tagMind ControlA World Of My Own Ch. 8

A World Of My Own Ch. 8


Chapter 8: Programming Emily

Emily was always a bit late to everything so when eight o'clock came and went I wasn't surprised. This was one of the things I was going to correct. At twenty after, James called up to announce her arrival and a minute later she was walking through my door and her new life.

As usual, she was looking great. Emily is five-foot six, about 120 pounds, and has a perfectly balanced figure. Everything flows just as it should and she was dressed perfectly to show it all off. Her blouse was a shimmering blend of greens and blues that fit tightly over a decent sized and very well shaped set of tits. The v-neck cut revealed her well-defined cleavage and the way her nipples were poking through the fabric it was fairly clear she wasn't wearing a bra. She wore a short leather skirt of deep blue that set off the blouse perfectly. It was cut high on her thighs so the muscular shape of her legs was plainly displayed. She finished this off with a pair of open-toed sandals, also in deep blue. All in all, a perfectly blended package.

Emily always wore her hair long and, more often than not, she tied it back with a ribbon or clip. Today she left it free and it flowed nicely over her shoulders. It reached just above the curve of her ass and, as usual, it almost glimmered. Her hair was always one of her best assets. I know that's sounds a bit strange for someone I was about to turn into a fuck toy but that hair did more to draw attention that you might think.

She had brought an over-night bag with her that she dropped at the door as she ran over and jumped into my arms. Her scent was light and flowery, kind of like jasmine and as her lips met mine I could feel her heat. Emily was always hot and often arrived ready. Today was no exception. I have no doubt she would have welcomed my lifting her skirt and taking her right there, in the middle of the floor. She would have welcomed it but that's not the way I planned this. In fact, when I was done with her she would be begging for it.

I put on my best "I'm really excited" look and told her I really needed to share some very important breakthroughs with her.

"I really miss you baby. You look great. I want you so bad. But, you have to hear this news first. Come sit with me. I'll tell you all about it." I came off like a kid in a candy store and she obviously sensed my excitement.

With a sly smile she asked, "Are you sure you don't want to help me slip out of these clothes and into bed first? We have all weekend to talk."

I feigned conflict with my self-control and told her we had all weekend to make love. "Let's talk first."

"I Hypnotized Jan this week. I finally found the right formula. It was great. I had her under and in total control. She won't be barging into my room, unannounced, anymore."

"You're kidding? She's not going to interrupt us anymore?" She was skeptical at best. More than a few times, she was forced to go running into the bedroom when Jan interrupted us in the middle of our lovemaking.

"I'm serious. I was able to plant the suggestion that barging in would actually be painful for her." That wasn't too far from the truth. "It's been five days now and not a single interruption."

"I need a few more subjects to test this on but I think I've got it now." There was no doubt I had it. In fact, I was better at this that I ever expected. It was time to set the hook.

"Emily, I need your help. You've always been my best friend and biggest supporter. Let me try taking you under. Then you can see for yourself."

"Jeez Jimmy, I don't know. I mean I love you and would do anything to help you but I kind of feel a bit strange about letting you into my subconscious. I guess I'm a little afraid of what you might try to make me do."

I yanked on the line and the hook was set. "Christ Emily, how could you say that? If you really loved me you'd know I'd never do anything that went against your will. I love you too and would never want to hurt you." She didn't need to know I was going to reprogram her will to my own purposes.

"Jimmy, I'm sorry. I know you love me and wouldn't hurt me. It's just…". She seemed to be fighting with some deep-seated fear of loosing control but after a few seconds she continued.

"You're right. I should trust you and I do love you. I'll do it but please, be careful. I've always thought about what you were doing and I've had this kind of nightmare where you hypnotize me and something goes wrong and when I wake up I'm like a vegetable. I guess it just has me a little freaked."

This revelation actually set my nerves a bit on edge. I really didn't have allot of experience with this and I really wasn't sure if I could do real harm. But, this was no time to turn back. I was on a mission and to hell with the risks. Emily was going to be mine.

I reeled her in. "I promise, I'll be careful. You'll be fine."

Emily seemed to settle down. A smile that started with her eyes and slowing washed over her entire face, replaced the hesitant look she had just a moment ago and she said, "Ok, what do you want me to do."

"Let's get you comfortable first. Slip your shoes off and lay down on the couch." She did as instructed, placing a pillow under her head and stretching her full length as she settled down into the soft leather cushions.

I lit the candle I had set on the bookshelf at the far end of the couch and turned off all the lights in the room. I had already drawn the heavy curtains so the only light was from that single candle.

"Emily, I need you to be totally relaxed. Focus on the candle. Watch the flame dance gently above it. Feel it's gentle warmth as it caresses you with it's light. Breathe deeply and let it out slowly and gently."

I was easing her into this relaxed state with great care and it was an amazing effort in self-control. I was anxious to see her submit, almost to the point where I was at risk of crossing the line. If I moved too fast I would fail and failure was just not an option I was prepared to accept. I let her focus settle on the candle and took that opportunity to regain my own control.

"Now Emily, listen to my voice and stay focused on the candle. I want you to feel your body relaxing. I want you to feel all the tension draining from you. It's starting at your feet and easing slowly up your legs. Your breathing is deep and comforting. Deep, cleansing breaths are helping wash the tension from every muscle. You can feel the tension melting away. Your legs are so relaxed there is no strength left in them. They are becoming one with the couch and it feels wonderful to let them sink in."

A small sigh escaped her lips as the relaxation levels deepened. Getting her under was going to be easier than I expected and that realization gave me a new sense of confidence that helped me regain my composure.

"The tension in your back and stomach are starting to melt away and your arms are feeling very heavy. You have never been so relaxed and the feeling is so comforting you could almost cry."

Her face took on a mask of profound sadness and her lower lip began to quiver just a bit.

"There's no need for tears though. Just give in to the feeling. Let yourself melt into the couch and embrace this total calm. Your eyes are starting to close. It's Ok. Let them close. I want you to keep an image of the candle in your mind and let yourself slide into bliss."

Her eyes fluttered once, then once again and finally closed. I almost envied her total state of relaxation. If not for the light rise and fall of her chest she might have been mistaken for dead. It was time to test this first level of control.

"Emily, you hear me and only me. You need to do exactly what I say. This state of bliss can only last as long as you listen and obey. Do you understand?"

The only muscles that moved were those she needed to say, "I do".

"Good. Now I want you to raise your right hand straight up from the couch and hold it in the air. It will feel light as air so let it go and feel it float up."

There was just the slightest delay before her hand and then the arm began floating up from the couch and didn't stop until she was reaching straight up. It really did seem to float. Her hand, limp at the wrist seemed to draw her arm up from the couch much as a helium balloon draws the attached ribbon behind it. Her elbow was eventually drawn straight and her hand soon followed so she was reaching up to the ceiling.

"Emily, can you feel your arm floating above you?"

"Yes I can but it's so strange. It feels like someone is holding it up for me. I mean, I don't feel anyone touching me but I don't seem to be holding it up either."

"Good Emily, you're doing great. Let your arm settle back down now. Let it sink back into the couch. Feel the soothing warmth as the blood flows back through to your fingertips."

Once again, she did as instructed and another slight sigh escaped from her lips.

"Emily, I'm going to help you relax even more. I'm going to help you sink even further into this blissful state. Would you like to feel yourself enveloped and drawn even deeper into this world of total calm?"

She didn't hesitate for as much as a heartbeat. It was almost like an addict being offered another fix of their favorite drug.

"God yes. I love this feeling. Please help me feel more."

"Your clothes are restricting you. They are blocking all the positive energy that could be flowing into you. The only way you can feel a higher level of bliss it to slip out of them."

This was the first real test. Emily was always a little bit shy about being naked in front of me, which always seemed very strange. She could lay naked with me and make love but before and after she was always looking for ways to cover up.

"I want you to get up slowly and slip everything off. Take your time and enjoy the new flows of energy that find your skin as each piece of clothing removed exposes you to their pleasurable force."

She passed the test, or should I say, I passed the test. She rose slowly from the couch and stood before me with ease. Her fingers immediately began opening the buttons of her blouse and as the last button was opened and she began sliding it off her shoulders another sign escaped. She was feeling the energy as I had suggested. As the blouse hit the floor she reached behind and released the button and zipper of her skirt. It fit tightly around her hip so it took a bit of wiggling before it too slid to the floor.

She was wearing a pair of simple white cotton panties with a bit of lace trim at the waist and a small red heart embroidered just above her slit. I recognized them and reminded myself that one of the things I was going to need to change in her was her choice of underwear. These were not bad but they covered too much of her ass. They would have to go.

She hooked her fingers at the waist and slid them down to join the rest of the pile. Here was this previously shy girl standing, stark naked, before me and she wasn't showing the least sign of discomfort. I, on the other hand, was getting a bit uncomfortable as my cock started to swell with this lovely vision.

I straightened myself out and told her to lay down again which she did.

"Now Emily, can you feel the waves of relaxing energy washing over you? Can you feel them caressing your skin? Let them flow into you and take you to the next level. Give yourself over to them."

Once again, she seemed to melt into the couch as a shudder coursed through her. Her breath rushed from her lungs and a contented smile consumed her features.

When she was standing before me in her panties I thought I noticed a wet spot at her crotch. I let her settled into this renewed state and reached for them. My suspicions were confirmed. She was wet and a small patch, about the size of a half-dollar told the truth of it. I knew where to take her next and this next step would be another test of my control.

Emily had always been too shy to touch herself when she was with me. She did admit that she masturbated but no matter how I encouraged her, she would not show me how she did it.

"Emily, I'm going to ask you some questions and you need to answer me truthfully. If you don't you will be drawn from this place and all the pleasure you are feeling now will be lost to you. Think about when you entered my room and tell me truthfully. What did you hope my response would be?"

Her voice was soft and smooth, not the slightest hint of tension.

"I was hoping you would take me in your arms and make love to me right then and there." There was a slight flutter behind her eyelids that suggested she was picturing this happening.

"Were you wet and ready for me?"

She seemed to blush just a bit as she said," Yes I was."

"Emily, are you wet now?"

Her face flushed just a bit more. "I think so. I mean, I have that little tingle down there that normally happens when I'm wet."

"By "down there", do you mean your pussy?"


"Then say it. You can't achieve the total bliss you want so badly if you are going to be shy about your body. Tell me where you are wet."

She hesitated and then seemed to shudder with relief after she said, "My pussy. My pussy is wet and kind of tingly."

That's when I noticed her nipples had come to attention. Actually, of all three girls, she had the best nipples. When erect, they stood proudly about a quarter-inch from her chest and were surrounded by light shaded areolas that weren't much larger than a quarter. I loved sucking and nibbling on those tasty morsels.

"Touch your nipples and tell me how they feel."

My excitement was really building to a head but I still managed to keep my voice level and soothing.

Her hands came up and cupped each breast and then, with each palm, she lightly brushed her nipples. "My nipples are hard and very sensitive. It feels good to touch them. "

"Don't you want to pinch your nipples to make them harder", I asked.

"Yes I do." Her voice was beginning to take on that lusty tone that always let me know she was getting really worked up.

"Then go ahead. The better you make yourself feel the more deeply you will enjoy your new state of relaxation."

That was all the encouragement she needed. She started soft tweaking her nipples and, before long, she was twisting and pulling at them while moaning very slightly with pleasure.

"Emily, your pussy needs your attention. You are dripping wet and I know you need to cum. You know you need to cum. Finger your pussy, make yourself cum and this blissful level will deepen beyond anything you ever imagined."

Like a women possessed, her right hand shot down to her cunt, her finger parted her engorged lips and her first two knuckles were lost in her sopping hole. She shuddered again as she brought her left hand down to find her clit and there was no stopping her now. She pumped first one and then two fingers into here cunt while massaging and pinching her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

That was all she needed and before too long her body stiffened, her breath caught in her throat and a animalistic growl announced her orgasm. It was a strong one that lasted at least a couple of minutes, with continual punctuations of body spasms and then she started to some down.

My suggestion that this would lead to even deeper levels of relaxation seemed to be well planted as I watched her melt more completely into the couch. She breathing started to settle as her hand fell back at her sides. The only sign of her orgasm that remained were her opened legs and dripping pussy. Her legs just seemed to melt where they were and I watched as a trickle of her cum rolled down between her ass cheeks.

It was almost time to begin the real programming. This preliminary stuff, while fun, was just an appetizer. She had passed the first two tests. There was just one more I needed her to pass to erase any doubts about my ability to control her.

Emily had always been pretty good at sucking cock. No great. Just good. She never managed to get my full length in her mouth and she always fought to remain in control. She always swallowed and actually seemed pretty anxious to get the last drop. But, the one time I slipped out a shot a bit on her face she went reeling back exclaiming how gross it was. You can guess where this last test was going.

"Emily, you really looked great playing with yourself. I enjoyed watching you cum. In fact, it got me really excited. Do you want to see how excited I am?"

She rolled her head to me and with a look of pure lust she said, "Yes, absolutely. Please show me how I excited you."

"Before I show you tell me something. Do you want to help me feel the way you feel right now?" "God yes. It's so unbelievable. I feel like I've been wrapped in this incredibly warm and soft blanket and the blanket is making these little tingly sensations that keep messaging every inch of my body. I've never felt anything like it and I've never felt anything as comforting. I really want to share it with you. Honestly, I need to share this with you!"

That last line was delivered with such force I almost lost it. I suspected there was a part of Emily that, once uncovered, would turn this session into a snowball gathering speed. I just didn't expect to see hints of it so soon.

"Emily, I want you mouth. Will you give it to me?" How I managed to keep control is still a mystery to me. I was so hard and my balls were so tight that cumming now this instant was an absolute necessity.

She looked at me curiously at first and then a light seemed to come on somewhere as she realized what I was asking.

"My mouth is yours." A small smile creased the corners of her mouth as she offered herself to me.

"Good. I want you to sit up and put your hands under your ass. Give me control."

Without a word, she assumed the position.

I stepped up to her and finally released my cock from its prison. I was as hard as I was ever going to be. I grabbed the back of her head and guided my cock into her mouth. She took it willingly and as was her style, she immediately started working her tongue around the head. I really wanted to drive right down her throat but I was not going to let myself loose control. Not now, after having come this far.

I fucked her mouth for a while always stopping at the back of her throat and then pulled out and told her to lick my balls. She was always pretty good at this and was even better now. At least she seemed to be. Of course, it could have been my extraordinary state of arousal.

Emily, when I put my cock back in your mouth I want you to relax your throat. I'm going to give you my full length so when you feel me hit the back of your throat I want you to relax your muscles and swallow. It will slide right down and it will make you feel great just knowing how much you are pleasing me.

I didn't give her a chance to respond before I guided my cock back to her silky hot mouth. I grabbed her head with both hands and this time I drove right in. The only thing that stopped me was my balls slapping into her chin.

Her eyes had bugged open at the intrusion but she held steady and I could feel the muscles in her throat working to swallow me down. With a little bit of work she could become the best cocksucker of the group. I pulled back until I had almost exited and then drove back into that sweet throat. I was at the gates to heaven and now I was finally convinced that paradise with Emily would be mine. She would be mine. The world was mine. It's funny how grandiose your thoughts can become with a hot mouth and tight throat wrapped around your dick.

I decided she was ready to be pushed a little further. This time I simply and crudely went right to the point.

"Emily, I want your tongue in my ass." If that didn't get some negative reaction nothing was likely too and it didn't. I pulled back and she immediately bent and twisted to reach my ass. I decided to help her a bit by placing one foot up on the back of the couch and that did it for her. Her tongue found my ass and slid right in. She didn't show the slightest hint of hesitation as she began fucking my asshole with that sweet tongue.

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