tagAnalAA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04



My tour of active duty was winding down and I was set to be honorably discharged in July 1963. My addiction to anal sex had only strengthened during my four years in the Marine Corps. I was absolutely enamored with beautiful female asses. I loved the contour and curvy shape that went with a bubble butt on women and even some gay men. It was obvious that the female ass was something to behold. Why else would magazines such as Playboy select models with perfect asses for their centerfold girls? It was May 1963 and some of the guys were making weekend trips to Myrtle Beach.

I hooked up with two of the guys I was stationed with in Naples and we went to Myrtle Beach one weekend. Bill had a car so Gary and I paid for the gas. We split the cost of a motel room three ways. The weather was perfect but the place was a zoo. There more military personnel there then there were women. The bars were overcrowded and fights were breaking out all over the place. It was a huge disappointment.

Several weeks later I gave it another shot when Bill and Gary invited me to join them again. This time it was a little more civilized but the best looking girls were in high demand and they knew it too. Many of the girls were snobby and stuck up because so much fuss was being made over them. We walked the beach for hours stopping and visiting with girls only to get shot down most of the time. I was getting annoyed and I was ready to leave until I met Mona and Trish.

I spotted them sitting on towels by themselves and when I got closer I figured out why. Neither of the girls was a bathing beauty but they weren't ugly either. Mona was a little heavier than I normally liked with fleshy thighs and Trish was slender with a slight case of acne. I walked over to them and greeted them.

"Hello girls, mind if I park my towel next to you," I asked.

They both seemed surprised that I asked their permission. "It's a free country," the heavier blonde girl said.

I spread out my towel and I knew they were checking me out. I was very fit and almost chiseled from all the recon activities. I spread out the towel and sat down. I smiled at them and introduced myself.

"I'm Walt," I said.

"I'm Mona and this is Trish. Where are you from Walt," Mona asked.

"Camp Lejeune, I'm just down for the weekend. How about you girls," I replied

"We're both in the Navy and based at the Naval Air Station," Mona answered for both of them.

"Are you pilots," I asked.

"Funny! What do you do at Lejeune?" Trish finally spoke.

"I'm in 2nd Recon but I am due to be discharged in July," I told them.

The conversation went very smooth after the introductions and the girls were very interested in hearing about Italy. We started to get a little warm and decided to take a dip in the ocean. I walked behind Mona and Trish and checked them out in their bikinis. They both had nice asses which I was pleased to see. Mona had a big ass but at least it was round and shapely. Trish had a perfect ass for her slender body. Mona also had decent size tits whereas Trish was almost flat chested. Both girls were clearly older than me and I guessed that they were in their late twenties.

The ocean water was still cold that time of year and it took a while to get used to it. I had been in the water plenty of times already that year so my blood was pretty thick and I handled it well. Trish got cold and ran back to her get her towel. Mona shivered a bit but she braved the cold water and swam with me. When we stopped swimming we stood in the water up to her neck.

"I freezing," she said with a shiver.

"Here I'll warm you up," I said and I wrapped my arms around her.

"I hope that I'm not too big for you," she teased.

"You're not too big from what I can see and feel," I said as I wrapped my arms around her and let my hands drift down to her big ass.

I cupped her generous ass flesh in my hands and when she didn't protest I slipped my hands inside her bikini bottoms. She wiggled her ass as I held her buttocks and I pressed my stiffening cock into her thigh. I knew she felt my stiff cock but she never said anything.

"Let's not start anything here that we can't finish," she said and then she ran her hand over my crotch and giggled.

Mona and I walked out of the water and back to our towels. We dried off and I asked them if they had any plans for the evening. They said that they were going to get something to eat and then go back to their room.

"You can join us for dinner if you like," Mona said inviting me along.

"That would be great. Where should I meet you?" I asked.

"We are going to this place off the beach where they have great seafood. We will be there at 1800," Trish told me.

"Okay, I'll see you there at 1800," I agreed.

We hung out for a little while longer and then we split. I walked back to out room where I showered and dressed for dinner. I didn't see Bill or Gary so I left them a note. Then I took off for the restaurant, not sure whether the girls would show up or not. However at 1800 sharp they arrived and they seemed very pleased to see me. We had a great dinner, good conversation and a lot of laughs. I insisted on picking up the tab since they were so gracious to invite me.

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. When it was time for them to head back to their room I offered to walk them back to the motel. They accepted and we walked back to where they were staying. I was hopeful that things would go further but I wasn't really expecting them to invite me in but they did. We entered our room and Mona immediately stripped off her clothes and hopped in the bed. She got on her back, spread her legs and then teasingly patted her pussy. I stripped off my clothes and my hard cock leaped into view. I walked toward the bed with my erection bobbing in front of me. I got on the bed and positioned myself between Mona's legs.

"I have been looking forward to this," Mona said as she took hold of my cock and guided into her pussy.

Mona's pussy was sopping wet and my cock slid in easily. We started slow and I fucked her with long steady strokes. Trish then joined us on the bed and I noticed that she was now naked as well. Trish lay next to her girl friend and stroked her tits and tweaked her nipples. Mona had firm round breasts and she loved for them to be fondled and kissed. Trish leaned over and took one of Mona's nipples in her mouth and sucked on it. Then Trish alternated from one tit to the other and she soon had Mona's nipples eraser hard. I kept fucking Mona as Trish worked on her tits and Mona was going wild.

It was the first time that I had ever witnessed two girls touching each other. I had heard about lesbians but I had never seen any in person. But then I was fucking Mona so she had to go both ways and I assumed that Trish did too.

"Oh shit this is going to be a quick one," Mona gasped as she felt her orgasm building.

As I fucked her I made sure that my cock was in contact with her clit. Mona started humping me back and then she wrapped her legs around my lower back and dug her heels in.

"It's going to be a big one too. Oh God, here it cums, hold me tight, please hold me," Mona screamed.

I held Mona tightly as she humped her body at me and thrashed all around. She groaned aloud as the orgasm rocked her body. I could feel the warmth of her cunt juice surround my cock buried in her pussy. Mona' body almost vibrated with the intensity of her climax and then she stiffened and went limp on the bed. I kept fucking her slowly until I felt Trish tap me on my shoulder. I looked at her and she smiled as she moved to her back along side Mona. That answered my question about Trish.

I withdrew my cock from Mona's pussy and moved between Trish's legs. Trish wrapped her shapely legs around my torso and pressed her heels against my buttocks. Trish was snugger than Mona when I entered her pussy so I took my time fucking her and letting her get used to my cock. Soon my cock was buried in her quim and we both picked up the pace. Once again I made an effort to keep my cock in contact with her clit.

Trish and I were humping each other like mad now as we both raced toward our first orgasm of the night. Trish pulled my head down and kissed me deeply as she threw her hips into me. Trish's body tensed and she groaned into my mouth as her orgasm overtook her. We kept right on fucking and kissing as it seemed that Trish could cum again. I felt my own orgasm approaching as the familiar feeling in my balls was present. I then sunk my cock as deep into Trish as possible and filled her pussy with streams of cum. My cock just seemed to keep throbbing and firing one round after the after into her warm passage. My orgasm triggered another one in Trish and she pressed her face into my shoulder to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Trish's body leaped out of control and she pounded her pelvis into me as she experienced an intense orgasm.

Trish's female juices mixed with my seed in her pussy and coated my cock. I stayed hard so I kept on fucking Trish as she slowly recovered from her climax. Mona pulled on my hips and I backed out of Trish. My hard cock dripping wet with juices stood out as I knelt back on my heels. Mona got between Trish's legs and licked at her snatch. I watched as Mona knelt between her friend's legs and sucked the juices from her pussy. I again noticed that Mona's thighs were fleshy and larger than I normally prefer. Mona's ass was big too but it least it was round and firm.

I knelt behind Mona and shoved my cock back into her pussy. She moaned as she felt the intrusion and wiggled her ass in approval. I slowly fucked her from behind and fondled her generous ass flesh. I started to tickle Mona's nether hole and then probed it gently with a wet finger. Mona wiggled her ass again indicating that she liked the attention. Scooping up some of her pussy juice I pushed my finger in a little deeper and I watched as the aperture opened up for my digit.

Mona lifted her face off of Trish's pussy long enough to say, "Get the lotion and you can fuck my ass."

Trish then blurted out, "Do it, she loves it in the ass."

I backed my cock out of Mona, got off the bed and got the lotion from Mona's handbag. I then knelt back behind Mona and coated her asshole with a generous amount of lotion. Mona wiggled her ass some more as I took my time preparing it for my cock. I loved playing with her ass so I was in no hurry to shove my cock in it. Mona then begged me to stop teasing her and to fuck her so I moved in behind her and eased my hard dick into her asshole.

Mona grunted as my cock made its way into her tunnel. I stopped with my cock halfway home and allowed her to get used to the thickness. I suspected that my cock was the largest one she ever had in her ass and I didn't want her to feel any discomfort. Mona then pushed her ass back toward me and I reciprocated by pushing back and sinking my dick in further into her channel. Soon my entire cock was buried to the hilt and I began fucking her ass slowly and deliberately.

Trish maneuvered herself around so that she and Mona were in a 69 position. Trish then licked at Mona's pussy and my balls as I continued to fuck Mona's ass. Trish reached up with her hand and tickled my balls and scraped her finger along the shaft of my cock. This was too much for me and I ejaculated deep into Mona's ass filling it with my seed. Mona clenched her anal muscles and squeezed my cock as it was buried in her ass. Trish's tongue was still at work and she had Mona writhing as another orgasm rocked her. Mona's ass humped up and down as she spilled her juices into Trish's mouth nearly dislodging my cock from her ass.

My cock softened and deflated in Mona's ass and then slipped out with an audible pop. Cum ran out of her dilated asshole and over her pussy lips down her inner thighs. Mona collapsed face down on the bed and Trish stroked her body and played with her ass as Mona just cooed.

"My God that was incredible Walt. I'm glad we hooked up with you," Mona sighed.

"Well you two are pretty incredible too, that was great sex," I replied.

Before we were done for the night Mona wanted my cock in her ass one more time. This time I lay on my back as Mona sat on me facing my feet and lowered her ass onto my cock. Trish also facing my feet straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Mona then laid back on me with my cock still in her ass and Trish leaned over and sucked on one of Mona's tits as she rubbed Mona's pussy and clit with her fingers. Mona was going crazy with my cock in her ass as Trish sucked her tit and fingered her pussy.

Mona screamed as another orgasm traveled through her and rocked her body with the intensity of her climax. Trish was relentless as she sucked Mona's tits and rubbed her clit. Trish squirmed on my face as her own orgasm approached and then she too cried out in orgasm. Trish's juices covered my mouth and I drank in all her sweet nectar. Mona's thrashing about had dislodged my cock from her ass and it stood erect between her thighs. Trish then took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off until I came. I warned Trish when I was about to cum but she just picked up the pace and sucked me faster. I shot my third load of the night into Trish's oral cavity and she swallowed every drop that entered her mouth. Trish sucked my cock dry and then the three of us collapsed on the bed. The girls gradually fell asleep and I moved over to the other bed in the room because one bed was definitely too small for three people. The three of us slept soundly until morning.


I woke up first Sunday morning and I looked over at the two Navy girls sleeping in the other bed. I studied their nudity for the first time. Mona was definitely heavier in the thighs and had a larger ass than I normally was attracted to but she was a great butt fuck and her ass was nice and round. Trish had the nicer slender figure with a cute bubble butt however she was not as pretty as I had first thought. Trish's nose was large for her face and it seemed slightly crooked. Trish though had a sexy way about her as she talked and moved about. Although not a beauty she was very alluring.

Trish rolled over on her back and subconsciously spread her legs. One of her hands found its way to her pussy and she rubbed herself slowly. I moved over to the bed and it seemed as if she was still sleeping as she masturbated. I had a raging morning piss hard-on so I moved between her legs and lined up my cock with her pussy. I eased my cock into Trish's wet pussy causing her to groan softly. Trish then opened her eyes and saw that I had moved into position to fuck her. She smiled at me and reached up with her arms to embrace me as her legs wrapped around my torso to pull me in closer. I sank my cock all the way in her pussy and fucked her slowly. Trish had an immediate orgasm and she covered her mouth in my shoulder to muffle her cries.

I continued to fuck Trish and I brought her off several more times. The last orgasm was extremely intense and Trish screamed as her body thrashed all over the bed. That was enough to finally wake up Mona who rolled over on her side and watched as Trish went through her volcanic climax.

"I hope that you have something left for me this morning," Mona said with a sultry smile.

"You bet I do. I was just waiting for you to wake up," I said as I slipped my cock out of Trish and crawled between Mona's legs.

Mona lay on her back and opened her arms and legs to receive my body. My cock slid right in her dripping wet snatch and hit bottom in one movement. Mona gasped as her pussy was filled with my cock once again. I fucked her hard and fast as she raced to her first orgasm. As with Trish I didn't stop fucking Mona until she had cum so much that she begged me to stop. I pulled out of her and she collapsed next to Trish on the bed. I went into the bathroom to finally take my morning piss.

After relieving myself I stroked my cock keeping it hard as I returned to the bedroom. Trish was lying on her stomach with her cute butt perched in the air. Mona lay next to her with her head toward Trish's buttocks and she was stroking Trish's shapely ass. Mona was also toying with Trish's nether hole but she did not penetrate it. Mona ran her finger over Trish's anus and added saliva this time. Mona pushed her little finger into Trish's bung hole causing her to wiggle her shapely ass in response. Mona caressed Trish's curvy ass cheeks while she tenderly probed Trish's tight aperture.

I moved over to the bed and knelt between Trish's legs. I lifted her by the hips so that her pussy was on a level with my cock. Trish moaned as I slipped by hard cock in her pussy again that morning and it slid in easily. I started fucking her slowly this time with the intention of getting myself off. Mona watched for a few minutes and then she decided to get underneath Trish. Mona positioned herself under Trish in a 69 position to watch my cock slide in and out of the wet pussy. Trish tensed when I touched her asshole with a finger so I just tickled her anus instead of shoving it in.

"Walt I can't take your cock in my ass, please don't try," Trish pleaded.

"Don't worry, I won't. I'll just play with your hot ass while I fuck you," I assured her.

I continued to fuck Trish's pussy from behind as Mona fondled my balls and licked at Trish's clit. My first orgasm of the day was building rapidly and I knew it would be a big one. I had a flashback to when I fucked Wanda in DC and she asked for the anal cream pie. It was then that I decided to give Trish an anal cream pie. My balls ached with the need to be emptied and just then I felt them release my seed. I pulled out of Trish's pussy and aimed my cock right at her tiny asshole. Ropes of cum flew out of my cock and hit Trish's virgin asshole. The semen bounced off her asshole and flooded the crack of her ass before running down between the cheeks of her ass over her pussy lips and into Mona's waiting mouth.

"Oh man look at it all!" Mona cried out between swallows.

Mona then reached up and stroked my cock causing more spunk to shoot out and land on Trish's ass. Trish's knelt there as the warm semen coated her ass and trickled over her pussy and down her inner thighs. Mona's hands flew over Trish's shapely ass and she massaged the semen into Trish's body. Mona continued to drink in all the spunk that flowed over Trish's pussy lips as she sucked on Trish's pussy and clit. Trish collapsed flat on top of Mona and Mona continued to massage Trish's shapely ass. Mona then reached up and pulled my softening cock into her mouth and sucked me dry. She sucked me until my thighs vibrated and chills ran through my body and I finally pulled my cock away from her sucking mouth. I lay down next to the two girls who remained in the 69 position. Mona lovingly stroked Trish's curvy ass as Trish played with Mona's clit.

"That was some wake-up call!" exclaimed Trish.

"I'll say thanks jarhead," Mona said as she slapped me on my ass.

The three of us played around some more that morning and we even had sex in the shower together. I fucked Mona in her big ass again while Trish knelt on the shower floor and ate Mona's pussy. After the shower fuck I fucked Trish in bed again this time with Mona straddling Trish's face. Trish ate Mona through another orgasm as I pounded Trish's pussy until we both came again. Then it was time for me to get going. I took a quick rinse off, got dressed and left the two girls in bed. I hustled back to the motel where I was staying just in time to catch up with Bill and Gary to check out.

"Well at least one of us got lucky last night," Gary said as I walked in the room.

The three of us grabbed our gear and checked out of the motel. We headed back to base stopping for lunch along the way. Bill and Gary wanted to hear all about my night with the two Navy girls. I spared them the details but told them that it was great sex. We got back to the base and Bill dropped me off where Recon was housed. I flopped down in my rack and reflected on the weekend. Then I thought it was the end of May and in six weeks I would be discharged from active duty. At that point I didn't have a clue about what I would do in civilian life. First I would have to get a job and I hoped to go to college at night.

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