tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAayla Secura: The Hunt for Zurik Ch. 02

Aayla Secura: The Hunt for Zurik Ch. 02


Aayla and Lysha silently made their way out of the backroom, passing the pair of Weequay guards with a pair of flirtatious smiles. Mane looked disgruntled as the Twi'leks approached him and tucked away his small blaster into his coat. Aayla nodded once to him to confirm it had gone according to plan and his face brightened with a small smile.

"Well let's find a table and celebrate ladies" said Mane loudly, drawing the attention of a few passerby's. Lysha eyed up a corner seat and they pushed their way over, nearly getting involved in a scrap with a Rodian and a Bothan. Jizz music played loudly from a band off to the far right corner of the cantina, while the dancers had center stage. They flaunted their ass to crowd of drunk smugglers and spacers before flirtatiously playing with the small fabric that barely covered their ample breasts .Scooting closer to Mane, Aayla sat down on his lap and moved as close as she dared to his ear. Mane was aroused, that she could tell, but he did nothing but put his hand on her inner thigh. Lysha moved slower to Mane as well but kept off to one side, secretly enjoying Aayla sitting on top of Mane.

"You think it was convincing enough?" said Mane whispering as loud as he dared into Aayla's ear. "Yes, though I'm going to hate you later with the drinking part, I tend to enjoy my Corellian Twisters a little too much" Aayla said coyly. She felt Manes cock stiffen a little bit but he did nothing except to softly chuckle. The pair didn't notice as Sylva sat down next to Lysha and began flirtatiously playing with one of her lekku.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything ladies, "said the sensual Zeltron as she toyed with Lysha's lekku. Aayla moved away from Mane and greeting Sylva invitingly, feeling a little hot as she remembered her naked. Sylva was now clothed in a sensual shimmersilk top, her bra holding those bulging breast shown through the fabric. Black synthleather pants covered her sleek long legs, formfitting to her body to bring out her luscious curves.

"You're not interrupting anything your free to join, "said Lysha playfully, artfully reaching up and kissing Sylva on her right cheek.

"Maybe next time I will, you hot little slut," replied Sylva, running her hand down the side of Lysha's right breast. Aayla saw Mane's cock bulging out of his pants, and she quickly looked away, trying to keep to the Code. Sylva finally stopped flirting with Lysha and stood up and moved to the other side of the table.

"How about a round of drinks on me?" she said enticingly, holding out her hand to Aayla. "You sure that doesn't come with something else for me Sylva," Mane said with a laugh. Aayla moved out of the booth and hooked her arm around Sylva's, enjoying the feel of the shimmersilk.

"Maybe me and your new friend can give you something a little special later, just don't you tell Taro, he gets rather jealous when I play with his employees" said Sylva flaunting her body for Mane to enjoy. The pair moved away from the table and headed for the bar, avoiding the small crowds just itching for a fight. Human and alien eyes took them both in and wild fantasies played out in their minds, longing just to spend five minutes alone with one of them. Aayla ignored them and focused on Sylva, using the force to block off the seductive aroma of her pheromones. They leaned up against the bar and were greeted by a Toydarian bartender, instantly recognizing Sylva as part of the Cartel.

"I'll take four glasses of the house special, and do me a favor and bring them on over to us, "said Sylva, smiling at Aayla. Holding Aayla's attention, she silently reached down into the waistband of her synthleather pants and drew out a small little vial. A blaster shot rang out and Aayla's head whipped to the right in alarm, trying to sort out what happened when Sylva slipped the bartender the vial and gave him a seductive wink. The bartender nodded discreetly and moved off to get their drinks.

They rejoined Lysha and Mane who were engaged in talking animatedly into a comlink, Lysha frequently switching to Ryl while her lekku subtly moved as she spoke. When the pair saw Sylva and Aayla they quickly wrapped up their conversation and Mane tucked away the comlink into his jacket. Lysha put on a beautiful smile as she excitedly patted Mane's thigh. Aayla sat down next to Mane on the wraparound seat while Sylva sat down close to Lysha, rubbing her inner thigh with an artful swish of her hand.

"We decided that with the pay, Lysha and I can afford a Sorosuub private yacht" said Mane when prompted by Aayla. "It beats the piece of junk we have by a long shot."

"Why is it a piece of junk?" said Aayla stifling a soft laugh. Lysha scooted closer to Mane and giggled, punching him on the shoulder in good fun.

"It's a piece of junk only because Mane here can't fix it up right, it keeps having problems with the hyperdrive and coolant systems, "said Lysha. Mane faked a surprised expression; his blue eyes widened in a mock shock as he whipped his head to his right and playfully smacked Lysha's shoulder.

"Hey no kriffing insults about my mechanic skills, a smuggler like me is supposed to pick those up as he goes along, it's part of the trade practically," retorted Mane as he smoothed his wavy brown hair and mockingly straightened his coat.

"Maybe I can help, I picked up a few things during my time smuggling, sounds like something that I can easily fix up, "offered Aayla generously, watching as Lysha cozied up to Sylva who impassively stayed out of the conversation.

"I can always help with the parts; consider it a favor from Taro to one of his own, "purred Sylva as she stroked the tip of Lysha's lekku. Lysha and Mane had barely any time to thank her, when a waiter droid walked over and set down their drinks. They were a discolored honey brown, except for Sylva's which was a pure golden colored. The droid took great care setting them down and politely bowed to Sylva before rushing off.

"Correlian Spice whisky," said Sylva as she took a drink, her upper body dancing a little bit to the beat of the Jizz music playing in the background. Aayla, Lysha, and Mane each took a drink from their glasses, each expressing some surprise as they tasted the drink.

"I've had Spice whisky before, but nothing this great, "said Mane taking another draught. Lysha had already finished hers, sucking on one of the ice cubes in her glass with a pleasant expression on her sexy purple face. Mane scooted closer to Aayla and patted her shoulder blade, her confused expression quickly forgotten as she took another draught.

"Come on Aayla, it's going to be a great night, I can already smell pay day, "he said cheerfully as he clinked his glass against hers. She finished her drink feeling a little weird and leaned back against the wraparound seat, feeling really happy. The Jizz music playing from a band of Rodian women faded into the background as Aayla's pussy began to feel really hot. She leaned back against the seat, closed her eyes and sighed, her hands just longing to reach inside her pants and do away with her blue pussy. She opened her eyes and and looked at Sylva, her tits looking so enticing as she suddenly felt the raw desire to suck and feel up those beautiful mounds underneath that sensual silky fabric. Lysha had already began to go to work on Sylva, her luscious lips kissing her smooth neck, one purple hand slowly reaching down her stomach, while the other rested on the Zeltrons right shoulder blade as she slowly kissed her way up to those silken red lips. Mane on the other hand, lay back in his seat and watched Sylva and Lysha slowly play with each other, his cock bulging rock hard again inside his pants, swiftly getting Aayla's attention.

"How about I show you that ship I was telling you about?" said Mane, catching Aayla staring at his cock. Aayla seductively smiled, lost in a haze of desire, got out of her seat and motioned for him to follow.

"If you only show me the bedroom and something to keep me occupied while I fix your coolant and hyperdrive problem, "purred Aayla as her body wanted to fuck any living thing she could find. Mane got out of his seat, their finished drinks forgotten as they started to make their way towards the exit. Lysha and Sylva also got out of their seat and followed, Lysha giggling and seeking to make out with Sylva and they got closer to the entrance. Finally Aayla stopped and turned toward Lysha, her smile was a faint indicator of the naughty thing her hormones had in mind.

Reaching toward Lysha, she drew close to her and whispered, "I need to pay you back something slut."

Before Lysha could think of a reply, Aayla swooped in and kissed her, their tongues meeting inside Lysha's mouth and began to play like wild animals, swirling inside her mouth with reckless abandon as they lost any restraint in their drug induced passion. Mane grew impatient and ground his dick against Aayla's toned ass, his strong hand reaching inside Aayla's pants to play with her wet pussy. Aayla moaned inside Lysha's mouth, their tongues still at play as their lekku sought the other. Sylva hung back and smiled evilly, it was so easy to turn them into wild sex-driven animals with a little shove. She let the kiss go on for a little longer before grabbing onto Lysha's breasts with both hands and breaking up the kiss. Aayla tried to kiss her again but Sylva moved Lysha away, purring a little bit as she released her sensual pheromones into the air.

"I have something I really want to do to you, you little whore, "said Sylva as she led Sylva back into the Orange Lady. Aayla soon returned her attention back to Mane and he drew his hand out of her pants and Aayla drew his slick index finger into her mouth, tasting her own wet juices that ignited her taste buds like never before.

"I think we need to find your ship here and now before I fuck the daylights out of you right here in the street, "said Aayla grinding her body up against Mane. He grunted and they moved on to the parking lot behind the Orange Lady cantina, pausing by an old YT-1000 Corellian-class freighter momentarily to disengage the security system.

As soon as they got on board and shut the door, Mane quickly led Aayla to the bedroom set close to the passenger compartment. As soon as they closed the bedroom door, Aayla already was undoing Mane's belt buckle, forcing his pants off of him to expose his stiff 30 centimeter penis. She happily sucked it down, using her tongue to swirl around the head, her hands also jerking his dick off as she tried to get him to come. Mane reached down and plunder inside Aayla's top, grabbing hold of her firm D cup breasts.

Aayla stopped jerking him off and took her top off, leaving Mane free to slide his cock between those big breasts and titty fuck her. Aayla moaned as he jerked his massive pole between her tits, holding the sides of her breasts with her hands as he went wild. His breathing grew a little labored as he neared his climax and Aayla moved away, not ready to end the night so soon. Mane moved her to the edge of the bed and exposed that full ass, giving it a playful slap as Aayla slide out of her pants, exposing her hairless wet blue pussy. He drew close and inhaled her fruity aroma before forcing his tongue deep inside her, munching away at her pussy ferociously. Aayla moaned and clung to the bed as his tongue rocked deep inside her, her hands moving to cling to her nipples.

"Kriff...Don't stop...don't stop." She begged as he plundered every inch of her pussy, inserting a finger and rocking it inside her as far as he could reach. She was nearing her climax as his rough hands worked in tandem to get her there. As soon as his tongue re-joined the fray seeking to taste more of her delicious juices, she orgasmed in a haze of white-hot passion and desire, her body bucking violently as she released into his open mouth. She screamed and moaned out her pleasure as Mane's tongue worked furiously to drink her wonderful juices, he hands resting on her firm ass as he munched and drank away, furthering Aayla's own orgasm. She whimpered as he moved away and with a hard slap to her ass, he ground his hard dick up against her ass.

"Stars give it to me baby! Fuck me! "Aayla screamed as he sunk into her wet warm depths. They both pounded into each other, their drug-induced frenzy making the entire bed shake as Mane mashed his cock into Aayla's pussy.

"You like it whore, you like me pounding into you, you little Jedi slut, "roared Mane as forced himself onto the edge, smacking Aayla's ass as he forced himself deeper into her. She screamed for him to go on, to feel his warm seed inside her and to fuck her until the star went out. She bucked and writhed in pleasure as she began to near her second climax, her lekku writhing with a life of they're own.

Mane's muscles bulged as he strove to give her everything he had, his cock balls deep inside her smoking pussy that grew hotter each minute he spent inside her. He never before enjoyed a woman like he enjoyed Aayla, her moans and screams heaven to his ears and he rode her like he rode no other woman before. Finally he burst, coating the inside of her wonderful pussy white with his cum. She went wild as soon as she felt him burst inside her, the sound of flesh on flesh filled the room as she fucked him harder, her firm breasts jiggling as she slammed her ass repeatedly against him.

"Kriff you cum feels so warm inside me, "she moaned as he finishing pasting her hole with his seed. He remained in her pussy as his cock slowly shrinked down to quiescence. Her pussy numb with pleasure, she stood up and forced him onto the bed, her second climax thwarted by him coming so deep inside her.

She positioned him vertically along the bed, his head touching the railing as she nursed his dick to life again, sucking every drop of his cum from his long prick. She loved the taste of his cum, feeling it in her warm pussy and in her sensual mouth as she lapped against his dickhead, seeking to milk more from him. In no time, he was hard again, and Aayla's fabulous blue body took him into her hot pussy and she rode him, the sound of their furious lovemaking filled the cabin with screams and moans as she rode him with ferocity.

"Kriff, I can't stop...I never want to stop doing this to you Mane, "she screamed out as she rolled her hips and fucked him with all her might. He roared out an unintelligible reply and rubbed her firm breasts while she rode him, making her hornier. One of her lekku drifted too close in the middle of her bouncing and he softly grabbed a hold of it and rolled it around his fingers. Aayla moaned harder, getting closer to her climax every second Mane played with her sensitive lekku. She began to shout in her native language, her hips bucking and rolling gracefully like a professional dancer as both she and Mane neared their breaking points.

Finally Mane couldn't take it anymore and he came again inside her warm depths, cum leaking from Aayla's pussy acting as a lubricant in her riding. She came a moment later and whimpered and moaned with each wave of pleasure buffeting her body, her Jedi training never preparing her for such waves of ecstasy. Sweat poured off her sensual body in the midst of their love making, the dim light of the room made each drop glitter like she was adorned in diamonds.

She lay against him, her mind foggy and still horny, her breast mashed up against his chest and his cock still wedged in the bowels of her pussy. She still felt small intense waves of pleasure buffet her body and she still desired to play more with his wonderful cock. She settled for turning herself around so they were in the 69 position, her exotic blue pussy just mere inches away from Mane's face, his limp dick made her grin in delight as she once again sucked and played with it. Her tongue worked furiously to make him hard again, her lekku snaking down in front of her to wrapped around his hardening form; her saliva coating every inch of his meat acted as the perfect lubricant as her lekku went to work jerking his cock. He grunted and moaned as she pleasured his cock, his tongue going to work again on her pussy longing to taste more of her juices.

Her body was warm and snug as she made him near another intense climax, her relentless sucking and jerking made him want every inch of her from her firm mounds to her wonderful vagina as he licked as far as he could inside of her. He drank her like a fine wine as more of her juices flowed and he know she would release very soon. Her breathing grew labored and she began to moan once more into his dick as she took every inch of him she possibly could and still wanted more.

Finally they came at the same time, spurred on by the others perpetual orgasm, their worlds erupted into a white hot ecstasy as they gripped the bed sheets and screamed out their pleasure. Aayla's muffled moans and Mane's loud roars filled the cabin as their bodies bucked and writhed. Cum filled Aayla's mouth and she swallowed every drop, cum leaking from the corners of her mouth. Drinking every drop once more, she nestled besides his dick and fell asleep, her warm body the best blanket for Mane as he drank away at her wonderful pussy, her eyelids growing heavy as he drug induced passion took its toll. His last thoughts were of Lysha and how much he wanted to rock into her just like he did to Aayla.

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