tagLoving WivesA Xmas Party Gone Bad.

A Xmas Party Gone Bad.


I have read many stories like the one below on the site. In all but a few of the cases the writer leaves the reader hanging. Also the men in the stories never have to pay the price for their actions and the husband is made to look like a fool. I thought I would set the record straight.

My name is Tom and I guess I'd better tell the story the way it happened. I was on my way back from Europe when a sudden snow storm stranded me in Berlin. The worst thing was that that night was the night of my new wife's Christmas party at her new job. I called her on her cell. She was already at the party waiting for me. She was angry at me. Hey I didn't cause the snow storm. I was going to go to her Christmas party come hell or high water. Just not with a snow storm that grounded planes.

I got home and Jan seemed to be over her mad at me. We fucked like rabbits for two days that she was off work. Jan was my first wife but I was her second. After I learned the truth about her I wondered why she was now on her second marriage. Jan had pulled a gang bang at the party with her boss, Mike Stallings and some others. There was Kevin, who made the tape that came to the apartment when Jan had gone out to do some Xmas shopping while I stayed home and rested from my trip.

I heard the doorbell ring but by the time I got there, there was no one there. There was a video tape on the carpet outside the door. Not having anything better to do I popped the tape in the VCR, and watched as the screen lit up with my wife fucking five guys for the entire run of the tape. The tape ran for two hours, but it was cut and I knew that Jan had been fucked for much longer.

I made a copy of the tape, and went to the door as I saw Jan drive up from the window. I placed the tape on the floor. Jan came in and there was no tape. Later Jan went into her special reading room, where I stayed out of. An hour later she came out. She seemed visibly upset. She told me that a book she had been reading became very sad. She left again and when she came back she was really upset. If I had not known the reason for her upset I would have been very confused by my new wife's actions. It was also during the Christmas holidays when everyone should have been happy.

The next day I went to work and took the afternoon off. I went to see a divorce lawyer. I knew that Jan had fucked the guys because she was angry with me for missing her party. Later that night I went to see a friend. He told me that she would do this to me every time she was angry ,and that I had better cut her loose. Since we had only been married a short time I might be able to get the marriage anuled as if I had never been married.

On my trip I had met a woman and hit it off with her. She was not the trophy wife that Jan was but I had the feeling that she would be faithful to me. I had turned off all feelings of love for Jan. She had cheated with her bosses on me and had done it at a company sponsored party. The lawyer told me that not only could I prove adultery that I had a good case against her new company.

He asked what I wanted him to do and I said that I wanted him to draw up the annulment papers. I then went to Jan's work place. I went into her office and found her sitting on the floor in just her blouse. She was sitting in what looked like a large puddle of cum. She looked up and saw me. I immediately went to the door and asked one of the secretaries to come be a witness for me. I was told that The only people that had been there were Mike Stallings and Kevin. They had fucked her.

Jan began to cry and yelling that she was being blackmailed by her boss and that he she was to be the new company whore. I told her to stop the tears routine. I told her that I had seen the tape first and made a copy. I also told her that I was divorcing her and that she better have another place to sleep because she surly wasn't going to stay at my apartment. I also said that since we had sex after the gang bang that I was going to see a doctor and I was going to report her to the health authorities as a possible STD case.

I had made pictures from the tape and showed them to the secretary. She identified all five men as company managers with Stallings leading the pack as the overall manager. She had been at the company party and left with her husband after she saw Jan going up stairs with Stallings. She said that Jan wasn't drunk or drugged and was laughing as she went. I asked if she would mind telling that in court. She said that she would be more than happy to. She also said that the company had changed when the main office sent Stallings there as manager. He had promoted the most dumb mid managers to places of authority. She would do anything to get at them.

I went down the hall to Stalling's office. he was there with Kevin and they had both taken their pants off and were cleaning the traces of Jan from their cocks and thighs. Jan gets a little wet when she's horny. The secretary went with me. I walked right to the desk and took the paper towels they had been using. They would contain some of Jan's DNA. The secretary put them in a paper bag and said that she hated the sight of blood and would wait for me outside.

Stallings looked at me, partly with amusement and partly with that deer in the headlights look. I hit him in the mouth. During the winter I wore gloves and hadn't bothered to remove them. When I hit him several teeth flew out of his mouth. Kevin started to run but I told him to wait his turn. If her an I would just follow and make his beating a very public one, which I was sure all the emloyees would enjoy. I finished with Stallings. He was a well beaten man and he fell to the floor crying like a baby over his fucked up mouth and teeth. What I did to Kevin was pretty much the same except that I broke his jaw.

I left them there and went outside. The secretary took me around to each of the others offices. I put a lot of hurt on each. Two were in conference with clients. At first the clients were horrified at what I was doing but the secretary told him about everything and the client just watched as the guy began to try and swallow the carpet. By this time the police had been called. The detective that came told me that Jan had come to see him with some rape story. I told him I was in the process of divorcing her. He smiled and told Stallings that since he was on the tape with Jan that his word wouldn't be any good in a trial against me and he saw no reason to file assault charges against me. He also saw no reason to file rape charges against the entire management crew,

The next day I went to Jan's work place again. This time it was to talk to the big boss from Atlanta. He had called me the night before and said that he was flying in to take care of the problem. He called all the men involved in. Mike Stallings looked comical in bandages all over his face. The others looked just as silly. He told Stallings that he was fired and that he would be lucky to get a job washing cars. He had all five men thrown out of the building without a chance to get their personals. Then he began to talk to me. I liked the way he talked. especially when he said words like millions.

I went home later after I had dinner with the entire office staff and their husbands and family. They said that it was the real company Christmas party. The big boss was there also. Jan was not invited. She had been called and told not to return to work as she no longer had a job. She called me later all tearful and crying and tried to tell me that she was drugged. I called her a lying bitch and told her that she was nothing but a spoiled brat who did it all because she was angry at me. I told her that she might be able to get a job at the car wash with Stallings and the others.

Right after the holidays I went back to Europe and looked up Sonja. That was the girl that I should have married instead of Jan. I brought her back as my first wife. the marriage to Jan had been as if it never existed. I had learned that a trophy had to be kept shined and gleaming to be on display. Sonja required no such. A year later she presented me with my first child.

One day I passed Jan in the streets. She came up to me before she recognized and asked me if I wanted a date. I told her that I was faithful to my wife. I told her that she probably didn't understand that.

A Stallings that I found it hard to believe that he was the same man came up and tried to act bad. he asked if I was giving his whore a bad time, then he saw who I was. About then a policeman walked by and I called him over and explained that Jan was a whore and Stallings was her pimp. he arrested them for prostitution. I walked away laughing. I have been laughing quite a bit since I had my wife and a new baby. As I looked back, Jan was being loaded into a black and white with Stallings. I kept smiling. I had good reason to.

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by Anonymous

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by Grimmer06/01/18


Reads like a set of compiled notes.

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by penneydog5503/20/18


Corny as Kansas In August ( South Pacific Movie ) I get the impression that this Story is B.T.B. In your Face take that Bitch! But the last Paragraph "She ended up being a Prostitute" Oh come on ! Don'tmore...

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by Anonymous02/01/18

Kindergarten scribble

This is a 5 - (year old's version of a fairytale) Good god! Should there be a section entitled Masochism for 'writers' who want to demean themselves with such gibberish?

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by Anonymous01/11/18

he was... betrayed!

a fat cock smoked, a cornhole buggered, betrayed!

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by Anonymous01/07/18

fulfilling !

hope there'd be more of this kind of story . . this one gets a 5+ from me

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