tagLoving WivesAaron, Amy & Me

Aaron, Amy & Me


Procrastination always bites you and it was mightily munching on me this weekend. I had put off buying my lovely wife Amy her birthday present. I did, after all, have this weekend. That was what I thought until my client in Orlando had called with an emergency Thursday afternoon. I would need to go and deal with his problems and be trapped there through the weekend. Her birthday was Monday, Damn it.

Some good had come with it though. Amy had managed to find a couple days off and we had arranged for her to come with me. It had been a mad dash to get her excused from work for Friday and Monday, and for us to get ready to leave early on Friday. I'd just get her a box of chocolate and call the trip and a side trip to Sea World her present. Throw in a couple of touristy trinkets and maybe I'd be off the hook.

I'm not really sure what she did Friday while I visited Mr. Neverwrong. His problems were easily fixed and I was supposed to come back on Monday to talk about the proposed new sale. I hate having to be stuck over a weekend but there are worse things than being stuck with your wife in Orlando in the winter.

We had a nice motel complete with lounge and restaurant. The food was both good and convenient and there was the lounge. Amy wanted a dress up dinner, I favored jeans and a T but I always like to please Amy, so I stayed in my suite and let her dress up. I was glad I did. Amy looked good enough to eat and gorgeous enough to make a red blooded male consider going on a diet and foregoing dinner.

Amy is a knockout. I don't know how she keeps her figure but it's almost criminal to have such large breasts on a girl with such a trim waist. Her long straight chestnut hair falls to the middle of her shoulder blades. Her oval face highlights brown eyes that flash with mirth. Her full lips frame perfect gleaming teeth. She is always smiling.

Amy is my best friend. We can and do talk about everything. I would do anything for her and she for me, almost anyway.

One of my salesmen is a swinger and for the last two years he had been telling me about the joys of an open marriage. I have to admit that I was intrigued. For several weeks I thought about it and kept getting more and more excited.

He suggested that I pitch a 3 some with another man to Amy, to get her into it. That way if it didn't work for me emotionally, I couldn't take it out on Amy since she had just gone along. If Amy liked it, we could move on to the next step more easily.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I became about the prospect. I would love to see, my woman pleasured from a different perspective. I would love to help please her more than I could by myself. Once I had thought it over and decided that it sounded good to me, I had no trouble suggesting it to Amy.

Amy took a couple months adjusting to the idea and then it became one of our bed time games. Talking about having another man involved during foreplay really got her motor running. She liked the idea, it obviously excited her, but we could never find anyone acceptable. Either the consequences of being involved were too great or she didn't like my nominee. I made all the suggestions. She did all the rejecting but she kept assuring me that with the right candidate, she would love to.

For some reason, it never occurred to me that a trip away from home was the perfect place. I had no such thoughts as I took Amy out to dinner. We went to the lounge more because we didn't want to be trapped in the room watching reruns on TV than anything else. Amy is a much better dancer than I and she can go on forever, while a couple in a row and I'm ready for a drink and a break.

It was a little early when we got to the lounge. The band had just started to play and there were few people in the place. Amy and I, ordered a drink and settled in to enjoy the band. I looked around at the "crowd". There were three single men, two together and one alone at the bar, two couples and two women holding sway in one booth. Amy was, by far, the best looking woman in the place.

We watched the band and the crowd from the booth and sipped our drinks. The band wasn't bad but the crowd didn't pick up much. No one was dancing but then there were hardly any people in the bar to dance. Finally, Amy could stand it no longer and she stood up and took my hand. I have to admit to a touch of reluctance. I didn't like the idea of just the two of us dancing, but I could never refuse Amy.

I followed her to the dance floor and gyrated to a fast song, all the time knowing that Amy was such a knockout that everyone would be watching, and probably laughing at my feeble attempts at dancing. We applauded the band after the first song and danced another after which I was glad the third song was a slow one. I pulled Amy close and enjoyed the feel of her against me as we danced.

The problem was that after the third dance, I was ready for my third drink and a short respite. Amy was still going strong. As we headed for the booth I noticed the single guy at the bar watching us. It wasn't hard to understand why, Amy was gorgeous especially in her square cut dress that showed her cleavage and set off her trim waist. Amy noticed him watching her too and a slight smile lit her lips.

When I flopped into the booth, Amy bent down and asked me if I would mind if she asked one of the other guys for a dance. I had no sexual thoughts, nor any objections. The single man at the bar was more than willing.

I watched my wife lead the man to the dance floor. I'm no judge of men's looks, but I was sure he was a good looking man. He was also a much better dancer than I and it was obvious that Amy was enjoying her dance. The next song was a slow one however, and Amy broke it up and headed back to the table. She slid in across from me and we continued talking about how nice the place was and how good the band and what a shame it was that there wasn't more of a crowd.

The next song was a fast one again and Amy looked at me and stayed seated. She wanted to dance, I was happy to recover. The man caught her eye and Amy stood. She looked in my eye for a sign of disapproval and found none so she joined him on the dance floor.

I watched them dance the remainder of that dance and then the next fast one. When the third song was another slow song, the man turned to go. Amy caught his hand and said something to him before coming back to our table.

Instead of sitting across from me, she told me to scoot over and she snuggled in beside me. The man picked up his drink from the bar and came to sit across from us.

Aaron was a salesman, just like me and just like me trapped over the weekend. He was freshly divorced and not totally upset by being trapped in Orlando but he did miss being with his friends. We had much in common and he had a great sense of humor. We talked and laughed for an hour before Amy drug me to the dance floor. We danced three dances and then I was done, and Amy retrieved Aaron.

This time, she didn't hesitate to dance the slow dance with him. Aaron tried to keep it proper but Amy pulled him close and they danced cheek to cheek. I watched and smiled. I was proud of my wife. Proud of how she looked. Proud of her personality. Proud of how she would be effecting Aaron. I smiled again. The first inkling of what could come was tickling the back of my conscious but not really forcing the thought through to my expectations.

When the slow dance was done, it was my turn. I cut in on Aaron and danced two fast ones with her before the rotation repeated itself and the third was a slow song. We danced close and I noticed the flush on Amy's face. Was it the dancing? It was the middle of the song before Amy worked up the courage to talk to me.

"Do you still want to have a 3 some?", She whispered in my ear.

A surge went through me. My cock sprung in my pants and Amy giggled. It spoke before I did. "Yes. I'm sure."

"Really, really sure?"

I chuckled. "Yes!"

She said no more but her breathing picked up a notch as she swayed against me and brushed herself against my hard cock. She was obviously enjoying the sensation. She led us back to the table when the dance was done and then seated me while she went to "freshen up".

What do you say to a man who is about to fuck your wife and doesn't know it? Aaron sensed my frustration but we kept on talking until Amy came back and slid in beside me. She reached under the table for my hand and led it to her thigh. I slid my hand up her leg and discovered fluffy pubic hair instead of soft cotton. I looked at her again and realized that her bra was also now residing in her purse and not on her body. I had just enough time to make those discoveries before the next slow dance started. Amy reached for Aaron's hand and led him to the dance floor.

They were dancing cheek to cheek for a few seconds and then I saw his feet stop moving as he pulled back from her and looked into Amy's eyes. Aaron looked at her for a few moments and then went back to cheek to cheek as they began dancing again As I watched, it was obvious that they were having a quiet but animated discussion. By the end of the dance, Aaron's hands had slipped lower, cupping her ass and there was a dreamy smile on his face. Amy was giggling and obviously walking to cover his "problem" as they came back to the table.

Amy had a big smile on her face and a flush to her cheeks. "It's time to go, Hun." She winked at me. Aaron was looking at me with a strange look on his face. I just smiled at him and nodded my approval as I felt the flush of excitement on my face.

The three of us were the image of decorum as we left the lounge but once in the parking lot, Amy paused and got the three of us in line. She put an arm around my waist and another around Aaron's. She looked into my eyes with a strange look and then kissed me lightly as Aaron and I guided her toward our room. As she broke the kiss, she mouthed a "Thank you" to me and then kissed Aaron.

A flash of emotion went through me. It wasn't anger, it was part excitement, part pride because I knew what wonderful kisses Amy gave, it was part desire and finally there was a touch of fear.

I was afraid of losing Amy. Afraid that she would love someone besides me. Afraid that we were changing our lives in a way that would ruin our life. I was also afraid of myself. Afraid that I would feel anger when I saw the sight I had been begging to see, her lips around his cock. Afraid that I would be unable to perform in front of an audience.

There was little time to think those emotions through, only time to feel them as Amy led us toward the goal I had set. Her lips broke from Aaron's and met mine. My wife was drunk, not on alcohol, but on lust! Her hands squeezed my butt and I was sure Aaron's on the other side.

I felt Aaron move his hand from her waist to cup her right breast. Amy sighed and broke our kiss, her eyes clouded with desire. It was just as well that the kiss broke then because we were one step beyond our room.

As I fumbled for the key, Amy melded herself to Aaron. His hand played with her breast through her dress as her hands pulled his butt tight against her. I watched the kiss and inserted the key into the slot with trembling hands. My breathing was fast and excited. I felt the heat of desire rising in me.

Amy heard the door open, and fairly pulled Aaron into the room, pushing me before her. I had to turn to close the door and before I could fully lock it, I heard the sound of fabric. When I turned around I saw Amy's dress flying toward a chair. She was standing before us naked, except for her shoes and jewelry.

The shoes were gone in two rapid kicks. I could see the excitement in Aaron as he took one step toward my wife.

"Oh NO! I want you two naked. I want you naked NOW!" Her voice was commanding but heated. She was taking control.

There was nothing but flying clothes for several seconds as the two of us shucked clothing as fast as we could. Male clothing flew and mingled as neither of us was as careful with our clothing as Amy had been. The scene might have been comical for a disinterested observer but none of us were disinterested.

Amy's eyes were watching the scene but she was definitely interested. I did not feel slighted that her eyes were on Aaron. She had seen me naked many times before. The sight of Aaron was fresh and new and exciting. I watched my wife. Her eyes lit and I knew that Aaron's cock had sprung from his pants.

I glanced in his direction and noted that we were both about the same size. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amy step one step closer and her hands reached out. One hand circled each cock as she pulled us toward the bed. She led us the few steps it required and then she sat on the bed and drew the two of us closer.

My eyes watched her face as her lips moved to Aaron's cock. Slowly, almost languidly her tongue reached out to lick the juice from the head of his cock as her mouth opened and she slowly sucked him into her throat. Her other hand was stroking my cock as her eyes fluttered in excitement. Closing, opening again. Her mouth sliding over his cock. My eyes watched as my cock pulsed in her warm moist hand.

Then she pulled back from his manhood and moved her head to me. I watched her lips caress me. I watched the obvious excitement in her. Her lips slowly slid down my dick and then back to the head before repeating the process. My hand reached out to stroke her cheek. As she pulled her face from my crotch, she momentarily came back to reality. Her eyes locked on my face and I smiled. There was a relieved flash across her face as she moved back to Aaron's cock. A groan escaped from Aaron's lips as I saw his eyelids close before I looked back to my wife's mouth. Her hand was caressing his balls as she sucked. Her other hand on my cock, stroking softly. Aaron was lost in the moment.

There was another flash of emotion through me. Pride in her skills and for the first time, knowing that someone else knew how good she was., excitement, desire, lust, other things but the fear was gone.

When her lips released Aaron, my hands reached for her and pushed her down on the bed. The two of us were not far behind. Her hands refused to release our cocks.

Aaron kissed her deeply. I could tell that their tongues were dueling. My mouth moved to her breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Amy jumped as my fingers found her pussy. Slowly I inserted a finger into her. Her pussy was a swamp! I had never seen her so wet, so excited. My touch had never made her hips buck like they did as I touched her clit.

Amy was moaning through the kiss and I felt Aaron's hand on her other breast as I kept sucking. I kissed lower, pulling my cock out of range of her hand as she reluctantly let go. I felt Aaron's mouth move to her breast. My tongue licked her belly button as she gasped and thrashed under my fingers in a monumental orgasm. I stroked slowly as she returned to reality.

Her hand found my hair and gently pulled me back to her mouth. Her lips met mine in a deep passionate kiss. Her hand found my cock again and pulled me higher. I took the hint and moved toward her mouth. "Aaron, fuck me. Please! Now!"

The words rocked me but I was excited. I knelt by her face as I watched him move between her thighs. Her legs opened wide in welcome to the stranger as her hand guided his cock to her entrance. I placed the head of my cock at her lips and felt her suck me in.

I had never seen my wife so excited, so turned on, so supercharged on sex. Amy was lost in a primal force. Aaron must have been feeling the same. He slammed himself into her in one thrust and Amy bucked back, thrashing to his hard fast rhythm as she sucked me.

Aaron was beyond control. He fucked her hard and fast but exploded in only a few thrusts. Amy moaned in excitement at his orgasm, and then in despair as she felt him shrink and slide from her. He moved from her and I took his place. I slid into her warm creamy interior slowly. The combination of their juices exciting. She had never been so slippery. I fucked her more slowly with the movements I knew she liked best while she pulled Aaron upward to kiss him as I fucked her. Her legs were wrapped around my back as I matched the thrusts of her hips and watched while she kissed Aaron and then pulled on his cock to bring his slimy member to her mouth. She slowly sucked his softening cock clean while I fucked her and then she bucked and thrashed under me.

The grasping feel of her pussy muscles pushed me over the edge and we exploded in mutual orgasm. When the waves passed, I flopped beside her. I was aware that Aaron had withdrawn his once again rigid cock from her mouth. Amy made no protest as he moved again between her legs.

She looked in my eyes as Aaron entered her once more. I saw that instant of welcome in her eyes as he penetrated her inviting pussy. Her arms reached out for me and pulled my face to hers. We kissed a strange soft, passionate kiss as this stranger rammed his cock into her and she responded. Responded but not with the passion she had shown before.

I was kissing Amy, our tongues dancing as she shuddered and came again, then yet again in long soft orgasms. There was a pause and then her kiss became more passionate again as the orgasmic wave again approached a large crest. I felt her returning the ardor of her thrusting friend and broke our kiss to watch her face. She bucked and thrashed as she came again in a monumental orgasm her face as contorted in pleasure as her body was in response to his passion. Then she and her lover both collapsed, spent.

I watched my wife's pleasured face as she struggled to regain her breath and composure. Finally she gasped, a whispered exclamation. "OH MY GOD!" She pulled one man against each side of her naked body and simply cooed for half an hour.

We all recovered and began to talk. We talked as friends of things other than the sex we had just shared. We laughed and didn't notice our nudity. Still we lay crosswise on the king size bed with a huge wet spot on the bedspread that we had not removed from the bed.

Amy chased us out of the bed and folded back the spread before inviting a man to lay on each side of her. The conversation continued with Amy laying on her back and a man on his elbow on each side looking into her face. We talked and laughed, becoming the best of friends. The conversation went on for another hour before I noticed Amy's hand finding my cock and slowly stroking it back to life. My hand found one beautiful breast while another hand covered her other one.

The conversation paused and then I heard Aaron ask my wife, "Amy, can I fuck you again?"

Amy wiggled her hips and turned her head to kiss him. She gave no other answer. I watched and when they finished, I took a turn as well. I had to laugh softly, Aaron had collapsed and fallen into a sound sleep.

Aaron was snoring softly as I lay beside my wife and stroked her face. She kissed me softly and then looked into my eyes. "Thank you honey. That was the most incredible experience I've ever had."

I smiled and kissed her.

Her eyes looked into mine. "Are you sure you're OK with it?"

I smiled and thought about it. I had never been so turned on before. Never been so satisfied. Never felt so proud. I had a new friend and I was not jealous in the least. I loved my wife even more. "Yes, I'm sure. It was so wonderful. I loved seeing you so pleasured."

She kissed me. "Damn, why did I wait so long?" I said nothing as she snuggled into me and fell asleep.

As sleep claimed me, I could only wonder what the morning would bring. I could only hope that these feelings would go on and that the night was just the start. I was sure that Amy had found her experience beyond her expectations.

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