yourself open and let me see how wet you are.

She reached between her legs and with two fingers she spread her lips. Perfect pink and shiny with her juices. How could I resist. I knelt in front of that vision, grabbed her hips and pulled that sweet pussy to be. I took a deep breath and the scent was pure ecstasy. I was out of control. I ran my tongue once lightly over her pussy and then drove my tongue into her and she nearly collapsed. She tasted slightly sweet and the silky feel of her juices left no doubt that she was already primed. I could have slammed my cock into her right then and the only resistance I would have felt was her hymen. I needed to regain some control.

I pulled away and she whined. She wanted this every bit as much as I did.

Jan, sit her. And I guided her to the chair.

Slide forward and spread those lovely legs. I knew she had fantastic legs but in this position they were beyond words.

I guided each leg over the arms of the chair so she was spread wide open. In fact, my tongue had already had some effect as her outer lips were now slightly parted.

I started slowly this time, running my tongue up and down her inner thighs, stopping on occasion to take a few nibbles. I licked lightly at first over and around her outer lips and then started to work in between. As I reached her clit I stopped and blew a warm breath across her button and she gave me that all too familiar shiver that said, “I like that”. Instead of making contact I started back down digging deeper between her inner labia and slid just the tip of my tongue inside her pussy and then started back up again. This time I flicked my tongue across her clit.

Oh yes, that feels so good. Please do that some more.

I looked up and saw she had taken both tits in her hands and was messaging her nipples. She was ready to cum and I was ready to make her cum.

I slid my tongue back into her pussy and began a steady in-and-out rhythm and when I felt her muscles clench I slid up and caught her clit between my lips. I brushed it a few times and then released it just as suddenly to let her come back down. I wanted this to build until the orgasms she experience was mind shattering.

Oh god Jimmy, please don’t stop. Please let me cum. Please…

And with that I started again but instead of sliding my tongue in her pussy I wandered down until I found her rose bud and slid my tongue in her ass. She immediately clenched again and again I shot up and caught her clit. I held on and worked it just a bit longer until she actually squeaked.

God that feels so good. Please Jimmy, I need to cum. Please make me cum.

I continued this pattern, swapping between her pussy and her ass a few more times until she could hardly get the words out and then I started serious sucking on her clit. I also slid a finder in her pussy and another one in her ass and started a unified sucking and pumping motion that was going to make her explode within seconds.

Oh god Jimmy, that’s it. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I’m gonna cum. God I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cummmmmmm..

Her ass shot off the seat and I almost lost my grip on her clit as her whole body froze. It struck her in waves with each coursing through her like an electric bolt. I looked up to see her squeezing her tit so hard they were white and her mouth was fixed open and seemed to be convulsing. I kept it up and finally bit down on her clit and held it between my teeth. She was slammed with one more convulsion and collapsed and I finally released my grip. She was unconscious.

I got as wet towel from the bathroom and ran it across her forehead to bring her around. I took awhile but I wasn’t worried. She was breathing deeply and her skin color good nicely flushed. It was just that this was the first orgasm she ever had as the result of something other than her fingers and it overwhelmed her. One thing I was certain of. After that orgasm she was definitely mine.

Her eyes fluttered open and she seemed to take a second to gain her focus. She stretched like a cat and smiled at me.

God that was great. I never knew it would be that intense. It felt like I was going to explode. Did I pee? I thought for a moment I was going to pee. God I love you.

The words started slowly but gained speed until they were rushing from her like a waterfall in the rainy season. I shushed her with a finger across her lips, cleared the hair from her face and kissed her deeply. I was falling in love with my salve girl. I was falling in love with my sister.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down.

I think it’s time to loose your cherry Jan. Spread your legs for me and show me your ready.

She did. I’m so ready. Please make me a woman. I want you inside me now.

I practically tore my clothes off and slid up between her legs. I don’t know what stopped me but I just wanted to drive my cock in to the hilt. Instead, I grabbed my cock and started to rub it across her clit.

Jan, I’m going to try and take this slow since it’s your first time. I’ll stop when I get to your maidenhead. It’s going to hurt a bit when I break through but the pain won’t last very long. Just try to relax your muscles and you’ll be fine.

It’s Ok Jimmy. Just put it in. I want to be yours. Just do it. I can’t wait anymore. Take me now.

Who was I to argue? Ok. Jan. Here we go.

I guided the tip of my cock in about an inch, grabbed her legs to hold her steady and with one massive push I blew through her hymen and only stopped when I felt my balls slap her ass. Damn she was tight but just as I expected, she was so wet I slid right in. I began making comparisons. Emily’s pussy was tight too but this was different. Jan was hotter and her juices seemed silkier. Emily’s cunt muscles pulsed while Jan’s seemed to contract until the walls of her pussy conformed perfectly to my cock.

The sudden intrusion caused her to bite down on her lower lip. Her eyes were fixed shut and her body clenched. A small squeal escaped and I held firm. I wanted to give her some time to regain her senses before I moved.

She slowly relaxed. She released her lip and looked down to confirm I was in fact buried inside her.

Are you Ok.

Yeah, it hurt a bit but it’s getting better now. God I feel so full. I never imagined it would feel like this. I guess I’m a woman now.

No, not yet. Not until I fill you with your first load of cum.

Then do it. Fuck me and cum inside me. Make me yours.

That was exactly what I intended to do but it suddenly struck me that she was becoming a bit too demanding. She was forgetting who the master was. I had to regain control. I had to stop thinking with my little brain for just a second.

I pinched her face in my hand.

First, I will fuck you when I’m good and ready. Second, you’re already mine to do with as I please. Finally, the next time you forget that I will punish you in ways you can hardly imagine.

Oh Jimmy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just so hot I forgot for a moment. I promise it won’t happen again. I love you Jimmy. Tell me what to do. Just tell me what to do Master.

There it was. Master. I was back in control. It was time.

Without another work I began withdrawing my cock until just the tip was imbedded and then drove back in as hard as I could and she squealed. I did it again and the squeal was more like a moan. Buy the third stoke it became an umph and a moan and by the fourth it was a constant moan. With that I started a steady rhythm of deep stokes so my balls slapped her ass on each down stroke and the tip of my cock almost escaped with each up stroke.

Jan began to verbalize her moans.

Oh yes. Oh that feels so good. You’re so deep inside me. Your cock feels so good driving deep inside me. I am your slave. Please use me.

Emily was never this verbal and I loved it. This was something I’d have to work on with her. But, for now I had only one need. I needed to blow my load. I needed to flood her pussy.

Jan started again.

Oh god, I’m gonna cum again. I got that peeing feeling again. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Fuck yes!

She was screaming and that was it. There was no holding back now. I slammed my cock deep inside her and let loose with the first shot.

Oh god, yes. I feel it. I feel you’re hot cum shooting deep inside me. I feel it all the way up inside me.

I kept pumping shot after shot inside her until I started to feel it dripping down may balls and I still had a few shots to go. This was by far the most intense orgasm I had had and I knew it was just the start. No telling where this was going to lead but I knew I wasn’t getting off this ride anytime soon.

I pumped the last few drops and slowly eased my cock from Jan’s pussy. She sighed, I guess from the sudden empty feeling and I looked down at the fantastic mess I made. My cum was tinged slightly pink from her blood as it oozed from her pussy. That’s when the next sudden idea popped up. With two fingers, I collected a bit of the mess and brought it to Jan’s mouth. She held her mouth closed. Obviously this didn’t look particularly appealing to her but that wasn’t going to stop me.

Jan, clean my fingers. She opened her mouth and snaked her tongue out hesitantly for the first taste.

Jan, take them in your mouth and clean them up. She did as instructed and that familiar twinkle returned. I went back for more and this time she took it without hesitation.

Jan, use your fingers now.

She was definitely getting into this. She slid two fingers into her pussy, swished them around a bit and came out with a nice mess that she immediately devoured.

Don’t stop I ordered and she went back for more.

Do you like the taste of my cum when it’s all mixed up with your?

Yeah. It’s not as thick as when you cum in my mouth but I still love it.

Keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop. And, she did.

Watching this scene was getting to me. Before I realized it I was getting hard again. I normally recover pretty quickly but never this quick. It was time to take her last cherry hole but first…

Jan, suck my cock clean.

I laid back on the bed next to her and she immediately jump down and went to work. I wondered if Emily would ever get to be as good at sucking cock. I wondered if Fernanda could be this good. I started thinking that every woman probably had one thing they were particularly good at and sucking cock was clearly one of Jan greatest talents. I was ready for more.

Jan, I’m going to fuck your ass now. Get your finger wet from your pussy and worked them into your ass. Do a good job and you might enjoy this. But I’m warning you, if you don’t get your asshole nice a wet and relaxed this is going to hurt like hell.

With my cock still in her mouth she looked up at me with a worried look on her face and hesitated just a bit.

Don’t waste time. Get to work cause I’m ready to take your last virgin hole.

With that, her fingers found her pussy and then worked back to her ass. From this angle I really couldn’t see how she was doing but I didn’t care. I was going to giver her a few minutes and then, ready or not, she was getting slammed.

Jan, I want you on all fours with your ass facing me. Put your head and shoulders on the bed. Good, now reach back and spread your cheeks for me.

She had obviously taken my warning seriously. Her asshole was slightly opened and slick with our cum. I squatted in position, spit on my cock and guided it into position. Then, without warning I drove down. The first inch popped in and she clenched hard. I slapped her ass hard, leaving a real nice handprint and as the shock hit she released her clench and I pushed again. Another inch disappeared before she clenched again so I slapped the other cheek and this time I drove to the hilt.

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