A World Without Men, Until Now


"What's your specialty?" I asked.

She said nothing, instead leaned toward me and wrapped her huge tits around my cock. Without touching her tits, she had incredible muscular control, wrapping them around my cock as she slid up and down my body. I could only stare as she moved, her tits wrapped around my tightly around my cock as she milked me into a frenzy.

"I want to taste you!" I said.

She turned around and sat on my face as she devoured my cock, stuffing it entirely into her mouth as the others had.

"Suck me hard." I said, dipping my tongue into her honey-hole.

She tasted like no woman on earth. Her pussy was moist, tasting like mild strawberries. She was delicious! She tasted so good that I'd almost forgotten the great blowjob I was getting. I bucked upward into her mouth, unable to hold back, and broke their rule by exploding into her mouth. I couldn't help it, she practically sucked the semen from my body.

Immediately, she sat upright and leaned forward in a seemingly impossible position as her lips touched her own pussy. Then I figured out what she had done. She held my semen in her mouth, spread her pussy, bent down, and let my cum flow into her vagina, not wanting to waste a drop. Damn, these women were incredible! I may never want to go home!

I felt a slight thud as I was getting dressed again, after already having had+ sex with more women during the past hour then I had in the past year.

"We are home." The soft female voice announced over the intercom system. We had landed on planet Unionite.

I quickly left the room searching for my friend Og, finding her in the main room just as the large door opened. Fresh air rushed in, sweet smelling warm air. I moved toward the entryway, feeling the energy given off by the atmosphere. There must have been a higher oxygen level in the air as it seemed so fresh, fragrant and warm.

The first thing I noticed was the pink hue in the clear sky, dotted by only a few small puffy clouds. I noticed mountains far off in the distance, we appeared to be in a valley. The landscape was somewhat like that of the earth's with trees, hills and mountains. The trees were unlike any species I had ever seen though, they looked a bit like our weeping willows. I was later told that all trees on the planet were fruit baring. I stood in the doorway staring at this strange place, unsure of what kind of life I could have here. Then I noticed people approaching the ship, all females and all beautiful, running like children coming downstairs on Christmas morning. Little did I know that they were excited to see and sample the males from another planet. It had been a while since they had seen or been with a man so they were all eager and horny. That's when I really started to question going back to earth or not. This could be paradise, all the sexy women a man desired, at any time with no restrictions.

"These women may become aggressive, you're free to do as you please but I'd like for you to be my mate," Og said, reaching for my hand as we stood in the doorway together. I was aware she had already claimed me as her own, but as long as she was willing to share me with the other women, this could be just what the doctor ordered.

"You mean I can fuck anyone, but you still want me to be your mate?"


"Sounds great to me. BUT, there's really NO strings attached, I can fuck anyone else, any time?"

"You may. In our culture, sex is purely recreational, or was until we lost our male population."

"Damn, this sounds too good to be true," I said, looking over the crowd forming around the ship.

"Go ahead and mingle, I will introduce you and the other men aboard to our people," Og said.

"Fellow citizens, we have brought fourteen male specimens back from our journey to Earth, a planet much like ours, far away. I think you'll find these men to meet your needs and desires. All I demand is that you treat them with respect, only do as they request and repopulate our great planet. The man next to me is Jacob but prefers to be called Jake. I have claimed him as my mate, with his consent. Any or all of you may sample him sexually but are not to bond with him on a personal basis. You may say a few words if you like Jake."

"Hello ladies, you're all very beautiful and I can't wait to sample as many of you as possible. Let's get this party started!"

"We all have our own pods, or you would call them apartments. You are welcome to accompany any of our ladies home, take your pick!" Og said. "But first I will take you to my pod so you may become familiar with your new home."

Og and I worked our way through the crowd of females gathered to get a glimpse of the few men from earth, finally reaching our mode of transportation. There were no automobiles, trains or airplanes here. I'm not quite sure how the 'tram' we boarded was powered but it was silent and silky smooth. The trip to Og's pod was lightning fast, taking only a few seconds to reach our destination. We actually felt weightless traveling in the small compartment connected to a rail system, each compartment programmed to stop at the destination selected by it's occupants.

The transport stopped abruptly at our location, Og's pod. Og was a high ranking official and was housed in one of the nicer sections of Unionite, perched high on a hill overlooking the valley below. The landscape was beautiful, immaculately maintained with lush vegetation and housing that blended with the surroundings. There was no sign of pollution in any form, everything seemed spotless, quiet and organized.

The front door to Og's pod opened, triggered by an eye sensor, programmed to Og's eyes only. She assured me that she'd also program the sensors to recognize me. The technology was amazing, almost everything was automated. The lights came on automatically as we entered each room. The quarters were small, but cozy and efficient. Og led me directly to her bedroom. A large, round bed rose from the floor as we entered.

"Please make yourself comfortable, I'd like for you to impregnate me if you are willing. It is the correct time of the month for my fertility and I would like to take this opportunity."

"I have a stupid question Og, how long does the pregnancy last with you people?"

"That's a great question. On your planet, your females carry the child for approximately nine months. Our females carry their young for only thirty days, giving birth to fully functional children, averaging fifteen pounds at birth. Unlike your helpless infants, our newborns learn and grow quickly, children can speak and walk at two months of age and there is no potty training as we are naturally clean and quickly learn the basics. Our children excrete bodily fluids and solids in what you would call the bathroom immediately. Our children also grow quickly, reaching sexual maturity and size within the first two years of life."

"How long do you people live and will my life be longer or shorter if I stay?"

"Our lifespan averages 150 of your earth years, never becoming dependent of care until death. We have no health issues at all, no common colds or ailments as your people suffer with. Our medical technology is so advanced that all diseases and ailments are avoided by a series of injections given at birth. We were shocked when this virus began taking the lives of our males, completely eliminating every male on the planet within two weeks. There was nothing we could do to treat the virus."

"So, are the men from earth susceptible to this virus?"

"That's something we don't know yet, but will soon. We're hoping your species will not be affected."

"OK, let's get down to business, I'm horny!" I said as I removed my cloths and jumped onto the bed. "Hey, do you have fresh clothes for me too?"

"Of course, we will honor most of your requests and you will be treated well."

Og stripped naked and crawled toward me, her long tongue already reaching for my swollen cock, wrapping around my shaft as she plunged downward. My entire cock disappeared as her tongue worked it's magic again, almost making me cum instantly.

"I'd like to fuck you this time!" I said, pulling away from Og, flipping her over onto her back.

She wrapped her legs around my torso, guiding my stiff cock toward her pussy. I slid in easily, again feeling like my cock was 'grabbed' by her pussy as her muscles started milking me. I lifted her tit and sucked her nipple, enjoying the sweet nectar oozing from her nipples. This was fantastic, her pussy muscles did all the work and I got a sweet treat while sucking her tits.

"Let me do some of the work, relax," I said, hoping to stall my impending orgasm.

She relaxed her muscles and I began rocking back and forth, sliding my cock in and out slowly while gyrating side to side. I wanted to see how turned she could get. Og stiffened and grunted, a sure sign that I had done something right. Her pussy became very moist as I quickened my pace, now slapping my balls against her pussy with each push forward, her muscles tightened around my shaft. Her breathing quickened, I thought she was hyperventilating but was later told that was one of the effects of a female orgasm with them. As she came, sweet nectar oozed from her nipples, I licked and sucked her tits as she threw her head from side to side, moaning in delight.

I couldn't hold back, erupting time after time into her, feeling the suction her pussy created as it consumed my hot semen, not wasting a drop.

"Arggg, shit, fuck!" I grunted, my cock spurted and jetted a heavy stream with each push.

Og's lips covered my mouth as her long tongue swirled and explored mine, practically going down my throat as I came. I could feel the sticky sweet discharge still leaking from her tits, smearing my chest, creating a suction that seemed to lock us together. As the final surges of cum oozed from my cock, I withdrew and sucked each tit again, loving her flavor.

I rolled off her, totally satisfied yet sure I could go again. I had an unexplainable ability to fuck almost continuously. The drug she had given me was great!

"I have another question Og. How many times a day can I cum using this medication?"

"As many times as you like. One injection will last up to a month and will give you the ability to have an erection whenever you are aroused and you can have an infinite number of orgasms. The medication replenishes semen and sperm count immediately. Our females also excrete a natural lubricant so we are always well lubricated. I encourage you to have as much sex as you can with as many women as possible, we need to repopulate our planet.

"Bring 'em on, I'll fuck as many of your beautiful citizens as I can!"

"I think on earth you may use the term as an orgy or group sex. Would you like for me to arrange multiple women for you at the same time or would you prefer one at a time?"

"I think a dozen or so at a time might be interesting. Do I have the ability to impregnate that many at once?"

"You sure do, and we'll do all the work if you like. You have witnessed our ability to have oral sex and still utilize your sperm too so just tell us what you want. We will do everything to please you. I can bring you a varied selection of women, all having special yet different talents."

"What are we waiting for?" I asked.

"Let's give you a bit of a rest and schedule something for this evening, something of a meet and greet," Og suggested. "You would probably call it a meet and fuck though."

"OK, a good meal wouldn't hurt about now, I've worked up quite an appetite."

"Our foods are quite different then the selection available on you planet but I'll try to find something to please your palette. Why don't we go to the common area and get comfortable and I'll have my staff fix something for you."

"Sounds great, thank you."

Surprisingly, the food was quite good although I have no idea what I ate. The meal consisted of some sort of grain product I guess with desert being a very strange, yet tasty fruit indigenous to their planet. All and all it was OK and filled my stomach. All I could think about was sex though, as her staff was very accommodating by serving me while being nude, at my request. Nudity in their culture was a natural thing, not considered sexual or naughty as in our culture.

After desert I figured why not sample the staff's tits, just to see if they were indeed different tasting as well. They were, both again were very sweet but one was tangy, like a cross between an orange and a lime. My cock was soon hard but I was asked not to fuck the staff by Og so I didn't pursue them, just sat there with my dick standing up straight. I was assured by Og that I would get my fill of sex in a few hours, she had invited a bunch of her friends over who were in hopes of all becoming pregnant.

I felt like a rooster in a hen house as Og's friends arrived, each looking me over as if I were the special of the day, I loved it.

"Ladies, our friend Jacob has asked that you all join him in the resting room, (That's what they called the bedroom) where he would like to have you all at the same time. He has been medicated and should be up for the challenge and I assure you, you will all leave with a smile on your face. If you're fortunate, maybe even with child. ." Og said, then introduced each woman by name.

I couldn't remember all of their names but two in particular stood out. Astasia was much shorter then the rest, actually a little shorter then me, standing at about five feet, ten inches. But, her tits were as large and succulent as the others. Her hair was beautiful, she didn't wear it long and straight like the other women, she tied it back into a braided bun and the color was unlike anything I've ever seen. Nothing on earth is the same color to describe it but I'd say it was a cross between a bright purple, with a hint of green and orange. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she disrobed. She was a perfect specimen.

The other woman who got my attention was Wondrina, she preferred to be called Dina. She was a bit more athletic then the other women, her tits were so round and firm that if she were from our planet, they would have had to have been fake, but they were all natural. Her hair was a brilliant white with natural pink streaks. As she disrobed the first thing I noticed were her huge nipples, they were erect and over an inch long. She was also very flirtatious, flipping her hair behind her ears and staring at my crotch, licking her lips. Dina rolled her nipples between her first finger and thumb of each hand, resulting in them slightly oozing, just enough to glisten.

I practically jumped onto the bed, pulling down my pants and removing my shirt as quickly as I could. I was surprised that the women just stood watching me, without making an advance by joining me. Og nodded her head, giving the signal for the ladies to join me.

I looked directly at Dina, motioning for her to join me, then looked at Astasia and repeated the motion, curling my finger and giving her a wink. Dina slid on top of me, snaking her tongue into my mouth as her hand wrapped around my already erect shaft. Astasia crawled onto the bed, running her long tongue from my toes to by balls as she slithered upward. She wrapped her tongue completely around my balls while Dina continued passionately kissing me, her tongue at times rolling around the back of my throat. I swear she licked and caressed each tooth in my head, then the roof of my mouth, then wrapped around my tongue.

By this time, Astasia had my entire cock in her mouth, halfway down her throat as her tongue wrapped completely around my balls, almost pulling my cock deeper. What an incredible feeling, her tongue seemed to have a life of it's own and she had even better oral skills then the rest. She gobbled my cock down, massaging it and rolling it around inside her mouth while keeping just enough pressure with her lips as she rose and fell.

Dina slid up, giving me a sample of her nipples. She was delicious, one tits had a hint of chocolate, the other a hint of vanilla. I know, you wouldn't believe it unless you were there but it was just perfect.

I paused sucking her tits just enough to say "Hey ladies, there's room for everyone, join us!"

The other eight women crawled onto the bed, each trying to get a piece of the action. I lost track of who was doing what but I had long, wet tongues exploring every part of my body with tits everywhere. I sucked them as they were presented to me, each tasting different then the one before. Three or four of them were taking turns sucking my cock, three or four took turns stuffing their tits in my face and the other few hovered over my face, giving me a tasty sample of their pussies.

"Astasia, fuck me please," I panted, so horny I knew I would cum almost instantly.

She slid down the length of my throbbing cock, her pussy gripping and stroking it with her inner muscles. Damn, these women had talents that nobody would ever believe. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, Astasia's pussy spread and sucked my balls inside, a feeling too good to describe. Her pussy muscles were sliding up and down my cock, begging for my release as her labia caressed my balls, letting one fall out, then the other. Then her pussy sucked them back in.

I was being kissed by one of the women, tits were rubbing against my chest, I finger-fucked a woman on each side of me, two women were snaking their tongues inside Astasia's pussy, tickling and wrapping around my balls.

I lost track of what was going on just as I tensed, ready to explode. Astasia slid off me, another woman shoved my cock deep down her throat, wrapping her long tongue around the shaft as I swelled and erupted like never before. Someone's tongue tickled my ass as I pushed upward, cum seemingly being drained by the suction of the mouth surrounding my pulsating member. Thick streams of cum shot from me like a cannon. I grunted and growled with approval as they knew how to make an orgasm even more intense by applying just the right amount of pressure around my shaft and balls.

I came for what seemed like minutes, I must have cum a quart!

All of the women except the one sucking me joined me on the bed, all sitting upright with legs spread. Then, as I settled back into the bed, completely drained, each woman was awarded by the cock sucker depositing a small amount of my seed into their pussies, not spilling a drop, each hoping to become pregnant.

I lay exhausted, my cock still semi-erect and noticed Og standing over the bed, admiring me.

"Nice job ladies, you may all dress and leave," Og said.

"Can't we keep just one here, maybe Dina, please?" I asked.

"Of course, as you wish. Dina, please stay," Og said.

Dina slid in beside me and cuddled, pressing her big tits against me. I became hard instantly and Dina reached down to fondle it, running her thumb over the head, pre-cum already oozed from the tip. I pulled the sheets up, covering us as the others dressed and left, each thanking me. Thanking me!

Under the sheets, Dina was already slowly and gently stroking my stiff cock. I slithered down, covering myself with the sheets as I made my way down her torso, stopping to suck her delicious tits again. I couldn't get enough, she tasted so good and her nipples were so hard. But, I wanted to sample her pussy and was so glad I did. She tasted like honey, sweet and juicy. Her pussy lips contracted around my tongue, guiding me to just the spot she wanted me to touch.

She tensed and started panting, then clutched my head with both hands, forcing my tongue deep into her as she came. She quivered and shook as she released, letting herself completely go. She soaked my face, I lapped up every drop, making me so horny I almost came again without being touched. As she relaxed, I slid upward hoping for a reward. That's just what I got!

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