tagFetishAaron Convinces Felicia to Try This

Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This


(Thanks again to all my readers, especially with the rewards you have provided in the form of Literotica's nominations for consideration as the author with the top Fetish category story for both June — Modeling Her New Toy for Him — and September — Helping Sela Has Surprise Benefits — during 2010. Those two stories, and most, though not all, of my stories are told from the female perspective because, well, it is such an unexpectedly rewarding intimate encounter when a woman fortunate enough to find a man to bend over and surrender to her discovers the eroticism and satisfaction that strapping in and taking her pleasure in this way provides.

(But there have been multiple inquiries from male readers asking how they might bring this up with their female partners. It's understandable that a man would worry about his lady's reaction to a request that she don a strapon dildo and fuck him in the ass with it. In this story, Aaron has exactly this fear, and with good reason. He manages to succeed with Felicia, however, and the story, I hope, can provide some ideas about how a guy could bring the topic up, including some specifics that could easily apply with any female lover.

(So, men, perhaps Aaron's tale will prove both stimulating and useful! For the female readers: Those of you fortunate to already have a man who trusts you enough to have you take your pleasure with him at the end of your strapon, I hope this story rewards with the physical and emotional satisfactions Felicia experiences as mirrored in your own encounters. To those women who haven't yet known the sublime satisfactions of this different yet intensely arousing way to play with your guys in ways they don't yet know will drive them crazy, maybe some of the things Aaron guides Felicia through as he orchestrates her introduction to taking his ass might work with your men.

(You will never know if you don't try . . ..)


It wasn't something Aaron was ever going to ask a buddy for advice about. No way. He could just see Kevin's or Hank's or Cory's expression.

"Holy shit, Aaron! Are you freakin' kidding me?" would be the response from any of them.

But none of them had a clue, Aaron was sure. None of them had ever gone to bed with Kelly, the outrageous redhead he'd dated for six months long before he'd met Felicia. Kelly was wild but strictly short-term, which was fine with Aaron, who was not at a place in his life then to be looking for long-term. Kelly also had no pretense that anything between them would go further than simply a good time.

But she focused hard on the good times. Especially that night she convinced him to let her lube up her finger and slide it up his ass while she gave him a blowjob.

Aaron still got a hard-on just thinking about it.

But thinking about it only meant that the next, inevitable thought would be about what she convinced him to do a couple of weeks after that.

God, her strapon had felt so damned good sliding inside him. She knew how to do it, too — told him that she perfected her technique on a little blonde that had a crush on her in college. Kelly had whispered this confession through labored breaths as she stroked her strapon into his willingly offered asshole the first time they'd done it in his apartment.

Damn! That first time! Knowing how incredible it felt when she fingered him, Aaron's initial worries about surrendering his virgin bottom to her strapon were no match for his horniness to have her do it to him.

Kelly bent him over the arm of his sofa while she fingered his asshole, spreading the lube.

"Yeah, Aaron. It's gonna feel really, really good. I'm good at this. You're gonna love it, I promise."

Then the feel of her strapon tapping at his slippery hole.

"Grab one of the pillows, Aaron. It's okay to moan into it when I fuck you."

Then she pushed it inside. Slowly. The sensation of being filled up was . . . what? A little pain? Maybe, but Aaron really couldn't remember any pain. Embarrassing? If it was, it sure didn't last long. Weird or perverted? That idea weakened with each sublime inch of penetration, gone completely when the last millimeter of Kelly's strapon was buried inside him.

Good? Yeah, really, really good, just as she promised. It was so different to be the one who opens up and takes his partner inside, knowing that it gets her off to fuck him while he's totally loving the sensations she creates as she does it.

"Shit, I love doing this," she had whispered. "The other end of this strapon is in my pussy, hitting just the right spot when I fuck your asshole, Aaron. Does it feel good to you, too?"

He began to back his ass into Kelly's thrusts.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like it. It gets me off knowing you like it."

Then she draped herself over his back and shared her secret, whispering into his ear.

"I learned to like strapon fucking with a girl I was with for a few months. She loved it in the pussy. Then she learned to love it in the ass."

That just about caused Aaron to come. Somehow he held back, wanting Kelly to climax before he had his own orgasm.

"But I love doing it to guys, too," she said, her words coming out in a throaty rasp. Aaron could tell she was getting close, but her words distracted him.

How many guys had she fucked like this?

"Moan for me, Aaron. I love hearing it. I love knowing I'm making you feel good by fucking you like this."

He was getting close, too. Aaron put all distractions away from his mind and concentrated on the exquisite sensations Kelly's strapon cock was creating inside his ass.

She levered up from his back, grabbed his hips, and began grinding against him, pressing up and down in order to cause the end of the dildo inside her pussy to connect with her G-spot in a way she knew would get her off.

What that did inside his asshole was mind-blowing. She was nudging her fake cock repeatedly against his prostate.

"Oh, god," he panted, "oh, damn, Kelly! What the hell are you doing?"

She tightened her grip on his hips.

"Exactly what we both want, Aaron. I'm doing exactly what's gonna make us both come."

He squeezed his eyes shut, buried his face in the pillow and let out a rumbling groan as he shot powerful jets of cum from his steel-hard dick. Kelly drilled the strapon deep and held it there, shuddering through her own intense climax before collapsing against his back.

How many times had he fantasized about that strapon fuck and the two others Kelly had given him before she took off for Vancouver to work as a make-up assistant or something for a film being shot there? Aaron didn't know the exact number of times he had replayed those incredible scenarios in his mind, but he knew that whatever the number was, it was exactly the same number of orgasms he'd given himself as he jacked off to those memories.

But now, two years later, Felicia was his fiancée, and their sex life --- while great --- had not yet included even the first caress of his puckered opening, in spite of his eagerness to share this intimacy with the woman he knew he'd be with for the rest of his life.

How can I bring this up? Aaron thought. What if she thinks I'm a pervert or something?

It was driving him crazy. They should be sharing any kind of sex they both enjoyed, each being happy to make the other feel good.

This shouldn't be so damned hard!

But it was the most difficult thing he could imagine after what happened with the first girl after Kelly.

Breanna. Gorgeous. He'd actually gone out with her a couple times while he was seeing Kelly, knowing that Kelly was happily unserious about a relationship. Things progressed with Breanna, and — dammit! — he had blown it with her completely by asking if she'd slide a finger inside his asshole the very first time she gave him a handjob.

"Eeeewww! That's gross! Are you kidding?"

Aaron's erection wilted immediately with those words, and he quickly tried to make things right.

"No, Breanna! Really. It's not-"

"Not normal," she spat back, quickly wiping off of her hand the lube she'd been using to stroke his cock. She retreated to her bathroom, grabbed a towel to hide behind, and then returned to the bedroom to stare at him in disbelief. "I don't date pervs," she had sneered as she stood behind the opposite side of the bed, glaring at him. "Now get out!"

Hastily scrambling into his clothes, Aaron had slunk from Breanna's apartment like a mangy cur that's just been chased away from an angry farmer's garden. He couldn't erase the image of her face as she assessed the depravity of his sexual request.

To have experienced such totally opposite reactions from two women to the idea of finger-fucking a guy in the asshole meant he became enormously anxious about ever bringing up the idea of ass play again with a bed partner.

What Kelly had done to him, though — the way she had introduced first the notion of fingering his ass while she sucked his cock then moved on quickly, with his eager participation, through two fingers, a small butt plug, and then her strapon, was masterful in creating his impatience to see her strapped in, the dildo sticking up from her crotch as she smiled at him while standing next to the bed, both of them knowing what was going to happen next.

But Aaron knew Felicia was not in that head space, was not someone who had even thought about fucking a guy in the ass with a strapon dildo.

Which meant she had not thought about doing it to HIM. With Breanna's reaction so indelible in his memory, his anxiety was off the scale when he thought that Felicia's reaction might be similar. But with Felicia the only woman with whom we would make love from now on, he was desperate to have her accept the pleasure they could both receive when she donned a strapon dildo and rode him to thoroughly satisfying orgasms for them both.

Anxiety or not, one thing Aaron knew for sure: he was going to have to bring Felicia around to an enthusiasm for strapon man-fucking if he were ever to be treated to the sight of his gorgeous fiancée, all 5'8" of her lithe body and beautiful face framed by the silky, chestnut hair he loved to run his fingers through, strapped into a dildo, the stiff shaft jutting from her crotch as she smiled at him, crooking her finger in a motion that meant, "Here. Now. Bend over. I can't wait to fuck you."

How was he going to make that happen?

Aaron had surfed the web, looking for sites that might have information about this, suggestions for how a guy could introduce his girl to the idea in a way that would ensure she wouldn't be turned off. The fiasco with Breanna meant he knew one way NOT to do it. He wanted more than mere toleration of the idea, though. Aaron wanted to do this in a way that would guarantee that Felicia would be incredibly turned on by the thought of fucking him in the ass with a strapon dildo.

The sites and the blogs and the discussion boards he came across, however, seemed to have descriptions and conversations that made it clear the lucky couples were already past the point of accepting strapon fucking as a way to make love. There seemed to be precious little advice to men who wanted to know how they could get their women to try strapping into a fake cock and using it to create crashing orgasms on both ends of the inventive toy.

The other problem was that so much of what existed on the web or for purchase on DVDs was a female domination approach to the act — "Who's the bitch, now?" kind of stuff that was nowhere near what Aaron wanted between him and Felicia. His introduction to the act at the end of Kelly's strapon was great because it had NOT included any BDSM kink AND because Kelly truly got off on how erotic, arousing, and satisfying it was when she fucked him, something that turned Aaron on incredibly.

The woman being hot to fuck the man — that was always one of Aaron's big turn-ons. Layer on the erotic thrill and the psychological charge of the horny woman as the one who is going to penetrate the man, and . . . well, Aaron's introduction to this amazing route to sexual pleasure had hooked him immediately. The fact that taking a strapon had also given him new and intensely pleasurable sexual sensations made him even more eager to bring Felicia around to the idea of adding this kind of sex play to their lovemaking.

The mere idea that "erotic, arousing, and satisfying" sex with Felicia could eventually include occasional strapon play — well, that would be more than perfect.

Then, totally by chance, he and Felicia went to a movie one night, an innocuous, PG-rated feel-good story about a small-town girl with a big-time voice quitting her dead-end waitress job to head for L.A. and her dream of stardom. The small-town girl wound up on stage in a burlesque review, but the surprising thing to Aaron was the scene in which she accepted the advances of the good-guy burlesque bartender. Though brief, this movie had several seconds of the bartender's naked butt on display as he sauntered back into the bedroom in his apartment.

It seemed, at least, an opening to probe for Felicia's potential interest . . .

"It was an okay movie, I guess," Aaron ventured as they drove through night-time traffic back to their condo. "She really can sing, that's for sure."

"Yeah, the production numbers were pretty well staged, but I wonder if there really are any of those kinds of clubs in L.A.," Felicia answered, looking out the window and through the damp mist that had settled over Seattle.

"Kind of a cheesy plot, but I guess that's okay for an underdog-wins-in-the-end movie, huh?"

"It's make-believe, babe, but I think it accomplished its goal," Felicia said with a small smile as she turned toward him. "We got to root for the good guys against the greedy real-estate speculator, and the girl got her guy in the end, too."

What will you REALLY think about a girl getting her guy in the end? wondered Aaron, noting Felicia's unintentional double-entendre.

God, I really want you to want to fuck me, baby, he thought.

Then Aaron decided it was time to begin trying to make that happen. He had missed the opportunity once before in this situation when Felicia begged him to go see the second installment of the cinematic version of the cable series about thirty-something gal pals living la vida loca as liberated women in the Big Apple. That film had included a scene in which a male hearthrob had bared his ass in what became an oft-quoted highlight of the film (at least, according to Felicia, who related that her girlfriends were quite impressed with the man's body, handsome face, and — specifically — his, "sexy ass").

Aaron decided it was time to quit agonizing over whether Felicia would ever be willing to fuck him in the ass with a strapon and start doing things that could make it happen. He would not miss an opportunity like this again.

"Well, I guess we could see it coming," he ventured slowly, watching out of the corner of his eye for any reaction from Felicia, "but the director did a good job, I think, of keeping things playful between the two of them when they went to bed the first time. Did you like that scene?"

"Ummm, yeah, I guess," Felicia answered. "It definitely was corny in spots, though."

"Had to keep the PG rating intact, I suppose," Aaron answered, nervous about what reaction his next statement would bring. "But I'll give it to the guy — he had a great body that the director was featuring even though those set-ups to keep his dick hidden were really contrived."

Felicia was silent for a few seconds.

Is she replaying the scene in her mind? Aaron wondered.

"Well, since you brought it up, I'll have to agree with you," Felicia answered with a hint of tease in her voice.

"Agree about what? The goofy snack box hiding his crotch or that you liked the guy's body?"

Aaron put his own hint of tease into the question.

"What do you think?" she answered, nudging him on the elbow.

"Felicia, if it turns you on to see a hot guy get naked on camera in a movie we're watching, then I'm happy you like to see it. And so," he continued as they eased through the nighttime mist which had now grown closer to being fog as they neared their condo, "I mean it when I say that I hope you enjoyed seeing the guy's naked butt as he walked into his bedroom in that scene."

Step ONE launched successfully, Aaron thought, congratulating himself for a brief moment before becoming anxious as he waited for Felicia's reply.

"Ooooh, permission from my fiancé to enjoy seeing a really cute, naked male butt," she answered, the tease now becoming more pronounced in her voice. "Are you jealous?"

At least the conversation was still open. She was inviting more discussion. And she was having fun.

This could go really well, Aaron thought hopefully.

"Depends," he said noncomittally in answer to her question. "I've never for a second been jealous that you're seeing guys totally naked in the pornos we watch sometimes. And, yes," he said pre-emptively, raising a palm to short-circuit her next playful question, "even when the guys have great bods and big dicks."

As they waited for the parking garage gate at their condo to retract, Aaron turned to look at Felicia, happy that she was smiling, waiting expectantly for more of his confession. "But even in a mainstream film like we just saw, where the guy is . . . I don't know, more of a 'real guy' somehow, it's still kinda hot knowing you liked seeing his naked ass, as long as you're not rushing off to Hollywood to track him down solely for the purpose of convincing him to let you grab it."

They pulled into the parking garage of their condo, and Aaron waited expectantly for Felicia's reply as he maneuvered the car into their parking spot.

Felicia undid her seat belt, leaned over to him to place her hand on the back of his head and run her fingers through his hair. "Yeah, I like to see great male bodies on handsome men, and, yes, I very much enjoyed seeing what's-his-name's naked ass in the movie tonight." She looked at Aaron in what he knew was a prelude to a kiss. "But, baby, the only naked male butt I want to grab is yours."

After her kiss, he mustered all the sincerity he could while still trying to keep things light, and said, "Ummm, I wish you would grab it more often. I love keeping you happy."

Felicia leaned back from his face a few inches and grinned. "An open invitation?"

"Just say the word, and my naked ass is yours," he answered.

You have no idea how literally I mean that, including the 'open' part, Aaron thought as he grinned back at Felicia.

* * *

So Phase One of his plan unfolded of its own accord, no forethought on his part to make it happen. Thank goodness I took advantage of the opportunity, Aaron thought, as he listened to Felicia's soft, regular breathing as she slept next to him. They had made love that evening after she had giggled and told him to turn around and show off for her, like the guy in the movie had done. Now, he wanted to ensure a quick follow-up to his fortunate first step along a path he hoped would lead to his beautiful Felicia strapped into a dildo and lubing it up in preparation for her first experience of being the partner with the cock that penetrates her lover.

What should Phase Two be, Aaron wondered, and how soon can I make it happen?

As with Phase One, Mistress Fate, it seemed, was on Aaron's side.

They were shopping the next day at the health foods grocery they went to for certain items, and the store had a special running on all vitamins, supplements, and beauty/health products. Thinking he'd check for "natural personal lubricants" or something — not one of the things they'd yet investigated here, having bought such lubes and toys and DVDs online where such purchases felt more anonymous — Aaron perused the aisle while Felicia was off with the cart at the meat counter.

Yes, he did find a personal lubricant (gotta love those marketing euphemisms, he thought), and it would make for fun sexplay between them. (Nothing on the label, obviously, about suitability for anal play, he noted without surprise, but it does say that its natural plant-based ingredients make it safe for use on any part of the body.) But two sections over, in the soap and shampoo display, was an organic aloe soap which the store's little ad display said created a slippery smooth, lotion-like lather.

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