AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 07


"Oh my God, do it again. Lick my asshole; stick your tongue in there. Eat my pussy, tongue my ass, rim me, oh yessssss," she cried out and then added, "I'm all yours. Do anything that you want to me."

I let my saliva trickle down over her anus and pussy. I placed my mouth on her and drank up my own spit swabbing her pussy and ass in the process. I repeated this several more times until Astrid seemed to go into convulsions with her first orgasm of the day.

"Oh I loved the way you tongued my ass. It felt so wonderful," she uttered in an exhaustive voice.

"I loved doing it and it looked incredibly sexy as it glistened with oil. I remembered that you had douched and it looked so clean," I told her.

It was time for me to fuck her in the ass so I had her kneel on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. She put her head on the mattress and turned to the side so that she could watch. I broke out the lube and put an ample amount in her asshole. I fingered her ass and pussy at the same time.

"I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together," Astrid exclaimed!

If there was one thing I liked besides fucking a beautiful ass it is preparing an asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn't wait any longer and I had to get my cock in her beautiful ass. I removed my fingers and lined up the head of my cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. My cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from my iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly the large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Astrid let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my ample girth.

"Oh you are going to make me like this again," she gasped and shivered as I filled her fully and withdrew my penis slightly.

I felt her ass tighten around me and I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight ass until all eight plus inches were tightly packed up her ass. Astrid really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. I began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as I penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of my thick cock. Astrid was going wild as she loved the feel of my cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as my big heavy balls bounced off her clit. Astrid was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When I reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with another orgasm.

I continued to hammer her ass with long strokes then suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close. I began to piston my raging cock harder into her searing ass in search for my release, which also increased the intensity of her orgasm. She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the bed cover begging me to cum.

"Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass," she begged.

I felt powerful and dominant with my impressive dick stuffed up the beautiful ass of a sophisticated woman who could not get enough of me. Astrid knelt submissively before me on all fours as I towered above her like an animal with a strong sexual hold on her. I took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Astrid's ass. I did that three or four more times and then I let out a loud groan as I emptied my seed deep into her bowels. I couldn't believe how much cum I produced as my dick continued to hammer into her ass.

I didn't stop fucking her as my cock stayed hard. I knew that I could cum again so I kept at her ass. Astrid was groaning and whimpering as I drilled her ass. Soon she stopped moving but remained on all fours impaled on my cock. I could feel my previous load squishing around in her rectum and it was a bit of a turn on. I enjoyed watching my cock slide in and out of her curvy ass. I caressed her shapely buns as I fucked her and I loved watching them jiggle when our flesh slapped together. I felt another surge in my loins and within minutes I was shooting another impressive load into her ass. My body stiffened as I pushed my cock in as far as I could and shot ropes of semen into her rectum.

Astrid anal muscles involuntarily clenched around my cock and milked the semen from it. Amazingly I stayed hard as her muscles massaged my shaft and I slowly began to move my hips again. Astrid's body was almost lifeless at this point and she wanted to lie down but I held her by her hips as I continued to fuck her ass. I don't know how long it took me to cum a third time but by the time I did my thigh muscles were aching and cramping.

This time when I came in her ass we both collapsed and fell forward on her bed with me on top of her. When I was finished I pulled out of her ass as Astrid lay on the bed utterly spent. I slumped down next to her quivering body. I looked over at Astrid and I noticed my seed running out of her asshole. It was a very erotic sight as it seemed like and endless stream oozed out of her anus and down between her inner thighs. Astrid whimpered as she lay face down on the bed. I reached over and stroked her beautiful ass lovingly.

Thirty minutes had passed before either of us spoke. "I feel like I just had an enema," Astrid said softly.

"It feels like your cock is still in there," she said as she stroked her ravaged ass with her hand.

I reached over and caressed her ass as I thanked her for a wonderful birthday present. "That was the best present ever," I murmured.

"I'm glad that birthdays only happen once a year. I have to go to the bathroom," Astrid announced as she swung her legs out of bed.

I watched her walk into the bathroom and I again admired her shapely legs and curvy bubble butt. I noticed that semen was running down her legs but she didn't seem to care at the moment. Astrid was in the bathroom several minutes and then I heard the water running in her tub. She came back out and she looked drained.

"I need to take a long hot bath and soak my body. Do you mind leaving early today?" she asked.

"No I don't mind. I have plenty of school work to do," I replied.

"Thank you, I'll call a car to take you home," she offered.

I got out of bed and took a shower while Astrid called the car service. Then after I dressed I kissed her goodbye and left the apartment. I waited outside for the car which brought me back to the house. On the ride back to New Jersey I reflected on my morning with Astrid as it had been one of the most exciting and erotic experiences of my life. I thought that she might have gotten a little more than she bargained for which was probably why she asked me to leave early.

I spent the rest of the day at the house working on my class work but my mind often drifted back to Astrid and her gorgeous ass. I loved fucking her ass with her on all fours. I managed to get all my school work done which allowed me to have time on Sunday to finish up the management training assignment. It looked like I would time to go to the singles group meeting on Sunday as well.


I went out with Erica for the rest of the summer but it was mostly Sunday evenings after the singles group meeting and get together. One night Erica asked me to drive back to Renee's house. I thought that she might have been tired but I soon learned why. As we drove I looked at Erica as she shifted in her seat pulling her dress up showing more of her upper thighs and the elastic tops of her stockings. She smiled as she gradually opened her legs more giving me a glimpse of her inner thighs. Then she reached under her dress and removed her panties.

As I reached across the car seat Erica arched her back a little then spread her legs further apart, giving me access to her genitals. My fingers began slowly teasing her clitoris and then caressing the folds of her labia. My index finger pushed its way between the textured folds to pause over her sensitive bud and it caused an involuntary gasp to escape her lips as she felt the gentle touch. Her legs jerked slightly to allow my hand easier admittance to her vagina as I pressed my hand between her trembling thighs and gently kneaded the soft flesh of her slippery vulva. I continued to wiggle my finger about inside her juicy passageway before her groin started to clench and spasm sporadically. I could feel the warm fluid seeping from her aroused sex and I forced my hand harder against her cunt. Erica gave a muffled cry, clamping my hand between her legs against her pussy, as the orgasm slammed into her.

My arousal was clearly evident as the bulge at my pelvis was enormous with my dick straining at my trousers. As her orgasm subsided Erica couldn't resist reaching into my lap and squeezing the hardness beneath the fabric of my pants. She fondled my stiffened cock and then slowly traced the outline of her lips with her tongue. Erica reached for the zipper of my pants and tugged it downward, putting one hand inside the gap to retrieve my engorged organ. Then she slowly lowered her head to flick the top of my penis with her tongue. I released an involuntary sigh as the she took in as much of my cock as she could and then returned to lick the head, lapping away at a trickle of pre cum.

Erica continued sucking vigorously on the length of my shaft as my orgasm erupted. My hips jerked uncontrollably as I struggled to keep control of the car but she never released her grip. She swallowed all of my creamy discharge and when I eventually stopped cumming she pulled her head away. Some of my fluids dribbled down the side of her mouth but she quickly swiped it away with the back of her palm and licked it clean.

I pulled up in front of Renee's house minutes after cumming in her mouth. "I like having you drive," she teased.

"I think I do too," I retorted.

I got out of the car and Erica drove back home. What a ride that had been!

Another Sunday night in Renee's driveway Erica was sucking my cock in the car. As she was blowing me she pushed her slacks and panties down to her knees baring her ass and pussy. I played with her ass and fingered her pussy as she sucked on my cock.

She lifted her head up and said, "I wish you could fuck me in the ass tonight."

I asked her if she had any lotion and she dug it out of her purse. I had her lay face down on the bench seat in the station wagon. I prepared her ass with the lotion and my saliva. I pushed my trousers and undershorts down past my knees, lubed up my cock and got on top of her. It was tight quarters but I managed to get my cock into her ass and started banging her hard. Erica pushed up at me as hard as I pounded her. Soon we were both sweating and breathing hard. We made quite a sight if Renee should happen to look in the car window but we were past caring about that as we raced toward our mutual orgasms. As soon as my spunk filled Erica's ass her body went into spasm with her own orgasm. I lay on top of her keeping most of my weight off of her until we recovered. We cleaned up the best we could and then she headed home and I went into the house.

The rest of the summer Erica and I continued to date although it surprised many of the singles group since she was not a pretty girl. However they had no idea about our sexual encounters and how I loved fucking her incredible body. It was no more than sex between Erica and I and that made it less complicated. That would change later as Erica wanted more of a relationship but for now the sex was great. Every once in awhile Marilyn would press me to fuck her again and I did since she had a great ass and loved it in the ass. Marilyn then began dating another singles group guy named John so I cooled it with her.

Astrid remained an anomaly since my birthday celebration and I didn't contact her. I assumed that she needed more time to think about what she wanted from our relationship since I refused to move in with her. Linda made two more appearances and we had great sex in the motel. She was a great sex partner and I would always end up cumming in her mouth, pussy and ass. Then she got married and I didn't hear from her for quite awhile. When the fall semester rolled around I was only fucking Erica at the time which was fine with me as she was a great sex partner. I was looking forward to class in the fall and checking out the girls in my classes.

On another Sunday night after the singles meeting Erica and I were parked in the driveway again. I had removed her panties and had tow fingers buried in her pussy. Her cotton sweater was pushed up along with her unfastened bra over her firm luscious tits. I was sucking on her tits and nipples as I finger fucked her pussy. My pants and underwear were down around my knees and my rock hard cock was in Erica's hand.

We had done this often and managed to have sex without taking off our clothes. For some reason that night I wanted Erica completely naked in the car. So I pulled her sweater over her head and I removed the dangling bra from her arms. Then I unfastened her full cotton skirt and slipped it down her legs. Once she was completely naked I moved her over me to straddle my cock and it slid in easily when she lowered her pussy on it. I buried my face in her cleavage and sucked on her tits and nipples as we fucked in the car.

My hands moved to her shapely firm buttocks and I held a cheek in each hand as she moved up and down on my cock. Erica dismissed that fact that she was completely naked in the car as she was in pursuit of a massive orgasm. She screamed aloud when she came and her entire body shook and trembled. I held to her ass as she bucked on me and then she went limp in my arms. I felt her cunt flood with her juices and my cock seemed to be emerged in fluids. I had not cum yet so I resumed fucking her. Erica was still turned on and before long she was humping herself on my cock again. This time we both came and Erica covered her mouth in my shoulder to muffle her scream. I flooded her pussy and I could feel my cock surrounded by our combined juices.

I gave Erica the handkerchief from my trouser pocket so that she could stem the fluids leaking from her pussy. Erica got dressed and I pulled my pants back up. Then we kissed good night and Erica drove home. I loved fucking her in the car and she accepted it as we were both in the same boat. It was a rare occasion where I could have Erica in the house and only when Renee was away. Erica's employer or their children were always home.


That fall I was scheduled to take classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings again. This semester it was Accounting 101, Business Management 201 and Italian 101. I was required to take two years of a language and I opted for Italian since I had learned quite a bit when I was stationed in Naples, Italy. My pronunciation was superior to any of the other students.

Just before the fall semester began Renee was able to rent the other bedroom to a boarder. It was ironic because I was the one who actually arranged for the boarder. It was a Saturday and Renee was in the city. I answered the phone as I always did when she was gone and it was a young man inquiring about the room. I told him it was okay to come by and check it out. Then I called Astrid's apartment to speak to Renee. Astrid was still cool toward me but she passed the phone to Renee. She told me that if I thought the guy would be a good boarder to go ahead and close the deal.

Later the day I was working out in the basement area with free weights when the door bell rang. I didn't bother putting a shirt on over my sweaty body so I answered the door in just my workout shorts. There was a good looking young man at the day and he was the one who had called earlier. He introduced himself as Craig Wilson and I invited him in.

"Sorry, I was working out. I'll go put on a shirt," I said as I noticed Craig staring at my fit body.

"Oh don't do that on my account," he replied and I got the impression that he preferred that I stay half naked.

I showed the Craig the room and as I did I had the sense he was checking me out. I paid a little more attention to him as well while he looked around the room. He was about 5'6" and I guessed him to weigh no more than 150 pounds. Craig had sun bleached blonde hair that covered the nape of his neck and his ears. His body was slim and fit but he didn't look like he was 21 years of age. He wore tight chino slacks and my eyes drifted to his round ass. I mentally scolded myself for checking out his ass.

"The room is great. I'll take it," he said enthusiastically.

"Are you 21? Renee will only rent to you if you are at least 21," I asked.

Craig showed me his driver's license as prove that he was 21 years of age. I offered him a beer and then we sat in the living room and I went over the rules of the house with him. I also shared my experience as a boarder with him and he was pleased with the arrangement.

"Can I move in today?" he asked.

"Sure, I'll be here all day. You can move in any time," I told him.

Later that day Craig moved his clothing and personal items into the room and got set up. I gave him a hand bringing things in from his car. After he was settled he suggested that we go out for pizza on him. Craig drove to the nearby pizza place and we shared a pizza and had a few beers. Then we returned to the house. All the while I felt that Craig seemed to her some feminine traits and mannerisms and he seemed more pretty than handsome. I was pretty sure that he was gay but he never indicated that he was. I figured that I would find out in due time. We returned to the house, watched some TV together and then called it a night. Over the next several weeks I would learn much more about Craig and his lifestyle.

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