tagLoving WivesAbbey: Through The Window Ch. 02

Abbey: Through The Window Ch. 02

byHapLess Husband©

As I approached my house I shouted, “YES” as both cars were parked in my driveway. I parked down the street and carefully walked back to the house, carefully opening and closing the old gate to set the trap for anybody entering after me before looking through the glass.

Much to my joy, there was no disappointment. There they all sat, wheeling and dealing as they laughed and carried on. I immediately recognized what Abbey was wearing. It was a long thin dress that had a split all the way up her right thigh that exposed quite a bit of leg when she walked and all of it up to the hip when she sat. It also fell open at the top, exposing her breast whenever she leaned over. She never wore it out of the house and, as far as I knew, had never worn it in front of anybody other than me. I can just imagine the look Abbey’s sister and her husband had given each other when they saw it! I’m sure Brian thought he had hit a gold mine.

But there she was, sitting with her legs crossed under the table, right leg exposed to her hip. When she got up to go to the kitchen, I could detect the thong she was wearing and I could only guess how flimsy and low-cut her bra was. I don’t know if she had planned it or not, but she looked seductive as hell. Maybe I had worked TOO well getting her ready for the night.

The touching was already in progress when I arrived. I’m not saying he was all over her with his hands, as they were playing cards and it required both to do so. He would just casually let his hand leave the table every minute or so when it wasn’t his turn and would let it brush her under the table. By that time, I suspect the brushing of the knee had already come and gone as his fingers were exploring higher. I’ll give this to her; she was casually but persistently fighting his hand off without making a scene. It was obvious that, if she wanted to, she could have ended it all by simply trading places with her brother-in-law. However, either they had a boy/girl card battle going on or she thought she could handle it because everything stayed in place and the hidden maneuvering continued for some time as I watched.

I remembered I had my little binoculars available and got them out. Slowly but surely, it was obvious to my close scrutiny that he was winning the war. Each time he went slightly higher and each time she allowed it to linger just a wee bit longer. The table was so small that it didn’t require him to reach any distance to touch her, but it was still a little surprising that neither of the other two was picking up on anything.

By the time they called it quits, I could tell it was starting to get to Abbey. Her chest was starting to heave a little and she was squirming in her chair as his hand had maneuvered high on her leg, up to the split of her dress. My binoculars allowed me to see the faint rotation her ass was doing on the chair and by experience I knew she was excited.

Gee, what a surprise it was when Brian suggested again that they go on and he would help straighten up the place. Abbey’s sister left without comment, but I couldn’t help but notice the little knowing smirk on her brother-in-law’s face as he left. He gave Brian a look as if to say, “Yeah, right! Clean up, my ass!!” Maybe I wasn’t the only one on to all this after all!

They ended up on the couch again, talking as if nothing was going on between them. She sat sideways, facing him with her right leg crossed over her left, exposing her leg all the way up. After feebly trying to cover up, she apparently gave up the cause and just let him look. As they were discussing old friends, she reached around to get an old school album from under the table next to the couch where she was sitting. When she did, her legs opened and she treated Brian to a great open shot of her yellow thong. His reaction was the same as mine as he locked in on the view she provided.

Then, he made an admirable strategic move. She obviously wanted him to look at the album with her. But instead of him moving in close to her he intentionally moved away from her a bit, causing a separation that made her lean over considerably in order to share the book. The result was the top of her dress falling open, revealing a skimpy white bra that exposed the top of her nipples. He managed it all beautifully, taking in her unintentional offering without giving himself away. He enjoyed the show for at least ten minutes before he started to make a move.

They had obviously reached the part of the album where she was wearing her cheerleader’s uniform. “Move over here so I can see that,” Brian said.

She moved slightly and turned, making him look over her shoulder at the book. “This is the part I really like,” Brian was almost whispering, his voice was so soft.

Abbey laughed, a little embarrassed. “Really. You liked to see me wear my uniform”?

“Well, sort of. What I really liked was watching you take it off.”

“What?” Abbey turned and looked at him.

Brian was a little red-faced. “I used to watch you get undressed through your window after the games. I could only dream what you smelled like after jumping around all night.”

“Brian! I can’t believe you’re telling me this. You’re making this up.”

Brian laughed a little and put his hands on her shoulders, turning her around with her back to him. “Oh, I’m not lying. And your bedroom was not the only place I saw it come off.”

I could see it when she flinched and stiffened. “What are you talking about”?

He started rubbing her neck and shoulders a little. “You really don’t know? You don’t remember coming home after the night games with Richard”?

She sat up straight. I knew who Richard was. He was on the football team and had dated Abbey throughout most of high school. I had seen pictures of him and heard her stories and had always assumed there was, at the minimum, heavy petting going on between them.

“So, what do you think you saw?” It was almost like a challenge she was throwing out, but was tempered so that it was more of a probing question than a denial.

“It wasn’t hard to catch you, Abbey. You parked in the same place in the park each time, right beside the hedges. The street light coming in showed you well and I had it timed almost to the minute when you would be there.”

While she was trying to grasp this (apparently true) new revelation, Brian had eased his hand down to the zipper on the back of her dress. As he continued to rub her neck with one hand, the other started bringing the zipper down in an excruciatingly slow descent.

“Oh, Brian, you know I never did that.” Her denial was so weak, her voice so soft, that even her mother wouldn’t have believed it.

I don’t know if she was aware of the zipper going down, but it was down low enough to expose her bra strap. He leaned over to barely press his lips to her neck as he spoke. He was speaking so low that, through the open window, I could barely detect what he was saying.

“You don’t remember that you always wore a dark blue thong under it”?

Either she suddenly realized that he had unzipped her or he had really nailed her about Richard, because she suddenly shuddered and moved back against him. He didn’t miss the moment, forgoing the light kisses to bury his face in her neck. She turned her head slightly away from him, allowing him easy access to her soft areas there.

“You would let him remove your bra and he would always kiss your breast a long time before you would let him take off the bottom part of your uniform. You never let him remove your panties but he would finger you under the elastic.”

She turned so that I could see her face well. She didn’t try to deny it. It was all in her face. As he moved from her neck to her throat, she looked away with an open mouth and a shocked look on her face. If she was aware of all his actions and the fact that she was totally unzipped, she was mentally caught in a vacuum and didn’t object. Apparently, this guy was a walking, talking video of part of her life she had no intention of sharing with anyone.

When he eased her dress down over her shoulders and down her arms, she either snapped out of it or decided to draw the line.

“Brian!! What do you think you’re doing”? She pulled away from his mouth, but her dress was already down to her elbows and her breast pouring out of the top of the extremely flimsy bra. There wasn’t much left to his imagination.

“Fulfilling a lifelong dream.” I can’t imagine her not detecting the tone of his voice. It resonated with a deep, deep desire from many years, not just from spontaneous lust.

“You know we can’t do this, Brian. I’m married.” The protesting voice was soft but sincere.

“I know.” He gave her the response she needed to hear, but his lips went back to her neck and his hands moved slowly to gently cup both breast. I think I heard them both suck in their breath with the contact. Great move, I thought. Tell her anything, but keep moving. Boys all learn that in the ninth grade but the girls never seem to catch on.

“I’m serious. You need to leave now!” She spoke with authority, placing her hands over his as he slowly massaged her breast. But I saw no attempt on her part to forcefully remove him.

“I know. I need to go.” His fingers found her nipples, sliding them free of the bra and rolling them in his fingers. She closed her eyes and her head went back, unintentionally inviting his mouth to explore her neck even more. They were facing straight out the window towards me, but I felt no danger of being caught, as they were obviously involved.

Her voice was saying, “leave” but her body was not and Brian knew that it was the time for a bold move. During the distraction, her legs had spread, leaving them an open invitation for his hand. Not losing the opportunity, he moved his right hand from her breast and slid it slowly down her stomach. Rather than following his hand with hers, she chose instead to use both her hands to weakly try to dislodge his other hand from her breast.

That distraction was all he needed. Moving his hand on down, he slowly spread her skirt open as far as it would go. It gave him an unobstructed view of her thong. He stalled a minute to admire the view and to test her reaction. When there was none, he slid his hand under the thong and gently cupped her mound. I had a great view and could see his fingers under the flimsy cloth as they began a slow, steady rub.

“No, Brian.” It was a half-hearted protest at best as she reached down to remove his hand. But instead of taking his wrist to pull it away, she placed her hand on top of his. It didn’t deter or slow him in the least. Instead, it might have encouraged him as her hand continued to ride on top of his in a way that could have been construed as her assisting and encouraging him. In any case, he had obviously found her clit and it was bringing the desired results from her.

“No, Brian. Let me go.” She moaned it more than spoke it.

Ignoring her feeble protest, Brian moved off the couch, letting Abbey lay back. Now he had full access to her mouth for the first time and took advantage of it, engaging her in a long, deep kiss that by her reactions was much to her liking. She let out a little sound and her legs spread slightly as her hips lifted to meet his busy fingers. I was thinking, “Brian, if you think that’s a reaction, wait until you see what happens when your mouth gets to her nipples.” But I’ll give him credit. He was patient enough to stay with her mouth, neck and ears for quite a while as he continued that slow assault on her pussy with his hands. He certainly wasn’t new at this, just coming out of a college social life. But Abbey was being drawn out of her safe environment to which she was accustomed and dealing with a gentle predator. I was already starting to understand how much she was going to be overmatched.

“Please, Brian. We can’t do this. You have to leave.” The words were barely out of her mouth when he teased her with his lips again and she eagerly responded with her own.

I was almost urging him on; then, as if on my cue, his mouth slid down to take in a nipple. He licked it at first, enclosing it with his lips, making her turn her head sharply and causing a definite upwards thrust of her body. He smelled the victory and quickly pushed her bra up off her breast, gorging himself on her, opening his mouth wide and filling it, sucking on it very hard and very quickly as it came in and out of his mouth.

“Stop. Let me up now.” If she used that same tone when telling our children to stop they wouldn’t do it either. It was a verbal crutch and she obviously didn’t mean it.

This was all so familiar that it was almost as if I were there on the couch instead of him. How many times had I seen her in this exact position and frame of mind? I could see Abbey’s eyes were closed, her head turned to one side. Her hard breathing and the gentle lifting and gyration of her hips were the usual signature that she was lost in the moment. Her hand was still riding the top of his while his fingers now alternated between manipulating a hard clit and finger fucking her wet pussy. I was still using the binoculars to provide me an outstanding, down to the pubic hair, detailed look at what was going on. I could only hope my recorder was working properly so I could relive this later in private.

“You win, Brian, she’s going to give in,” I thought. I couldn’t believe I was not only being calm about all this, but was encouraging him to have his way with her. My hands were shaking to the point that I had to quit using the binoculars. Besides that, I had other things I wanted to do with my hands right then. My cock was so hard it hurt, but I didn’t want to come and lose the moment. I took it out and barely stroked it, just enough to enhance the experience.

I had an appreciation of Brian. He was experienced and knew what she wanted. He pressed his luck, knowing he was in control.

“How does it feel”? Before he gave her a chance to answer, he gave her another long, deep kiss to give her a chance to get her thoughts together. When she didn’t answer, I saw a wicked smile creep across his face. He took her breast in his mouth again and appeared to suck so hard it was almost painful to her from her reaction and, at the same time, buried his fingers deep in her pussy and pounded them in and out.

After fifteen or twenty seconds of this, he slowed and asked again. “How do you feel, Abbey”?

I knew the answer, he knew the answer, and she knew the answer. But was this going to be just an erotic voyeuristic experience or had she passed the point of no return? The answer was slow coming and was so soft I almost missed it, but it was there and it was undeniable.

“It feels good.” Her admission removed any barriers.

That was the breaking point. Brian interrupted his actions long enough to pull her dress completely off her arms and unclasped her bra to be discarded. It took only seconds before she was stripped from the waist up and his mouth was back on her, moving from her breast to her mouth and back, seemingly in perfect timing with her desires. His hand moved from between her legs to grasp hers, lifting them both slightly above her head. While he kept her attention on his mouth he captured both of her hands with just one of his and moved the other back down under her skirt.

Not wanting to upset anything at this point, he very, very slowly started removing her panties; not jerking them off, but rather sliding them down a little bit at a time, going from one side of her legs to the other to inch them down. I was frozen with the sight of him mastering her. I could see her face when he wasn’t kissing her and it reflected her resignation. You would have thought she hadn’t had sex in a year the way she was reacting to his touches. She lifted her ass slightly to accommodate the final removal of her thong as he slid them past her knees and on to the floor.

I waited for him to take off her dress, but he surprised me and left it on. It was all bunched up around her waist and surprisingly made it even more erotic than if she were naked. It was as if there was at least some modesty still there. Since it was his decision, not hers, to leave it on, he again gained some respect from me for knowing what was erotic.

He was full of surprises. Judging from what I had seen, I was anticipating him to go down on her with his mouth at that point. Instead, I saw him give a quick look at the clock. I’m sure he realized he might be starting to push it time wise because he gently guided her off the couch to her feet. I had an immediate feeling of disappointment because I thought he was going to stop everything right there. Instead, he turned her around facing the couch.

“Get up on your knees.” He guided her to the couch.


“Get on the couch on your knees.” She followed his lead, placing her knees on the cushions. He leaned her over and placed her hands on the back of the couch leaving her bracing herself in an upright position. Her ass was waving in the air at the same level as his hips as he was standing. Brian wasted no time taking out his cock, standing to one side as he brandished it so she could see it.

“I’m sorry the time is so short, Abbey. There’s so much I want to do with you.” She didn’t respond as she looked at his cock and then back at his face.

“Do you want me”? He moved in behind her and pressed himself in between her open legs.

I couldn’t see exactly where he put the head of his cock, but I think he was brushing his head against her slit. Moving his hips slightly back and forth, he asked her again “Abbey, do you want it”?

“No.” She finally replied.

“What do you want”?

“I want you to leave.” I could see her pushing back against him even as she said it.

“Okay. I don’t want to force you.” He started pumping into her very slowly, his cock obviously burying into her with each stroke.

There was a long hesitation. This girl was definitely out of her environment. She didn’t know the game and he did. I knew what he was actually looking for. He wanted her to ask for it and had the fortitude to wait her out. She had never had to do that.

He was totally buried in her now; long strokes going all the way in as he held her hips with both hands. His movements were exaggerated, bringing his cock all the way out then reentering her with each stroke. She turned her face so I could see it and I could swear she was already about to come. Her face was contorted, mouth open, trying her best to suppress her groans.

He stopped and pulled all the way out, stepping back slightly exposing his huge hard-on waving in the air. I couldn’t believe it!! He was going to ruin it now? But, I should have known better. He was only exercising his power over her.

“It’s getting late. I really should go.”

“No-o-o-o-o.” The low protest coming from her was so pitiful I felt sorry for her. It was also a huge turn on.

“You don’t want me to stop”?

She was still on her knees, leaning forward and burying her face in the cushions on the back of the couch. Her hips were rocking back and forth slowly as if he were still in her.

Her silence only brought a smile to his face. “I should go, Abbey. You know we can’t do this.” He was almost laughing at her.

“No.” The cushion her face was buried in stifled her voice.

“What was that”? He leaned over and barely pressed the head of his shaft into her.

“Don’t go.”

“What do you want, Abbey”?

“I want you.”

“You want me to what”? He was going to press this all the way.

“Make love to me.”

“Make love to you? You’re married, Abbey. You don’t love me.”

She hesitated again. “I know,” she conceded.

“What do you want, then”?

“Fuck me.”

“Well, if you think it’s okay.” He took his hands off her hips and slid them up and down her back, leaning over so that he could wrap around her and pinch her nipples. The reaction he hoped for came in the form of a low, prolonged groan from her as she pressed back against him.

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