tagIncest/TabooAbbie's AI DIY

Abbie's AI DIY


One sunny Saturday morning I was mowing the back lawn.

"Andrew! Leave that! Come inside!" My mother shouted above the racket. "Abigail was just on the phone! She wants you to go over to her place to help her with something. Probably computer stuff again!"

My family is kind of weird, in a nice way. Mother calls both Abbie and me by our full names. Always. Abbie is twenty-eight, ten years older than me. About four years earlier on she moved out of home to a little flat just a couple of blocks away. She might as well have stayed here with me and Mother, since she's forever on the phone wanting something. I never minded going around to do little things for her. That day the weather was too hot to be mowing anyway, and I liked my big sister a lot. She will always be my big sister, even though I'm way taller than she is. Abbie was always good to me, like a second mother almost. She walked me to school when I was little, helped me with studies. Actually, she was still helping me with studies. So I walked around to her place.

She opened the door to my knock and looked me up and down. "Go take a shower!" She screwed up her nose. "You're sweaty, and you stink! I need you to be clean for this little job. You know where the towels are."

Obviously Abbie herself had recently showered. She was bare-footed and wore a lightweight satiny wrap-around dressing-gown thing that showed her knees which were still red from the hot water. Her hair was twisted up in a towel-turban. I didn't argue. Taking orders from her was second-nature to me. I had undressed and was leaning into the shower recess adjusting the water temperature when the bathroom door opened.

"Woops!" Abbie giggled. "Sorry Andy, don't put those dirty clothes back on. Just wear the towel until I find you something suitable." Another giggle escaped her as she closed the door, "Sorry again. Didn't see anything. Much."

Embarrassed as Hell, I showered using her scented pink soap then dried off. I obediently wrapped the big white bath towel I'd used around my waist. It went round twice and I came down almost to my ankles.

"You finished?" Abbie called from the only bedroom in the tiny flat. "Come in here. I need to have a serious talk with you before you start on this."

I went into her room. She was sitting up on the bed, cross-legged. It reminded me of a yoga pose. Her red hair was nearly dry, and she kept running her fingers through it, scrunching it into loose curls. The way her breasts swayed it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. I wondered if she was wearing panties. If not, her cross-legged pose was...very...naughty, though I couldn't actually see anything.

"Now listen," Abbie began, "try not to interrupt too much, because this is gonna be a difficult conversation, for the both of us. Now you know I've been wanting to have a baby, and since I have no man in my life, I'm gonna go with artificial insemination?"

"Yeah.I know about it. Mother said you're crazy."

"Shush! Well," she continued, "to go through a proper A.I. Clinic costs a fortune, so I'm going the D.I.Y. route. But, frozen sperm is also expensive, and comes with a whole parcel of red-tape. Seems a waste of money when I could get some nice guy to donate fresh stuff for free."

"You mean get some random to fu...er, have sex with you?" I asked. "Why are you telling me this? It's none of my business."

"Shut up and listen!" Abbie said. "The 'random' as you call him would be just donating his semen, into a little jar like this," she held up a small glass jar with a screw lid. And...it is your business because you are family. As it happens you are the only family member I can talk to since Mother is against my doing this."

"Sorry...go on."

She hesitated, then spoke in a rush. "The thing is Andrew, I don't want some 'father' guy involved. Poking his nose in, suing for access later, or whatever. I need a donor who is one hundred percent safe...not a threat in any way. Someone like you."

"Like me?...You mean...you want me to...donate my...?"

"Ahem!" Abbie cleared her throat. "Correct!"

I was astounded, "That is off the weirdness scale!"

She started babbling. "No it's not! I've given this a lot of thought. Done heaps of research. I know what I'm talking about.Think! No one will ever know. Just us two, and we'll never ever tell anyone. You and I look alike, same red hair, similar features. We are healthy, no genetic flaws. The baby will be perfect. He or she'll look like me. And forget those old wives tales about the dangers of inbreeding and forget about it being taboo. That's crap! Come on! Do this for me. Please Andy. My biological clock is ticking loud. I desperately want a baby and my fertility is highest on this day of my cycle. I need your donation now! I'll leave you here in my bedroom with this jar. I'm not taking no for an answer. Just...you know...um...donate...for me. I'll go make myself a cuppa, shouldn't take you long."

She gave me a shy smile and left, closing the door.

I felt like I had no choice in the matter and anyway I love my sister; I would do anything for her. Any thing. So I sat on the side of the bed, pulled the towel up and squeezed my cock a bit. No response. I shook it a bit but the absolute strangeness of the situation made me unable to perform.

After a long fifteen minutes Abbie tapped on the door. "Andy? Are you done? I'm coming in. Alright?"

I pulled the towel down to cover myself as the door opened. Her gaze swept to the empty jar and my dejected face.

"Oh Andy...you couldn't...you poor kid." She was full of sympathy. "I put so much pressure on you. It's just that today's the day. I really need it. Got to have it. Now." She thought a moment, gave me a gentle hug. "Look don't get grossed out...I'll help you. Come on! You'll see, it'll be fun."

I blushed as red as my hair. "No! You can't do that. You're my big sister."

"Big sister's can do as they please," she said and kissed my forehead and tugged at the towel. "Stand up! Get this off!"

I obeyed. She whipped the towel off me and I covered myself with my hand. She brushed my hand away and gently grasped my flaccid cock in her little warm hand. She pushed me back so I sat on the side of the bed again.

"Lie back Andy..." she crooned. "Relax...go with the flow...enjoy it."

In less than a minute my traitorous soft cock grew slightly in her warm hand. I was totally embarrassed, but I have to admit it felt good. She had to lean forward to do what she was doing, and the top of her satin gown was gaping showing a lot of what people call cleavage. Her rather large breasts swayed as she moved. My eyes zeroed in, and my cock grew a little more.

Abbie is a smart woman. She knew what I was looking at. "You like that?"

"No. No..." I lied.

With her free hand she pulled at the bow of the gown's belt ."Yes you do. It seems to be helping. I'll just untie this and show a bit more."

The belt came free and her gown fell open. One magnificent breast swung into view. So white, the nipple and surround very, very pink. She looked down at it and smiled.

Then she looked down at my fully erect cock. "Now we're getting somewhere." She wrapped her hand around my rigid shaft and began to pump rapidly. The sensation of having a hand not my own masturbating me was more exciting than I imagined possible.

After just a minute or two I tried to speak, "Huh...Abbie..."

"It's all right Darl, I know how to do this," she spoke soothingly.

I found my voice somehow. "But I'm...gonna..."

"Cum? Already? Quick sit up, we can't lose any now."

I struggled to a sitting position as Abbie shoved the little jar over my red swollen knob just in time. A strong spurt erupted, thick, translucent, whitish through the glass.

"Good boy!" She crowed, gently milking another two or three lesser flows from my by then too-sensitive cock.

She held my shaft between her finger and thumb and using her other hand eased the jar off. A significant amount of semen coated the head of my penis.

"Can't waste any," Abbie giggled and squeegeed the hot slimy stuff into the jar with her fingers.

I fell back onto my back again, my erection jerking, rapidly softening. I was puffing, my heart pounding, my head spinning...exhilarated beyond belief. All shyness had gone, for the moment.

Abbie was beside herself with excitement at having completed that phase of the procedure. "I can never thank you enough Andy..."

I pretended I was joking, but I was dead serious. "I think you already have. I've never seen a girl's...tits before, and no girl has ever touched my...thing or done what you did. That felt so good."

"Oh...you...boy." she laughed. "Well I am glad you enjoyed it in the end. You were very stressed out to start with."

She seemed oblivious of my nudity and her own state of partial undress.

I struggled up to my sitting position again. "What happens now?"

Abbie was happy to share. She held up a clear plastic tube about the size of my finger. "See this little syringe thing? It's for giving young kids medicine. I just suck the semen up into it, then slip the syringe...into my you-know-what, and squirt the baby making magic in."

"That's it?" I wondered. "That's all you gotta do?"

"Well...I'm supposed to be laying flat while the stuff goes in and for half an hour after, so....I don't know if I can manage all that by myself. I might need your help with the syringe."

"Hell Abbie...I...dunno...."

"Look we've come this far together. You'll be fine. I'll tell you what to do." Then she giggled. "You said you hadn't seen tits before, and you obviously enjoyed seeing mine. You'll enjoy seeing my...pussy, I'm sure...won't you?"

"Well...yes...I will."

"Now aren't you glad I asked you to help me today?"

Abbie manipulated the syringe and jar in a surprisingly expert manner. She managed to draw almost all the semen up into the little plastic gadget.

"Right!" She said. "Here we go!"

Swapping the syringe from hand to hand, she slipped her gown off and let it fall to the floor. Naked, she lay on her back, full length on her bed, then bent her knees up and opened her legs wide. I stared at the first vagina I had ever seen. A smooth puffy-lipped opening, hairless, gaping, amazingly pink inside.

"Here, take this," Abbie ordered, holding the syringe out to me.

I had difficulty dragging my eyes away from every boy's dream.

My hand shook as I took the little cylinder from her.

"Like what you see?" she asked with a big grin. "I waxed down there to be as hygienic as possible. Now, the big moment. Just slide it in. The opening is down near the bottom of my....Wait! I'll hold myself open so you'll see the...place where it goes."

She reached down with both hands and did as she said she would, then sort of pointed to the dark 'tunnel' part. "In there...ooh I'm nice and wet. Kinda got excited when I was...masturbating you. The syringe will slide in easily. Gently push it in as far as you can. Til it hits my cervix. Very gently now."

I was absolutely trembling with sexual tension. And I was nervous about mucking up Abbie's 'big moment'. As the tip of the syringe entered her she placed her hand over mine and helped me. She was indeed extremely wet, so the slender tube slipped in very easily.

"Yeah! That's it!" she said. "It's in far enough. Slowly press the plunger."

Despite my excitement and nervousness, I managed to complete the task without mishap.

Abbie outlined the next step. "We leave it in there for a while. It helps if I feel...relaxed, pampered, loved. Come up here on the bed with me. Cuddle me. Stroke my hair. Tell me I'm...pretty..."

I eagerly lay beside her. "You are pretty Abbie. Beautiful. Your body is amazing." I lightly kissed her lips then ran my fingers through her unruly curls.

"Mmm...that's good," she purred, her eyes closed. Then they popped open and she turned her head and looked at me. She was giggling again. "One more thing! To have the most chance of success I'm supposed to have an orgasm now!"

Her hand went down to where the plunger of the syringe incongruously protruded from her pretty pussy. She fluttered her fingers in a fast circular motion. I raised myself on my elbow to watch. Her arm bumped agains one of her tits as she masturbated, causing both of them to wobble in a fascinating, jelly-like way

Abbie was panting, from excitement and exertion, "You so like my tits....don't you?....Touch'em...I want you to...go on...please..."

I didn't need any further invitation. I caressed and kneaded gently. I rolled a nipple between my finger and thumb.

Abbie's eyes looked for and found my cock, which of course was absolutely rigid again. She wrapped her spare hand around it. "Pull that silly thing out of me and put this in. I want it so bad." She gasped.

"Oh God...I want to..."

I plucked the 'silly thing' out of her. It made an obscene little slurp. Abbie was in charge as she still held my cock in her hand. She expertly inserted it in her open hot pussy and I slid into paradise. I automatically started thrusting vigorously.

She bucked under me. "Yes! Yes! I'm... cumming...now...fuck me!"

Ever obedient I did just that. I orgasmed right after her, pouring even more semen into her welcoming cunt.

We dozed, naked,in each others' arms afterwards.

Half an hour later Abbie sat up and yawned, stretching her arms above her head. Her breasts rose and fell in a very interesting manner. She of course saw where I was looking and hefted them both in her two hands.

Then she looked at my cock as it stirred. "No you don't Buster. That's enough for today. Umm...the thing is...I know my calculations said today was the day...but it's an inexact science. I suppose we should do it all again tomorrow to be sure...what d'you reckon?

I laughed happily. "What d'you reckon I reckon?"

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by Anonymous

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by prop6901/23/18

One of the best brother and sister incest stories.

Accurate. Sometimes it is difficult to get an erection. Having a sexy woman helps especially if you are fantasizing about her

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by thedayafter12/05/17

Great little story. A follow up chapter would be nice.

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by Anonymous11/01/17


I loved every word of the story. It was really EROTIC,especially the first bedient part. Simply the most EROTIC STIRY OF INCEST EVER.

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by CarlusMagnus10/15/17

A short, fun read...

...but a little too clinical and a little too short. We need more about what they're feeling (him, in particular, since you told it in the first person). It would have been much better if we'd sharedmore...

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by JayKenway10/15/17

Good story but....

Don't take my feedback in a negative light, I really enjoyed the story. I once did long distance with a girl and we would joke about sending a turkey baster with my cum in it. It's a stupid joke but thismore...

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