tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 5

A World Of My Own Ch. 5


Here's the next installment. I'm guessing this could be several more chapters if folks continue to enjoy the story. Let me know what you think.

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Chapter 5: Fernanda Joins The Fold

After Jan left the room I found my way into the shower and realized I didn't have enough strength left to stand there under the spray. So, I got the whirlpool started and spent the next hour lounging in the hot pulsing water. My thoughts were streaming through my consciousness as quickly as the water passing through the jets, taking random turns from what I did to Jan and what I was going to do with Fernanda and Emily.

I ate in my room that night and began to formulate a plan that went well beyond even these conquests. I wanted a stable full of fine fillies. The only questions were how many and how was I going to deal with my parents as my activities become increasingly obvious. The first question was unanswerable except to say, as many as I had the opportunity to convert. I had no doubt I could create opportunities, as I desired, so the number would likely eclipse the largest harems of ancient Egypt.

That left the issue of my parents to deal with and that was just too big an issue to get my head around in my diminished state. I needed some sleep. I would work on Fernanda tomorrow and maybe Emily over the weekend. For now, that was enough to keep me focused.

Before sleep consumed me I needed to do a bit more research in preparation for Fernanda. I had her intimidated and that was certainly going to be enough to get her naked and fucked in every orifice. I didn't think that was going to be enough to create my next slave. For that I need to hypnotize her but I also didn't think the intimidation she felt was going to be conducive to getting her under. I was going to need something else, something that would allow me access to her subconscious before she realized what was happening.

It was then that I remembered something I had read about delving into the subconscious during sleep. A sleeping person can be programmed with repeated messages delivered by voice. I doesn't have to be a live voice. A recording will work just as well. That was worth a try but how was I going to deliver my message? That's when it dawned on me. Every room in the servant's quarters was linked to an intercom system. We could page any member of the staff by dialing their room and issuing our requirements over the speaker. If Fernanda were in the right room that speaker would be in the perfect location: on the nightstand right next to her bed.

I called down and paged her and luck was with me. She was in the right room. I reminded her about our morning appointment and wished her a good night. Now all I needed to do was decide what the message should contain. The basics were obvious but this was going to need some measure of subtlety. I spent the next hour writing and rewriting what proved to be a very simple message. It started out like this:

"Fernanda, you need to give yourself to Jimmy. He is more important than the air you breathe. You must have him as your Master. You must make him want you. Nothing is more important than to give yourself to him and have him accept you."

What I finally settled on was this:

"I need Jimmy so badly. I can't wait to taste his cock and feel him deep inside me. I wish he would take me and make me his. I want to be his slave. I want to be his. I need him to be my Master"

My plan was to start plying this little message at 1:00 AM and continue it until 7:00 AM. That way I was reasonably sure she would be deeply asleep when it started. I added one more message "Sleep", which repeated after each loop in the message. I didn't want her to wake before the tape stopped. Now I was ready.

I slept soundly for the next several hours, waking only when the alarm started chirping. It was a bit before 1:00 and just about time to get things rolling. I did one more quick scan of the chapter describing how this was supposed to work and with just a little foreboding, I set things in motion. I opened the intercom to Fernanda's room and listened for a few minutes to insure she was asleep. I almost nodded off myself as I sat listening to the soft purring sound she was making. She was definitely ready. I started the tape and continued to listen for the first several repeats and then headed back to bed. There was nothing more I could do but wait and see if there was a reaction in the morning.

My dreams were filled with the wildest scenes I'd ever imagined. I was suddenly in a dungeon, replete with every form of device necessary to bind and punish a person. There was a whole wall dedicated to whips, straps, belts and canes that would have made the strongest person weak in the knees with either fear or desire. On the opposite wall there was an array of dildos, vibrators, gags and butt plugs. In the middle of all of this were a number of contraptions that were clearly meant to secure a person. There were bars with chains and straps, a table that looked like it was designed for a cross between a pathologist and a gynecologist, and a set of stocks that could hold a person's head and arms securely.

I roamed through this dream room examining its contents and also found a number of machines that I couldn't quite place. One of those was probably designed to deliver electric shocks as if to restart a heart but I guessed that was not the purpose it was used for here. The other seemed a bit more high tech, with a number of leads, each with an alligator clip at the end. I guessed the clips were meant to allow you to attach the leads to various body parts. What I wasn't sure about is what would happen once the attachments were made and the machine was started. I do remember thinking I was definitely going to find out.

The other thing I remember thinking, even while in the dream, is that this was the most vivid dream I ever had. The level of detail, right down to the mixed smells of mildew, sweat, piss and shit were almost overwhelming. I could see the moss growing on the walls and I could feel the dampness in the air. I'd clearly touched something in my subconscious that was finding its way to the surface and it was undoubtedly going to change me. The art of this was going to be controlling the change and not allowing myself to be consumed by it.

I had set the alarm for 7 and woke feeling more alive than ever. I was ready to conquer the world; one person at a time, and Fernanda was due at 8. I quickly cleaned up the tape equipment, books and paper from the night before and caught a quick shower and shave. I thought about wearing just my bathrobe so I could get naked instantly but then I though not. I wanted to make this difficult for my next slave. I wanted her to work for her prize. Wow, I wonder if my programming worked?

I threw on a pair of jeans and a plain white tee shirt and settled in to read the morning paper James always had waiting outside my door. God, I hope this works…

Fernanda must have been waiting for at least a few seconds outside my door because her knock came exactly on the hour. That was no accident and I took it as a good sign. I barked out "Enter" and in she came with my breakfast tray. She was looking down at her feet and from the gentle rattle of the coffee cup on the tray I could tell she was clearly nervous.

"Good morning Sir", came out as just slightly more than a whisper.

"Good morning Fernanda. Put the tray on the table and come stand here in front of me."

A quick look at the tray as she put it down revealed the usual; some toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, tomato juice and a large pot of coffee. A quick look at Fernanda revealed a bit more. She was in a maid's uniform that was typical of every other one you've ever seen; black skirt, white button down blouse with lace trim at the collar and cuffs, and a white apron. What was different here was she had turned the skirt up at the waist so the length was now just covering the lower curve of her ass. The lace top of her stockings was clearly visible and with the top buttons of her blouse opened it was pretty clear her bra matched the stockings. I figured it was a safe bet the panties matched as well. She tied her hair back in a ponytail that fell down the middle of her back almost reaching her waist. Her makeup was just about perfect; not too light, not to heavy and the color and application of the lipstick was a perfect billboard that screamed, "Blow Jobs Here".

She stood before me without saying a word. As I looked closely I could still detect a slight tremble in her fingers and her breathing seems just a bit unsteady. So far, so good. Now it was time to find out if my programming had worked.

"Fernanda, why are you here?"

She finally looked me in the eye and said, "I'm here because you told me to be here."

"Is this the way I told you to dress?"

She flinched a bit. It was clear that she thought she had done well with this outfit and now she suddenly wondered.

"You said I should dress sexy but not too much so my mom got suspicious. Did I do Ok?"

"Did your mom see the length of your skirt or the open buttons?"

'NO! No. I did that when I was outside your door, just before I knocked. No one else saw me like this.

That was exactly what I thought had happened and then I though it might be nice to install a few cameras so I could see more of what happened outside my door. It might have been fun to watch Fernanda prepare herself.

"Are your underwear a matched set?"

"Yes" and a bit of a shy little smile creased the corners of her mouth.

"Are they new or did your have them already?" I was wondering just how much she may have done to prepare for today.

"I had them. My boyfriend Jeff bought them for me but this is the first time I've had them on."

"Lift your skirt a bit so I can see your panties." They were definitely a matched set.

"Turn; let me see your ass." They were thong cut and her ass was perfect. Perfectly round, perfectly firm, perfectly unblemished, and perfectly fuckable.

"Ok Fern, you can turn back. Oh, and you can let your skirt down. Tell, me, what do your friends call you?" I guessed it probably wasn't "Fernanda" and I really didn't like "Fern".

"Most of my friends call me Nan. A few call me "Fern" but I don't really like that."

"Well, we will have to see before the day is out what pet name I might give you. Did you shave your pussy?"

"No sir. You said you wanted to do that." There was and undertone to the response that suggested she was kind of excited by the idea.

"Good. You're following instructions very well so far. Let's see if you can keep it up. Now just so we're clear, I'm going to fuck your mouth, slam your pussy and bang your ass and if I have any energy left I may just repeat the whole thing. You have no choice in any of this but I will allow you to decide what order you want the first round to take. So, what will it be?"

A perplexed look wash over her face and it seemed she was debating the order. At least that's what I thought until she responded.

"Any order that pleases you will be Ok. I just want you to be satisfied."

Well, maybe the programming had some effect. She was certainly sounding appropriately subservient. I let her stand before me and contemplate what was about to happened and started in on my breakfast. I had the feeling I was going to need the energy.

She stood perfectly silent, her fingers fidgeting just a bit to reveal her nervousness. It was then that I noticed her scent. It was that musky scent that's unique to a woman in heat. She had to be wet. I also noticed her nipples. They weren't erect when she walked in but they certainly were now. Two distinct points were pushing their way through her bra and shirt and it definitely wasn't because she was cold. That too was obvious since a thin sheen of sweat began to shimmer across her forehead. She was ready and so was I.

I stood before her and stared into her pale green eyes. She really was beautiful. Her skin was permanently tanned to a perfect shade of lightly toasted almonds and there wasn't a single blemish to mar the effect. Her nose was perfectly set, with just a slight turn up at the tip. And, her mouth was the perfect finishing touch. Her full lips formed a natural "O" that clearly begged for a cock to compliment their shape.

"Nan, look at me and don't take your eyes off mine."

Her eyes slowly met mine and at that moment I grabbed her blouse and tore. Buttons went flying in either direction and a gasp shot from her mouth with almost as much force. Without loosing a beat I yanked the blouse down over her shoulder, trapping her at the wrists, as the sleeves were still buttoned and didn't leave enough room for her hands to escape. Goosebumps rose on her arms as I reached behind, grabbed the bra strap at either side of the clasp and tore it apart. This was the last time she was going to be wearing this bra. I pulled it down to reveal her tits and let it settle at her wrists as well. It wasn't a particularly tight bind but her hands were pretty much fixed at her sides.

Her tits were firm and round with quarter-sized areolas that were a deep chocolate brown. An inverted "V" marked the lines of her bathing suit top but the skin beneath was only a slightly lighter shade. Each tit was topped with nipples that were standing straight out about a quarter inch, each with the slightest pucker right at the center of the tip. I took each between a thumb and forefinger and tweaked them hard. I wanted to see if they would get firmer and longer. Nan squealed just a bit at the abuse but held her gaze perfectly and her nipples did in fact respond by growing just shy of a half inch.

I grabbed her ponytail and yanked her down to her knees. Her eyes remained fixed on mine. With my free hand, I got my pants open and pulled down enough to release my throbbing cock. It hit her in the forehead and her gaze remained fixed. I grabbed my cock, pointed it at her mouth and use my grip on her hair to pull her to me. As my cock met her lips they parted and I was in. Her eyes never moved from mine.

Now that I was planted in her mouth I released the hold on my cock, grabbed her head with both hands and pressed forward until I hit the back of her throat. She squinted a bit but held her eyes on mine. I still had a couple of inches to go so I pulled back and slammed forward again. I was opening her throat now and her eyes widen with surprise but they held their gaze. I repeated the assault three more time until I was finally planted in her throat and her gaze was finally broken. Her eyes shot closed and she began to gag on my intruder. It felt great. As I pulled out she gasped for air and re-fixed her gaze and at that second I drove back in to repeat the process. I started to develop a rhythm and before too long I was fucking the hell out of her delicious mouth.

I was loosing it. This was too good and I didn't want to blow this first load before I had her naked so I pulled out, grabbed her hair again and pulled her back to her feet. With the same fluid motion I swung her around, grabbed the back of her blouse and tore it off her arms. She screamed out and I realized the watch she had on her left wrist had caught and tore her skin. A small trickle of blood peaked out from below the band. I wasn't fazed. The bra fell away with the ruined blouse as I grabbed the back of her skirt and tore it open to her waist and in an instant I had a hold of her panties and was yanking to tear them free.

The panties gave way at the waistband, first the right side and then the left leaving her with the tattered remains of her skirt and her stockings. I was a little disappointed actually. The stockings were held up with a bit of elastic at the tops rather than a garter belt, but what the hell. It was still a great image. I tore the remainder of her skirt away, pushed the breakfast tray out of the way and bent her over the table. I took position behind her, guided my cock to her opening and slammed it deep into her dripping pussy. That's right, she was dripping wet and the animalistic moan that escaped her lips left no doubt that she was getting off on this.

I just started pounding her relentlessly. There would be no stopping this juggernaut now. I pounded, her hips slammed into the table and she moaned. I pounded, her hips slammed into the table and she cried out. I pounded, her hips slammed into the table and she screamed "Ah Yes". I pounded, her hips slammed into the table and she screamed "Ah yes, fuck me". We had achieved synchronicity. Every time I pounded home she begged to be fuck and before long she was exploding. She came in waves that wracked her body relentlessly and with each wave she screamed, "Yes, God yes". It was then I realized I was getting soaked. She actually squirted and her juices were flowing down my legs I had heard about women that squirt but until now I though it was only a myth. The river flowing down my legs proved it was no myth and I was about ready to add my own contribution, but not just yet.

As I was pre-living this moment the night before, I decided the first load need to wash over her face. I gave her a second to settle down. Really, I was giving myself a moment to regain some control. I pulled out, used her hair again to guide her back to her knees and jammed my cock back into her throat. It only took a handful of strokes before I was ready so I pulled out, grabbed my cock and hit her with the first shot square in the nose. My cum ribboned up across her forehead and created a series of beads in her hair. The second and third shots caught her right eye and the last full shot found her opened mouth and chin. I dribbled the last bits onto her tongue and then used my cock spread that beautiful mess all over her face. By the time I was done there wasn't an inch of skin without a coating a fresh cum.

She looked fantastic and, much to my surprise, my erection was holding. I wanted more of that wonderfully tight cunt and I wanted it now. So, in one fluid motion I knelt if front of her, pushed her down on her back and as she fell backward I grabbed each leg behind the knee and pinned them to her shoulders. My cock had a mind of its own and found her cunt with no help required. Once the head of my cock was set in that tight hole I slammed forward and buried myself inside her and that's when the animal in me was release.

I grabbed a tit in each fist and started slamming her and I didn't stop until I exploded deep inside her womb. I didn't stop when she had her first orgasm nor did I stop when she had the second and third. She may have had more but by then I was absolutely lost in my own needs and just kept going. When I finally came her face had gone deep red, her back was arched and locked and she was gasping for air as if I had been strangling her.

I finally let go of those fine legs and collapsed on top of her. It still took a bit before she caught her breath and she started to whisper in my ear.

"God that was great. Amazing. I never came like that, ever. I didn't know I could cum like that. Every time I felt your cock press into my womb another flood raced through me. I thought I was going to die. And, when I felt your cum I exploded all over again. Your amazing."

I just listen and soaked in the praise. Actually, I never knew I could be that good. I released a whole new man I hardly knew and I think I liked him. I also realized that I was far from exhausted. Unlike the previous day with Jan, I still felt strong. Maybe now was the time to take her virgin ass but first I had promised her a shave.

I was about to tell her that when she asked if she could go pee. It seemed the perfect lead-in to the next phase.

"I need to go too. Let's go." I pulled out of her, got to my feet and guided her by her hair. I lead her to the bathroom and told her to go ahead and pee first. She blushed a bit but did as instructed and sat on the bowl. I heard the first tinkle of piss hitting the water and decided I didn't want to wait for her to finish.

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