tagIncest/TabooAaron's Apples Ch. 05

Aaron's Apples Ch. 05


Waking up Virginia Berrybush rolled over to her back and reached for the phone on the nightstand. She was Careful not to disturb her sleeping son. “Hello, Felicity, you didn’t call me last night.”

“I didn’t get back until almost midnight,” Felicity Peacher answered. As the two women talked Aaron woke up.

“Well, can I come and visit you in a bit.” As she said this Aaron was straddling her chest and laying his cock between her hooters. Virginia quickly cradled the receiver between her shoulder and cheek so she could keep talking with Felicity as she used her hands to push her tit flesh tight against her son’s prick.

“I have to run an errand to the Country Club Plaza this morning. I should be back say at 12:30?” Virginia gasped slightly as Felicity said this as Aaron had started pumping full force in her titty canyon.

”well how about I come at 12:45,” Virginia said knowing Aaron was anxious for more sack time with her.

“Yes, I should be back by then, and we can spend the afternoon together.” They said their goodbyes and Virginia hung up the phone.

“Cream Mom’s titties. My boobs feel so-o-o good,” exhorted Virginia. Just then her valley filled with cum. Aaron rolled off hoping for more but his Mom vetoed that idea. Telling him that if they both got their chores done before they went over to Felicity’s house that when they got back they could make love with out interruption the rest of the day and night. Aaron did not like giving up immediate gratification but knew she was right. He reluctantly got up and got dressed as did his Mother.

Time seemed to creep by for the rest of the morning. Virginia had no plan in mind but wanted to see just how the three of them would react together in the same room. She laughed at herself as she thought of it being like a science experiment. She pictured everything from arguing violently to an orgy.

Aaron, for his part, was just realizing what his Mom had done. The thought of facing Mrs. Peacher in front of his Mom made him nervous. Would his Mom tell Mrs. Peacher to leave him alone? Or, maybe she was just punishing him by making him squirm in front of her friend. Perhaps, she just wanted to visit next door and it was all innocent.

Felicity was totally oblivious to the tension the Berrybush’s were facing as she had no idea that Aaron was coming; and, didn’t know that Virginia had told him that she knew about her and Aaron. She didn’t even know about Virginia screwing her own son. The time came and Virginia considered leaving her son at home.

But, she got a rush of curiosity and decided to go through with it. As Aaron timidly followed his Mom, watching her big ass sway, she assured him that they would not stay too long and they would have great sex very soon. Felicity let them in and the woman engaged in the usual small talk as Aaron paced the floor. He stopped in front of several pictures of a gorgeous blond girl in her late teens with enormous boobs. He had forgotten how good looking Candy Peacher looked. Of course, her nickname amongst the other kids was Canned Peaches. When they were young Aaron and Candy had played together but when hormones began to work overtime she refused to go out with them as she was a year older.

“You checking out our new pictures of Candy,” Felicity asked.

Ah, yes. But, I was wondering why I haven’t seen her around this summer?” asked Aaron still taken by Candy’s beauty.

“She is doing study abroad with “Up with People” and won’t be home until Christmas.” Felicity said with a note of sadness in her voice.

“I should have done it before I left home; Felicity you mind if I use the bathroom?” Virginia said as she left the room.

Felicity motioned her to go on. As soon as Virginia was out of sight Felicity grabbed Aaron hard and smashed her mouth against his sticking her tongue into his gullet Coming up for air and wrapping her fingers around his member through his pants she exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were coming, glad you are here, especially with that God Damn big cock of yours.”

Felicity passionately kissed the boy again. As he began squeezing her boobs he lamented, “Mrs. Peacher we can’t Mom will catch us.”

“Shit, you’re right! But at least get on your knees and give my ass a big hug.”

Just as her son got down on his knees behind the older neighbor lady his Mother walked back into the room. She walked in with out being noticed until she was less than six feet away from them. She didn’t know just what it was but when she was in Felicity’s presence rational thought left her head. She watched as Aaron lifted up Felicity’s skirt, giving her a brief glimpse of Felicity’s pink panties and a garter strap, as he buried his face in her ass cleavage. This sight blew Virginia away. Her nipples grew rock hard as her breasts swelled with excitement.

She quickly ran back to the bathroom and yanked off the panties she was wearing and pulled the black ones of Felicity’s out of her purse and put them on. She then snuck back to the living room. Felicity’s eyes were closed and she was grinding her ass in Aaron’s face as she stammered out, “Aaron, you better quit. Your Mom will be back in a minute. Come back tomorrow when you can worship my ass as it deserves to be worshipped.”

Not stopping, the kid replied, “God, you smell so good. Just a couple more seconds and I will quit.” But neither showed much sign of stopping. Virginia knew her mind had been made up for her. It would be an orgy, but on her terms.

Being quite as a mouse Virginia pulled her t-shirt and bra off and laid them on a chair. As Felicity was humping Aaron even harder and playing with her boobs through her shirt Virginia snuck closer until she was standing directly in front of Felicity. Rapidly Virginia reached around Felicity and put her hand on Aaron’s head and wrapped the other one around the grinding woman’s back saying excitedly, “Aaron, you can’t eat her pussy from that side.”

She felt both of them start to pull away. She forcefully pulled them back to her pushing Aaron’s face tight against her lady lover’s ass while keeping a tight rein on her. She pushed her tongue into Felicity’s mouth. When they came up for air Virginia continued, “Son, if you are going to kiss pussy you need this side.” Virginia let go of both of them and backed off just enough to grab Felicity’s shoulders and push on them until she turned and faced the boy. Aaron stayed under the refuge of the skirt lightly kissing the moist crotch of the panties in front of him.

He did not know what was happening but figured to wait for further guidance. In no time Virginia pulled off the other woman’s shirt and bra. Felicity was once again speechless as Virginia spoke breaking the uneasy tension, “OK, Aaron standup. I want both of you to come to the couch. If you don’t Aaron, I won’t be your Mommy Whore anymore and Felicity I will not only tell John about us but also about how you seduced my son.”

Dutifully and silently they followed her across the room. She stopped just short of the couch, facing them, and let her skirt fall to the floor, I came over to return the panties that both of us wore when Aaron fucked us.”

“My fucking God,” Felicity gasped while Aaron just gulped as he thought he liked what was happening.

Sitting on the couch Virginia instructed, “Now, both of you get down on your knees and come over and each of you fondle and kiss one of my boobies.” Both her son and friend had no trouble following this instruction. But, Virginia wasn’t much into giving instructions as she liked to let nature take its course, and boy did it. It was not long before the couch wasn’t big enough and the threesome was on the floor.

Virginia had no idea who took off her panties but was happy they were gone. The energy was building out of control as they ripped off the remaining clothes from Aaron and Felicity. With the boy laying between them kissing both sets of boobs they fingered each other’s pussys each pausing occasionally to tease Aaron’s cock. “Aaron, if I am your Mommy Whore then this is the Neighbor Whore. She is great in bed! Oh, yes Mommy likes the way you kiss her boobs. Make us your little fuck toys.”

Felicity got into the spirit of things urging, “Yes, Aaron, I’m ready! Go for it!”

“Fuck me now, you bastard; Virginia pleaded as she pulled Aaron on top of her, “Stick that fat cock in me. Come on, fuck me hard. Come my son of a bitch ram it into Mommy I’m your fuck doll Mommy Whore. What the hell is the matter with you Felicity get that cunt of yours over here and sit on my face so I can eat you while Aaron plays with those God Damn boobs of yours. God Damn it, slam your cock home baby.” She couldn’t say anymore as Felicity’s fuck hole was covering her mouth.

As Felicity smeared her juices onto Virginia’s face she leaned forward and kissed Aaron afterward giggling, “I guess that is one way to shut her up.”

Pausing only to eat light meals the threesome continued until midnight. The ladies allowed Aaron’s cock recuperative time by thinking of other clever things to do including letting him watch as they performed sixty nine on each other. Before the night was over Aaron had fucked all four of their holes and been deep throated by both of them. There was not a millimeter of their bodies his tongue and hands had not explored.

They awoke at six the next morning in Felicity’s bed. Virginia knew she had to get to work as she could not miss another day. But Felicity wanted to do one more thing with their boy stud. Felicity went to her special drawer and pulled out the large strap on and lubricant and handed it to Virginia. Felicity rolled Aaron onto his side facing her as Virginia secured the dildo in place and greased it down. “Aaron fuck my pussy while your Mommy fucks me up the ass.” Felicity had never been double penetrated before, so, knew only that she wanted to try but wasn’t sure if she would like it. Her neighbor boy was in first without difficulty. Since this was Felicity’s biggest dildo Virginia had some trouble shoving it up Felicity’s ass. The Neighbor Whore gasped in pain and pleasure as Virginia bottomed out. It took a couple of minutes but Aaron and Virginia finally got a rhythm going as they fucked their neighbor. All three of them reached gigantic orgasms. Virginia even felt like she had even shot cum out of the end of the dildo. Exhausted Virginia got up and showered and hurried off to work leaving her son and neighbor to snooze and make out until she got home secure in the knowledge that they were now tied in their fuck contest.

The three fucked like rabbits until John Peacher and Fred Berrybush got home Friday night. While both women found sex lives with their husband to be good they found they could not resist each other or Aaron. It seemed that when one or both husband’s were gone at least two, if not three of them were getting together. Things slowed down when Aaron went to Missouri University 125 miles away. But, they got good at sneaking time together whenever they could. Aaron was dating at college but looked forward to time with Mommy Whore and Neighbor Whore.

Thanksgiving was the worst as John and Fred were home for the entire time so that limited things more than usual. Thanksgiving is also when thoughts turned to Candy Peacher as everywhere he went in the Peacher home there was a picture of her. There were even two pictures in his own home. Besides, when they weren’t fucking Candy was all Felicity could talk about. He found she would be home for a month at Christmas, the same as him. He was really looking forward to Christmas break as John and Fred had to be gone for much of it and maybe Candy would pay him some attention. Overall, life was damn great as he had two experienced cock lovers whenever he wanted them and back at school a campus of the sexiest girls he could imagine. Oh yes, life is good!

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