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Abandoned Wives Club


"But why do you have to go?" asked Susan Adams again.

"Because business is shrinking and we have to find alternative markets."" responded her husband Dan Adams.

"But four weeks in China? You've hardly been home for more than two weeks at a time." retorted Susan.

"Look love, we have to secure these contracts for the business, otherwise we could go under. Surely you understand that?"

"I understand that. But why can't someone else go?"

"Jerry is coming with me. He and two others. It's a trade mission."

Jerry Ellis was married to Anne, Susan's childhood friend and as fate would have it, her neighbour across the road.

"Believe me Susan, if I had my way I wouldn't be going."

Susan resigned herself to the inevitable and remained silent. In her heart she knew Dan was right. The downturn in the pharmaceutical market combined with economic conditions worldwide had made things uncertain. However, she had not seen much of her husband these last several months. He was in pursuit contracts up and down the country and now abroad.

She had married Dan fifteen years ago at twenty-three. Their only son, Tim, was away in boarding school. Dan was chief marketing director at Easton Pharmaceuticals in Croydon, Surrey. She dreaded him being away. With Tim in school, it made for a lonely existence. Although she was thirty-eight and five foot seven, Susan was in peak condition. She never smoked, swam and played tennis regularly, keeping herself in shape. Her long slender legs, slim waistline and ample breasts still turned many a head. Her love life was almost non existent now, thanks to the recession.

Her friend, Anne Ellis was almost six feet. Her long slender legs, slim waist and magnificent breasts made her the envy of many a woman in Croydon. Her long black hair seemed to compliment her features.

The following morning, she kissed Dan goodbye as he headed for the car, driven by Anne, taking him and Jerry to the airport. Susan and Anne waved to each other and she watched them go and disappear out of sight.

Susan returned to the kitchen and boiled the kettle. She sat down and tears fell from her eyes. It wasn't just Dan heading off. The sense that excitement in her life was nil. Just daily household routines. She despaired.

She did the housework and shopped and settled down to watch television. At seven the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?" She thought. She opened the door and Anne stood before her almost unrecognisable in denim jacket, black jeans and red polo jumper.

"Where are you off to?" asked Susan, with a giggle.

"We", she said with emphasis, "are going clubbing."


"You and me."

"Are you crazy?"

"Look Susan, loosen up. When is the last time you had some fun? It's been a while hasn't it?"

Susan thought. Her friend was right. It had been a while.

"I don't think I have anything to wear." she giggled.

"Don't be silly of course you do." Anne pushed her way past Susan and headed for her bedroom. Susan followed, somewhat shocked at Anne's forwardness.

Anne pulled out a pair brown pants and a check shirt. "There you go. Now those shoes will be perfect." Anne was pointing to a pair of flat heels in the shoe stand.

When she dressed, Susan looked at herself in the mirror. "God, I look awful."

"Don't be daft. You look great. Now let's go."

When they got into the car and Anne started driving Susan asked. "Where are we going?"

"A little club I know a few miles north. Now Just relax Susan. You'd swear you were going to your own execution"

After a short drive, they arrived at "The Sunny Dew Inn". Susan had heard of it. A lesbian bar. She stopped and turned to Anne. "I'm not a lesbian."

"Relax girl. We're only here for a drink and some dancing."

"Dancing with who?"

"Each other silly." Susan was shocked.

"There's a table there". Susan sat down.

"I'll get the drinks. Behave yourself and don't talk to strangers." Said Anne.

Susan waited and listened to the soft music when her train of thought was broken by a rough female voice saying. "Hallo sweetie. Haven't seen you here before."

Susan looked up and saw a tall woman in denim jacket and jeans.

"Excuse me?" she asked politely, but nervously.

They were both distracted by the banging of glasses on the table and Anne stood there.

"She's with me." she said firmly.

"Oh yeah? Prove it," as she produced a knife and a deafening silence went through the club. Anne seemed to show fear, but, striking like lightning, grabbed the woman's knife wielding arm and twisted it making the woman wince with pain and drop the knife. Anne grabbed the woman by her collar and the top of her jeans and lifting her, hurled her across the room. Two women at the table, anticipating what was about to happen leapt from their seats as the helpless woman crashed onto their table, smashing it in the process. The stunned woman went into a blind rage, smashing a bottle, she charged at Anne. Anne stood there, cool and seemed to be calculating speed and distance of her opponent and at the last second stepped out of the woman's way, grabbed her hair and swung her around, making her drop her weapon. Susan saw Anne's knee rise and strike her opponent's crotch. Susan winced as if she received the painful blow. Anne back-handed the woman. Amazingly, she still stood and Anne swung one hundred and eighty degrees on one leg and bending the other, drove it into the woman's mid region pushing her across the room and landing on the floor. This time she failed to get up. A large applause and cheers from the women erupted and Anne took a good humoured bow and smiled.

Susan was stunned.

"I told you to behave." Anne said with a sarcastic grin.

Then a tall long dark haired woman in a black jacket and bow tie, accompanied by two well built women, appeared.

"Sorry for the mess Jackie," said Anne

. "No problem Trudy. She should never have been left in here. She's trouble." She nodded to the two women and they lifted the woman and dragged her outside.

"Oh, this is my friend, Frankie."

"You're very welcome Frankie," and reached for her breast pocket and handed her a card. "Just produce this next time and you will be admitted without charge."

"Thank you, " said Susan.

"Are you staying long?"

"Thought we'd stick around for a while."

"Well, enjoy yourselves."

"We will, " responded Anne, and the woman left.

She read the card. "Abandoned Wives Club?" she read out loud. Anne laughed.

"One of Jackie's little jokes. Drink up girl. We've got some dancing to do."

As the night wore on, Susan began to relax more and did not feel the least bit inhibited. Indeed she enjoyed herself for the first time in months.

Susan looked at her watch. "Oh my God. It's one in the morning. We've got to get home."

"Don't be silly girl. We've had too much to drink. Besides I'm too tired to drive."

"What are we going to do now?" Anne shook keys at her.

"Don't worry. There's plenty of room at the inn. This way," and led Susan to an upstairs room. Anne flicked on the light.

"By the way Anne. What's this Frankie and Trudy business?" Anne laughed.

"Up here nobody wants to know your name or business. They just want you to spend your money, mind your own business and get out."

Susan didn't know what to say. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

"Oh, self defence classes. I had to do something to kill the boredom."

" I'd say you killed more than boredom. There's more to you than meets the eye, Anne."

"And don't you forget it," said Anne with a wry smile and twinkle in her eye.

They sat on the bed. Susan suddenly realised there was only one bed.

Anne spoke again. "Now let's talk. How's the love life?" Whether it was the drink or the shock of Anne's question, Susan did not know, but her eyes welled up and she cried miserably.

Anne took her friend and placed her head upon her shoulder and said. "There, there, I'm sorry Susan." as she continued to cry.

"Oh Anne. You don't know what it's been like."

"Oh, but I do." responded Anne. I've been abandoned too, you know."

"We're not abandoned, Anne, they're just away on business."

"Oh, we're abandoned alright. Not like they deserted us. But both our love lives have vanished. Right?"

"Yours too?" responded a sobbing Susan.

"Oh yes. A long time ago. So I came here"

"But this is a lesbian club?"

"Darling you make it sound like it's a crime. Let me show you something." Suddenly, Anne planted a passionate kiss upon Susan's lips. She should have been revolted, but she wasn't. She enjoyed the experience of Anne driving her tongue in and wrapping it around her own. The tingling excited her.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"But Anne, I've never cheated on Dan."

"Who's talking about cheating? Your husband is not here. Nor is mine. We're just on a girl's night. That's all." and planted another kiss.

This time Susan responded by holding Anne's head and prolonging the kiss. They both lay down on the bed, still kissing passionately. Then they began to undress each other, garment for garment.

Anne unbuttoned her friends shirt and eased it from her shoulders, revealing her black lace, low cut bra, which failed to hide her wonderfully proportioned breasts. Anne then raised her own arms, allowing Susan to lift her red jumper over her head, revealing a very sexy red lace bra, which in turn, revealed her own marvellously full breasts. They both simultaneously unsnapped and removed each other's bras allowing their melons to bounce and rub against each, to their mutual excitement.

Both beautiful women were now naked from the waist up. They resumed their kissing and began to explore each other with their tongues. Each movement brought a fresh moan.

Anne eased Susan onto her back, as she proceeded to gently suck and lick her neck and then her shoulder, finally working round one and then her other breast, moving to her nipples and gently sucking, licking and fondling then with great care, this produced great moans from Susan and cry of deep Sapphic satisfaction as she exclaimed between heavy breaths, "Yessss, oh yes. Please Anne, don't stop."

While was Anne continued her seduction, Susan's hands found their way to the belt of Anne's jeans and opened it. Anne lifted slightly as Susan pushed Anne's jeans and tiny thong down as far as she could. Anne pushed them the rest of the way and wrestled them to the floor. She in turn opened her new lover's jeans and as Susan lifted her arse up, Anne removed both jeans and plain knickers together, consigning them to the floor.

Susan now turned Anne onto her back and gently inserted her fingers into Anne's pussy, gently rubbing her. It made Anne wet. "Oh my God, Susan, oh my God.", she moaned between short sharp breaths.

Suddenly, the "non-lesbian" Susan began to become an expert and began to take control of the love making. She now was the seductress. She again kissed Anne's luscious lips, stroking her shoulders, her breasts, down between them, down to her beautiful flat stomach and finally to her very bare pussy, all done with methodical licking and sucking. Each stroke produced a long moans of "More, please more. Yes baby, oh yes." She screamed. Susan again moved to kiss Anne and their breasts collided and began to rub together in sync with their very wet pussies producing an enormous joint orgasm for the new lovers, making them scream in ecstatic joy ,"Aaaargh" ,in unison.

After their orgasm subsided and they caught their breaths, Anne spoke.

"You know, Susan Adams, you're quite a hot little number in bed."

"You know, Anne Ellis, so are you." They both kissed passionately.

"Welcome to the abandoned wives club, Susan.

"Thank you," replied Susan and they both laughed heartily.

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