tagErotic CouplingsA Writer in Love Ch. 04

A Writer in Love Ch. 04


Hello Readers, I hope you enjoyed the first three chapters as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote or post a comment, I really love seeing feedback of any kind from the readers.

This is a second story arch in the world of Tina and Max. I have skipped ahead in time just a bit, but merely to just get through the "boring day to day life stuff" You got to see how this happy couple meet, now I offer you a chance to see how this budding couple becomes closer even still. One word of caution this chapter will be lite on sex, heavy on details, but I had to set the scene, so to speak..

Special Thank you to Bubba for helping me with this story, and to my loving wife for listening to me bounce ideas (among other things...) off her in the middle of the night...

It's was four in the morning when Tina, quietly stepped into her apartment; her shoulders were sore, her lower back was on fire, and her feet felt numb from working on them for the last ten hours. Giving a small sigh of relief she tossed her coat on the free standing coat rack in the hallway and quietly crept into the living room. Wrinkling up her nose she could smell the kitchen on her shirt, mixed with the pungent aroma of her own sweat from working. Tina quietly made her way into the living room peaking over the couch to see her sleeping lover still dressed in the clothes he was wearing when she left him that afternoon, with his laptop balanced on his chest, humming quietly in the night.

Tina rolled her eyes, taking the laptop and setting it on the dining room table then grabbed a blanket from one of the recliners in the room and tossed it over him. Making her way to the bed room she stripped off her cloths and padded quietly back to the bathroom to shower off the grim from work. Standing under the warm pulsating water from the shower head, Tina let the events of the day play out in her mind, sad that their two month anniversary had turned into a typical day for both of them.

Lately she felt like they have been in a rut. Max got the shock of a life time when he found out a major porn studio was looking to turn one of his books "Love with a Bullet" in a movie. Max had some hesitations about having his book become a typical porn movie, but after meeting with the director and working with the script writer he seemed to relax a bit. Max who had never written a movie script, was asked to assist in making the script as close to the book as possible. Sadly this meant that he was at the beck and call of the movie crew, and was constantly on the phone working out lines of dialog or scenes in the movie.

Max has also been dealing with the stress of trying to finish his most recent book. He doesn't talk much about it, but she can see he has been dealing with a large dose of writers block. Lately he has been getting up in the middle of the night, sitting in front of his laptop for hours, furiously typing away, battling through his insomnia and the story. For the little bits of the story, he has allowed her to read she can't seem to find the familiar spark in his writing.

Tina tried once to ask him why he did not just drop the story and start over. He replied that if he stopped now he would have to show them something else in its place, but he didn't have any other story ideas.

Sadly these were not the only reasons their relationship has become repetitive, her job recently promoted her to a kitchen manager, overseeing the kitchen and the food that goes out. She was excited to get the job, but had no idea the work and long hours involved. This has lead to several evenings when her boss will call and ask her to come in to help cover a difficult night, and she is always working on the weekends.

Tina stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed and clean, brushing her short brown hair from her face; she stood looking into the bathroom mirror searching for answers to her unspoken questions. Toweling off her body she wrapped it around herself and quietly stepped from the bathroom and into the bedroom. Tina wandered over to the dresser pulling open a drawer that was half filled with some of her clothes. Max had insisted that she have a space for some of her clothing and had cleared out one of the drawers in his dresser. Pulling on a pair of plain white cotton panties she walked over to the walk in the closet and took off the towel grabbing her favorite pink button down shirt, which she was constantly borrowing from Max.

Stepping back into the living room she padded over to the couch silently and knelt on the floor next to his head. She loved to watch him sleep, the way his eyes would rock back and fourth under his eyelids. The way the corners of his mouth would twitch into a smile when he was dreaming. Leaning forward she brushed her lips against his and whispered his name watching his mouth twitch again into a smile. Giving a silent sigh of regret she stood back up and snapped off the light in the room as she made her way back to the bedroom to try and get some sleep before the morning light came.

Crawling into his bed she pulled the covers up to her chin, staring out the window across from her struggling to come up with a way to get some time alone with him, to really explorer this relationship. Since life had improved for both of them so quickly they have had little time to be together, and just seem to be existing with each other. If she could just get him on an island, far from phones, computers and their respective jobs, she knew this relationship could grow into something more.

"An island..."she whispered into the darkness, hoping someone, would answer her back. Closing her eyes she could feel the exhaustion of the day wrap around until a curious thought crept into her mind. Smiling she realized she had an "island" she just needed to get him there, as she snuggled down into the blankets her plan slowly fell into place.


"No, you can't do that!" Max angrily yelled into his cell phone, glancing across the dining room table at Tina, who was quietly flipping through a magazine while she munched on her salad. "Why? Because Tom is in love with Jenny, that's why he can't fuck Karen!" Max dropped his head into his right massaging his temples trying to ease the pain of the headache he had. "No, no a blow job is not going to work either!" He growled. "Fine, call me back later!" Max mumbled hanging up the phone and dropping it down on the table. He looked down at his lunch, a simple grilled ham and cheese sandwich, knowing his appetite had disappeared the moment the phone rang.

Max looked back to Tina, this is the first time in two weeks that they were sitting down together to eat a meal, and this was only lunch no less, because Tina was heading into work in an hour. Feeling a pang of guilt watching her quietly eating her salad, thumbing through her magazine trying to remain indifferent to the lack of conversation. Max stretched his hand across the table grabbing her arm, giving it a gentle squeeze to apologize for the phone call, when his phone began to vibrate across the table.

Both of them glanced to the phone but Max was determined to ignore it and finish his meal with her in peace. Tina glanced at him then the phone and pulled her arm from his grasp and snatched up the phone. Rising from the table she click the answer button and placed it to her ear.

"Hello?" Tina asked in an overly sweet voice, one Max knew was what she used when she was annoyed with something or someone. Max could hear a male on the other end talking quickly, he knew the voice and knew it was the movie director Steve, who was probably calling about the scene Max just shot down.

Tina looked down at Max seeing the pained look on his face and the slump of his shoulders, determined to follow through with her plan, she had conjured up a week ago, she set her shoulders and said in a clear yet stern voice. "I am sorry Max can't come to the phone, he is about to go on vacation with me, so I can fuck his brains out. He will call you back when he returns in about a week. Good day sir!"

Max sat back in his chair in disbelief, he knew his mouth was hanging open watching her quickly hang up the phone, flip it over, pry of the back and yanked the battery out. Giving him a smile she replaced the back of the phone and toss it too him which he caught but was still stunned into silence, as she stuffed the battery into the pocket of her blue jean shorts.

Tina grabbed the dishes and walked into the kitchen, tossing the food away and setting the dishes into the sink. She came back into the dining room seeing that Max was staring at her in amazement. "Come on we have an island to get to."


Max sat quietly in the passenger seat of his sliver BMW, he had allowed Tina to drive after she admitted that she gets a bit nervous when she is not in control of the vehicle. He watched the buildings melt away, growing into towering green trees of all makes and sizes as they left the city behind. After her conversation with the director she instructed Max to get the three large luggage bags from under the bed that she had packed the night before while he was at a meeting with the studio. She had been determined to make him leave his laptop behind but after a short argument she gave in, but explained that he was not allowed to look at his laptop for the first two days of their vacation.

They had been riding in silence for the better part of an hour, when Max turned to look at Tina who was humming along to rock song playing on the radio. "Where are we going?" Max asked reaching out to turn down the radio.

Tina glanced over at him, flashing a mischievous smile before shaking her head and reaching to turn the music back up. Max slowly shook his head leaning back into his chair and closed his eyes; he did not realized how tired he was till the gentle motion of the car rocked him to sleep.

Max roused from his sleep when he heard Tina calling his name, and shaking his shoulder. Rubbing his eyes he squirted through the bright sunlight realizing that the car was no longer in motion. Looking around he saw a large brown wooden cabin surrounded by a forest of trees and other greenery laid out before the BMW. Glancing over to Tina he watched her climb out of the car and slowly make her way to the front door of the cabin. "Come on!" She called back stepping onto the wooden deck that ran along the front of the cabin.

Max slowly climbed out of the car, stretching his back and feeling a kink in his neck from sleeping upright in his seat. Max hobbled slowly from the car to the wood cabin feeling a weakness in his knees from the lack of circulation. When he finally made it to the door Tina was practically bouncing up and down urging him on.

"So where the hell are we?" Max replied looking down at his watch seeing that they had been driving for at least three hours.

Tina stepped up to Max, tossing her arms around his neck and pushing her body against his, kissing him lightly on the lips she whispered, "You're now on my island, my love."

Tina pulled away from their embrace giggling excitedly, while turning the key in the lock and throwing open the door. Max sense of smell was assaulted by the smell of mothballs and dust, looking into the gloom he was surprised to see just how open the interior of the cabin was. Tina's fingers laced in between his pulling him into the cabin for the grand tour of her island.

On his left from the doorway was a old tan colored couch, next to a brick fireplace that has seen a lot of use, judging by its soot covered interior. In the corner was a small old TV, which still had a pair of metal rabbit ear antennas on top of it. Next to the couch but facing the fireplace was a faded brown leather recliner that looked very worn but comfortable. Behind the couch were two doors, set into the walls.

On his right he saw a simple round wooden dinning room table with four chairs around it. Beyond that was a small kitchen that looked like it could fit a maximum of two people in it, but was furnished with an electric stove, fridge and sink, with faded brown cabinets hanging over the appliances.

Tina, still holding tightly to his hand leading him over to the master bedroom the door on the far left of the living room, which contained a king sized bed; a small four drawer dresser with a large mirror attached to it, and a small closet big enough to hang the small amount of clothes one would have on a summer vacation. The one thing that really caught his attention was the large pyramid shaped sky lights that were position over the bed. It bathed the bed in the soft glow of the afternoon sun, and Tina explained that at night you could see thousands of stars when you lay on your back and how comforting it was to sleep under those stars every night.

Max chuckled watching her walk over to a small crank set in the wall, she explained that with a couple of turns of the crank you could open the skylight to allow the sounds of the forest or a cool breeze into the room. Max smiled nodding his head, still not sure what to make of this "island."

"Whose place is this Tina?" Max asked following her out of the bedroom.

Tina stopped at the next door just to the right of the master bedroom, "Well, It's my families' cabin." She replied, while opening the door to another smaller bedroom. This one was very simple with a single window on the opposite wall from the door, a smaller dresser, and a single double sized bed. "I called my folks a week ago and found out no one was using the cabin, so they agreed to let me use it if I took some time to clean it up and prepare it for the season."

"Prepare?" Max asked looking around the living room.

"Well the water needs to be turned on, a couple of water pipes need to be hooked back up and we have to switch the electrical breakers back on." She replied with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Also bit of light house work and some yard work."

"Oh is that all?" Max sarcastically answered with a grin.

Tina wrapped her arms around his waist, "Come on, a little hard work never hurt anyone, besides it is a fair deal considering we have the whole place to ourselves," dropping her voice in a sultry whisper to emphasize the last sentence.

"Oh?" Max replied wrapping his arms around her shoulders pulling her closer.

"Max, the nearest neighbor is two miles away, down a dirt road." With her body against his she felt his growing erection pushing against her stomach. "You could walk around completely naked, and no one would know..." she whispered standing up on her tip toes to brush her lips against his.

Max saw her eyes watching him intently feeling his body betraying his own lustful thoughts, his hands slipped down to her hips to pulling her closer but she grabbed her hands in his, wiggling away from him with a giggle gently pulling him along to finish the tour.

Next to the second bedroom was a short hallway that had one closet on the right side next to the bathroom and a door which Tina explained lead out to the backyard. Opening the door to the bathroom, he discovered it was by far the smallest room in the house. It held a single no frills sink and toilet, and in the corner next to the toilet was the water heater for the house.

"There is no shower?" Max asked glancing around the bathroom to see if he missed another door.

"Yeah I know, we normally just wash ourselves in the kitchen sink." Tina replied offhandedly pointing over to the sink.

"Seriously?" Max replied in disbelief, trying to envision him self standing naked at the kitchen, sink with a wash cloth trying to wash his body, or hair.

"No, the shower is out back." She snickered taking his hand and leading him to the back door at the end of the hallway before he could question what she meant by "out back."

Max was stunned into silence when he stepped out the back door onto the wooden deck. It stretched the length of the cabin and extended out about fifteen feet into the back yard. Above him was a wooden awning that connected to the house and hung out to the end of the deck, supported by four large posts with ornately carved images in them. The deck seemed out of place on the older looking house, but Max could tell someone took some care in building it.

Tina explained that her father, her uncle and her grandfather spent a whole summer building the deck, and most of the winter before that carving the faces, and animals into the posts. She explained that each face or animal was a member of her family. Walking over to the wooden post on the far left said she pointed out a small kitten face. "That's me." she said with a sad smile. "My Grandfather, before he passed away, always called me the cutest little kitten in the bunch."

"He was a very wise man." Max whispered wrapping his arms around her waist. Tina leaned back in his arms enjoying the sensation of being in this place with someone she had grown to love so deeply. She could already see and feel the tension leaving his body, this gesture alone told her that he was equally comfortable.

Max took in the rest of the back yard, which honestly was not much. The yard was very small once you looked past the deck and into the tree line of the buzzing forest. His eyes were drawn to a part in the forest, where two single posts stuck in the ground standing wide enough to let someone walk between them. "What is that?" Max asked pointing to the posts.

"Oh! Yeah that is the top of the hand rails that lead down to the lake." She replied, reaching for his arms to wrap them tighter around her body.

Max smiled, enjoying the quiet romantic moment, with the sound of the forest, and the cool breeze, envelope his senses. Leaning down he kissed her tenderly on the neck, letting his hands slip to the waist of her shorts, gently pushed her hips back into his grinding his manhood against tight backside slowly. Tina raised her arms running her fingers through the hair on the back of his neck, feeling his teeth gently nip at the tender flesh of her neck.

Max slipped one hand under her powder blue t-shirt, letting his fingers glide along her taunt stomach till he felt the bottom of her naked breast brush against the top of his thumb. His moan was muffled by her neck, when his hand gently cupped her supple breast, using his thumb and index finger to roll the hard little nub of her nipple. Grinning he shifted his mouth so he could kiss the tip of her earlobe, something he found out one night that drives her crazy. His free hand slipped past the waist band of her shorts, searching for another source to pleasure.

Pushing his hand deeper into her shorts he came to the distinct realization that she was not wearing a stitch of cloth between her jeans and her bare flesh. Sucking on her ear lobe he felt her stance widen slightly allowing him better access to her body. Placing her hands on the post just above the carved image of the cat's smiling face, Tina let out a loud soulful moan of pleasure when his grazed her dripping sex. The loud moan snapped him out of his lustful thoughts, realizing how exposed they are on the back deck, Max quickly pulled his hand back out of her pants and t-shirt, taking a tentative step back.

Tina whirled around with a hurt look on her face, her cheeks were flushed with arousal and she seemed to be trying to slow her rapid breathing. "What? Why did you stop?" She asked leaning back against the post.

"I. I'm sorry. I feel like..." Max whispered leaning back against the cabin wall. Max felt embarrassed, his mind was clear and focused on her till he realized that they were out in the open, then he quickly became subconscious of his actions, leading his mind to become busy with questions, and the over whelming feeling that he was being watched.

Tina pushed off the post walking across the deck to stand in front of him and placing her hand on his right cheek to comfort him. "Max, you have nothing to be sorry for, talk to me please." She replied in a soft pleading voice.

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