Abby Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XI: Abby

Chapter one

Greg Atkinson stood at his kitchen sink, looking out the window over the sink at Abby Marklin, his neighbor's wife, who was carrying things out to their car. It looked like Marklin family, who owned the cabin next door to his was preparing to leave.

Greg sighed. "Damn, she's really gorgeous!" he thought. "I wonder how she ever got hooked up with Lee Marklin?" He continued gazing at his neighbor who went back into the cabin and came out carrying a suitcase and some sort of small bag. Her face was attractive - striking, but not quite beautiful - and she had shoulder-length, straight blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was slim and was wearing jeans that were fairly loose, but didn't hide the fact that she had nice legs. Nor did the jeans conceal the fact that Abby Marklin had a pretty darn nice bottom, too. And she moved with an unconcious, natural grace that kept Greg watching her.

The woman put the suitcase in the back of the station wagon, then she turned. Greg sighed again. Despite how slim Abby was, she had huge breasts, which were delightfully emphasized by the snug white knit sweater she was wearing under her winter coat. When she saw Greg looking out the window, she smiled and waved.

Greg, embarrassed at being caught watching his neighbor, waved back and felt himself flushing.

"Greg, where are you?" a feminine voice called. "I thought you said you'd be right back."

"I'll be right there, Donna," Greg called. He ran himself a glass of water, drank it, then headed back for his bedroom; where Donna McGill, the woman who'd called to him, was waiting.

When he walked into his bedroom, what he saw sent shock-waves of arousal through him. His erect cock jumped and parted the bathrobe he was wearing.

Donna, a beautiful, buxom, brunette, was lying on top of the covers. Her body twisted and jerked while she masturbated! Her breasts, rather small, but perfectly shaped, were topped by rigidly extended nipples. Her eyes were closed and her flushed, lovely face was slack with passion.

"Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh!!!" she moaned softly, "Greggg!!! Oh,Greggggg!!!! Fuck meeeee!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!"

Greg, stiff-legged, walked toward the bed where the beautiful woman lay, lost in self-induced passion. Thoughts of his attractive neighbor slipped from his mind as he moved across the bedroom, shedding his robe. His cock, a swollen, veined obelisk with a purple arrow-shaped head, pointed toward the object of his desire.

Donna, totally absorbed in the rapture she was giving herself, wasn't aware Greg had returned. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was utterly absorbed in the incredible joy that was ripping through her. God! She'd never made herself feel this good! It actually felt as if Greg was touching her, his hand sliding over her belly, caressing her inflamed clit! Never before had masturbation inspired such realistic feelings!

"Ohhhhh!!!" Donna moaned. Her body arched upward, she opened her eyes, and discovered she wasn't imagining things after all. Greg, naked, was kneeling on the bed next to her and his hand was between her legs! He had returned and was caressing her! "Greg!! Oh, God!! Yessssss!!!!!" she groaned, her excitement hurtling to unbearable levels.

Greg laid on top of Donna, his legs between hers, the whole time keeping up the circular movement of his hand on her middle.

Donna was so wild with desire she couldn't think straight. Her hips continued to rise and fall and her movements became even more urgent when Greg slid his finger into her. She whimpered when she felt the hot, sticky tip of his penis slap against her aching pussy. She clawed at Greg when he placed the tip of his cock between her soaked labia, then thrills deluged her when his massive pole began to invade her.

"Yessss!!! Yesssss!!!!" Donna moaned. She wanted him! She needed him! "Oh, God, Greg, do I ever need that!!!"

Greg was as turned on as it looked like Donna was. The sweet sensations caused by his partner's clasping, channel as it squeezed his sensitized cock, soon had him close to exploding. When his cock was fully buried in the gorgeous brunette, he forced himself to remain still, relishing the incredible feelings he was receiving.

Donna didn't want him to stop moving. She needed to be fucked so bad! When Greg finally started to move, her hips responded and glorious sensations mounted in her. "Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh!!!" she cried, "Fuck me, Greg!!! Ohhhh, God, Greg!!! Fuck meeeeee!!!!"

Greg's hips pounded against her, jolting her, causing her jellied breasts to jiggle. In and out, in and out, his hard pole moved, causing sensations so sweet it they were almost unbearable.

"Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!!" Donna cried, "That's it!! Yesss, Greg!!! That's it!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Her body strained against her lover's when release began billowing through her.

"Yeahhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhh!!!" Greg moaned. He felt his cock pulsing, sending his juices spewing into the woman lying under him.

When he was at last finished, he lowered himself on Donna and covered her mouth with his. Avidly, she returned the kiss. They lay there, lips locked together, and their bodies occasionally twitched as after-shocks of pleasure rippled through them.

"That...that was wonderful, Greg!" Donna gasped when the kiss finally ended. Greg had rolled off her and lay next to her on the bed. "You have no idea how much I needed that!"

Greg's hands slid lightly over her soft skin. "I kind of got an idea how much, seeing as how you couldn't wait for me," he said, his eyes moving over her unclad form.

Donna felt herself blush, then she gasped when his hands cupped her breasts and teased the nipples. Her body moved insistently under his touch. All she could do was moan and gasp as rapture once more overwhelmed her.

"Oh, God, Greg!!!" she crooned, "That feels so wonderful!"

"Glad you like it," Greg said. He continued savoring the silken sensation of her skin with his hands. As he caressed Donna, his thoughts once more drifted to Abby Marklin, his attractive neighbor, and as he thought about what it would be like to caress Abby, he felt himself once again grow hard. When his cock was once more stiff, he pulled his partner against him. As he did, his engorged cock slid between Donna's legs.

"Ahhhh!!!" Donna groaned when Greg's meaty shaft rubbed her vaginal lips, sending turmoil rippling through her once more. She needed him again! Her hips began to thrust, rubbing her pulsing opening against his hard cock.

Greg again rolled on top of Donna and she felt his massive swollen wand sliding between her silken, slick vaginal lips. She groaned softly with delight. It was in her again! Greg pushed down with his hips, sliding himself deeper into Donna's willing body.

"Yessss!!! Yesssss!!!!" Donna groaned. Her hips rose and her legs locked behind his.

Greg's back arched as he drove his hips down, thrusting his cock deep into his pretty companion's lush body. "Oh, baby!" he groaned, "Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!"

Greg kept his eyes closed as pounded down into Donna for the second time. What Donna didn't know was that part of the reason he was this horny was Abby Marklin, his gorgeous blonde neighbor.

"Ohhhhh, Greg!!" Donna moaned softly, "You are hornier than usual today, aren't you?" Her body quivered with the gratifying feelings his driving penis was sending through her. She had no idea why, Greg was hornier than he usually was but she loved being the beneficiary of his highly aroused state. She hadn't been fucked so well, or so often in a long time!

"Unnnnhhhh!!!! Unnnnhhhh!!!!" Greg groaned as thrills shot through him. He looked down at his buxom, dark-haired companion and watched, delighted, as his thrusts, rocking her body, caused her breasts to jiggle. Her gorgeous face was flushed with passion.

Then he closed his eyes and slammed into her even harder, imagining it was the slim body of blonde Abby Marklin he was driving his erection into. That did it. With gut-wrenching intensity, massive quantities of his torrid, sticky cream gushed from him.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" he moaned, "Take ittttt!!! Take ittttttttttt!!!"

"Yessss, Greg!!! Oh, yessss!!!!" Donna groaned in reply. "Take me, Greg!! Take meeeee!!! Oh, Lord, that's wonderful!!! I'm comminggg, too!!!" Powerful spasms convulsed her as Greg's orgasm triggered hers.

When he finished, Greg pulled his softening cock out of Donna and rolled onto his back next to her on the bed. Although he'd come wonderfully and knew she had, too, he found himself feeling a bit guilty. He had made love to Donna, but he really wanted Abby Marklin! But Abby was happily married, so she was an impossible dream.

Donna, satisfied, snuggled against Greg and fell asleep. Greg looked at her. She worked as a nurse in the emergency room of a small community hospital in Victorville, about ten miles from where he lived.

Greg, a deputy sheriff, spent a lot of time at the emergency room as a consequence of vehicle crashes he investigated as part of his job. They'd been attracted to each other and their affair was a natural result of that attraction. They saw each other quite often, but neither of them had any illusions about what their relationship was. They both knew that what they had was purely a sexual relationship between good friends.

They had dated a few times, but then Donna started getting serious about one of the young doctors who worked at the hospital, so their dates ended. Donna's relationship with the doctor didn't stop them from getting together several times a month for wonderful sex, but they both knew there would never be anything more than that between them.

Lately Donna had been talking more and more fondly about the doctors she was dating and Greg thought she was working up to telling him she planned to marry the guy. If that happened and their affair ended, he'd would miss the great sex he and Donna shared, but he hoped he and Donna could remain friends.

He had a hard time understanding why, suddenly, he'd become so smitten with Abby Marklin. Her husband, a prominent cardiac surgeon in a large city about eighty miles from where Greg lived, had owned the cabin next door ever since Greg was a kid.

Abby was Lee Marklin's second wife. From what Greg had heard, she was a nurse Lee met at work, at least that's Greg's late mother had told him. Greg's mother considered Abby a home-wrecker and had never been very friendly with their neighbor's new wife, but Greg had gotten to know Abby a little bit, and he really liked her. He couldn't imagine anyone as nice as Abby seemed to be as a home-wrecker. It didn't fit his impression of her, and he prided himself on being pretty good at reading people. Actually, since he was a law-enforcement officer, the ability to read people was more important to him than to most folks.

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