tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 4

A World Of My Own Ch. 4


I've been admonished by many about using quotes to make things more readable. Thanks for the advice and all the other comments as well. I'm actually having a lot more fun writing than I expected. Please keep your comments coming. As always, constructive feedback is most appreciated.

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Chapter 4: Attitude Adjustments

I woke up a few hours later with Jan's head on my chest. I must have really worn her out since she was in the kind of deep sleep that envelops your entire being. It took several shakes to bring her out and then it took more than a few minutes for her to gain her bearings. She finally stretched like a waking cat and fixed me with a great big smile, jumped up on my chest and kissed me as passionately as I've ever been kissed. As the kiss broke the words started to flow like water from a bursting dam.

"Thank You. Dear god, thank you. I never imagined how good it could be. I'm still tingling from head to toe just remembering how totally consumed I was. I love you. I'll do anything for you. I'm yours. Just promise you'll fuck me again. Please, just use me. Use my mouth, my pussy, my ass…"

I finally cut her off. "You will be used. This much I can promise you. But you are forgetting something. Something that will get you severely punished. Do you have any idea what that is?"

Her brow became pinched and a worried look spread quickly across her face. She tensed as her mind was clearly racing to discover what she had done wrong. Not a second earlier she was in total bliss and now she was confused. I had her off balance again and I loved it.

It took only a few seconds before the light of recognition replaced that worried look. Her brain was clearly out of sync with her mouth as her lips worked to get something out without success. I think she was just so completely stunned by what her thoughts revealed to her that she was unable to find any rhythm. When her rhythms finally realigned she whispered, "Oh my god. I'm sorry Master. I promise, I won't forget again. Please forgive me Master. I am your Slave. You are my Master. I won't forget again Master."

As those last words were uttered her eyes welled with tears and she fell quite. It was time to get rough. It was time to deliver the first of what I suspected would be many lessons before I could turn Jan into a truly worthy slave. My hand shot out like a snake striking its prey. I grabbed her by the throat and she gasped. "Stop" was all I said but there was a tone of menace that couldn't be missed. I just held her like that until it sank in. She was in trouble and she had no idea what was coming next.

"Knowing what you did has saved you from the worst of it but you will be punished. You will know your role and you will never again forget your proper place. Now, here are some basic rules. You may ask permission to speak. Otherwise, the only time I want to hear you speak is when I ask you to. When I tell you to do something don't dare hesitate, not even for a second. And don't ever forget to refer to me as Master. Now, I want you over my knee."

I released her throat and she gulped in as much air as her lungs would allow. I shifted so I was sitting at the end of the bed and watched as she moved into position. She was obviously shocked and more than a little scared but after my warnings she wasn't about to show any hesitation. She had positioned herself so her ass was over my left hand. I wondered for a moment if she was fast enough to reason that since I was right handed, being on my left side might have made this a little less painful.

"Get your ass on my right side" I commanded. The resigned tone of her "Yes Master" told me she was in fact quicker than I thought and I was going to have to take care not to underestimate her in the future.

"Now tell me why you are being punished".

"I forgot by proper role Master. I was disrespectful and spoke without permission Master."

"That's exactly right. Now tell me, do you need to be punished?"

"Yes Master. I need to be taught to be a proper slave. I want to be a worthy slave, Master. Please help me learn."

I was determined to make this a lesson she would never forget. I wasn't going to stop until I drew either tears or blood and that's when I realized this was exciting me. I don't ever recall fantasizing about delivering pain. Control yes, pain no. Now here I was, with my sister lying over my knee, telling me how she needed this lesson and I was getting hard. Jan realized it as well since my cock was now digging into her rib cage and she trembled just a bit. I'm sure it was then that she realized this would be just the first of many such lessons.

"Jan, have you ever been spanked"? I knew the answer. My mom had always been a pussycat with us. Sure she got angry and yes, we were punished on occasion, but the very concept of her raising a hand with us was just beyond imagination. As for my dad, he was way too consumed with his work to pay much attention. It was always clear that any issue involving the house or us kids was my mom's worry. As I think back on it now, I'm pretty sure he would have simply shipped us off to boarding school if she couldn't handle us.

"No Master. I've never been spanked".

"We'll then, here's one more first for you. Count for me Jan. With every slap I want to hear you loud and clear. Falter just once and we will have to start back at one. Do you understand"?

"Yes Master".

"Good" and without giving her a second more to think about it her right cheek was the first spot to taste the sting of my hand. The response was almost simultaneous. She shouted "One" and a bright red handprint appeared. A new realization suddenly stroked my consciousness. As my hand connected with her ass her body lurched forward and then settled back. With that reaction my cock was being stroked along her ribcage. How good was this going to get? My psyche and my cock were being stimulated in a way I'd never dreamed of. I wondered if I'd actually be able to get off and was almost lost in that thought when my brained screamed out "Get a hold of yourself. You have work to do. Get back to it."

The next nine slaps fell in quick sequence, alternating cheeks and allowing only enough time for her to shout her count. I'd turned her ass a bright red and she was beginning to whimper from the pain. I started to realize my hand was getting a bit sore as well but I was on a mission. Tears or blood were required and since my hand was not going to be enough to draw blood I was either going to have to choose a different weapon or find some tears.

"Jan, look at me"

She raised her head, turned her face up and fixed her eyes on mine. Her face was almost as crimson as her ass and her eyes were just starting to water. So, that was it. It would be tears this time. Maybe next time I'd go for blood.

"Jan, that's just a taste. You have ten more coming. Don't loose the count now or we go right back to one. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master", and the first tear rolled down her cheek.

The next ten were fast and twice as furious as the first ten. She almost lost the count at 15. She was seriously crying by that time. I'm glad she held though since I don't think my hand would have held out if we had to go back to the start. When I delivered the twentieth I punctuated the lesson by throwing her to the floor where she immediately curled up into a fetal ball and just cried. Her ass was deep red. I hadn't left a single inch untouched, and the stress of it all had spread that beautiful color up her back and neck. Her face was streaked with tears and her whole body shuddered as she cried.

I was looking down on this beautiful scene when suddenly I realized two extraordinary facts. First I had a boner that could have cut diamonds. I thought I was as hard as I could get when I fucked her, but this was beyond hard. I was a marble pillar any Roman architect would have been proud of. But that was the least of the two facts. My leg, where Jan's cunt had rested, was wet. She got off on being abused. Did she actually enjoy the pain or was it the act of submitting so completely that got her juices flowing? Who the fuck cared. I needed to fuck her now and her ass, that ass I just abused so intensely, was my target.

"Jan, get on your knees now. Bend over, reach back, and spread your cheeks."

She didn't utter a word nor did she stop crying. She just responded and in no time at all I was buried in her ass. I guess I must have used a bit of spit on her ass and / or my cock but to be honest, I have no conscious memory of how I got in so quickly. Maybe I went in dry.

Between the tightness of her rectum suddenly enveloping my rod and the heat her ass was radiating as the result of her recent punishment, I lost it. I began pounding her relentlessly until I exploded.

I can't even say for sure if she came, if she screamed when I drove into her or how long she continued to cry. My world was narrowed so completely that my whole reality was focused on my cock slamming into her ass like the pistons on a speeding steam locomotive. The only thing I know for sure is she had stopped crying by the time I collapsed on top of her. She was unconscious and I was exhausted. I have no idea how long we stayed like that either. I was brought back to the real world as she started to stir below me.

My cock had gone soft but was still buried in her ass. I drew it out slowly and a string of cum followed and fell over her pussy. I must have unloaded buckets of cum up that sweet ass as it continued to ooze out in a small river, collecting in pear sized drops around her clit, where they gently fell to the floor to create a spreading stain on the carpet. What a sight.

That's was when I realized how hooked I truly was. I was her Master. She was my Slave. And, I was going to have more. Fernanda was going to be next and Emily was definitely going to join the stable. Hypnotism was a game before; something that would be fun to play with. But then, life can play funny tricks on you. Games become callings and your whole world takes on a new shape. Attitudes change and life finds a new path for you to follow. I'd found my path and I was determined to follow it with passion. I was at peace with myself for the first time in my life. It was time to plan my next conquest.

"Jan, get your ass in the shower and then go get some sleep. I'll let you know when I need you."

She rose slowly from the floor, turned to face me and with an equal measure of peace radiating from her smile she said, "Yes Master" and was off to do as directed.

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