tagFetishAbby & Abe

Abby & Abe


He had just finished a relationship and as many a time one feels a bit hurt, so when the weekend came up he felt some emptiness and did not know how to handle himself.

Here he was on Saturday morning, not much to do, so he decided to go out for a stroll and had gone maybe 30 blocks in a zigzag with no certain destination till he came across a plant nursery and went in to take a look. The place big enough with plenty of customers and employees going from one end of the place to the other. So he peeked around as if wanting to buy, a cute woman came up to him offering her help, he automatically felt well with her, good looks and good character at first glance.

"He smiled at her and added, the truth is I´m more of a window shopper today than anything else."

"Abby is my name, yours?"

"Abe, and laughed" and so did she.

"Just imagine if we were together Abby, Abe" Abby said and laughed again and so did he."

"Abby the truth is, I broke up last week and now I don´t have much to do, I strolled out and ended up here."

"Sorry Abe, what is incredible I´ve seen this before, people end up here, I guess it cheers them up, at least a little."

"So, Abe you are single again."

"And you Abby?" he blurted out.

"Oh, also single, have been off and on but nothing that I would consider truly opening up to."

"Look Abe I´d love to carry on, but have to get back to work."

"Yes I understand, thanks for all anyway."

"Ok, bye."

"Abby, before you carry on, would you be interested to join up after work?"

"Mmm, look I´ll finish, but not too soon, so give me a call more or less at 6 p. m and see if I´m up for it. Is that ok with you."

"Abby, perfect I will give you a call and we then see. Bye."

"Bye", Abby said.

It´s past 6.30 p. m and decided to give her a call.

"Hi Abby did you get back well, are you up for a drink?"

"Look Abe, I´ve just arrived, I do want to, but I need a bit of time, would 7.30 be all right with you?"

"Yes sure." The address was passed onto Abe and it was fixed.

Abe arrived at the house and knocked on the door, he heard.

"Come in please."

He walked in, he got the feeling of everything tidy and agreeable, as most places a sofa, armchair, chairs coffee table, some paintings on the wall and a number of big rings holding plants and decorative items.

Abby appeared down the stairs, Abe´s jaw dropped, just what Abby had wanted happened.

"Uhhh," is all that came out form Abe´s mouth. Abby just enjoyed the moment dressed in ankle boots, leather trousers, satin blouse and hair tied back, purplish lipstick and matching eyelids.

"Would you be kind enough to close your mouth or if not please say something," Abby said with a smile.

"Oh, sorry Abby, if found you attractive when I first saw you, but now, just with my attitude you know, not much explanation to add."

"Yes Abe, I feel I can be quite straight forward with you, and you reacted just as I wanted, thank you for that, as you see I don´t have a similar behaviour as most of the girls. Is that ok with you?"

"Abby yes, just that it's the first time a woman comes up to me so straight forward."

"Abe I find it's a way to cut the chase, being a woman you have to wait and see how the events develop and in my case they end in something not wanted by me. Anyway your expression is thumbs up for me, so let´s go out or not. Would you prefer a drink here at home?"

"Abby you read my mind, I´m still a bit sensitive believe it or not."

"I like sensitive men, it makes them more understandable and they get in touch with their feminine side. I´m fed up of dorks. Up for a whisky or something else?"

"Whisky is alright Abby."

"Ok here it comes I´ll join you with one."

"So, Abe what caused the brake up?"

"A number of things, you know, the everyday matters which were added to a deteriorating attraction to each other, including sex. Nevertheless we did get along, but at some point the friction made it not worth the effort, it hurt us both, so as not to make it worse, we mutually ended it."

"And you Abby?"

"Well in my case as you have already had a cup of me and in addition my sexual needs are a bit off the charts as to say, has not been that easy finding a suitable partner."

"Yes I somewhat understand you Abby, I have some fantasies that when spoken out or tried ended in the dustbin, and once that happens it nearly never gets a second chance."

"Ok Abe I´m going to tank us up, and if you feel well with it tell what turns you on."

"Only if we mention to each other one thing that turns you on at a time, and since you are straight forward we might get all out in a while, yes?"

"Abe you start, please and kinky as it can get, since you´ll soon find out what I like."

"Here we go then, Abby. I like pantyhose sex and I mean everything, sex in them, all body, bondage, everything."

"Yes I like it too, but if I have a dominating roll, I like leading and up to now my partners have not followed the moment, for example I asked them if they would put a pantyhose on, I got the "you are mad look", so to avoid the total mad look, so from then on I would slowly cool off the relation until we finished it. No hard feelings."

"Umm, interesting thank you for your candour Abby."

"As I said, I like being straight forward but also I noticed that you are frank and open with me and we might have something here, would you agree?"

"Do you think so, Abby?"

"Yes, Abe, any other things, items, fetish to add?"

"I´ll answer with a question, what would you do if you had a chance with me?"

"Abe, I prefer to take you through with it in the way direct body experience, are you game?"

"How dominant are you Abby, could you anticipate anything to me?"

"Abe, my games include but not necessarily bondage, anal games, role play, submission, would you like to try it out with me?"

A moment of silence went through.

"I wish you would tell me on an extensive way, but it take all night I guess. Would you be kind to give me an extra shot of whisky and then we can start."

Abby, started getting wet already.

"Here´s the shot and since you do not need a shower, come with me to my bedroom."

Abby´s bedroom is big with a dressing room also.

She came up to him, took his head and kissed him deeply.

"Ok, role play on, please get those clothes off, I´m going to turn you into a fem." Abby said.

He was naked, Abby looked at him and said,

"Your penis is on the small side, but in general I prefer to be inside you and every now and then, more then, than now you inside of me, is that ok with you?"

"With the scotch I have in me and all we have spoken I´m in for a try out as you said, then we will see how we feel from there on."

"Nice, Abe, thanks."

"Here, I have a pair of crotchless pantyhose for you."

He was putting them on and Abby gave him another pair.

"These go over your head, I want your hands encased also."

On they went. He felt very horny his penis at attention, ready to soon release.

"Abe here put this on also, a panty that is to hide your pecker, if you cannot get it down I'll cage it, what will it be first or the second."

"Abby it won't go down."

"Cage it is."

She came over with it and had latex gloves on, Abby pressed his nipple so hard that he yelled, the effect was quick, the hard on disappeared and the cage went in.

Abby without a word let him choose by showing him a leather and latex hood, the latex hood went on. A ring gag went to his mouth. He could not mention word and soon drool fell from his mouth. Next a leather collar, what seemed opera gloves but once up in one arm it had no space for his fingers it was just a long sleeve, then the other arm, leather cuffs for his wrists, which were hooked to the collar.

"Abe are you ok with this, do you want me to carry on? Nod if yes."

He nodded and tried to speak, with no luck.

"Oh Abe you are the first one, it has been easier with women I could make them do everything, but not a man. I' m excited with you."

His penis tried to react, but nothing happened.

"Let me see your feet. Yes I can try a pair of boots that are new, the going to be user never even knew that I had bought them for him. So you are the one now to use them."

Abby got one boot into his foot, it felt very encasing, sexy, the zip came up, the other, since the heels are high he has trouble finding balance, Abby held him until he settled in them.

He stood there not seeing Abby, and felt a spank on his butt and another.

Aaagghhh from his mouth, as he felt them.

"You are going to become my bitch," Abby said.

A leash was hooked up to his neck and led him to a coat hanger in the room.

"Wait here." Abby said.

He saw Abby go to the dressing room.

She took her gloves off, sat down to get her boots off also, the leather trousers which she put away, the blouse went to the floor, bra, pantyhose and panty. Abby saw him watching her.

She got a panty out, with a powered butterfly for her and a base to place the penis for the occasion, crotchless pantyhose, a latex shirt with sleeves and a round neck, which she slipped on, matching a short latex skirt and thigh high boots with heels. She looked lost deciding which strap on to use, in size they look similar.

She came up to him.

"I still don't have a name for you, independent of that I need to know if you are a virgin, a newly or an anal whore, answer with a nod"

"He did for newly."

"Then I'll make the smaller one come into service for the ride."

Abby slipped a latex hood on, hiding all expression. She lifted her skirt up and locked the penis on and turned on the butterfly making her highs to start.

"Yes at last it looks I might have found him, the one." She said to herself.

She got the gloves back on, got hold of the condoms and lube.

Abby unhooked the leash, and pulled Abe down to his knees and made him go towards her, he did reluctantly.

She was sitting on a chair.

"Since your mouth is open, I want you to taste what I' m going to put into your butt."

Next thing her penis was in his mouth, she pulled the leash and he heard her say suck, he did she moved his head in and out, his arms touched her legs with each movement, once she was satisfied, he was pulled out.

Abby helped him to my feet and led him to another room, there she opened a double door cupboard and a sawhorse appeared, she brought it out and placed it not far from one of the walls that had a full size mirror and soon after he was bent over and forced to lie on it, his legs by the way it was built had him spread open and his ankles were strapped to the frame as well as the collar at the front, but could still see his image on the mirror.

Abby disappeared and soon returned with the condoms and lube, she stood behind him and she put some lube on her fingers, and yes it felt cold, without further notice the finger went in and out he was being finger fucked as a woman, he bucked or at least I tried to, but not much was achieved.

"Will you consent in becoming my bitch? Yes?"

Abby looked at him holding still with her finger in him. He nodded, he should have not, because then three fingers went in. He gasped, tried to move, Abby saw his resistance and effort to get loose, which by the way was hopeless.

Abby still placed at the back of him put a condom go over his caged penis, then she moved back and to the side of him in order to show him how she put the condom on her penis, then the inevitable he felt what net to happen, she played with him, but not yet penetrating him, he felt her cock all over his backside, then he started feeling the head moving near the entry, but still not intruding, the sphincter acting accordingly, resisting and relaxing. He was guessing that Abby would ram into him when she was ready, but to his surprise, the head started in slowly, he felt the head go past and stay there, his anus feeling full, then she went deeper and it felt a little thicker, again she stopped and then the rest went in, he moaned. He could feel her hips against him, she put her body on him.

"From now on you are Anny." She said.

Abby pulled out, more lube was put to her penis, it felt cold and in she went and repeated this twice. Abby then got into fucking him, the rhythm went up a notch, now feeling full, trying to expel the intruder which did as it felt on his prostate activating it, since he was dripping into the condom. He was enjoying this, but could not move, except for his neck and only little to see Abby pumping him and each time faster, he was moaning like a girl, aahhh, aahhh, which turned Abby crazy, she pumped harder, his penis was oozing cum. Suddenly Abby went in all the way hard into him, and repeated a few times, to then stop and leaned over him again. She withdrew, removed the condom and let it drop in a bin.

"We are not quite finished yet Anny". She removed the condom from my cage and put it on her penis, he could see cum all over it.

"Now dear to become my Anny I need you to eat this cum."

Abby stood in front of him removed the condom and her penis went straight into his open mouth. All that cum that was there and could not do anything other than swallow, when Abby was satisfied, she pulled away.

Abby left him there for a while. When she came back, her hood was off, her face freshly washed, she had a dressing gown on.

"Dear Abe, let me get you loose from all the bondage."

"Do you want to shower?"

"Yes Abby, I need it."

He came out refreshed, Abby was in the living room. Abby looked at him nothing said for a while. Well she finally asked?

"A first date like this one, I can certify I will never have another similar to this one. You are a woman well equipped."

"Abe, yes I am."

"Believe it or not it´s not that easy to find a match to use all this equipment."

"I can have some vanilla sex, but I find it just does not turn me on. You Abe?"

"It´s the first time I have someone in me on a want to be basis. Let me ask you do you want Abe or Anny with you?"

"Good question Abby said, I want Abe for everything including some kissing, but for true intimate relationship I prefer Anny and I want to do lots of things with her, sometimes including spooning."

"When do I know who is requested." Abe asked.

"Don´t worry you will know." She came over and kissed him.

"I will soon find out."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/15/18

Bad writing

Content is interesting but the grammar and writing is so bad I couldn't read it.

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by Anonymous12/03/18


I wanted to enjoy this story, because I like being pegged and receiving a mild spanking now and then. The run-on sentences, the awkward writing and the lapses from third person narrative to first personmore...

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by JohnShade12/03/18

Seems like this was written in a different language then Google translated.

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by Anonymous12/03/18

1 star

I gave up because of the poor spelling.

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