tagAnalAA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 11

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 11



It was 2:00 PM New Year's Eve day and the singles group had gathered at the bus depot to board the bus taking us to Vermont. Everyone was in a festive mood and looking forward to the ski trip. Most of the group was not skiers but they were looking forward to partying hard and maybe trying to ski. Erica and I were the most accomplished skiers in the group. She had learned in Germany and I had learned in Italy when I was stationed there. It was a five hour bus ride to the Vermont and the group would celebrate New Years at the lodge that night.

On the bus ride up hardly anyone remained in their seats. Everyone was standing, moving around and drinking. There were the traditional off color bus songs and people ad libbed their own lyrics. Everyone was laughing joking and having a good time. About three hours into the trip it slowed down and we took our seats. Then we finally arrived at the lodge. The place was about all-inclusive as it could get in Vermont. Everything except ski equipment rental was included in one price.

We checked in and I learned quickly that it was going to be nearly impossible to have sex at the lodge. The sleeping arrangements were dormitory style with the girls in a separate building. We all dropped our bags and made our way down to the bar. The bar was set in a large dance hall with plenty of tables and a huge dance floor. Our group found each other quickly and we pulled a number of tables together. Then we started drinking again and dancing. We partied all night until midnight and then we kissed and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Several of the girls slipped their tongue down my throat and one of them even grabbed my crotch as she kissed me.

The kissing and groping continued for several minutes and then we all paired back up with our dates. Erica and I stayed awhile longer but I was getting anxious to fuck her. We finally left and tried to find a place where we could have sex since it couldn't be in a bed that night. We walked around the lodge and then I thought about the bus. I located the bus and I went to the driver's window to press the button that opened the door. Then Erica and I boarded the bus and were we ever surprised. Some of our singles group had the same idea and they were already on the bus.

Erica and I stopped by the first row of seats and I saw three couples in other seats about three rows apart. John was sitting in the row closest to the front and his girlfriend Mary Beth was sitting in his lap. I didn't see any nudity but it looked like she was riding his cock. Susan was sitting in a seat and she was kissing Jake who had his hand under her sweater. It was difficult to tell what Rich and Peggy were doing since they were further back but what Marilyn was doing in the last seat was unmistakable. Marilyn was on all fours sucking Brian's cock while Steve fucked her from behind. Her stretch pants and panties were pulled down to her knees and her sweater and bra were pushed up to let her big tits hang free. I was surprised to see Brian there since he was dating Angela but then it was possible that they weren't having sex yet.

Brian's pants were down around his knees as were Steve's. It was unclear whether Steve was fucking Marilyn in her ass or pussy but knowing Marilyn it could have been either. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light coming from the parking lot lights I saw Rich and Peggy clearer. Peggy was now kneeling on the seat looking toward the back of the bus as Rich knelt behind her. It appeared that Rich was fucking Peggy as they watched Marilyn get fucked on the back seat. The three couples and the threesome seemed unconcerned that they were all having sex on the same bus. I felt my cock stir and I started looking for a good spot to fuck Erica. However Erica had other things in mind and she pulled on my arm to get off the bus.

"I can't do it with those people here," she whispered urgently.

"Why not? They're not going to pay any attention to us," I challenged.

"I can't I don't want them to know that we are having sex," she countered.

"Don't you think that they already suspect that we are?" I asked her.

"They might but I don't want them to see us, please let's go," Erica begged.

"Alright!" I snapped.

I was annoyed but I also knew where she was coming from. I wasn't going to give up however as my cock was throbbing most likely from a combination of watching all the lovely asses in stretch pants all night plus the sight of our friends fucking on the bus. I took Erica by the hand and led her away from the bus. I remembered that the brochure contained some pictures of horse drawn sleighs so I set out looking for the stable. Erica and I walked around looking for another building and as we did I kept fondling her curvy ass. Her ass looked great in her stretch pants and I just had to play with it.

We finally located the stables and found the door closed but it was unlocked. We entered the stables and we were greeted by the distinct aroma of a horse barn. A couple of the horses whinnied acknowledging our presence. I spotted the sleigh over to the side of the building and led Erica over to it. There were an ample number of blankets in the sleigh for the passengers.

"Come on let's get in the sleigh," I whispered.

"But what if someone comes in?" Erica asked nervously.

"No one is going to come in here but if we hear anything we can just hide under the blankets," I assured her.

Reluctantly Erica got into the sleigh and I got in behind her. I unfolded several blankets and pulled them over us after we removed our ski jackets. Erica came into my arms and our lips locked together as we embraced. My hands moved quickly under her sweater and unhooked her bra. Then I held her breasts in my hands and fondled them lovingly as we continued to kiss. I played with Erica's rock hard nipples and she was soon moaning. She always got turned on when I fondled her tits and toyed with her nipples.

I unzipped Erica's stretch pants and slip one hand into her panties. I fingered her pussy which was already dripping wet and then I located her g-spot. Erica humped my hand violently as she was extremely turned on. I pulled her stretch pants down to her knees and ran my hand over her shapely firm ass as I finger fucked her. Erica gasped into my mouth and I knew that she was close to an orgasm. I pulled her stretch pants all the way down her legs and then removed them along with her panties. Erica was beyond worrying about getting caught at this point as she was out of control with lust.

I pushed my pants and undershorts down to my knees and I guided Erica onto my cock. We had fucked like this before in her car so she knew exactly what to do. She lowered her pussy onto my cock as I buried my face in her cleavage. I kissed her tits and sucked on her nipples as she rode my cock. I pulled the blankets up over us to conceal our nudity should anyone come in the barn. Erica reached behind me and grabbed the seat of the sleigh and then she rocked back and forth on my cock. Then I felt her tense up just before she went wild on my cock.

Erica's body thrashed about and she buried her face in my shoulder to muffle her screams of ecstasy. I held her firmly by her hips as I tried to keep my cock from slipping out of her pussy. Erica groaned and moaned as her orgasm took over her body and I could feel my cock swimming in her cunt. I held still until she stopped moving and then I began to fuck her again this time in search of my own release. When I ejaculated into her womb I flooded her with my seed. My cock pulsated as six or seven streams of cum shot into her. I was so ready to cum that it had been a volcanic like ejaculation.

Erica remained seated on my cock and I felt the combined juices in her pussy leaking out around my pubes. I used one of the blankets to wipe us clean when Erica moved off my cock. I was still hard and normally I would have taken her ass again except that I had not brought any lube with me. Fucking her in the ass would not have been as erotic as normal since we would have done it under the blankets. I always liked watching my cock slide in and out of Erica's curvy ass when I butt fucked her.

Erica and I fucked again that night before we cleaned up, dressed and returned to our respective dorms. The second time I fucked her was in the spoon position as we sat in the sleigh. I loved the feeling of her firm buttocks pressing into my groin as we fucked. I walked Erica back to her building and kissed her good night although it was almost 3:00 AM. Then I started back to my dorm building when I thought about the people on the bus. I decided to check out the bus once more before I turned in.

I went over to the bus and just as I arrived; Steve and Brian were getting off the bus. I stepped to the side so that they didn't notice me and I waited until they left. Then I got on the bus to see if anyone else was still there. I was pleased to see that Marilyn was still on the bus and she was straightening up her clothes. She smiled when she saw me and spoke.

"Hey you, where's Erica?"

"Oh she went to bed earlier she was really tired."

"So what are you up to? Did you come back to see little old me?"

"There is nothing little or old about you. I watched you earlier and it got me thinking about your hot ass again."

"Well now that you are here why don't you take care of my hot ass for me? Brian and Steve took good care of my pussy and mouth but I could use a good butt fuck."

I moved to the back of the bus with Marilyn and she started to push down her stretch pants. She knelt on the back seat as I got behind her and lowered my pants to my knees. I reached under her sweater and found her bra still unhooked so I pushed her sweater and bra up to free her generous tits.

"Here don't forget to use this," she said as she retrieved some hand lotion from her purse.

I took the lotion and greased up Marilyn's asshole and then applied the lotion to my own cock which was rock hard at that moment. I spit on my hand and stroked my cock making it very slick. Then I eased my cock into Marilyn's ass as I had done many times in the past. This was more like it as I could watch my cock slide in and out of her nice round ass. Marilyn had a unique ability to massage my cock with her sphincter muscles and she drove me mad. In spite of cumming twice that night it did not take me long to shoot a wad into Marilyn's sexy ass. Marilyn had her fingers buried in her pussy and she managed another orgasm when she felt cum shoot into her rectum. When she came her hips undulated and she rotated her ass almost dislodging my cock. I held firmly to her hips as I rode out her orgasm with her.

My cock softened and slipped from her ass as I sat back on my heels. Marilyn and I pulled up our pants and straightened up the best we could. I walked her back to the dorm and then she kissed me good night. At this point it was 4:30 AM and I was ready to hit the sack. As she turned to go in the dorm she looked over her shoulder at me and slapped her ass.

"Anytime you want this it will be waiting for you," she said in a sexy voice and then she entered the building. I walked back to my dorm and crashed in my assigned bunk.

The next morning all of us missed breakfast as we were all either exhausted or hung over from New Year's Eve. As we took turns in the dorm like showers and bathroom I listened to the guys brag about their sexual conquests the night before. Brian and Steve spared no details about double teaming Marilyn but I kept my mouth shut about taking her ass. Then Rich, John and Jake boasted about fucking Mary Beth, Susan and Peggy. Each guy tried to top the other guy's story. Then they busted my balls about being too chicken to get on the bus with Erica.

"Just respecting her wishes guys," I said with a wave of my hand.

"So you didn't get laid last night," Jake said mockingly.

"Nope, just a little kissy face in the snow," I replied with a laugh.

We showered, shaved and dressed as the locker room like chatter went on. Then we all went to lunch and caught up with the girls. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all buffet style and we ate in a large dining area with community like tables. After lunch we went to the game room that was filled with game tables and spent hours playing games and drinking. We had our own pool tournament with couple's teams and then we had a dart tournament that ended up being hysterical.

Erica and I had opted not to ski that day as we were still tired from being up so late. We played games and drank until dinner time. Then it was another trip through the buffet line and then off to the dance hall. We all hung together that night dancing and drinking. At 10:30 PM cheeseburgers, hamburgers and fries were served. There was no shortage of food at this place. At about 11:00 PM Erica and I left the hall and made our way back to the stables. Once again we fucked in the sleigh and Erica was much more relaxed this time. In fact she was so relaxed that she let me fuck her in the ass while she knelt on the seat in the sleigh. She leaned over the back of the seat as I stood behind her and plowed her ass. I kept the blankets nearby in case I had to grab them and cover us. Erica was okay with being naked from the waist down and I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her very round curvy ass.

Erica and I returned to our dorms after another great round of sex. There was no need to go looking for Marilyn that night as I had thoroughly fucked Erica's ass and I was drained. Besides Erica and I planned to ski on Sunday before the bus ride home.

The next day Erica and I were the first ones to breakfast and then we hit the slopes. No one else opted to ski that trip but Erica and I enjoyed our time on the slopes that day. After dinner we boarded the bus and began the five hour trip back to New Jersey. The bus ride home was the complete opposite of the ride up. Everyone was trashed and some of them already had too much to drink. Everyone paired up with their dates in the seats and the bus was quiet.

The bus was totally dark inside except for the light near the bathroom in the back of bus. People were cuddled together and kissing or sleeping. Every once in awhile I would hear a groan or a gasp and I knew that someone had cum. Cocks were being stroked and pussies were being fingered under the ski jackets covering peoples lower bodies. I had my cock out and Erica was jerking me off as I fingered her pussy. My hand was down the front of her ski pants, inside her panties with two fingers massaging her g-spot. Before long the bus smelled of sex as the mutual masturbations continued.

Eventually we arrived at the bus depot and everyone departed for home. John gave me a ride back to Renee's house since he lived just a couple of miles away. It had been an interesting trip to say the least and I still laugh today when I think they called it a ski trip. The next day was Monday and it was back to work and back to school.


I had received my grades and I received and A and two Bs. My cumulative grade point was 3.9 and I was thrilled with my accomplishments to date. It was now 1965 and things were going well. I continued to work hard and study hard and yet I still had my fun. I planned to buy a used car that summer but for now I was content with my arrangement.

That February I received a break at work as I was offered a position in the data processing department. Back on 1965 it was called Data Processing then it became Management Information Systems; then just Information Systems or Information Technology as it is known today. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn computer programming but first I had to cut my teeth on the Electronic Accounting Machines commonly referred to as EAM equipment. I learned how to wire the plug boards and run different processing cycles on the equipment.

Later in the year I would learn the autocoder language for the first generation computers. It was a big break for me and I also received another pay raise. The best thing was that it expanded my career opportunities since I could work in any industry using computers. I would not be married to the insurance business as the jobs in DP were plentiful.

I continued to see Erica as she never pressed me about a longer term commitment. Still many guys didn't understand why I would keep dating a girl who was not that attractive when so many of the other pretty singles girls were available. They just didn't get it as Erica had one of the best bodies of any girl I had been with and she really liked sex. She was a great fuck, gave great head and best of all she took it in her beautiful ass.

I also continued to fuck Craig in his hot ass from time to time. I would fuck him in his room when Renee was not around and I still fucked him in the bathroom with the exhaust fan running while Renee was in her room. I still marveled at Craig's beautiful shapely ass with his hairless flawless skin. His ass was as nice as any female ass that I fucked.

Every once in a while I would still fuck Marilyn usually when Erica didn't attend the singles group meeting. Marilyn would give me a ride home from the bowling alley and then I would give her a ride in her car. Marilyn eventually got her own place and then we would have sex at her pad. She loved it in the ass and as long as I took care of her pussy she would give her ass to me.

My schedule was very full. It was work Monday through Friday and school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I still had the management training on Wednesday mornings and extensive reading assignments each week. Monday evenings were reserved for studies. Sometimes I would go out on Fridays but mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. I balanced my time on the weekends depending on my homework load but I always found time for sex. A week did not go by when I didn't have my cock in a beautiful upturned ass.

Spring Break was at the end of March with mid-term exams right before it. I decided to take my cousin up on her offer to visit her in California. Judy sent me a plane ticket and told me that a car would be at the airport to bring me out to her home. After mid-terms I took a couple of vacation days and made the trip to California. I had no idea what Judy had planned for me and I would have never guessed it in a million years.


I flew to LA after work on Friday evening and with the time change I arrived at 7:00 PM at Judy's home in Palos Estates. It was a beautiful home with guest quarters located above the garage. I met Judy's children and the housekeeper and then Judy showed me to the guest quarters. I unpacked my things and then rejoined her in the great room. The house was complete with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi which was completely enclosed by the landscaped back yard.

Judy and I chatted for awhile and drank some wine. When it was bed time for the children they said good night and then Judy suggested we go to the guest quarters. She grabbed another bottle of wine and we walked over to the guest room. The guest quarters were like a small apartment with one bedroom, a mini kitchen, bathroom and sitting room. It was very comfortable.

It was long before Judy and I were naked in bed and fucking our brains out. She didn't stay long however after we fucked but she told me that she would be back in the morning. I fell asleep quickly after she left that night and I slept soundly until morning when I woke up with my cock in Judy's mouth.

"Good morning sleepy head. Juanita took the children to the zoo today so we have plenty of time to play," Judy said and then she took my cock back in her mouth.

She then proceeded to give me one of her fantastic blow jobs. I was very turned on and I knew that I would blow my load quickly particularly with Judy's skill at oral sex.

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