Abby Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XI


By D.C. Roi

Chapter five

Abby's desire to have her husband spend more time with her wasn't satisfied in the weeks following their trip to their mountain cabin. In fact, Lee spent even more time at the office and hospital than he had before the trip. Her suspicion that her husband might be seeing someone else continued to grow stronger, but she had no proof that Lee was cheating on her. And, even though she tried to convince herself nothing was happening, the thought that her husband might be cheating on her was terribly painful.

Because she was bored being home alone all day, she had tried to convince Lee to let her go back to work several times in the course of their marriage. Each time she brought the subject up, Lee told her in no uncertain terms he didn't want his wife working. So, to keep busy, Abby tried immersing herself in other things, like volunteering to help her high school classmates organize their reunion.

Bill Coughlin, one of Abby's high-school classmates who was working with her on the reunion committee, stopped by the Marklin house one day to pick up some newspaper stories about the reunion she'd agreed to write for the local papers.

Abby was dressed, as she often was around the house, in a plain pink button-front blouse and loose chino slacks. That morning, unfortunately, she and Lee had a huge argument at breakfast, and Abby was in tears when her husband left for the office. Knowing her classmate was coming by, Abby tried putting cold cloths on her face to hide the fact that she'd been crying.

When Bill arrived, he noticed that Abby's eyes looked a little red, like she'd been crying. "Abby, is there something wrong?" he asked. He had dated Abby a few times when they were in high school, and still found himself powerfully attracted to her, even though he and she were both married. More than once Bill had found himself fantasizing about Abby while he was making love to his wife.

"Uh, no, not really, Bill," Abby replied. "I...I'm just having a bad day." She wiped at her eyes. "I'm embarrassed you found me this way."

"Anything you want to talk about with an old friend?" Bill asked. "I'm told I'm a really good listener."

Abby shook her head. "I...I don't think so, Bill.'s something I have to work out on my own, I guess." She sniffled a little, took a tissue out of a box on her kitchen table, and blew her nose.

"Hey look," Bill said, "I'm here, I've got plenty of time, and I hate seeing you so upset. If there's anything I can do..."

"Oh, Bill, I...I don't know," Abby said, "I...I shouldn't be bothering you with my troubles."

"Come on. What are friends for?" Bill said, "Look, I'll make some coffee and you can tell me why you're so upset." He'd taken the day off to work on the reunion, so he had plenty of time.

"If...if don't mind, I...I guess it can't hurt to talk about it a little," Abby said.

Bill found the fixings for coffee, started a pot going, then he sat down at the kitchen table next to Abby. He laid his hand on her shoulder, intending it as a friendly gesture. He was not at all prepared for the sensations that shot up his arm when his hand came in contact with his former classmate's body. If this kept up, he was going to have a hard time standing up to pour the coffee when it was ready. But touching Abby felt nice, too, so he left his hand where it was. "What...what's up, Abby?" he asked.

"Lee...Lee and I...we...we aren't getting along!" Abby stammered, then she began sobbing again. "He...he's gone all the time..."

Bill and his wife socialized a little with Abby and her husband. Bill knew Abby's husband was a very successful surgeon, and also that he was quite a bit older than Abby, but that was about all he knew about Lee Marklin. "He's a doctor," he said, "They have to work long and sometimes erratic hours, don't they? don't think it's more than that, do you?"

"I...I don't know...I...I..." Abby sobbed as tears splashed onto her slacks. Her body continued to shake with the force of her sobs.

Bill began rubbing her back. And, as he did, he realized he could feel her bra. That didn't do anything to help calm him. He started to feel guilty. He was supposed to be comforting Abby, and maybe he was, but touching her wasn't calming him, not even a little bit. And it was making him feel and think things that a married man shouldn't be feeling and thinking about a married woman. Abby was upset and very vulnerable right now, and he'd be a heel if he took advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

While he felt he still could, Bill got up and went to get coffee. Abby had her head down, sobbing, and he hoped she'd keep it that way so she wouldn't see the bulge in his pants.

"Go on," Bill said as he stood at the counter, pouring the coffee, "I'm listening."

"I know he...Lee's busy," Abby sobbed, "he...he and his partner are the only...only doctors who do bypass surgery at the Medical Center right now, but..." She dissolved into sobs again.

Bill picked up the two cups of coffee, carried them to the table and set them down. He sat down again, carefully adjusting his legs so he wouldn't be too uncomfortable. "For one thing, it sounds as if the two of you aren't communicating very well," he observed.

" can we communicate?" Abby sniffled. "I...I try to talk to Lee, but he...he gets angry right away. He...sometimes I think he doesn't hear me at all."

"Sounds like a typical surgeon," Bill commented. He sold insurance and occasionally had to deal with doctors. "Great with a knife, but not much for talking."

"He...he is like that, sometimes," Abby replied. She sniffled.

Bill kept returned to rubbing her back and it seemed to be working, at least for Abby. She did seem to be calming down. She'd almost stopped crying.

" you think Lee could...could be cheating on me?" she asked.

Abby's question caught Bill off guard. "Cheating? Ah...I...I don't know...Abby," he stammered. "I...I don't know Lee well enough answer that." Without thinking, he added, "If he is cheating on you, he's a fool."

"What did you say, Bill?" Abby turned and looked at her classmate.

Abby's sudden turn caught Bill off guard and his hand wound up resting on the side of one of her breasts. When he realized what had happened, he jerked his hand away quickly and felt his face getting hot. "I...I'm sorry, Abby," he stammered, "I...I didn't mean to get fresh."

"Oh, Bill, that was an accident," Abby said, shyly, "Actually, what you were doing felt nice." She blushed. "Rubbing my back, I mean."

Bill had a raging hard-on and wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do about it. Since Abby liked it that he was rubbing her, he might as well keep doing it. He began stroking her arm. The material of her blouse was soft and he could feel her warmth through it.

Abby smiled softly, closed her eyes, and let her head fall back. "God, that feels so nice, Bill," she murmured.

"It sounds to me like you need a hug," Bill said. Like his comment about her husband being a fool, it just came out.

Abby opened her eyes, looked at Bill, and nodded. "Do I ever," she whispered.

She leaned forward, Bill put his arms around her, and he felt her breasts pressing against his chest as she moved into his embrace. His throat tightened and his engorged penis twitched as he held her.

After a few moments, Abby tilted her head back and looked up at Bill. She was so glad he'd stopped by. She desperately needed someone to talk to, someone who'd listen to her. And having him hug her really felt nice.

Bill gazed at the woman in his arms. She was looking at him, her lips parted ever so slightly. She looked so appealing, he once again did something without thinking. He covered her lips with his.

When she felt Bill's lips on hers, Abby stiffened, then she relaxed and felt herself kissing him back. It frightened her a little to feel the kiss growing more ardent and passionate the longer it lasted.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she found it difficult to control herself. Her problems with her husband, and the fight they'd had that morning, left her very vulnerable. It was almost as if she were outside herself, watching what was happening.

When she felt Bill's tongue caressing her lips tentatively, her tongue came out, seeking his, entwining with it. She felt her arms slide around his neck then, with a muffled groan, she tightened her arms around him.

When the kiss ended, Abby looked at Bill, her chest heaving. She could feel herself trembling. "What...what's happening, Bill?" she whispered. "I...I feel so strange. I...I..."

Bill remained silent and caressed her face lightly with his fingers. He wanted her more than he'd ever wanted a woman in his life. They'd never even come close to making love when they were dating in high school, but things were different now. He looked over her shoulder and, down a hallway, saw a bedroom. At that point, he knew what he was going to do, what he had to do. He stood up, took Abby's hand, and pulled her to her feet and into his arms. She moved against him and again their lips met in a kiss even more passionate than the first one had been.

Abby was in the thrall of powerful emotions, emotions she had absolutely no ability to control. When the second kiss ended, Bill started to lead her out of the kitchen and down the hallway, and she knew what lay at the end of that hallway.

Despite the fact that she knew she shouldn't be allowing this to happen, Abby went along with her classmate. Her trembling legs were barely functioning. "Bill...what...what are you doing?" she whispered.

"I...I want to make love to you Abby," Bill replied. "I...I have to. you want me to? You do, don't you?"

Abby knew he was right and didn't resist as her friend led her toward the bedroom.

Bill couldn't believe what was happening. He'd never gotten any farther than a few impassioned kisses when he and Abby were dating in high school. Now he was on the verge of getting what he'd dreamed about getting then! His heart thudded like a pile-driver, and his legs were shaky. He clutched Abby's hand as they walked down the hall and into the bedroom.

Inside the room, they stood, facing each other. Abby's chest was heaving and she kept her eyes squeezed shut. She hadn't said a word since Bill told her he was going to make love to her. She couldn't talk. She knew if she did, she'd tell him to stop, and she really wasn't sure she wanted him to stop. It seemed like ages since someone wanted her, and Bill really sounded like he did.

Bill, his fingers quaking, began opening the buttons of Abby's blouse. She stood there, not resisting, but not offering any to help, either. He finally got the buttons open, peeled the blouse from her and dropped it to the floor. Then he ran his fingers lightly over skin he'd exposed. He saw goose-bumps rise where he touched her.

"You...your touch feels so wonderful," Abby whispered. "'re gentle..."

Bill opened the belt that encircled her waist, then the clasp at the waist of her slacks and pushed them down her legs, leaving her clad only in bra and panties. He gazed at Abby and realized she looked terribly vulnerable. That only made her seem that much more desirable to him.

"Lee...he's the...the only...the only man who's seen me this way a...a long...time," Abby stammered softly as Bill continued stroking and caressing her trembling body.

Bill slipped his hands behind her and undid the bra clasp.

Abby felt her bra loosen, raised her hands to her chest and held the garment in place.

Bill slid his hands down her sides, hooked the waist of her panties and dragged them down. Then he began caressing her buttocks.

Abby, more turned on then she'd been in months, opened her mouth, trying to say something, but only a soft moan came out. What little strength to resist she had was gone. Passion was in complete control of her.

Bill pulled Abby against him and felt her trembling as he held her body against his.

"Bill...I...I'm scared," she said, her voice very soft. "I...I'm really scared."

Bill kissed her. "Don't be scared, Abby," he said. "I...I won't hurt you." Gently, he took her hands away from her chest. Her bra slid down her arms and fell to the floor, leaving her totally nude.

Bill stared at her, stunned by how lovely she was. Even though her breasts were large, they were firm and stood proudly, capped by large, dark areolas, from which her nipples had begun to emerge. Her belly was flat, almost concave, and her hips swelled wonderfully, then faded into long, slender legs. She was just about the most beautiful woman Bill had ever seen.

Gently, Bill led Abby to the bed. She laid down and he knelt next to her. He leaned over her and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Abby, delight rushing through her, grasped his head and moaned as Bill's lips moved from one breast to the other, sucking her swollen nipples. Her body began twisting and turning and the volume of her moans increased. Her hands, tangled in Bill's hair and she pulled at him so hard he was afraid she'd pull his hair out.

Bill continued kissing Abby's breasts while his hands explored the rest of her body. She pressed up off the bed against his caresses, then began to moan as his lips began moving down across her lean torso, onto her belly.

Bill slid his hand between her thighs, onto her vagina. Her clit was erect and as his hand slid over it, Abby jolted upward, as if she'd been given an electric shock.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" she cried. "Oh, God, Bill! That feels wonderful!"

Her legs fell apart as she felt Bill begin to trace the outline of her wet opening, caressing her labia, working his finger between them. Elation swept over her and her hips rolled upward as his finger moved into her.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, Yesssss!!!" Abby mewled as passion and need suffused her body.

Bill's lips traveled over her belly. He had to taste her, to know what it would feel like to have his tongue in her pussy, to give her all the pleasure he could. He managed to get his head between Abby's finely-formed thighs and captured her erect clit between his lips while he continued thrusting his finger in and out of her.

"Ahhhhhh!!! My Goddddd!!!" Abby groaned, as intense thrills swept through her. Her hips arched off the bed, her hands pulled at the bed covers, then her rigidly arched body began to quiver.

Though his ears were covered by the silken skin of Abby's thighs, Bill heard the passionate sounds resulting from her orgasm and felt her vagina clasping his finger as she peaked.

As she lay there, shaken by the power of what had just happened to her, Abby felt Bill get off the bed and wondered where he was going. Then he laid down on the bed with her again and pulled her body against his and she realized he'd taken his clothes off. He kissed her softly, then rolled atop her.

Abby opened her legs when Bill rolled onto her. She reached between them, grasped his rigid cock in her hand and guided it to her still-wet lips. Then, slowly Bill lowered himself, forcing his blood-engorged rod into her tight opening. "Oh, Goddddd!!!!" she moaned, beginning to move her hips.

Bill, super-excited, thrust deep into Abby's lovely body. He knew he wouldn't be able to stand the delectable grasp of her tight vagina very long. When he felt rippling sensations began in her vagina, milking his cock, he couldn't hold back. He let himself go, spewing powerful blast after powerful blast of his hot seed into her.

As her body strained against Bill's, ecstasy raced through Abby like a runaway train. "Yesssss!!! Oh, God, Bill!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!" she cried.

Afterward, Bill rolled off Abby and they lay on the bed beside each other, not touching.

As Abby calmed and her senses slowly returned to normal, the reality of what she'd done became more and more clear to her. Shame quickly replaced the after-glow of delight.

Bill rolled on his side. "Abby, I..." he started to say.

"Bill, I...I think...I think you better leave," Abby whispered, unable to face him. How could she have done this? Even if Lee was cheating on her, this wasn't right. And even worse, Bill's wife Ellen was one of her best friends.

"Abby, please..." Bill protested, "I..."

"Bill, I don't want to talk about it," Abby said. "Please leave."

"All right," her classmate said, feeling a flash of anger. "If that's what you want."

Abby lay tugged the bedspread over herself as best she could and lay there, staring at the ceiling while Bill got off the bed and got dressed. He decided to try talking to her one last time, to convince her she shouldn't be acting like this. "Abby..." he ventured, "I..."

"Good-bye, Bill," Abby snapped. When she heard the back door close, she curled up in a ball and tears began flowing from her eyes.

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