tagLoving WivesAbbey: Through The Window Ch. 03

Abbey: Through The Window Ch. 03

byHapLess Husband©

After Brian left, I stayed outside just a few minutes to see what Abbey’s reaction would be once she was alone. She sat on the couch and cried softly, looking around the room as if it were the first time she had ever seen it. I know it seems strange, but I almost felt sorry for her. She was a great wife and mother who had fallen for a line when she was vulnerable. In my mind, I was wondering what I would say if I had to approach her. A lie like, “I’m really hurt that you did this,” or the truth, that being “Watching you with Brian is the biggest turn-on I’ve ever had!!” I had a feeling neither was good for the moment, especially if I wanted to enjoy it again. I decided silence was my course.

I looked at my watch and knew I was within fifteen minutes of my normal arrival time. Abbey had slid down on the couch as if she was resigned to her situation, exposing her open crotch to me in the light. I smiled to myself. Tonight was going to be fun! Let’s see how she reacts to her second man of the night, as I would be getting “sloppy seconds.” I quickly envisioned a real slow fuck with me on top, giving her a lot of romantic attention so that she would know where she really belonged.

With those thoughts in mind, I was just getting ready to give up my hidden position to go get my car. But she made a move that delayed me, than froze me there. She had already laid herself out full length on the couch, facing me. What caught my attention was her right hand. She moved it from off her stomach where it had been and let it slide down lower on her abdomen to the point it was below the opening of the split skirt. What was this? She definitely had my full attention again. Sure enough, she lifted her hips and slowly pulled her skirt up and to each side and opened her legs wide, exposing a very red, very wet pussy in the full light of the lamp. I almost fell over myself picking the binoculars up again. With those, I could see that her pussy was still open from his ramming, glistening with their cum. That was enough to call my cock to attention, but it didn’t stop there.

She moved her hand down between her legs and slowly started rubbing herself, slow at first as if she were just trying to cool it off, than picking up speed so that there was no doubt as to what she needed. After all that had happened that night, it still mesmerized me to watch her as she reacted to her fingers, her body lifting off the couch to meet them as they increased in speed and pressure. I had to take my dick out of my pants just to release the pressure from it being confined. It took very little time for her to bring herself to that level where her bodily to react to her fingers and she started moaning loudly. I chuckled to myself inwardly, thinking, “Now that it’s time for me to come home, she can’t wait for me.”

“O-o-o-oh, Bri-i-a-a-n.” I froze there when she called his name as she convulsed in her orgasm. She only said it once, but it was there and it was distinct! As I continued to watch her hips thrash on the couch and listen to her moans, I don’t know if I was upset or excited. I had expected this to be for me, but it just added to the already overpowering excitement I was getting from watching her turned on by another man. One thing did change, though. I quickly dumped the idea of a slow romantic screw and knew I wanted to feel and hear her beg for it.

She was slowing down. I quickly hid the binoculars and dashed for my car. I had a feeling she would try to take a quick shower before I could get there and my devious mind wanted to stop it. I got lucky and got to our bedroom just as she was getting undressed. Surprising her, I pulled her over quickly on the bed and covered her naked body with my own, pinning her down over her objections. There was no doubt in her mind what I wanted and she wanted to temporarily prevent it.

“I need to shower,” she begged.

“No, I want you now.” During the dash to the car and the drive back I had formulated a plan. I left her just long enough to turn on all the lights in the room and visually checked the window to make sure it was open. Stripping off my clothes, I got on my back and made her straddle me with her knees on each side of me. As I did, I slipped my hand between her legs and could feel cum running down the inside of her legs. Protesting the whole time, she tried to just barely let me enter her. Instead, I grabbed her hips and shoved them forward, entering her with a thrust. I was met with absolutely no resistance from her pussy, sliding in easily with the lubrication of the slush between her legs.

“Y-e-e-s-s.” Even through all this, it was still satisfying to hear her reaction to my entry. Instinctly, I suppose, she started pumping slowly and took all of me into her. She lifted all the way up each time and went all the way down, filling herself up. Her mouth hungrily sought mine and locked on it for a long time. I didn’t know if it was desire for me, an apology for her indiscretions, or for him. I just knew it was good!

She lifted her head for a second and said, “Why are all the lights on?” It was really bright in there.

“I just want to be able to watch you.” If fact, it was part of my own little fantasy. What if there were somebody looking in? They would be able to see her perfectly. I knew there wouldn’t be, but it was part of my fantasy that night.

I could hardly keep up with her that night. I came right away, but made her stay on me until I could recover. We went at it again and came together. When I let her off me, her pleas for me to let her shower went unheard. I laughed inwardly when she begged me not to go down on her. Instead, she allowed me to position her on the edge of the bed so that she was facing the window with her legs spread wide where she masturbated for me. If there really had been somebody outside, they would have had a fantastic view! We kept it up for hours, finally falling to sleep with the lights on. I woke up later in the night, carefully running my hands between her legs before turning out the lights. She had a heavy crust on them halfway down to her knees. It was such a turn-on that I couldn’t help sliding on top of her in the dark and slowly bringing her out of her sleep with my cock. The ensuing sex was the slowest and sweetest that I’d ever had in my life. Just as we dozed back off, she lifted her head and looked around.

“I need to wash your clothes first thing in the morning.”

“Why?” What an odd subject for that moment.

“Can’t you smell the cigarette smoke on them?”

I thought about it a minute, then looked at the open window. I didn’t smoke and my work was a non-smoking area! No, I thought after a minute. I’m starting to let my imagination go way too far.

After that night I became a walking hard-on. No amount of screwing or masturbation could seem to keep me down for more than a few hours. Abbey was astonished that I was tapping her at all hours of the night. Unless she had time to spare, she didn’t dare walk around with just her underwear on, let alone parading it on purpose in front of me as she had done in the past. There was a glow on her face at all times that was undeniably sexual bliss.

But, however forgiving and attentive I had become, what I was not was stupid!! There was no doubt in my mind that Brian was as much a part of her joy as me. I stayed on my schedule, looking forward to each Friday night as a kid would Christmas. After that second Friday night and the fuck fest that followed, I became even more serious about what was going on. I was taping her on a nightly basis and caught her talking to him on the phone. I couldn’t tell what he was saying, of course, just her reaction and the fact that she seemed to masturbate when she was talking to him. I wanted to set up a video camera but mine was old and big and I felt that it would have been too easy to get caught. Instead, since she seemed to always be on the couch when she talked to him I picked up a telephone-recording device and it hid under our couch. It would record the phone when it was picked up without the user being aware.

Surprisingly, most of their conversation was small talk with no hint of anything going on between them. Never was there any negative talk concerning either me personally or our marriage. You might have expected “Why are you married to him?” or something along those lines but there wasn’t. You would have thought Brian and I were best friends by his comments. Neither was there any talk of any romance between them. But, every conversation always seemed to end the same way.

“What are you wearing?” was his common question. So was “Where are you right now?”

I don’t know if she was making it up or not, but she would go into intricate detail about what she was wearing, both as outer and under wear. Sometimes she would tell him she was on the bed, even though I knew she couldn’t be because she was using the phone in the living room. This talk at the end of every conversation was what sent them off. Breathing from both ends became heavy, sometimes silence taking over for long periods as they were getting off on each other. Sometimes she would hang up before she came. When she did, I still picked up her on my voice recorder and her orgasms always were much louder than the ones that she almost whispered over the phone to him.

Then two things occurred that got my attention. One, I was trimming our yard around the fence and found cigarette butts just outside our fence adjacent to our bedroom window. I immediately flashed back to that night when Abbey had detected the smell of smoke in our bedroom. I shivered a little. Even though I doubted it, if that really was the case somebody had really got an eye and ear full! The other thing that happened was when I was listening to the telephone tapes one day and I heard two very distinct beeps. Then Brian seemed to rush off the phone, which was highly unusual. It sort of rocked me back when I realized what it was. It was the sound of a cellular telephone running out of power. That had never crossed my mind. Brian could have been anywhere when he was talking to her, even in our back yard actually watching her as they spoke, staying far away enough to prevent her detecting his voice or causing any feedback. I had wondered how, at times, he had apparently known exactly what she was doing which, by the way, had impressed the hell out of her.

As for Friday nights, they continued and got even more interesting. Brian got smart and started leaving with his brother and sister-in-law so as not to call attention to himself. The first time he did it, I was surprised and disappointed. I think Abbey was, too, by the look on her face after everybody had left. But twenty minute after they had all gone, there must have been a quiet knock on the door because I didn’t hear it before she responded to the door. In he stepped, and within minutes they were down on the living room floor. He seemed to prefer doggy style because over the weeks she always seemed to end up on her knees in front of him.

This “depart and return” tactic became the norm. Between their tantalizing phone conversations almost every night and the Friday night couplings, I stayed so hopped up on sex that I’m lucky my heart stayed beating. I don’t know who was masturbating the most, her or me. It got to the point that I was doing it at work and I suspect that she was, too. We screwed constantly, never a night going by that I didn’t wake her up, or her me. Her purchases of skimpy underwear became ridiculous and she hid it from me until she had paraded it for him first. It got so that I would wait until I knew she was asleep and pull out the telephone recorder and listen to it in the darkness, not able to wait until the next day when it was safe.

All of this happened over a period of ten weeks. I won’t tell you blow for blow what happened, but a couple of things really stick out.

Abbey loves to have her pussy eaten and will buck wildly into your face with multiple orgasms while she’s being done. For all the patience he showed and the long, sensuous periods of foreplay they went through each week, for some reason Brian didn’t seem interested in going down on her. I could tell that there were times that she not only expected it, but also wanted it. Instead, he kept it confined to just when he would leave at night. Without fail, he would push her up against the door and drop down between her legs. He was always rewarded with her putting her leg over his shoulder to give him access, but he never did anything more that a minute or two of teasing. One good thing about that was she always had to bring herself off after he left to substitute for his tongue and I got to watch her. I knew some men just didn’t like oral sex, just as some women didn’t, so even if it was disappointing I didn’t give it a lot of thought.

As it turned out, he was just waiting for the right time to obviously fulfill one of his fantasies. The card table we have is very old and extremely strong and heavy. We bought it at a garage sale years ago instead of buying one of the newer, flimsy ones. One night after his return to the house, he went out in the garage and brought the table back in. Placing it exactly where it was when they played cards, he pulled up two chairs and sat down in one, beckoning her to sit in the other. As she sat a little bit bewildered, he engaged her in a casual conversation. Soon, though, his hands started roaming under the table, just as they did during their games. This time, though, there was no need to mask the under table action. She was wearing another short dress that she seemed to favor on these nights. After a few minutes his hand went to her knee as if they were still in the presence of others. He casually played with her leg, moving up slightly just as I had watched him do in the past.

As in the past, she started responding to his touch, moving around in her chair and slightly closing her eyes as he advanced. When he reached the point high on her leg that had always been the stopping point, he lingered a while, teasing her to the point that her mouth was hanging open a little. Then his hand slid on up, reaching that apex where he could tease her through the flimsy cloth covering her pussy. The response was instant and audible. Her hips pressed forward and she moaned softly, already having her flames stoked by his fingers coming up her leg and the previous events of the night.

After five minutes or so of teasing, he finally slid his hand under her panties and made contact. With closed eyes and an open mouth, she grasped the edge of the table with both hands and started a slow humping against his hand. Brian continued with the manipulation of her pussy and clit, alternating from fingering her clit in a smooth, constant motion to inserting his fingers deeply into her with strong strokes. Abbey started that familiar string of moans we were accustomed to and started sliding slowly down into the chair, opening her legs as wide as the table would allow to accommodate his invading hand.

I knew it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t. Brian lifted her leg up over his knee to really spread her open, then concentrated on her clit with a non-stop, fast fingering of what had to be an already swollen and sensitive spot. That’s all it took. She boiled over, throwing her head back as a loud moan poured out and she pushed against the edge of the table. Both her legs stiffened with the orgasm, standing straight out and opened slightly to still accommodate his fingers. When he slowed down a little, her legs dropped but her body was writhing in the chair and I think we all knew she was just getting started and would climax again in no time.

Instead, Brian stood up and removed all his clothes. His cock was like mine, standing out in all his glory. He pulled Abbey to her feet and, with a lot of kissing and touching, took her clothes off and dropped them to the floor with his. His mouth was busy on her breast and neck and she responded by pumping her legs up and down slightly against his. When he moved the chairs to one side I got the picture. He was going to fuck her on the card table! I almost came just anticipating it.

I was almost right. Brian caught both Abbey and me by surprise when he laid her on the table and pulled his chair back up. Sitting down, he started an almost painfully slow ascent up her legs, kissing every square inch on the way up. He moved her legs up and down, sideways, and lifted them to get to all the places he wanted and she wanted even more. Her body was in a state of constant motion, undulating non-stop on the tabletop as she accepted his actions in a soft, almost hoarse voice. Her hands stayed on the back of his neck; leaving only when he went down so low she couldn’t touch him. He reached the point that he dedicated his kisses solely to those two creases where her legs met her ass. I guess that was a real draw to him as he stayed there for several minutes.

When he finally moved up and started nuzzling her pubic hair with his face I’m not sure how he could keep contact with her, she was moving so much. It was more of a circular movement than an up and down one. He continued his light contact with her, more of a kissing attack than an invasion of her slit. Eventually, he did let his tongue slip in and was rewarded with a huge moan from Abbey as she moved her hips up to meet his tongue. I was about to burst and I could easily see his hardened state so I gave him proper credit and admiration for being able to continue at the slow pace that he was.

“Open up for me.” He broke his silence.

“What?” It was more of a moan than a question.

“Use your hands to open up wide.”

She responded slowly, moving her hands from his head to each side of her crotch, spreading each lip widely and giving him an unobstructed view. I could see, too, and was amazed at how wet it looked. Maybe I couldn’t, but I thought I could see her clit sticking way out. My view was quickly lost. Brian slowly lowered his head and buried his nose in her. Her body arched and her head went back so far and hard that it lifted her shoulders slightly off the table. Her mouth opened wide and her noises were so erotic that it could bring on my orgasm by itself.

All thoughts that Brian didn’t like to eat pussy vanished. Not only did he like it, he appeared to be a master of it. Abbey came within three or four minutes, taking me with her. Assuming Brian would move on after that and enter her, I (and maybe Abbey) was stunned when he not only didn’t stop, but kept her on that table for over an hour. I was thinking that surely with the almost vulgar amount of times she came that she would become so sensitive and sore that she would have to stop. It wasn’t the case at all. Evidently he knew exactly where he could go with his mouth and tongue to please her and how long he could stay there without the pain. I think the tension that her stiffened body created each time she came caused more problems than his mouth.

Finally, after her many orgasms (and my two) he stood up. “Now, for the fucking,” I thought. He was full of surprises. Instead of trying to enter her he simply took her hand and wrapped it around him.

She responded, her mouth still gently open and her body heaving slightly when she gently took his cock in hand and started a slow, soft stroking. So much for his staying power! It didn’t take thirty seconds for him to explode, spraying cum all over her stomach and breast up to her face. It was everywhere on her.

Being very careful not to get any on him, Brian pulled her forward and gave her a deep, deep kiss. “You’re perfect,” he told her as he pulled her up. After a few exchanges and some more touching, he dressed and left. If he was as spent as I was and as she appeared to be, his driving would be impaired. I watched Abbey as she wobbled out of the living room to the bathroom to take a shower before I got home.

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