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Aaron's Rod


Sabina stared at the ceiling, waited tensely. She closed her eyes and shifted uneasily; wiggled her butt on the cool leather of the padded bench. Every fiber of her being was keenly alert.

She was startled by the sudden hum of an electric motor coming to life from somewhere beneath her. The firm cushion wedged under her hips began its slow ascent, gradually elevating her pelvis higher and higher till the muffled humming stopped with a definite click. In the silence, her lithe body had been left stretched into a shallow arch, hips held impossibly high.

With hands bound high over her head, and opened legs pulled down over the far end of the bench, the sinews of her thighs stood out in rigid protest; her sex tightened -- already moisture was seeping from her tingling pussy.

Aaron well knew the effect the first tightening of the leather straps would have. As if in acknowledgment of their secret complicity, he smiled down at her; leaned over to bring his lips to hers. Sabina let her lips fall open in welcome as his tongue pressed its way in, and then they were kissing: a long, hard kiss that left her breathless. When he pulled back, her gently-mounded breasts were heaving; nipples stiffening with arousal. His eyes continued to hold hers, but the smile had now vanished, replaced by that masterly coldness she knew so well: the coldness that made her shiver, even as it warmed her hungry loins.

Sabina could do nothing but surrender to those steely eyes. She stifled a whimper, biting down on a curled lip at the first touch of the firm hand he placed on her uplifted chest. He let that hand rest squarely on her sternum before rubbing the palm slowly downward, pressing into the shallow valley spreading the pliant mounds of her tightly-stretched breasts. The warm hand eased straight down her front, down her taut belly, down the smooth tightly-drawn skin to the rise of her displayed pubic mound.

The splayed out woman closed her eyes. She gasped, sucked in a shivering breath of air as exploring fingers traced the slight rise of her softly-furred pubis. Now he was using just the pads of his fingertips; lazily sliding them down to sample her wet distended lips.

And when a single finger found its way between those netherlips, probing her depths, her hips reflexively bucked back, thrusting her soaking wet cunt into his cupping palm. A tiny whimper escaped her clenched jaws. Looking at her tightly-shut eyes, and coolly studying those passion-contorted features, he reached down to free his stiffening cock.

For a moment he fondled the soft folds of her sex in his hand, savoring her inner heat, the warmth of her moist vagina in his palm. Then he stepped up between her spread legs to press his stiffened cock up against the gaping pussy that sat so openly displayed, submitted as if in offering, just inches from his hips. Looking down on the stretched-out woman he began to move his hips, sliding his fully-erected prick up her wet slit, rubbing it up and down, so slowly, all the while holding her by the hips. Soon he was getting little whimpers from the woman whose eyes were clenched tight against the pleasure of the excruciating friction.

Tilted backwards, she couldn't see what her masterful lover was doing between her opened legs but she felt his prick withdraw, as splayed hands came up her inner thighs. Using his thumbs, he pressed back the fleshy gates, intent on seeking her pleasure button half-hidden under its cowl. Holding her open, he brought the head of his throbbing prick into light contact with her exposed clitoris. He moved, drawing tantalizing circles around the little pearl. Her tight whimpers broke into a moan, a full-throated open moan. Then she was tossing her head, loose hair whipping the padded cushion as Sabina endured the tantalizing tune that was being played upon her helpless stretched-out body; her toes curled with sheer pleasure.

And when he kissed her down there, her eyes widened at the unstoppable rise of a thundering orgasm. Her long lean body tensed, she yanked on her bounds; she whimpered like a hurt puppy. Then he was fucking her ruthlessly; pumping into her with powerful thrusts, pausing to hold himself deep in her depths and then slowly withdrawing; only to begin all over again. In this way he had the woman teetering on the very edge when he sped up his rocking rhythm to a furious sexual pounding. Aaron grunted, arched back on his heels, and held his erupting cock deep in Sabina, buried to the hilt, while she shrieked in triumph.

The End

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