tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 6

A World Of My Own Ch. 6


Here's the next installment. As always, your thoughts on this writing are eagerly awaited.

* * * * *

I woke the next day full of anticipation. This was developing so fast it had my head spinning with the possibilities. I was collecting lives and the shear power that implied was the best aphrodisiac I could have imagined. It was time to take this to the next level. It was time to convert Emily into the sex slave I always wanted her to be.

I called her early, wanting to catch her before she left for school. She was attending Washington State University, studying architecture and was really pretty serious about the whole thing. She never missed a class and quite often would remain late at the lab or the library trying to reach beyond course work. She just wasn't satisfied with what she perceived as a limited program that was designed to meet the abilities of the average student. Emily wanted nothing to do with being average. She needed more. She needed to be challenged. I was about to challenge her in ways she never imagined.

"Good morning baby. How are you?" I was light and cheery, providing no hint of what I was planning.

"Hi Jimmy, where've you been? I missed you." She was obviously in a good mood, sounding about as cheery as I was.

"I've actually been really busy this past week. I can't wait tell you all about it. Actually, I had a real breakthrough. What are you doing this weekend?"

"Actually, I was planning on sleeping in all weekend. I was hoping to do it with you. What do you say? Sound good?"

I wasn't planning on any of us getting much sleep but she wasn't too far off the mark. "That sounds great. What time do you get done today?"

"I should be finished around six. How about I come by there around eight. Oh, and I don't have class Monday so we can have a long weekend."

That was great news. "I'll see you then. Save your energy. I intend to wear you out before the weekend's out." "I'll be ready. Love you. Bye."

Perfect, with three whole days to work with the Emily that returned to school was going to be very different from the one that was going to class today.

I had big plans for Emily's initiation and a lot work to do to prepare, but first I needed some relief. Just thinking about what I was going to put her through had me hard as a rock. I need to fuck someone and Jan was closest.

I burst into her room and headed straight for her bedroom. She was still sleeping soundly, curled in a cute little ball and purring slightly with each exhale. Without so much as a sound I tore the covers off her. She was wearing a loose fitting set of pajamas with a button-down top and baggy pants that had a drawstring at the waist. The sudden rush of cool air started her stirring just a bit but before she could realize what was happening I grabbed the waistband of her pants, yanked once to break the drawstring and then ripped them down and off. Now she was awake and, still trying to focus on what was happening, her eyes reflected absolute terror. I didn't miss a beat. As I tore her pants from her I twisted her so she was now on her back. As the first words started to form on her lips I grabbed her shirt, tore it opened and bit down on her left nipple. She screamed with the sudden pain and tried to squirm out from under me but there was no way she was getting free. With a lightening quick move I was biting down on her right nipple and another scream gushed from her throat.

As I released that nipple I grabbed her by the throat, brought my mouth to her ear and growled, "Shut the fuck up and spread you legs slave." Her reaction was almost reflexive as she spread herself wide. "Now, reach down and spread that cunt open for me." Again, an instant response and like it was on autopilot, my cock found her hole and pounded home.

I think she screamed again but my hold on her throat cut off most of the sound. I know she was dry so I figure it must have hurt pretty badly. It didn't matter. I increased the pressure on her throat and began a sledgehammer drive toward climax. The pressure on her throat wasn't really a conscious action until I realized she was turning red and her tongue was hanging out. I was strangling her and it excited me even more.

I had to get a hold of myself. I really didn't want to kill her and even if I did this was not the right time or place to have to be dealing with a corpse. I eased off and let her catch her breath. Again, I growled in her ear, "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. Just go with it." I close my grip once again and continued to pound away.

Now she was starting to get wet and as it seemed she was about to loose consciousness I eased my grip and allowed her to recover only to reapply pressure. Each time she recovered she seemed to build closer to her climax and every time I reapplied the pressure it seemed to drive her back from the precipice. And, all the while I continued to pound away. We cycled through this until the intensity was more than I could handle. I had to cum. There was no holding back any longer. I eased my grip for the last time and drove her over the edge to a screaming orgasm. As she went rigid I exploded deep inside and a whole new wave of orgasm raced through her and she screamed, "Ah fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuuuuck Meeeeee! She passed out and I collapsed on top of her. We were glazed in sweat, her pussy was oozing cum, and I was in hog heaven. And, on top of all that, I had something new to experiment with. Autoerotic asphyxiation was something I remembered seeing somewhere but didn't pay much attention to. I was definitely going to need to learn a bit more after this session.

We recovered after awhile and showered together. I told her a bit about my plans for Emily and told her to get dressed. We were going to the city to pick up a few toys I thought I might want.

I went off to get dressed as well and began to think about how Nan might spend this day and then it occurred to me. She needed to be tested and I had just the test. It wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish but it would probably play a bit of havoc with her conscience.

I found her in the kitchen cleaning some of the pots her mom must have left. When she saw me come in she immediately lit up, took a furtive glance around the room to be sure we were alone and greeted me with, "Good Morning Master, how can I serve you?"

That was an interesting question… How could she serve me? I wondered quickly if I could get her to drop to her knees and blow me but that was too easy. Of course she would. It would have been just as easy to bend her over the sink and fuck her. While an enticing thought, I didn't have time for that. What I decided on was this…

"Nan, open your pants, slide your hand in, start playing with your pussy and listen to me. I have an assignment for you. You will find three strangers today. You will get each of them off twice. At a minimum, each is to cum in your mouth; you will swallow of course, and they are to fuck your pussy and ass. They can cum in either hole. I don't care. After they are done with you I want you to bring back proof. Get them to give you their underwear and a phone number. You decide where you want to go to find these guys. You can take my van so you'll have somewhere reasonably private to fuck. You have until 5 PM to squeeze the last load from the last guy. If you fail you will be punished. Do you understand?"

She was working her pussy pretty well by now and in a slightly raspy voice she said, "Yes Master, I understand. Can I ask one question?"

"Go ahead." I tried to sound just a bit exasperated but I'm not sure it registered with her. I smelled that musky scent that said she was dripping wet a close to orgasm.

"Must they be strangers Master? Could it be someone I know but have never been with?" I guess she thought it would be a bit easier if she could just track down guys she knew, but that was not the way I wanted this to go.

"Absolutely not. They better be total strangers and believe me, I will check."

A shudder suddenly racked her body and she grabbed the sink counter with her free hand to steady herself. It took a second for her to regain her balance and respond, "I understand Master"

"Good. Then I suggest you get moving. You don't have a lot of time. I'll leave the keys on the entry table. Happy Hunting. By the way, you can stop playing with yourself now", and with that I was gone.

I left the keys for the Van on the hall table and found Jan waiting for me in the den. She looked great. She was wearing a short denim skirt that ended about 6 inches above her knees and a red v-neck sweater that fit tightly over her breasts. She went sans bra. She had her hair pulled back and clipped in place and her makeup was just enough to highlight her beautiful eyes and full mouth.

"Are you wearing panties, Jan?"

"Yes Master."

"Take them off and give them to me. From now on you will go without unless I tell you otherwise."

She reached under her skirt and slid them down without revealing a thing. Once they were at her knees she wiggled a bit so they fell to the floor. She bent demurely to grab them and hand them over. Now we were ready.

The ride to the city was about an hour with most of that on the interstate. For the most part it was a pretty boring ride and since I was a bit worked up from watching Nan finger herself I figured this would be as good a time as any to catch a blowjob.

"Jan, slide over her and suck my cock."

She glanced quickly at the traffic around us but did as she was told. It didn't take her long to get my pants opened and my cock freed and in a flash, she engulfed my length. I guess she figured she would try to get this over with before she put on too much of a show so she started sucking with gusto and that was fine with me. I didn't mind the truckers who could look down into the car and enjoy the show. What I wasn't keen on was a cop spotting us. I let myself go and with Jan's concentrated effort I was shooting in no time at all. She sucked down every drop and when she was satisfied that she caught the last of it she came back up and got me back together.

"Not bad Jan. Tell me, did that get you excited?"

"Yeah, it did. My pussy is kind of tingling." I looked over and noticed a trucker who was obviously keeping pace, probably wondering if there would be any more to the show. I thought I'd be accommodating.

"Why don't you go ahead and get yourself off. Lift you skirt so I can watch."

She immediately realized what I was up to and I think the idea excited her. She raised her ass up and lifted her skirt to her waist. As she settled back down she spread her legs wide and began working her clit. It didn't take long before she had worked a couple of fingers from the other hand deep in her cunt and was pumping ever closer to orgasm.

The trucker seemed to have a good view of the action but I thought a little extra might be appreciated. "Jan, smile for the trucker next to us."

It was a great big smile and she never missed a beat.

"Lift your sweater up and show the nice man what a lovely rack you have."

She obviously hated to break her rhythm but did as she was told and the smile on the truckers face left no doubt that he appreciated her assets. She went right back to work on her pussy and now used a hand to massage her tits and tweak her nipples. She was going to explode soon and I figured that was a really good idea. The trucker was concentrating so completely on Jan's little show I was afraid he was going to run off the road. Just about then Jan fell over the edge.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. Ah fuck, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…"

She convulsed, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her jaw dropped open and she froze as her orgasm consumed her. The convulsion continued to roll through her and as she started to come down I honk at the tracker, waved goodbye and hit the gas. I must admit I was tempted to stop and let him have a bit more direct fun. But, I wasn't confident I could protect Jan if things got out of hand and I did mean to keep my promise to protect my slaves.

Jan eventually got herself back together and not long after that we reached our first destination, an adult novelty shop that would have most of the things on my "must have" list.

The place was your typical porn shop, covered windows, warnings about minors entering and the requisite parking lot at the rear so customers might come and go unseen. A guy, who was probably about my father's age, with a round belly probably resulting from a few too many beers, ran the place. You know the king a belly I mean. The same belly on a woman would indicate at least 7 months into pregnancy. He had a full head of dark hair and sideburns that said he was definitely an Elvis fan who was stuck in the fifties.

The shop was lit by too many harsh fluorescents and lined on three sides with videos. A glass display counter ran the length of the fourth wall and both the wall and the cases were filled with various toys, creams, lubes and the inevitable selection of blow-up dolls. There was a passage way on the back wall, covered by a curtain that led to the video cabinets where guys could go to view videos and beat their meat. As far as I could tell we were the only customers, which made sense since it was still fairly early.

I greeted to shop owner who introduced himself as John. I explained what I needed and began examining the various dildos and vibrators. From these, I selected a few dildos, including one double-ended job, a few different vibrators both designed for penetrating and external stimulation and a couple of strap-ons that were about seven inches long, fat as Jan's wrist, and black as night. I found a set of butt plugs in various sizes and added a few ball gags I thought I might find useful. I also picked up a few tubes of Astro-glide and some flavored massage oils. I rounded out my selections with a cat-o-nine whip, a riding crop, a paddle that looked a bit like a cricket bat and a few pairs of handcuffs.

"Jan, what do you think? Anything I missed?" She studied the wall and showcase and suggested some edible panties and a set of nipple clips.

"I guess these things might give you some pleasure Master." She was flushed and unless I was misreading the signs, she was excited.

John was momentarily stunned. I guess the Master part got his attention. He was in the middle of adding up our purchases and stopped, mid stroke and fixed his gaze on Jan.

"Did I hear that right? Did she just call you Master?" He was talking to me but never looked away from Jan.

"You heard right. This bitch is my slave. I'll let you in on a little secret. She's also my sister."

"Holly shit! I've seen a few subs but never one as good looking as this one. Jeez, you're a lucky fuck."

"John, it has nothing to do with luck and she's just one. Now, what do you say we get this totaled up?"

He reluctantly pulled his gaze from Jan and got back to the calculator.

"It's $ 710." He hesitated a bit and fixed his gaze on Jan once more.

"Maybe we can make a deal here. How about sharing a bit and I'll knock some off the price."

It was Jan's reaction to this proposal that decided it for me. She immediately wrapped her arms around her breasts, a shiver coursed through her, and in the smallest voice she whispered, "Oh god".

"Maybe we can work something out. What exactly did you have in mind?"

He seemed to battle a bit to withdraw his gaze, looked at me and said…

"Does she know how to suck cock?"

"Absolutely! That was the first thing I taught her. In fact, unless you're hung like an elephant, she'll swallow your dick. Isn't that right Cunt?" I grabbed Jan by the chin and forced her to look at the guy who would be fucking before long.

"Yes Master", was all she said and that was all she needed to say.

John piped up once more. "Is she tight?"

"As tight as any pussy you're ever likely to have and her ass is even tighter." Jan groaned at that one. I guess taking it up the ass with a total stranger was not something she was looking forward to.

"Jan, lift your skirt and show the man what I'm offering." She slowly lifted her skirt to her waist. John's mouth dropped open and he slowly licked his lips.

"Spread your legs for the man." She reached down and opened her cunt lips. She was wet.

"Turn around bitch and show him your ass." She did and almost automatically, she spread her cheeks to display her rosebud asshole.

"Jeez… I tell you what, you loan her to me for a while and I'll knock $300 off the price." I'd swear he was panting.

"Jan, cover up. This guy's not serious." She turned and dropped her skirt, smoothing it back in place.

"Wait! Wait, what do you want?"

I fixed my gaze on him and knew I had him. He was flushed, the lump in his pants left no doubt he was hard and he was grabbing the front of the counter with so much force his knuckles were white.

"This is the sweetest piece of ass you're ever likely to have. I'll give you an hour with this bitch to do whatever you want. Blow as many loads as you like, wherever you like and I walk out for free. Take it, or leave it." There was no doubt he was going for this. He just needed one more push.

"By the way, if you hurt her I'll kill you. No permanent damage or you're finished. But, if you treat her right I may just give you a chance with some of my other slaves. You could be swimming in fresh young pussy if you play your cards right. What do you say? Do we have a deal?"

"Anything I want, right?"

"She'll give you whatever you want. Fuck her mouth, her cunt, her ass, cum as often as you want. You have an hour. And remember, treat her right or you'll be getting fucked."

"Ok, you got a deal."

I turned to Jan, "you do whatever he wants. If he isn't completely satisfied you will be the first to taste the sting of the crop. Don't disappoint me."

Jan was apparently resigned to her fate and simply said, "Yes Master. I won't disappoint you."

"Good, I have a few more things to get. I'll be back in an hour, and to John, "Have fun."

I guess Jan thought I'd stay to watch. The idea of being left alone with this stranger sent a new wave of shivers through her. I turned and left and didn't get three steps from the door when I heard the lock turning. I had a moment's doubt about Jan's safety but things had been set in motion now and there was no turning back.

I made stops at a lingerie shop for a few items I thought Emily would look good in and then headed off to a shop that carried leather and vinyl for all the girls. The last stop was a store that sold material where I picked up a few yards of silk cord.

The hour was just about up and I was done with my shopping list so I headed back for Jan. The door was still locked when I arrived so I banged a few times and after a minute or two I heard the keys turning. As I entered Jan was just getting her skirt back in place.

"How was she?"

"Fantastic. You were right. She is the tightest bitch I've ever had. Shit, she got me to cum three times. Fan-fucking-tastic. Give me a minute to get your stuff packed up."

While he busied himself I turned to Jan. She was coated with sweat, her hair was a mess and her makeup, especially around her eyes was smeared and running.

"Are you Ok?"

"Yes Master. I'm fine. Just a little tired."

"Did he hurt you?"

"No Master. Not really. Just a bit when he fucked my ass but I'm fine."

"Good. Go find the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up. I don't want this slobs cum messing up my leather seats." I slapped her ass to send her on her way.

Jan was gone about five minutes and John had just finished getting my things packed up. He thanked me for a great fuck and told me to come back anytime I wanted and we were off.

Back in the car, Jan had slid down in her seat and looked totally exhausted and more than a little embarrassed. If I'd let her be she probably would have fallen asleep but I wanted details. I wanted her to relive every moment.

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