tagGay MaleAaron's Summer of '77 Ch. 02

Aaron's Summer of '77 Ch. 02


" ... Aaron, there's some guy named 'Adam' on the phone, and he's asking to speak with you (?) ... "

" ... it's OK, Mom ... I'll take the phone upstairs here on the hall extension... thanks ...! ... "

" ... hi Adam ...!! ... "

"... heya there 'cookie' ...!! ... I tracked your phone number down from your Mom's prescription file ... hope you don't mind me callin' ya' at home ... (???) ..."

" ... no, that's OK, Adam ... I was thinking about you just now and am really glad you called ... "

" ... ahhh ... sweet, baby ... I was just thinkin' about you too 'cookie' and wanted to let ya 'know, baby ... Gerry, my mechanic buddy at Purvis was able to get my old Bonneville runnin' again ... he said somethin' about my carburetor needing some kind of adjustment and fuel line cleaning and then havin' to 'gap' a couple of spark plugs ... whatever the 'fuck' 'THAT' means ... all I know is that I'm now out a couple a hundred bucks ... "

" ... but hey ... at least I've got my wheels again ...!! ..."

" ... Aaron, baby ... I know today's only Tuesday and we're still gonna go out for dinner at El Paso's on Thursday, when I'm off ... but 'cookie,' wouldya' like for me to pick ya' up after work tonight and go parking with me out at the Lyn Pit ...??? ..."

" ... the old quarry is filled with deep water and is good for skinny-dippin' ... and it's private and quiet and beautiful at night ... my hairy dick's been thinkin' about your hot, little butt in my driver's seat, drivin' my old shitbox car ... and it's gettin' all hard now again just thinkin' about it ... it sorta, kinda seems like my dong has been doin' most of the thinkin' for me since the weekend ... "

" ... and ya' know, the back seat in it has never been properly broken in ... I think it's time it saw some action, outside of me jerkin' off by myself back there ... whatdaya' say ... can I come and get you after 9:00 when I get off tonight ... or wouldya' maybe come and meet me behind the store ...??? ... ¨

I'm smiling, while starting to get hard myself and respond, " ... sure ... yes ... absolutely ... you said after 9:00 ... right, Adam ...? ... I'll meet you there ... "

" ... sure did, 'cookie' ...!! ... am gonna' want ta' go back to my place and change first, though ... my grey suit needs a good dry-cleaning to get rid of the shot spots in the wrinkled, smelly crotch of my pants from the last time we were together and I'd sure like ya' to see me wearin' somethin' else besides it and my 'birthday suit' ...!! ... "

"... both suits work just fine for me, Adam ...!! ..., " I say.

He laughs the dirtiest laugh and then says to me, " ... the birthday suit, you'll get to see later, 'cookie babe' ... but for tonight, a pair of jeans and a clean, fresh tee shirt, so I can be comfortable and give you somethin' to picture me in until ya' get to see me ... I clean up pretty nice, ya' know ..."

" ... I'm sure you do ... but, no underwear though, Adam ... I like it when you go 'commando' just for 'me' ... "

Three seconds of stunned silence from him over the phone and then he lets loose with a huge laugh and says, " ... 'cookie' ... any more talk like that and I'm gonna hafta' go into the back here on break to give my big, hairy cock a chance to settle down ...!! ...'

" ... hah, hah, hah ... OK, Adam ... where will I meet you ...? ..."

" ... meet me behind Fullerton's just before 9:00, where I park my car ... I'm pickin' it up from Purvis Esso later this afternoon ... I never lock it ... so just hop into the old shitbox and wait for me to close up shop, OK babe ...? ... "

" ... or ... better yet ... and come to think of it ... yeah ... I'll leave my car keys under the floor mat for ya' ... remember to bring your learner's permit with ya ... I wantcha' to start it up for me ... you can drive me over to my place for me to get changed and then I'll drive us out to Lyn Pit so we can park some place private ... and, oh yes ... bring that tube of KY with ya' too, baby ...!! ... sound like a plan to you there ...??? ... "

" ... I'll be there, Adam ... bye ... "

" ... later 'cookie' ...!! ... "

I keep wondering why he keeps on talking about that dumb tube of KY ... (???) ...

" ... guess I'll figure that one out, sooner or later ..., " I think to myself.

After hanging up the phone, I head downstairs.

" ... who was that on the phone with you just now, Aaron ...??? ..., " my Mom asks me.

" ... Adam Blanchard from Fullerton's Drug Store, Mom ... you remember him from behind the counter there, don't you ...? ... "

" ... oh ... yes, I do ... I know him 'and' his Mother ... I like her ... a very nice lady ... she was very beautiful and so young when she got married ... I remember her from back then ... she's had her share of bad times ... but I respect how she managed to get through them. And she's done a good job with her son ... he's a decent, young man ... I like them both ..."

"... how did you ever come to meet him, Aaron ...? ...," she asks me.

" ... ummm ... well ... I went into the store the other day ... and we started talking ... and he was really interested to hear about my college courses ... then, later on that night I went for a walk and helped him out when his old car broke down on him ... "

"... he was calling to thank me for helping him again and said he wanted to thank me properly by buying and having me share a pizza sometime with him ..., " I say.

" ... he's in his late twenties, if I recall correctly ..., " my Mom says, while giving me a long and thoughtful, appraising look.

" ... I think he told me he was 27, Mom ... "

" ... your Dad and I know his Mom very well from the hospital ... she is Head of Housekeeping there and manages a staff of around 20 or so, I think ... she has done well for herself, after her husband deserted her and little Adam years ago ... I respect her and like her very much ... she is a good woman ...

" ... Mom... Adam offered to help me with driving lessons and said I could go with him in his car to practice with him, any time I like ..., " I say.

Another measured, thoughtful look from her and then she says, "... well that was very nice of him to offer ... but you'll need to talk to your Dad about that first, Aaron ... I assume Adam has insurance on his car and it's safe to drive and such ... but I'll let you and your Father and Adam discuss those things ..."

" ... come to think of it now, ask Adam when he is free for dinner sometime and I'll do up a roast of beef and an apple pie and he can come over ... I'd like to talk to him outside of the drug store and I'm sure your Dad would as well ... "

"... OK, Mom ... I'll find out from Adam and let you know ... and thanks ... he's a really nice guy ..."

" ... yes Aaron ... I know ... he's had a tough life, you know ... and he missed out on a good education when his Dad skipped out on him and Clarissa ... but he's done well considering, and he's always been respectful and very nice to me whenever I see him in Fullerton's ..., " she said, as her voice trailed off, getting lost in the quiet thoughts she was thinking.

" ... oh, and by the way, Aaron ... I want you to start thinking about your design portfolio and the appointment you have with the Head of Applied Arts at Algonquin College in Ottawa, coming up in five weeks' time. Even though you've been accepted for full-time enrollment, I want you to make a good impression ... you'll need to get yourself off to a good start when your classes begin in mid-September after Labor Day ... that will come before you know it, and you need to focus on that ..."

" ... yes, Mom ... I know ..., " I say.

" ... your Father will be home by 5:00 today, right after work ... you can talk to him about Adam and his offer for driving lessons then, Aaron ... and 'do' please remember to mention to Adam about dinner sometime soon, when you speak with him again ... "

" ... yes, Mom ... "

" ... and, oh yes ... I almost forgot ... Aaron ... your sister, Ariana called earlier and her husband wants you to continue working part-time in his paint and wallpaper store at the Thousand Islands Mall, right up to when you move to Ottawa ... seems you are popular with the retail customers that come in and have made some good sales for him ... he'll deal with the commercial painting contractors and you can deal with the customers who come in to the store ... I told her you'll need time off to find a place to rent, close to the St. Pat's Campus on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway in Ottawa ... that will need to happen very soon ... as well as getting you and me set up with a joint chequing account at the Bank of Nova Scotia on Elgin Street ... "

" ... I also told her that her husband, Nick will 'have' to pay you ... that even though he is having some troubles right now with his lease and paying his creditors, you are not 'free labor' and will need some extra spending money of your own for when you start school ... "

" ... and Aaron, sweetie ... just between you and me ... I know she is envious of you going back to school ... with the troubles she is having right now with Nick and money, she is jealous and that is unfortunate ... siblings should support each other ... but, she made her decision to marry him at 19 and it is Nick's responsibility now to provide for her and their children ... "

" ... I tried to tell her to wait ... now with two children and being 11 years older than you ... well, Aaron ... be kind to her ... even if she isn't to you right now ... do you understand what I am saying to you ...? ... "

" ... yes, Mom ... " I say.

The rest of the afternoon stretches on slowly, with me unable to think of anything else but being with Adam, when his shift ends.

Dinner is uneventful, with Mom and Dad discussing his day at work and how old our dog "Blackie" is getting to be now and how she is starting to slow up with hip problems.

After dinner, I go upstairs to my room to look once more for the fiftieth time through my portfolio to show the Design Head when I meet her on August 24th. I've done a few watercolour sketches for my own pleasure and some black and white graphic studies for letterhead and logos, that comprise the majority of what I want her to see. Also, I've been lucky to have had some of the customers at the store allow me to take pictures of some of their rooms, where I've suggested paint colours, wallcoverings and window treatments ... "

I remember what one Professor told me when I first went up to Ottawa to check out the program ... that Interior Design was much more than just surface embellishment and treatment of existing space ... in other words, it wasn't just decorating ... that the program I was entering dealt with interior architecture, structure and building detailing and construction ... compliance with building codes and encompassing a wide spectrum of disciplines that were not unlike what an Architecture Program student would experience in their first year.

I was intimidated with the prospect of having to deal with contractors and general laborers on job sites. But I knew this was something I just had to go for.

From the time I realized I was gay at the age of 16, I thought about what my future could be. When I started to work for my sister's husband at the Interlux Paint store, it all seemed to come together for me and I suddenly thought to myself, " ... well, Aaron ... if this is the life you are destined to live, you're going to turn it to your advantage and make money doing something you like and are hopefully good at ... " Hence, the decision to enroll in Interior Design at Algonquin College was cast in stone from that moment on.

It's close now to 8:35pm in the evening and I'm upstairs staring at myself in the full-length mirror in the hallway, outside my bedroom. I decided to wear my favorite white, red and black plaid cotton shirt and my favorite pair of 26" waist white Howick Five Star jeans to meet Adam. My dick and balls really show in these pants ... I sure hope he likes how I look when he sees me.

It isn't so far from my parent's house on Bethune Street to where Fullerton's is on the corner of King Street and Victoria Avenue. I can cover that distance in less than 10 minutes. I have butterflies in my stomach and have to remind myself not to walk too fast or I'll wind up waiting for him alone beside his car until he locks up. Then I remember he told me to wait for him 'in' it ... I start to get hard with dirty thoughts about being in his old car all alone, with his masculine aura all around me and his car keys just waiting for me.

" ... jeez, Aaron ... white jeans and a hard-on ... you're turning into Adam here ...!! ..." I think to myself and quietly laugh.

I turn the corner at King and Victoria, start to head up the hill and then turn left into the driveway that leads to the parking lot behind Fullerton's.

His old white '63 Bonneville is sitting there in the shadows, just waiting for me.

I never really looked at it all that closely before. It really is one big sucker of a car. The trunk and tail lights give it a masculine stance. I bet it was one impressive piece of Detroit metal when it was brand new.

" ... remember now, Aaron ... Adam told you that you could sit in his driver's seat and start it up for him when you got here ... " I think to myself.

Soooo ... I open his creaking driver's side door and stare down at his worn driver's seat. I'm glued in place and my mind starts to race with the thoughts that are going through it at that moment.

The front seat of his old Bonneville is one of those long bench style types with a fold-down armrest that can seat three across. The fabric is a ripped and stained, grey and black plaid kind of fabric with vinyl trim that was very popular in General Motors vehicles in the early sixties.

Where Adam parks his hairy ass and cranks his old car to get it to start for him is hypnotic and almost pornographic to me.

His old driver's seat has formed a shallow, hollowed-out recess where his butt cheeks carved out two visible indentations in the foam padding. The upholstery seat fabric has a jagged rip in one place where his big, hairy cock and legs would rub with friction against the tear ... his sagging seat is worn down much more on 'his' side than the passenger side and there is a visible, crusty, dark stain that his ripe-smelling, virile crotch basket would straddle when he tools down the road in his baby.

I really want to believe that the stain is his cum.

I'm tempted to bend down to taste and smell the essence of where his thick, juicy cock and funky-smelling, hard, male ass sits when he hops into his ride and cruises around town with his right foot squarely planted on that gas pedal.

Instead though, I have other plans.

I slowly slide into his driver's seat and sink down deep into the recess that his incredible butt has carved out for him over the time he has owned and driven his old car.

I can smell a faint aroma of Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage cologne mingling with his stale male sweat that makes me half crazy.

I lean back into his driver's seat and feel where his strong back has imprinted his shape into the seat back.

His seat back virtually reeks of his pungent sweet-smelling cologne and his warm, enveloping masculine scent.

It feels like he just came up behind me and shoved his big hairy man bulge right into the crack of my tight, young butt. The only things missing are his strong arms around me, holding me tight against his hairy chest, with his rock hard tool deeply buried up my tight, moist ass hole.

I take my time to feel the steering wheel that his strong hands grasp confidently.

His gas pedal is big with a lot of pedal play, as was typical for most cars of the era.

It's a real man's gas pedal.

I imagine him hopping into his old wheels early in the morning with his gray suit and scuffed dress shoes on, romping on that worn pedal to coax and plead and bring his stubborn old shitbox to life to get to work.

My cock starts to swell up when I think of him sitting in exactly the same spot where I am now.

Then, I reach down to find his car keys under his floor mat ... precisely where he told me he would leave them for me.

His keys are teasing me and daring me to start his old car up for him.

I have his keys in my hand and for the first time, realize that his keychain has a blue, red and yellow "Superman" logo on a metal tag dangling down from it!

" ... there's a story there, Aaron ...! ... " I laugh, and say to myself.

I shove them into the ignition switch and turn his key to the right to the 'ON' position. I watch the 'GEN' and 'OIL' lights come to life and just sit in his old driver's seat transfixed, with those lights shining red in my face ... as I continue to stare at them.

Then I pump that man-sized gas pedal ten or eleven times, just like how I saw Adam do that first night ... after that, then I turn his ignition key all way to the right to 'START.'

His old Bonneville starts to vibrate, shake and wail with a high-pitched whining rhythm. I can feel it protesting and vibrating and shaking my moist butt right through his old driver's seat, as it cranks and tries to turn over for me. The vibrations go straight to my crotch and my cock starts twitching and swelling up until it is rock hard in my tight jeans, while Adam's crappy old shitbox of a car continues to crank away.

All I can smell is gas ... what the 'fuck' ...??? ... the 'fucking son of a bitch' won't start for me!

" ... I can see now, why Adam calls you his goddamn, sonofabitch shitbox piece of shit ...!! ..." I say.

I try one, two, three, four long crank sessions. I stomp on his worn gas pedal and lift my hips and butt up, stretching and simultaneously bouncing up and down in his driver's seat, just like the way I saw Adam do, to try to get it to start for him the last time.

Nothing. Dead silence.

All of a sudden, I hear a rap on the passenger side window and turn to the right, only to face Adam staring right at me with a smirk and knowing eyes. He slowly opens the passenger side door and slides in beside me. He raises the armrest out of the way and moves over so tight beside me, I can feel his heat and take in that familiar male smell that I am beginning to recognize as being uniquely his alone. His left arm somehow finds its way around my shoulder, as he bends in close and says to me,

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