tagBDSMAA Flight 795 PHL to IAH

AA Flight 795 PHL to IAH


Brian was returning from a business trip in New York and had taken the puddle jumper from Islip to Philadelphia to connect with Flight 795 so he could get home to Houston.

He had spent the week trying to understand what sort of mess his predecessor had left for him as far as inventory control was concerned. He was an engineer not an inventory gnome but with the cutbacks, the layoffs at the office and the fact that he was literally the last body hired and wasn't let go was a strong sign that these guys wanted him around. He didn't want to bail out just yet so he agreed to take the job...and the pay raise that came with it. He was thinking to himself "I should have asked for more..."

It had been a very stressful week and the flights would be made much easier by his personal electro massage unit. He had picked it up online for all of $20 but it worked miracles when his neck and shoulders would get sore. He had remembered to bring it with him this trip and was looking forward to slapping it four pads on his neck and shoulders and drifting off to sleep for the three hour flight. All he had to do was make it to the gate.

Brian finally made it to the gate and surveyed the scene. Mostly individual business travelers, older folks and couples; all taking up too much room. He hated seating areas at the gates. Today was probably not going to be any different.

There were a few seats still open and one directly across from a stunning blonde. This was a no brainer. She was sitting with her back to the windows and the open seat was directly in front of her, facing her. At least he would have a pleasant view.

A few minutes passed as he got his laptop out and started working on an erotic story he had been writing. Once started he focused and turned out a few more pages.

Occasionally he would stop typing and look up from his screen. His eyes started at her boots. There wasn't anything super sexy about them or anything she has chosen to dress in but the way the dark leather contrasted with her tanned and silky smooth skin just worked for him. Her legs were very toned, she clearly did a lot of physical activity; either in the gym or walking or something. Brian focused on what that something else could be and being the slightly twisted individual he was imagined her doing deep squats over him and her claiming it was her exercise routine.

He cast his eyes a little higher, following those muscular legs, thinking how wonderful it would be to feel her strength squeezing him as he pleasure her.

He knew that sensation all too well because as a much younger man he used to date dancers for that very reason. In fact one young lady had managed to crack one of his ribs. He would always laugh when he told that story; saying: "That is how you know you are doing it right!"

She was wearing the shortest of white shorts. They were so short, that when Brian first sat down he though she was in her top alone. He couldn't see her ass but imagined the shorts just barely covered her round firm cheeks. He wondered of she had a tan line or if she tanned in the nude.

Just as he was enjoying the mental image of her bare ass in a tanning bed the gate agent came on the overhead and announced a 2 hour delay in the flight to Houston. Apparently it was raining pretty hard at the airport there.

Brian made eye contact with the lovely blonde he had been admiring, smiled slightly and asked: "Wanna grab a drink? My treat...come on, let's get out of here..."

She said "Sure there's a bar just up the way...let's go."

Brian allowed her to go first, partially because he still believed in ladies first and partially because it gave him a chance to see her ass.

His hunch was right, her ass was round and firm. He could see it curve under her shirt. Her shirt barely covered it; when she turned to see if he was following her shirt rose just enough to show those white shorts peeking out below the tail.

He followed her out of the maze of seats in the gate area and walked beside her down the concourse towards the bar. Along the way they introduced themselves to each other.

Her name was Amy, she worked for a snack food company and was also a personal trainer.

Now her physique made sense. One of the things Brian had noticed was how toned and fit Amy was. She had rather strong shoulders for a lady, it wasn't unattractive but not typical.

They made their way to the bar and took up seats facing each other at a small table.

Brian ordered a Yeunglings and Amy ordered a rum and coke.

They spent the first few minutes just getting to know each other and sharing their travel experiences so far; commiserating with one another over the delay.

They covered all of the obligatory small talk: where they were from, where they were headed, where they lived and such.

Another round of drinks and they were talking about hobbies. Amy was an avid hunter, fisher and backpacker. All things Brian loved to do but just couldn't find the time to do with his travels.

Brian joked with Amy: "Where were you twenty five years ago?"

He realized as he had said that; he actually knew the answer because Amy couldn't have been any more than 27.

They both laughed about that and Amy added a comment about being an early bloomer but not quite that early.

Amy asked Brian about his hobbies and he sheepishly told her that he wrote erotica while on his travels. He did it as an outlet for his "energy" and it kept him out of trouble. He confessed that he was working on a story at the gate. He explained he took inspiration from pretty much anything. He never knows what's going to spawn a story.

Amy smiled and asked if she was going to end up in one of his stories.

Brian blushed. He didn't think she noticed him looking at her; clearly she had.

Amy said: "It's ok. Don't be embarrassed you do a better job of it than most guys. I get it, guys like what they see and take a long look. Hell I look too! It's human nature. I consider it a compliment...thank you."

They both looked at the clock and realized time had flown by for them.

As they were strolling back down the concourse to the gate Amy asked what seat Brian was in.

Brian looked at his ticket: "24F a window seat."

Amy chuckled and said "I'm in 25C maybe I should switch with the person sitting next to you and we can keep the conversation going...perhaps you can share a story or two with me."

Brian agreed to the seat swap and as they got to the gate they could see the plane was already boarding. Such good timing.

Once on the plane Brian asked the lady that was seated beside him if she would swap with his new friend.

The elderly lady looked at Amy, smiled and said: "Certainly. Just make sure you take good care of that young lady."

Brian smiled: "Yes ma'am I will do my very best."

Brian offered his window seat to Amy saying: "I have to take good care of you." While nodding his head to the side toward the elderly lady.

They laughed and settled into their seats.

Amy asked Brian if he would share any of his stories with her. She loved reading short erotic stories and spent too many hours wading through the endless pages on literotica.com but hadn't come across any of his stuff yet.

Brian did a quick mental survey of what he had with him. Typically he would write on his phone but had just recently started using his laptop more. He figured he had most of his stories stored in one of these two devices.

As the plane pushed back from the gate the two continued to laugh and have a wonderful time talking with one another.

Once airborne Brian pulled out his laptop and let Amy read what he was working on at the gate.

It wasn't complete yet. In fact he had just finished setting up the beginning of the story establishing the backgrounds and such for the two main characters. This was his style. Writing very detailed stories and descriptions. Painting a picture he called it.

Amy devoured it and said: "I want to read the rest of it..."

Brian thought she meant the rest of the story. He replied: "It's not finished."

Amy giggled, "No silly the rest of it...what you have with you. If you spend that much effort of just setting up such a great back story you must keep your works...it would be a shame if you didn't."

Brian didn't miss a beat. He laughed: "Oh...I thought you meant that one. Sure I have some others."

He thought about what he had with him again. He knew he didn't want to jump in too deep...not right off the block anyway.

He recalled a story he wrote that the folks at literotica.com wouldn't list. One that was totally true, he had shared it with his friends in some other writing groups but they wouldn't take it because he wrote it as it happened and since it was about a teenage couple they couldn't allow it.

It bothered him that they couldn't allow it since there was no sex involved but he refused to edit it since it's purpose was more cathartic for him rather than to arouse erotic thoughts in others.

Amy read all about Melissa. She gave Brian a giant hug afterwards. She saw the tears in his eyes and didn't have to ask if it was true or not. She just knew.

Then Brian showed her one of his very short stories about waking up in the morning.

Amy smiled and said she wished she could wake up like that...just once.

Amy clicked on the directory Brian had been pulling stories from and asked about the other stories; if she could read them.

Brian nodded his head in approval and Amy selected one at random.

It was another story based in real life. A first time encounter between a new submissive woman and her Dom. It described in detail the sensations the young lady was feeling as her Dom took her on an amazing trip.

When she finished reading Amy turned to Brian and asked many questions. She was particularly interested in the violet wand that was mentioned.

Brian answered her questions describing in vivid detail the sensations and sights of the dance the plasma does inside the probe and how the electricity leaps to the skin.

Amy said: "I'm going to have to go to the restroom after hearing all of that."

Brian was embarrassed and apologized for upsetting her.

"No," she blushed "I need to go take care of myself I'm very...umm...aroused."

Brian couldn't have been more proud. His works had aroused a beautiful young lady to the point she wanted to masturbate in an airplane bathroom.

Deciding to take a huge risk, Brian looked at her and in a commanding voice said: "No, you will stay here beside me and entertain me. It's only polite that you do. Wouldn't you agree?"

He smiled and Amy nodded in agreement.

Brian kept his eyes locked with hers and reached up for the call button. He whispered in her ear: "good girl."

Since they were at the rear of the plane it only took a few seconds for the flight attendant to get to him.

Glancing up at her "My friend here needs a blanket, the air conditioning is too cold for her and the way she is dressed."

The flight attendant returned with a blanket.

Brian spread it out so it covered Amy's legs and up to her belly button. He instructed her to slide her shorts down so he could have access to her hot wet pussy.

He watched as she wiggled and slid them down under the blanket.

Brian slipped his hand under the blanket and slowly traced a path along Amy's curves.

She could feel the warmth of his hand as it moved effortlessly along her silky skin, across her hip to her inner thigh.

Brian moved slowly, gently applying just enough pressure to not tickle her.

He whispered into her ear: "You will allow me to do as I wish, we are going on a little trip. Not too far just enough to give you a taste. You are free to enjoy it as much as you want but make no sound, draw no attention to us. Do you understand?"

Amy nodded in agreement and Brian smiled as he slid his hand right to her pussy.

Amy was hot. He could feel the heat from her crotch even when his hand was down on her thigh. Now he could feel she was very wet as well.

He slid his hand up so his palm was on her pubis mons, with is fingers directly over her clit.

He began to rhythmically tap his fingers. First his middle finger which struck her clit would rise and fall alone. Then his index and ring fingers which fell on either side would move together.

Brian enjoyed teasing Amy's clit. He felt it grow harder and harder as he tapped on it and beside it. He never allowed his fingers to linger long enough for her to enjoy the sensation too much. He didn't want her to cum...not yet anyway.

Amy could feel the strength in Brian hand as he tapped her over and over. She wanted him to rub her clit. She knew that would bring her over the edge and give her the satisfaction she craved.

Brian smiled and looked deep into her eyes. Amy said nothing, she didn't need to he knew she was right on the edge. He grinned knowingly and asked: "Would you like a little more stimulation?"

Amy had a look of intense desperation. She was extremely aroused and wanted to cum so badly. She nodded and mouthed the only word she could think "Please..."

Brian reached into his computer bag and pulled out the small black case that he kept his electro-massager in when he traveled.

Amy watched with almost morbid curiosity as he opened it and pulled it out: A small control and power unit with what looked like headphones attached and a small zip lock bag with pads of some sort. She had heard of these types of units from her personal fitness clients. They often mentioned them for soothing sore muscles or when talking about their latest visit to the chiropractor. She was curious about them but that curiosity never lead to any investigation so she had never seen one and didn't know they came that small.

She watched as Brian open the zip lock bag and snapped one of the pads to each of the four leads. Then he removed the protective cover from the adhesive side of a pad and slid it under the blanket and placed it on her inner thigh. He repeated this for the other thigh. That was two out of four pads.

Brian slowly removed the cover from the third pad. He looked directly into Amy's eyes and gave her a truly evil grin as he placed the third pad just beside her clit. He placed the fourth on the other side.

Amy was getting nervous. She had never experienced any type of transdermal electrical stimulation before and certainly never imagined it being used on her privates.

Brian reassured her with his deep low voice. He said: "You should enjoy this, just relax. I will start very low and we will build up until you cum."

He continued: "First let's agree on our safe words...green is good, yellow is intense but you can handle it and red is stop. If you say 'red' I will immediately turn the unit off. Everything stops. If you say 'yellow' we will hold the intensity there and we can discuss backing off a bit. If I ask how you are doing and you are happy just say 'green'. Do you understand all of that?"

Amy nodded.

Brian said, "No I need you to say yes or no out loud."

Amy replied "Yes I understand."

Brian said: "Very well then. We shall begin...remember other than 'red', 'yellow' and if asked 'green' you are not to make a sound. I travel for a living and do not need to be on a no fly list for performing a sexual act on a plane."

Amy was very compliant and agreed to make no sounds other than the agreed upon words and only as needed.

Brian turned on the power and selected a program that would mimic the tapping he was doing just a few moments ago. He set the intensity at 1 and glanced at Amy's face to see her reaction.

Her eyes widened and she smiled. She nodded and mouthed "Green."

Brian had placed the pads so that they were in opposing pairs. The one on her left inner thigh and on the right side of her clit fired together. As did the opposing pair. This meant that every half second or so they sent a pulse of electricity crossing through her clit. It felt amazing. She could swear he was playing with her clit even though she knew he wasn't touching her. It felt as if someone was brushing over her clit with a vibrating feather.

Brian saw Amy's reaction and let her enjoy the light tease for a few minutes then bumped the intensity up to three.

Amy's body stiffened and she gripped Brian arm.

Brian asked how she was doing and she replied with a breathy "green...more... please..."

Brian took her hand and their fingers intertwined as he said "I will give you what I think you can handle when I want to give it to you. I'm enjoying the show of you trying to maintain some sort of composure while your clit is being worked over. Remember not a sound."

Amy nodded and mouthed "Yes sir."

With that Brian changed the program to one of longer pulses. It had the same alternating pattern so it felt like her clit was being pushed side to side but with the longer duration she could feel smaller pulses almost like two vibrators being switched back and forth instantly.

Amy was just on the edge. It was frustrating because she wanted to cum but Brian just wouldn't let her. He would not give her the final push. She wondered why he wouldn't give her an orgasm. It was obvious she was close and he could make her cum at will. Then she remembered exactly what Brian had said at the beginning: "...you will stay here beside me and entertain me..." Her mind began to race. She wondered how long he intended to keep her in this state. She knew she could stop him but didn't want to. She wanted to make him proud of her...wanted his approval. She began to understand the appeal of being a sub.

She realized she was at his mercy and all she could do was enjoy the intense teasing.

Brian watched Amy very carefully. This was her first time with this type of play and he wanted her to enjoy it but not just make it another way to get off. It wasn't about that. He wanted to give her enough to make her want more, a glimpse of the possibilities.

He bumped the intensity up two more levels again.

Level five was considerably more intense and deep sensations. Amy could swear there was a vibrator inside her body...not in her now dripping pussy but her actual body. She could feel her muscles twitching to the stimulus all the way into her thighs.

She couldn't take much more, she was so close to cumming. She could feel her body succumbing to the vibrating pulses.

Brian whispered in her ear: "Not yet. Hold on. Be a good girl."

Amy turned to him and nodded. She was speechless. She had never tried not to cum before. She was scared she would lose control and start making noises or worse yet she would cum before he wanted her to.

Amy, like Alice, was deep down the rabbit hole. There was no turning back. She was going to obey Brian to the absolute best of her ability.

Brian turned the intensity up to seven and Amy gasped. She wasn't prepared for the jump.

Brian could feel her tremble. He asked how she was doing.

Amy whispered over and over: "Green...green...green..."

Brian changed the program again. This time to one of long pulses on both sides at the same time.

He whispered into Amy's ear: "Just a little longer and you can cum. I have some questions first though. Ok?"

Amy nodded in agreement.

Brian continued: "Good girl. I'm quite impressed with how much you can take without losing control and you haven't made a sound...yet...I'm very proud of you."

Amy whispered "Thank you sir."

Brian asked "Does that pussy belong to me now?"

Amy nodded yes.

"Does that body belong to me? I am free to do as I wish with it at any time?"

Again Amy nodded yes.

"One final question: Do you belong to me now?"

Amy didn't respond, she simply turned to him and kissed him.

Brian clicked the intensity button to ten, broke the kiss long enough to tell Amy: "Cum for me now."

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