tagMatureA Young Man, an Older Woman and Raw Desire

A Young Man, an Older Woman and Raw Desire


What started as a glance turned into an obsession.

You found yourself checking out older women at times but never seriously considered pursuing one. You didn't even really fantasize about MILFs, cougars, etc., at least not very often.

But lately ... your thoughts had become more erotic, more developed, more arousing, more intense.

And I am the object of your desire.

You don't remember the first time you saw me at the gym. You'd been working out there for several years and had seen lots of people come and go, so you figured I was relatively new.

You were instantly attracted to my face and you began trying to figure out my age. It was a guessing game that served as a pleasant diversion as you ran on the treadmill. Was I 40? 45? Older? You thought I could perhaps be as young as 36, which would make for a 12-year difference in our ages. Was it too much? Not enough? Did it matter?

Over the next few weeks you began to look for me. On days I wasn't there you were disappointed. You tried to figure out when I would be there but it seemed my appearances were somewhat random.

After seeing me a few more times you decided I had to be at least 40. And you found yourself looking more frequently at my body. Your girlfriend was petite and you were usually attracted to average or petite girls. But I was different. A fuller figure. Fit but curvy in the stereotypical "right places." Athletic but not an athlete. Large boobs, most likely real as best you could determine. Long dark hair.

You'd also started noticing other things about me, details. Things like the way I wore my hair, the way I smiled and laughed, the way my eyes looked. The way my body moved whether I was exercising or just walking across the room. You began to take note of the clothes I wore when I arrived at the gym and began to get a feeling for my style. You liked that I looked real and natural, that I didn't wear much makeup, that I seemed totally "with it" in so many ways.

Our interactions ... if you could even call them that ... had been limited to the polite hello if we passed one another in the hallway. You wanted more but were unsure of how to proceed. You were normally very comfortable around women your age but this was so different. You wanted to get it right. You wanted to be taken seriously.

You'd seen older men approach me even though I wore a wedding ring. You watched our interactions and wondered what we were saying. Almost always you saw the men walk away with what appeared to be looks of disappointment, as if they had asked me out only to be rejected. You saw me chatting with other women and wondered if perhaps I was gay or bisexual.

The fact that you caught me glancing at you a few times recently only accelerated your desire to meet me. And your fantasies about what might happen if we met became more developed, more erotic and more pornographic.

You wondered what I thought of your body. You were extremely fit and not shy about displaying yourself, often running shirtless on the treadmill. You wondered if I noticed the way your tight shoulders and firm chest looked, the way your torso tapered down to a perfect-size waist.

You sometimes wore shorts that were just a little too snug, hugging your perfect butt cheeks just right and displaying just a hint of your bulge. You wondered if I liked the way you moved. You wondered if I liked the way your skin glistened with sweat. You wondered if I'd thought about you in your compression shorts. You wondered if I'd thought about you naked, wondered about the size of your penis.

Those kinds of thoughts now dominated your mind. Thoughts of me admiring your body, desiring your body, wanting to see you naked. You found yourself becoming aroused more frequently. At work, your mind would wander and you would begin to daydream about me and you would become erect. Although you continued to have sex with your girlfriend you were distracted by thoughts of being with me.

Often you would wake up early and your thoughts would immediately race to me. As your girlfriend slept beside you, you would quietly get out of bed and sneak to the bathroom, your erection bouncing and swaying as you walked. You took to locking the door to the bathroom because you were masturbating in the shower almost every morning to thoughts of me, fantasies about what it would be like to be with me.

Although you still enjoyed intimacy and sex with your girlfriend, the thoughts and visions racing through your mind about me were becoming extremely potent. You loved the feeling of getting hard while thinking of me. You loved that your penis seemed even bigger than usual during those erections.

Some nights when your girlfriend wanted to sleep over you made up an excuse so you could be alone. You spent the entire evening naked, wandering about your house, your body wracked with desire. You stroked yourself but would stop and rest so as not to ejaculate too quickly. You lay alone in the darkness with your thoughts, enjoying your full erection but refraining from touching it.

You imagined me watching you, a voyeur thrilled at the sight of your younger, beautiful, fit and naked body, your thick, hard cock and sizable balls. When you could take it no more you imagined me watching you as you stroked your penis. In your mind you saw my face, my body, my cleavage. As you groaned and sent seemingly endless rockets of cum high into the air you could almost hear me gasp, could almost see my eyes widen at the incredible and beautiful sight of a younger man ejaculating so powerfully and so voluminously.

And the next day when you would see me at the gym you would remember that fantasy, yet you would bury yourself in a very intense workout to fight off the potential of yet another erection.

Your fantasies continued. You envisioned us together on a date, me sitting next to you quite close, the feel of my breasts against your arm. An intimate conversation. Gentle kisses. My hand discreetly on your bulge as I whisper how much I need you and need your cock. How much I want you to fuck me and cum for me.

You fantasized that I had a pool and you wore a very small and very snug swimsuit to display your package for me. Inevitably you became erect and your hard penis almost burst from the swimsuit as you rubbed sunscreen all over my body.

Sometimes you even envisioned yourself fully nude by the pool as I remained in my swimsuit. Sometimes you fantasized about being fully nude whenever you were in my home, being my eye candy, my young plaything, your penis always available for my pleasure.

Perhaps your favorite fantasies were the massages. A candlelit room. Silence. My nude body on the massage table. Your strong hands on me, oiling me. Your slippery fingers sliding between my butt cheeks, gently gliding to the most sensitive places. Helping me roll over and continuing the massage, spending extra time with your hands on my large boobs, playing with my nipples, gently pinching and pulling them. Your fingers slipping into my wetness. Your tongue finding my clit. Perhaps you fucked me on the table. Perhaps doggy, feeling my body willingly accepting your thick penis as you thrust firmly, hearing my groan as I go over the edge. Moments later another groan as you pull your thick hammer out of me and shoot long thick jets of cum all over my back. The sound of your moan as you unleash is sweet music to my ears.

And then it's your turn to be massaged and show me even more of your cum as I use both hands to stroke you to orgasm, the beautiful remnants all over my boobs and hands and other places.

Your fantasies turned more pornographic, if that was possible. Your girlfriend was accepting of the fact that you ejaculate so much and so forcefully but she did not truly appreciate it in the way you hoped she would. When you fantasized about me you saw no limits, envisioning that I wanted to experience your gifts, feel your cum on my body and my face and in my hair, open my mouth for you as you unleashed. Sometimes you would just lay alone in the darkness and fantasize about me going down on you, how because of my age I was probably quite experience and skilled, how I probably would be filled with desire to fellate a young cock that was seemingly always erect, always ready, and had an endless supply of cum.

It was that fantasy that made you experience an orgasm like none you'd ever experienced. You refrained from touching yourself, letting your mind do all the work. Yet your body reacted. You gripped the sides of the mattress tight and groaned loudly as you ejaculated, cum spurting into the air and down the sides of your towering shaft.

Weeks had passed. You noticed my more frequent glances toward you, yet you were still wrestling with a roller-coaster of emotions ... confident one day, unsure the next. There was even fear that your girlfriend was beginning to wonder about the state of your relationship as your desire to be intimate with her had waned sharply.

And then, finally, the perfect storm.

You stood near me as I finished up on a treadmill. You offered your hand as I stepped down. You could see the surprise, the excitement in my eyes. And for the first time you noticed I no longer wore a wedding ring. You were polite and introduced yourself and held out your hand again. I shook it, looked into your eyes and told you my name. Warmth and excitement flooded your body as you stepped onto the treadmill. Your mind raced with what to do next.

After your workout you looked around as you headed to the locker room. Your heart sank when you didn't see me. Still, you were beyond excited by the day's developments, meeting me, holding my hand for a moment, looking into one another's eyes for a moment. You felt so much arousal. Fortunately one of the private showers was open. As you pulled the curtain closed and felt the warm water on your body your penis immediately grew to full erection, jutting up magnificently. You fought the urge to masturbate and eventually turned up the cold water.

After getting dressed you slung your bag over your shoulder and walked out. Your heart skipped a beat when you reached the lobby and you saw me talking to the woman who runs the yoga classes. I looked up, noticed you and smiled as you approached. You smiled back and waved as you passed by. You thought about stopping but kept walking. Outside you were just about to open your car door when you heard me call your name. You turned and saw me walking toward you. Again, your heart skipped a beat and your mind erupted, yet you tried to play it cool.

We chatted a bit and you began to feel more comfortable. You instantly loved the sound of my voice and my personality, things you had also fantasized about but were now revealing themselves to you for real.

As the conversation began to wind down I paused and asked if you had plans for the next night, if you would like to go out. I could see in your eyes you were surprised. I clarified that it could be a date or we could just hang out, that there really wasn't any need to put a label on it. I said I hadn't done anything fun in a while and just thought you might be interested.

You paused. You felt like your dreams and fantasies were about to come true, yet you also wanted to be honest and true to yourself. You confessed that you had a girlfriend. It didn't faze me. I said you could bring her along. You laughed and said that probably wouldn't work. I smiled and said that's OK, but if you changed your mind I would promise to keep it our little secret. You felt your heart wanting to leap out of your chest as I wrote down my number and handed it to you. We shook hands again and wished each other a good night.

In the car you were on fire, still a little sweaty from the workout but also fully aroused at what just happened. You drove about a mile and pulled over, unzipped your pants and pulled out your penis. You drove the rest of the way home fully erect.

For the rest of the night you wrestled with thoughts of what to do. Eventually you decided you had to go out with me, that a chance like this might not present itself again. You dozed off sprawled out on the bed, naked and erect.

The next day you called. You could sense the excitement in my voice, which only made you more excited. We agreed to meet at a bar we both knew but agreed it would be highly unlikely to run into your girlfriend or any of your friends, for that matter.

A few hours later, you stood looking at your naked body in the mirror, wondering what you should wear. You started with some snug boxer briefs and then picked out some casual slacks, a white button-down and a jacket. You looked and felt great, your confidence growing.

You arrived a little early. The bar was attached to a historic hotel and also was very old but immaculately restored. The clientele was upscale casual and the place wasn't very crowded. Perfect, really, for this kind of first date.

Just then you looked up to see me walk in. I looked around and saw you. Our eyes met. I smiled and waved. As I walked toward you, things seemed to go into slow motion. You noticed a couple of men turn to look at me. You glanced up and down my body as I got a little closer. I was wearing a beautiful dress, casual but sexy. You noticed the way my breasts moved, the way the dark fabric of the dress hugged them. As I got closer you could see my nipples through the fabric and realized I wasn't wearing a bra. You quickly looked into my eyes as we hugged.

We settled into a cozy half-circle booth and sat close but not too close to one another. We both said we weren't big drinkers but ordered a couple of drinks and began to chat. Close to me at last, and feeling more comfortable, and actually liking me so far, you began to experience the familiar sensations of arousal again. You felt your growing penis pushing against the fabric of your boxer briefs but you remained calm.

We shared details of our lives. You learned I was 43 and recently divorced. I asked about your girlfriend and the status of your relationship. You spoke frankly and honestly, as if we were longtime friends. You felt very comfortable with me. Yet being so close, you were highly aroused at the sight of my skin, my cleavage, my nipples, my smile, my hair, my scent. As you stood to go to the men's room I caught just a brief glimpse of your erection straining against your pants. Now I felt another surge of arousal race through my body.

The conversation continued so perfectly. Our connection felt strong and intimate already. We had shared so much about one another. But it was getting late and the bar was getting a little noisy. We decided it was time to leave.

You had been turning it over in your mind: What do I do when we leave? How can I continue this? You had remained mostly erect throughout the conversation and had to be careful when you stood up. You escorted me through the bar, noticing a few men glancing my way. You wondered if they were fantasizing about me the same way you'd fantasized. Images flashed through your mind of two men from the bar fucking me while you watched.

You walked me to my car about half a block away. We kissed. It was sweet and warm. You liked it and leaned in again, taking the lead. You broke it and pulled back a little, looking into my eyes. I leaned forward and kissed you, our tongues dancing briefly along our slippery lips.

We stood in silence for a moment. I looked up and down the sidewalk. We were alone. You were rapidly trying to process what to do next. I looked into your eyes. You felt my hand gently touch your bulge. You gasped. I told you I'd noticed your arousal all night. I asked how long it had been since you'd ejaculated. You felt your penis getting even bigger as my fingers tenderly caressed the shaft. You said it had been a couple of days.

I asked if your girlfriend was going to take care of you tonight. You said no, that she had not been staying with you lately. I said you could follow me home if you liked. No pressure. No expectations. No drama. I told you the address and kissed you again. I got in my car. You waved as I pulled away, standing on the sidewalk with your erection straining against your pants. You hustled to your car, reciting the address over and over. You found it on your phone. You knew the neighborhood.

You saw my car in the driveway and pulled in behind it. You knocked on the front door but there was no answer. Finally you heard footsteps, a pause and then the door opened. I was still wearing the dress. I smiled and you stepped inside.

The light was dim, a single lamp in the foyer. You realized you were trembling. I said nothing as I began to undress you, tossing your jacket onto a bench and unbuttoning your shirt. I had you sit on the bench as I pulled off your shoes and socks. The feel of your feet in my hands was more erotic and arousing than you anticipated. I had you stand again. I unsnapped your belt, unzipped your pants and pulled them off. Now it was just your boxer briefs and your enormous bulge. You heard me whisper "wow, baby."

I knelt before you and pulled them down. Your penis swung out and quickly jutted upward. Your balls slapped against your leg as they were freed from the fabric. I stood and tossed the shorts with the other clothes. Then I just admired your body.

I began to walk around you as you stood still. I commented on how amazing you looked with clothes on, how amazing you looked at the gym and how utterly gorgeous and desirable you looked fully nude. As I stood behind you, you felt my fingers graze over your butt for just a second. As I walked back around in front of you I looked down to see a long string of pre-cum hanging from the tip of your penis.

As I looked up into your eyes you could sense my hunger. You were a combination of aroused, nervous, willing. You wanted to be perfect. You wanted all those things you'd fantasized about for months to happen. Not all tonight, of course, but tomorrow and the next night and so on. Your girlfriend was a distant memory.

I asked if you cum quickly. You said sometimes and this might be one of those times. We both smiled. I asked if you thought you could cum more than once tonight, perhaps three or four times. You didn't hesitate. Yes.

I smiled and walked closer to you. I stood beside you. You trembled as my hand glided across your chest, teasing your nipples. You trembled as my hand glided down over your firm stomach and into the nicely trimmed patch of hair just above your erection, which involuntarily bounced as my fingers were so very close to your fullness.

I whispered that I wanted to make you cum now. I asked if you thought it might relax you and take the edge off and make the rest of the night less nerve-wracking for both of us. You paused and whispered that it couldn't hurt. Again we both smiled and laughed.

You heard me inhale sharply as my fingers touched your shaft. You felt your body beginning to seize up just a little as my fingers swirled the precum around the swollen head. You noticed my smallish hand barely fit around your fat shaft. My touch was perfect, the way I held it, sizing up its weight and firmness. Slowly I began to stroke. It, too, was perfect.

I whispered how good you felt in my hand. I pressed myself against you as I stroked. You felt my breasts against your arm. Whatever doubt you had that they might be fake quickly vanished. They were very real.

"Your cock is so perfect," I whispered, stroking just a bit faster now. Had five minutes even passed? You began to experience the familiar sensations of orgasm building inside you. But this was more intense.

I slowed my stroking just a little. Your knees began to feel like they would buckle. Your tummy began to quiver. My stroking had almost slowed to a complete stop. You moaned.

Cum shot out of your cock in long thick streams, the first three or four traveling perhaps 6 or 8 feet before splashing on the hardwood floor. You heard me gasp as I continued to stroke you. You continued to gush. Sensations of orgasm burst from your crotch and radiated though every millimeter of your body. You were so in the moment you could almost sense your balls being emptied.

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