Abbey, Bethany and Amber


His hand continued up the inside of her thigh.

"I got a job as a stripper at a couple of nightclubs. They paid fairly well and there were always extras," she caught her breath at the end of the sentence as his fingers reached the gusset of her panties and began stroking. Her own hand was now openly massaging his cock.

"Your place or mine?" he asked with a grin.

"Yours, I reckon," she replied without hesitation, "I wouldn't want my girls coming back and finding us in 'flagrante delicto'."

They hurries back to James' place. He noted that his buddies were both back because their bedroom doors were normally open during the time they were up and about.

Inside his room, they began taking their clothes off. James finished an easy first. He threw himself down on the bed and watched her undress. She played up to him, moving slowly and seductively as she discarded one item after another. When she got down to her bra and panties, James offered to help. She sat on the bed facing away from him, allowing him to unhook her bra and slide the straps off her shoulders. His hands went round the front to cup her tits and he began to play with them as he heard her sigh. She grasped his cock in her hand, massaging it gently.

She got up and took her panties down.

"Aren't you going to suck my cock?" he asked.

"Not yet, James. I want it in me first. Cock sucking can come later after you've given me a good fuck!" she said with a wicked smile.

She got onto the bed beside him and opened her legs as an invitation. He rolled on top of her. She took hold of his cock and held it against the lips of her cunt. He drove it smoothly into her. She was very wet, he noticed, and his cock slid right in with no bother. He began to thrust in and she responded with her own movements enhancing the experience for both of them.

He had a sudden thought, "Amber, what did you mean by extras?" he enquired.

"Oh, just some of the customers wanted to shag me. If they offered enough, I'd give them what they wanted. It usually added a lot to our income," she was candid enough to admit.

He was already past caring whether she had been a whore or not. He began to come and, as she felt him begin shooting his cum into her, she climaxed too.

After a few moments to get their breath back, she went down and took hold of his cock again. Now she started licking it, gradually taking the head into her mouth. Then as it began to expand rapidly, she somehow opened her throat and took more and more of his prick into her mouth and throat. Her head bobbed up and down as she began to slobber over her treasure. James felt himself coming again and warned her but she took no notice. He felt on top of the world as he shot his cum into her mouth. She swallowed gamely, working his cock with her hand as if trying to get as much as possible into her mouth to swallow.

James felt good and told her, "That was the best fucking blow job I've ever had, Amber. Absolutely the greatest."

She kept on sucking to maintain his erection. Then she mounted him and lowered herself onto his still upright prick with a sigh.

"James, many years ago when the girls were small and we were poor, a young black guy came and offered me a lot of cash for a fuck. When I'd finished the act, we went to a motel and he fucked me and fucked me all night long. It was fabulous. I've been fucked by dozens if not hundreds of fellows, but he was the very best. He came back the following week and paid to fuck me again. We had a great time, I didn't think I'd ever had it so good. Then he asked me to marry him."

As she paused, James put in, "And did you marry him?"

"No. I turned him down. I liked him, the sex was fantastic, he was a nice sort of guy but it was a long time ago. There was a lot more prejudice about then. So I said no because I was afraid. I was a coward. I'd fallen for someone deemed unsuitable and so I turned him down. I couldn't tell him why. He left and I never saw him again," she looked into James' eyes, "When I saw you earlier tonight you reminded me very strongly of him. That's what drew me to you in the first place."

She was sitting astride him, still impaled on his cock. They rocked back and forth, savouring the intimacy, enjoying each other's sexuality.

James felt himself coming again. Amber had already experienced several orgasms in that position so he felt no regrets as he came without warning and shot another great load of cum into her.

As they stopped, he told her, "I was very attracted to you when I saw you walking along the road leading to the club. And I think I fell in love as we started talking. It was nearly love-at-first-sight and that's something I never believed in."

"Aren't you put off by me having been a whore?" she asked.

"It wouldn't worry me if you'd had a dozen men a day for the last twenty years, Amber. And what would you say if I asked you to marry me?"

"I'd say ask me tomorrow when you've had less to drink and don't be surprised if I accept," she grinned at him.

She curled up against him in the crook of his arm, her head on his shoulder and went peacefully to sleep.

She was still asleep when he awoke next morning. Voices raised outside in the lounge had disturbed him. He wrapped a towel around his middle and went swiftly out to see what was up. He was confronted by two gorgeous young girls, a blond and a brunette, in their underwear, hugging each other and squealing in delight. Lenny and Jeff, also still in their underwear, were looking on bemused.

"What's all this then?" he inquired.

Lenny spoke up first.

"Jeff and I have been fucking these two all night and they never got to meet until this morning. Apparently they're sisters and didn't even realise they were being fucked right next door to each other until they went to make some coffee."

James stepped forward and held out his hand to one of the girls.

"I'm James," he said.

"And I'm Bethany. Pleased to meet you, James," she smiled in a vaguely familiar way.

"Hello, James. I'm Abbey," said the other girl.

Abbey and Bethany! The names combined to give James a jolt. These two lovely creatures, who his buddies had been fucking all night, were Amber's daughters! Wow! He looked at them standing in their bras and panties with Jeff and Lenny standing by them in boxers.

James wasn't sure what to do or say next. So he excused himself, went back and climbed into bed beside Amber. He dosed.

When they awoke, the girls were gone, much to James' relief. Amber prepared breakfast for all four of them and talked to James' friends throughout the meal.

Afterwards she remarked to James,

"What a great couple of friends you have there. I just wish my girls could meet some young men like them."

James nearly yelped with delight. Instead, he retorted,

"Well, why don't you bring them along with you tonight and we'll have a bit of a barbecue and a bit of dancing. Then we'll see how they get on."

Amber went back to the apartment where her daughters were pretending to be asleep. She undressed and put on her nightie and a housecoat. Then she woke them up with coffee and biscuits.

Later, over breakfast at which she ate little, Amber said to the girls that they would all be going out together to a party that night. The girls weren't too keen. They wanted to be with Lenny and Jeff again but they went along with their mother's plan. There was, after all, another ten days of their holiday left.

So later that day, Amber took her daughters to the apartment James shared with Lenny and Jeff. At the introductions, the girls smothered their surprise. They were soon all gathered round eating and drinking. Then Lenny started the music. He soon had the delighted Abbey in his arms dancing, The same with Bethany and Jeff.

"They all seem to be getting on well, don't they!" she remarked to James.

He could only nod in agreement. Things were working out very well.

"You're a darling," he told her, nibbling her ear.

Amber wasn't surprised when, after about an hour of dancing, James led her to his bedroom.

"They'll miss us," she protested.

"No they won't, honey," he insisted, as he took her dress off, "they've got each other."

He pushed her onto the bed and mounted her. She hurriedly pushed her panties down and he slid his cock into her. She was as wet as he guessed.

He drove his cock in hard, thrusting and trying to go deeper and deeper into her.

"Fuck me, Jamie, fuck me hard," she cried.

She convulsed and moaned as she came, seconds before his balls erupted sending their stream of cum-juice out through his prick and into Amber's eager welcoming cunt.

As the sensations died down, they continued to move against each other for awhile.

Then they lay still.

"Do you want to go on top now," he asked her.

She nodded, climbing over him and lowering herself onto his still semi-rigid cock.

As he bottomed out in her cunt, she paused.

"Ssh! It's very quiet out there," she said.

They both realised that the music had long ago ceased

"What are they doing, do you think?" she asked.

"Well, Amber darling," he suggested, " I expect my buddies are doing to your daughters exactly what I've just been doing to you!"

Amber smiled at him, "I just hope they enjoy it as much."

There was a low moaning.

"Was that Abbey or Bethany?" he joked.

"Definitely Bethany!" her mother asserted.

"I expect Abbey will come soon," he cupped his hand behind his ear as if listening intently.

"She'd better or I'll have words with your friend Lenny tomorrow morning," she joked.

"You're a woman after my own heart," he whispered to her, "I love you, Amber."

She was moving herself up and down on his prick now.

"I love you too, James," she responded, "you're every woman's dream of a man. Tall, strong, handsome and great in bed! What more can a girl ask for."

"If we are still of the same mind by the end of this holiday, I'm going to ask you to marry me," he told her.

"If we are still getting on as well as we are now I might well accept too," she cried.

"It's a pity Lenny and Jeff are too old for your daughters or we could have had a triple wedding," James remarked.

"What do you mean too old," Amber retorted, "If they're not too old to fuck the girls, then they're not too old to marry them. Especially if they get my daughters pregnant!"

There was a distinct moaning sound that carried through the bedroom door.

"That's Abbey!" Amber recognised her daughter's voice at once, "She sounds like she's been well and truly fucked to me."

"I can vouch for Lenny and Jeff both being very well hung, as they say," James volunteered, " I reckon your girls are having a whale of a time on their pricks."

"I sure hope so," Amber smiled, "I didn't bring them out here on holiday with me to waste their time on wimps. What my daughters needed was to enjoy some good orgasms on a couple of good stiff cocks."

"I'm surprised you chose black cocks for them, Amber. It's one thing for a mother to let her daughters have a good fuck but many would object to it being on black cocks."

"I don't see anything wrong with white girls enjoying a couple of black pricks. I once refused that guy I told you about because he was black. That was a big mistake. I want my girls to take their cock as they find it, black or white. Just so long as they enjoy it, what does it matter anyway!"

"Lenny and Jeff both enjoy oral fucking too," James informed the girls' mother as she went out to make some coffee.

When she came back, she told James, "I think I heard Bethany sucking Jeff off. At least she was saying, 'you can come in my mouth' to him. I really am glad that the girls have met such nice guys as your friends, though. And as far as I'm concerned they can suck and fuck together to their hearts' content. I've absolutely no qualms about it at all. My daughters deserve a good time."

James pulled her down onto the bed, rolled her over and got between her legs.

"I'm just going to fuck their mother again," James announced as he slid his cock into her and started pumping away again. He soon induced an orgasm for her and came himself a few moments later, shooting his second load of cum of the morning into Amber's eager cunt.

They hardly left the apartment for the rest of their holiday. Neither did Lenny and Abbey or Jeff and Bethany.

Well, would you?

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