AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04


Eventually we got up and made our way back to the beach. For the most part we rested and slept on the beach. We were sexually sated and tired. We took turns putting lotion on each other and teased one another with our fingers. I played with Carol's ass at one point and tried to imagine my cock in there. After the beach day and dinner it was time for more of Carol's training. Marcia proved to be an aggressive sexual predator with an incredible imagination. She had brought an erotic collection of sex toys with her.

That evening in bed Marcia had me lay on my back so that Carol could suck my cock. Then Marcia lubed up Carol's asshole and covered a dildo with lubricant. I couldn't believe how much the dildo resembled a real cock. The dildo was bigger than the butt plug and Carol tensed up when she felt it at her asshole. Marcia told her to relax as she slowly eased the fake cock into Carol's ass. Marcia pushed it in a little and then pulled it back out as she methodically fucked Carol's ass. Eventually the entire dildo was imbedded in Carol's ass and Marcia picked up the pace. Carol continued to suck my cock as I watched the fake cock slide in and out of her curvy ass.

Marcia rapidly rubbed Carol's pussy and Carol had another orgasm. Carol took her mouth off my cock to cry out when her orgasm rocked her again. Carol then placed her head on the bed and turned her face to one side as Marcia continued to move the dildo in and out. I rolled off the bed and walked around toward Marcia. Marcia gave me a knowing smile and moved over as I knelt behind Carol. It was time for take Carol to the next step, a real cock in her ass.

I slipped my rock hard cock into Carol's pussy leaving the dildo still buried in her ass. Marcia released the dildo and moved around in front of Carol. Once again Carol was presented with Marcia's pussy to eat. I fucked Carol doggy style as she ate Marcia's snatch and the dildo remained in Carol's ass as I fucked her from behind. Carol started clenching her vaginal and anal muscles as I fucked her and she slowly expelled the dildo from her ass. I pulled it all the way out and then I moved my cock from her pussy to her ass. I eased my cock head into Carol's asshole and she immediately tensed up.

"No please no!" she cried, shaking her head from side to side with her face still pressing against Marcia's quim. "I've never done that, you're too big. You'll ruin me."

"Don't be silly he's not going to ruin you. If I can take him you certainly can take him in your ass. You just need to relax," Marcia said.

I spread plenty of lotion on my cock and then I covered it with my saliva making it very slick. Then with one steady motion I eased my cock into Carol's asshole. I must have felt gigantic to her because she screamed into Marcia's pussy as I worked my way into her virgin ass. Carol pounded the mattress with her hands as she endured the full length of my cock buried in her ass.

"You're doing fine Carol. The pain will stop and then you feel some cramping. The cramping will stop as well and then you will just feel bloated. Push back as if you are trying to poop and that will help," Marcia told her as she stroked Carol's face and hair.

I felt Carol use her anal muscles as if she were trying to expel my cock from her ass. This seemed to open her up more so I began to fuck her ass slowly. She seemed to adjust to the intrusion in her ass and then she returned to eating Marcia's pussy. I held onto Carol's ass keeping it at the right level as I plundered her ass. The tightness of her ass and the thought of taking her anal virginity was an incredible turn-on and I knew that I wouldn't last much longer.

As I came I flooded Carol's ass with my spunk as volley after volley shot into her bowels. Carol involuntarily clenched her ass muscles around my cock as it spewed the hot semen into her rectum. It was my first orgasm of the night and it was quite a load that I dumped into Carol's ass. I kept right on fucking her as my seed backed out of her asshole and trickled down over my balls and between her legs.

Carol continued to squeeze my cock with her anal muscles as she groaned into Marcia's pussy. I was able to stay hard in her ass so I just kept on fucking her. I reached under Carol's legs and found her hard erect nub so I diddled her clit as I fucked her ass and she went wild. I kept at Carol's pussy and ass until we both came again. I flooded Carol's ass with a second load and she came all over my fingers. Marcia also came and drenched Carol's face. The three of us then collapsed on the bed exhausted and drained.

Marcia was the first to speak after several minutes, "How do you feel Carol? Are you okay?"

"I think I'm okay but it feels as if I still have a cock in my ass. It is a strange feeling like I'm constipated," Carol replied.

"That's natural particularly after your first time and he did cum a lot in you," Marcia added.

"I'll say I have never felt so full anywhere in my body before. It feels so strange. I feel so violated but then again so wickedly erotic," Carol admitted.

"So are you okay with anal sex? Would you try it again or did it turn you off?" Marcia asked.

"I don't know right now I just feel so shameful. I'm glad I tried it but it's like breaking a taboo of sex," Carol replied.

I listened to the conversation between the two women as I lay in bed. Carol left the bed and went in the bathroom to shower. I stayed in bed with Marcia while Carol returned to her room.


The next three days it was raining and we never left the cottage as the three of us engaged in a marathon of sex. Carol had really opened up and she became very comfortable with oral and anal sex. I fucked her ass several times and she swallowed loads of my spunk as well. I even fulfilled my fantasy of fucking both Marcia and Carol in the ass as they knelt side by side on the bed. It was the most erotic thing I had ever done as I moved my cock from Carol's ass to Marcia's ass and then back to Carol's. As I was fucking Marcia in the ass I had my fingers in Carol's ass. I pushed my thumb into her rectum and my middle and ring fingers into her pussy. Then I switched, putting my cock in Carol's ass and my fingers and thumb in Marcia. When I came it was in Carol's ass with the first shot and then I moved my cock to Marcia's ass for the next. I continued to move my cock back and forth cumming in both assholes until I was drained of my seed.

Carol also enjoyed riding my cock while Marcia fucked her ass with the dildo. Marcia didn't care for the double penetration so she never put any of the toys in her while I fucked her. By the time I left for the base Marcia and Carol were worn out. Carol would head home a new woman and she was determined to get her husband back. It was hard for me to imagine that her husband would be able to find anyone now that would be a better sex partner than his wife.

That was a week that I never forgot in my life. The sex gods had to be looking out for me that week as I had never expected to hook up with one hot woman much less two of them. In three weeks I would be on the Greyhound Bus to New York City and my civilian life would begin. I still had no idea how things would turn out for me. I didn't have much money so I would have to get a job quickly and find a room to rent. I hoped that I could get accepted into a local college that offered evening classes. I planned to take advantage of the GI Bill and get my degree.

My buddy Ken, who joined at the same time I did, told me that I could stay at his house until I found a place. It would turn out that Ken's dad would help me get started with my new life but I was determined at first to be independent.


My civilian life begins and I learn there are many more women who will give up their ass. I will meet some of them in college, some at work and others in a singles group. My infatuation with the female bottom continues.

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