tagLoving WivesA Young Wife's Fall: Amy Ch. 02

A Young Wife's Fall: Amy Ch. 02


Amy woke with a start and looked around the room, trying to identify the source of her sleep's disturbance. Finding nothing she looked over at David, sleeping peacefully, but with his back turned to her as he had done since the incident. It had been over two months, and she supposed she should feel lucky that he hadn't left her. She didn't feel lucky, though.

That night she had needed to beg David to take her to the hospital. He was understandably furious with her and didn't seem to care if she were damaged at the time. She had done it to herself in his eyes and he didn't want to risk anyone finding out what she had done, so he didn't want to go to the hospital. He had finally relented to her begging, though. She did indeed have some damage. Vaginal tearing, muscle tears, and severe muscle fatigue. She was surprised when the doctor told her that she would fully recover with no permanent stretching, however. She was given some exercises to perform for physical therapy in addition to her medicine and was ordered not to have sex for six weeks. That didn't help David's mood. He seemed somewhat mollified by the doctor's words, however, although he had to be told second hand, since he had refused to even go into the hospital.

As upset as David was, he didn't even talk about divorce or leaving her. He did start spending a lot less time at home, however, often going out after work and rarely speaking to her at all when he was home. She tried to be the ideal wife and keep herself patient with him, hoping he would eventually forgive her. She didn't think he was cheating on her, because he constantly complained about not being able to have sex. She gave him daily blowjobs and as soon as the six weeks was up and she went back to her doctor and got the all clear, she started forcing herself to have sex with him on a daily basis. They purchased some lube and she was much more accepting of whatever he wanted to do with her, but much to her disappointment, that wasn't much.

Sex was even less pleasant than it had been previously. She found that she got horny more easily and was wetter for longer, so very little lube was needed, but David entered her forcefully with almost no foreplay and fucked her roughly until he was spent. It was unpleasant. She found that the orgasms she had the night of her infidelity haunted her. She expected to be traumatized by the experience, but she found the memory of those orgasms stronger than the memory of the pain. There hadn't been much pain that night anyway, as drunk as she had been, the pain mostly came in the way of soreness in the following weeks.

Her vagina, as promised by the doctor, had returned to normal. She had never examined her pussy in detail before the incident, and she suspected there may be some small difference in it's outward appearance, but she was definitely as tight as she had been previously. At least David thought so. It felt different to her, however, it felt easier to take him. He still felt the same inside of her as before, accept that there was no discomfort now at all whereas there was before. She didn't find it dissatisfying, she knew that if he would do her properly she would enjoy it and very likely be able to orgasm... but he seemed to have no interest in her pleasure, even though that had been his main focus before her indiscretion. He wouldn't perform oral on her as he had offered to previously and any kissing or fingering was very brief before he entered her. She was completely unsatisfied. David, however, was clearly more sexually satisfied than he ever had been. The exercises the doctor had given her allowed her to control her vaginal muscles, which she hadn't been able to do before, and she could basically massage David's dick inside of her. Those same exercises were supposed to increase her own sexual satisfaction as well, but she remained unsatisfied.

Even needing sexual satisfaction was a new sensation for her, but she found herself unable to let go of it. She found some relief in the video her husband had recorded of that night, however. She knew the file was way too large to keep in his phone and so she searched his computer and found it. After copying it to her laptop she had some material to start experimenting with. She learned how to bring herself to orgasm using her fingers and the first half of the video. The last half was unpleasant, so she cut the video off shortly after the second orgasm she had in it. Her masturbation orgasms, however, were far weaker than the ones she had during her drunken encounter. She was unsure what to do, as she couldn't tell Deborah what had happened.

Deborah was another blessing. Since her husband had seen the entire thing and knew that Deb wasn't involved, he didn't blame her at all and didn't object to her hanging out with Amy. She felt lucky in that sense, because she DID blame Deb in large part. She kept that to herself, however. Eventually she couldn't contain herself anymore and had to talk about her feelings. She told Deborah only that her sex life was unsatisfying and that she badly wanted to orgasm. She explained about David being unwilling to perform oral or do much foreplay, although she omitted the reasons why. She felt bad for villainizing David, but she couldn't tell her friend the truth on this matter.

Deb's solution was shocking: cheat. She had been confused about how to respond to that, but Deb had answered all of her objections calmly and rationally and in the end, Amy had difficulty arguing the point. She knew that if she were caught cheating again her marriage was over immediately... but Deborah's plan was 100% foolproof. Get David to go on a trip of his own volition and then attend the right kind of party while wearing a masquerade mask. The mask would keep them from being identified, because of course Deb would come alone, and although it would also make it obvious what they were looking for... that was indeed what they were looking for, so it would be fine. Having two of them there would keep things safe, Deb would stay with her the whole time, they would each pick up a guy and then take the guys to the same hotel room, together the entire time so that they could keep control of the situation. Amy only deliberated for a week before deciding to go with it.

David had a friend with a nice boat he kept in a marina along the coast, which was just a couple of hours away. David loved to fish. It was remarkably simple to get him to go on a fishing trip without him realizing that it wasn't his idea. Amy started by purchasing him a fishing pole. She purchased a really nice ocean rod that was well suited to fishing at sea. She of course acted nervous about whether or not he would like it and made sure to mention that she hadn't been sure what kind of rod to buy. It worked like a charm and had a nice side effect as well. David's attitude towards her improved slightly. He spent the next two Saturdays fishing at a pier before announcing his planned boat trip. He would spend five days fishing with his buddy on his boat. Amy made sure to pout just a tiny bit about him being gone for five days, but reassured him that it was a good idea without prompting... she wasn't sure he would prompt her anyway, his consideration for her feelings hadn't returned much.

At Deb's prompting she planned to go out just after 9 PM every night for the first 4 days of his trip and then stay home on the last in case he came back early. She could say she was going to bed, which she often did around that time since David woke early for work and she went to bed with him every night. There would be no suspicion, no chance of being caught, it was the perfect plan. She couldn't wait.

Having her identity hidden made her bold. Deborah supplied the masks and the day that David left they went shopping to find what they would wear. Amy purchased some extremely revealing lingerie that she could tell David she bought for him. Black lace that showed her nipples clearly and made it clear that she was shaved downstairs. The rest of her outfit would be kept for her at Deb's house, she definitely didn't want David to know that she had it. The miniskirt was so short that any bending or sitting down would let her lingerie peak out. The top was skin tight and cut off above her belly button. Together they revealed her petite figure nicely and she felt sexier than she ever had in her life.

The party they arrived at the first night was very different than the previous parties Deb had invited Amy to. It was, as usual, at a very large house, but the living room had been cleared out completely and was being used as a dance floor while the sitting area was in a large room upstairs and the large kitchen was functioning as a bar, although the actual physical bar could only sit about six people. That was where everyone was getting their drinks, however, and chatting between dances. Dance music was playing and there was plenty of grinding and making out going on.

Deborah had a couple of shots, but didn't get too carried away. Amy, however, blasted five shots in the first 30 minutes of the party. She was feeling damned good and was ready to find her mark. She had danced with a few guys, but was mostly dancing with Deb. Her friend was into older guys, so she decided to go for that herself in case they swapped partners at some point in the night. It didn't take her long to hone in on a thin, but muscular man in his 30s. He was a blonde and kept his hair mid length for a guy. He was probably 180 lbs. and was extremely cut. She wasn't sure how tall he was, as everyone was always way taller than her. She wasted no time getting him onto the dance floor and he was more than willing.

The man was patient, but bold. He wasn't forceful, but his hands were on her body, touching her hips and her arms, sending shivers through her body. When she stayed with him for a second song he became bolder, but he was moving at about the right pace. As his hands explored her body, Amy dropped her own down to check the bulge in his pants. Finding it substantial, she knew she had her man. His hands drifted over her waist, caressing her, shifting away before reaching her breasts and then moving down her back and her hips to her butt. She kept dancing with him and his hands kept exploring her body. Before long he had groped her breasts and his hand had brushed her pussy through her lace underwear a few times. The kissing started around the fourth song and she was getting really wet. The next time his hand moved to her pussy he felt it and whispered that they should get out of there. Amy told him to go grab them some drinks first while she found her friend. She caught Deborah's eye while Deb was dancing with a darker haired man in his early forties, this guy much bulkier than Amy's type but just right for Deb. Deb whispered in the man's ear and nodded at Amy. Once Blondie had returned with their drinks she introduced Deborah and suggested that the all retire to a hotel they had already booked nearby. Everyone was game without hesitation.

Deb made her sit in the front during the car ride over so that she wouldn't get started without her, but she was aggressively making out with her Blond sex toy the moment the door was open and he fell back on one of the beds eagerly. Deborah laughed as she came in and sat her man down on the bed, slowly unzipping his pants and pulling them off completely along with his underwear. As Deb began giving the man a slow and sensual blowjob Amy was way too excited to move that slow. She practically tore her clothes off, exposing her small pink nipples and her perky breasts. The man had his hands on them immediately and quickly began sucking on her left nipple, circling it with his tongue. She sighed in pleasure as one of his hands found her pussy through her underwear and began rubbing her wetness.

His mouth moved to hers and his tongue entered her mouth as his fingers slipped into her underwear and found her clit. She was aching and broke away, pushing his head towards her crotch as she fell back on the bed. He obliged eagerly, pulling off her sexy lingerie, but leaving her tiny skirt in place, since it was no obstacle. He latched onto her clit as his finger entered her. She was so excited by this experience that she could feel her orgasm starting to build. She glanced over at Deb, who was still giving her man a blowjob and felt a little anxious to climax in front of her friend.

Amy closed her eyes and reveled in the electric shocks running through her body. Blondie slipped another finger into her smoothly and started twisting them as he fingered her and flicked his tongue over her clit. She felt lips on hers and eagerly parted her lips, accepting the kiss. The lips were incredibly soft and she could taste cum. She opened her eyes to see Deborah staring at her with their lips locked. Deborah slipped her tongue into Amy's mouth and as shocked as Amy was at this, she was incredibly turned on and this pushed her over the top. She moaned and grunted desperately into Deborah's mouth as her body spasmed in climax. Her hips involuntarily shot up off of the bed, arched high with Blondie's fingers still buried in her pussy and her juices shooting out. She spasmed several more times, experiencing several smaller orgasms as Deb moved from her mouth and started kissing down her slim body, pausing between her breasts and giving each nipple a quick suck before continuing down past her navel. As her orgasm subsided Amy relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of her friend's lips caressing her body. Soon Deb's mouth was on her pussy in place of the man, her tongue slipping into Amy's pussy and exploring.

Blondie had moved to one side of her face and presented a cock that had to be eight and a half inches long and quite thick. Big, but she knew that she could handle it. She took it into her mouth and began sucking on the head and using her tongue to lick the base. She was horny as hell and had little restraint. She sucked him furiously and decided to try something she had been trying to learn. Preparing herself mentally she started swallowing his penis. She gagged a little despite trying to suppress the feeling but managed to get his dick down her throat. He was moaning in pleasure as she used her throat to fuck him. Soon she needed air and she pulled him out of her, her drool clinging to his dick and falling in thick strands down the side of her face to the bed. She spotted Deborah's man sitting on the bed, fully erect once again and masturbating. He was sporting at least 7 and a half inches and she seductively waved him over.

The second man positioned himself on the opposite side and she began licking their cocks while alternating blow jobs. She stuck both cock heads into her mouth, flicking her tongue over them sexily before turning to the side and swallowing the smaller dick. She continued this while Debora serviced her. Deb had worked three fingers into her sopping wet pussy preparing her tiny hole for the big cock it was about to take. Amy was in heaven with the men's throbbing cocks at her pleasure and her friend fiercely penetrating her pussy.

Before long Amy couldn't contain herself anymore, so she grabbed Blondie and pulled him to the other bed, mounting him. He slid into her easily except for the last couple of inches. She moved herself up and down on his dick, working her hips and squeezing her vaginal muscles tight around him. She worked herself up and down on him, rotating her hips back and forth as she did so and picking up speed slowly. After a few minutes she was taking him all of the way to the base.

His dick was long enough to uncomfortably poke at her deepest parts, but it wasn't making her cough and she soon adjusted to the feeling and focused on the pleasure. The man was completely relaxed, leaning back with a satisfied look on his face while thrusting his hips up in time to hers.

She heard Deborah panting and looked over in fascination as her friend rode her own stud. The man's large hands were on Deborah's waist, her toned body flexing as she moved on top of him, rotating her hips almost in a circle. It was apparent that Deb was more easily satisfied than Amy as she started her own orgasm. Deborah screamed out in pleasure, her large breasts swaying sexily as she arched her back. Once her friend came down from her orgasm she pushed the dark-haired man away from her, explaining that she needed to calm down after she came. Amy thought about David... he was going to be gone for several days anyway and she had already done it once before...

She panted out loudly, talking between gasps, "Come here, I'll take care of you". Deborah looked confused at that, but watched curiously as the man came over uncertainly. He didn't seem sure what she meant and started towards her front, but she put out a hand to stop him. Blondie had stopped thrusting and she impaled herself all of the way down on him and leaned forward, smashing her breasts against his tight chest and kissing him as she reached back with one hand and slipped a finger into her pussy above his dick. The other man got the idea and she heard Deborah's surprised voice, "Amy, are you sure about that? Be careful."

Amy smiled without removing her lips from Blondie's mouth as she felt a second cock pushing at her pussy. She was sopping wet, but not as wet as she had been the night she had first done this and he was having difficulty getting into her. She reached back and grabbed his dick, forcefully shoving it in and ignoring the pain. It stretched her very uncomfortably, but she knew that she would be able to adjust to it. The men were having trouble moving, but were certainly trying hard. Amy ignored the discomfort as they started to work their cocks around in her pussy as her muscles slowly relaxed around them. To distract herself, she attacked Blondie's mouth, nibbling and kissing at his lips in between bouts of tongue wrestling. She got carried away several times and her teeth clacked against his. After a few minutes they started to be able to move more freely and in no time they had picked up the pace, fucking her desperately at high speed.

Amy could feel another orgasm starting to build up, but she knew from the frantic pace of their thrusts that the men were not going to last long. She would just have to get them ready for another round, she thought to herself. For now, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the two large cocks stretching her. The sloppy wet sounds coming from back there were obscene and the incredible fullness that she felt was becoming more and more comfortable and pleasurable. Just when she was really getting into it one of the men gave one last thrust into her and held himself there, pumping thick jets of cum into her deepest parts. The other man thrust in as much as he could as well and added his own. She could feel their cocks twitching inside of her and she flexed her muscles, milking them of every last drop.

As they pulled out of her she could feel some of it leaking out, and she had to work her muscles in order to fully close her pussy. She felt good, though, she was well within her limits and she knew that she would be back to normal soon, although she would likely be sore the next day. Would she, though? She really wanted that second orgasm and if she were going to risk soreness, she may as well make sure she was fully satisfied. A soft hand on her thigh brought her out of her ruminations.

Deborah had come to her and was slowly kissing down her thighs. The gentle kisses were exquisite on her smooth skin as Deb's mouth made its way to her pussy. She was surprised when Deb licked the leaking cum from below her slit before locking her mouth onto her throbbing pussy and sucking. She was drinking the excess cum that was leaking out! It seemed so dirty and so hot at the same time. Deb's tongue entered her and began caressing her insides. Amy thought that it was about time to turn the tables, however.

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