Abby Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XI


By D.C. Roi

Chapter twelve

Greg Atkinson pulled his patrol unit into his garage, shut it off, got out, and walked from his garage toward his home. He'd had a busy day and was looking forward to taking a shower and spending the rest of the evening gorked out in front of his TV.

As he usually did, Greg walked down to the lake before he went into the house. Standing next to the sparkling blue water and looking out over the lake always had a calming effect on him and, after today, he really did need to be calmed.

"Hi, Greg!" a female voice called. Greg turned and saw Fran Martin, a divorcee whose cabin was a short way down the lake from his, waving at him.

"Hi, Fran," Greg called, waving to his neighbor.

Fran was older than Greg, probably 35 or 40. She stood about five-three and weighed maybe one-thirty. Some people might have thought she was twenty pounds too heavy, but Greg didn't think so.

Fran liked snug-fitting clothing and today wore tight jeans and a snug T-shirt which clung to her ample chest. She had nicely-styled blonde hair and a very pretty face.

As Greg looked down the lake at Fran, the way his neighbor wore her blonde hair reminded him of Abby Marklin. He wasn't surprised that happened, he'd been thinking about Abby a lot lately, and he kept telling himself he ought to stop, but couldn't.

Greg stood there and found himself speculating about how good Fran would look without the T-shirt and jeans. It wasn't just fantasy, either. He happened to know exactly what Fran looked like without her clothes on. He'd come by the knowledge innocently earlier in the summer, shortly after Fran moved into her cabin.

One morning, after breakfast, he took a walk down by the lake. A dock, similar to the one in front of his cabin, jutted into the water about a quarter-mile away. He wasn't sure, but it looked as if there was a person sunbathing on that dock. A female person, from what he could see.

A path ran the entire length of the lake shore in front of the cabins. Between Greg's cabin and the one where the sunbather was apparently staying it went through some fairly dense brush.

Grag walked across the shady lawn in front of his cabin and onto the path, then he quietly made his way through the thick brush. Before long, through the underbrush, he could see the dock, and the person on it, quite clearly.

As Greg took in the view from his concealed vantage point, his heart rate increased, and his cock stirred in his cutoffs. The person on the dock, definitely female, was blonde, about five feet tall, and nude. She must have thought her location was isolated enough for her to safely sunbathe in the nude.

Greg realized that the woman was a natural blonde because she was lying on her back. Although she was short, her body was full and curved in all the right places, promising pleasure and delight. Her breasts - which were surprisingly large for such a petite woman - rose proudly toward the sun. The wonderfully formed mounds were capped by rosy circles. Her surprisingly slim waist flared into full hips, then tapered into two finely shaped legs.

The lovely sun worshipper lay there on her dock, oblivious to Greg's avid attentions He had to adjust his swelling cock to make himself more comfortable. His cutoffs were too tight.

Greg knew he shouldn't be doing this, but now that he had done it, he wasn't exactly sure what to do. He could go back to his cabin, which was something he didn't want to do, not when there was a lovely neighbor to meet. Another choice would be to walk out and catch his new neighbor naked but, nice as that might be, he had a feeling it probably wouldn't do much to get their relationship off to a good start.

Finally, he had an idea he thought might work. He took a few careful steps back along the path, then he began moving forward through the bush, making a lot more noise than he had to.

When he emerged in the open area at the end of the woman's dock, he was glad to see she had donned a bikini and was sitting up, looking in his direction with a bit of concern. A slight flush reddened her face, making her look even prettier.

"Hello," Greg said and smiled at her.

"Hi," the woman replied. She acted shy, and her voice was soft and very feminine. "I...I, ah, didn't know there was anyone else around. I...I thought people just came up on weekends."

"You were sort of right about that," Greg said. "Except for me and a couple of other people at the upper end of the lake who live here full time, usually there aren't any other people around during the week."

"Oh," she said.

"I'm Greg Atkinson," Greg said. "I live two doors down."

"I'm Fran Martin," the woman said. "I...I just bought this cabin from a friend of mine. I got a job nearby so I guess I'm going to be living you do."

They chatted for a while and Greg learned Fran had recently gotten divorced and had bought the cabin with part of her divorce settlement. She worked for a company that contracted for Employee Assistance Program services and her company had signed a contract with the local school district.

From that point on, Greg and Fran bumped into each other quite often and they'd become good friends. He helped her split and stack her firewood and connected her with another friend of his who she hired to do a lot of the other care taking work around her cabin.

Greg found Fran attractive, but their relationship had never gone beyond friendship. Having seen what Fran looked like nude, he often thought he wouldn't have minded if he and she had become more than friends, though.

As he stood there next to the lake, he watched Fran walk up the path and disappear into her cabin. Greg turned, went into his cabin and took a bath. After he finished, he put on his bathrobe, went into the living room, turned on his TV, sat down, and before long, was sound asleep.

A few doors down, Fran sat at her kitchen table, a half-empty cup of coffee in front of her, feeling out of sorts. A relationship she was in had recently ended badly, and she felt more alone than she had in a long time. She wanted someone to talk with, but it was mid-week, and none of the women she normally was able to have girl-talk with were around.

She sat there, staring at the cup on the table and, for some reason she found herself thinking about her neighbor, Greg Atkinson. Other than the old retired couples at the upper end of the lake, he was the only other person at the lake she might be able to talk with. He was a good friend, after all.

She got up, slipped a jacket over her T-shirt, and headed out the door, headed for Greg's cabin. When she got there, she could hear the TV playing, so she knocked on the door.

Greg thought he heard knocking. He opened his eyes and realized he was sitting in his recliner in front of the TV, and that it was nearly dark. The knocking continued.

"Greg? Are you home?" a feminine voice called.

Greg recognized Fran Martin's voice. He got out of the chair, made sure his bathrobe was belted securely around him, and went to the door.

Fran looked at Greg, who was wearing his bathrobe, and felt herself blushing. "Uh...look, I'm sorry, Greg. I...I didn't want bother you. I, ah, I can come back some other time," she stammered

"Ah, no, it's all right, Fran," Greg said. "Come in." He stepped back and held the door open so his neighbor could come into his house. "I just fell asleep watching the evening news, I guess. Come on in."

Fran moved past him and looked around. "I...I really shouldn't be bothering you," she said. "Especially if you're tired. I...I better go." She stepped toward the door.

Greg took hold of her arm gently. "Look, Fran, I meant it. You don't have to leave," he said. "I'll make us some coffee. What's up?"

"I...I was feeling a little lonely. I...I just wanted someone to talk to," Fran said. "I, ah, I'm not sure, um, you know gets, you know, kind of lonely...sometimes." Her voice sounded strained and her chest was heaving. "None of the women I usually can talk with are around and..." She shrugged.

"I know exactly how you feel," Greg said. "Mr. and Mrs. Williston are nice people, but they were hard to talk to even before they got hard of hearing." Very conscious of the sexual tension that was developing between them, he looked into Fran's eyes and she looked into his. Her lips were red and her flushed face looked so lovely! He bent, wrapped his arms around Fran, and covered her lips with his.

While the kiss went on, Greg slid his hands down her back, cupped her full bottom, and pulled her against him. Their mouths opened and their tongues dueled.

Finally, breathing hard, Fran leaned back in Greg's arms and looked at him. "My God, Greg!" she gasped. "What...what are we doing? I...I better leave." Although she heard herself saying those words, Fran knew she had no intention of leaving. She hadn't expected anything like this to happen, but now that it had, she didn't want it to end, not yet, not before Greg made her feel wonderful, and somehow she knew he'd do just that!

Greg took heart in the fact that, despite her protestations, Fran offered no resistance when he led her to his bedroom. He got her jacket off, then he pulled her T-shirt over her head and began caressing her gorgeous, swollen breasts.

Fran, exultation filling her, moaned softly and pulled him against her. She felt him opening her jeans and pushing them down.

Greg gazed at the lovely body he'd exposed. Fran was a natural blonde, he discovered. And her breasts were incredible! Full, huge, and firm, she had fantastic nipples! He sucked a rigid nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, God, Greg!" Fran whimpered, clutching his head tightly with her hands. Her legs were trembling so hard she was afraid she'd fall.

Greg pulled Fran down onto the bed and began kissing his way over her softly rounded belly. He found her skin silken and warm. He kept moving, delving between her firm thighs, exploring her vagina with his tongue, finding it quite tasty.

"So good!!! Oh, Greg!!! That feels so goood!!!" Fran cried, experiencing incredible joy. "Don't stop!!! Oh, God!!! Please don't stop!!! I love itttt!!! I love ittt!!!"

Fran's body was quaking visibly by the time Greg finished his oral investigation of her marvelous cavern. He slid atop her, between her splayed legs and slid his rock-hard cock into her. When he entered Fran, he was surprised to discover she was incredibly tight!

He began pumping his rigid pole into Fran, who groaned and began to writhe and strain against him. Her hands beat at the bed and pulled at his arms. Her legs locked behind his as she pressed tighter and tighter against him.

In just moments, with a vibration so powerful it shook both of them, Fran came, emitting a high wail of pleasure as she did. "Ayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" she cried. Her pulsing opening sucked the fluids from Greg's cock, drawing him with her to heights of bliss. Their bodies rocked together as they shared wave upon wave of intense happiness.

Afterward, Fran lay in Greg's arms, satisfied and happy. "I...I'm sorry, Greg. I...I don't know what came over me," she whimpered. "I...I didn't come over here jump into bed with you. I...I..."

"Fran, it was wonderful! You don't have anything to aplogize for," Greg said softly. He stroked her arm gently. "I'm glad you came over."

Fran turned in his arms so she was facing him. " are?" she asked.

Greg shrugged and smiled at her. "Of course," he said. "Why shouldn't I be?" He began stroking one of her firm, glorious breasts, watching the nipple again become erect, hearing her soft gasp of passion. He bent, drew the rigid peak of flesh between his lips, and felt a tremor go through Fran.

"Well, then," Fran said, a smile appearing on her face. "If that's how you really feel..." She pushed Greg over on his back, grabbed his rejuvenated cock, bent, and took it into her mouth. In no time, she had it rock hard again. Holding the newly-invigorated organ in her soft hand, she climbed atop Greg and impaled herself on it. A soft groan of delight came from her as she accepted him into her once more.

"Ohhhh!!! Yessssss!!!" she hissed. "This feels so good, Greg!!! I love this!!!" She began moving her hips, her face once again a mask of lust, her bountiful breasts bouncing and jiggling as she rocked atop him.

Greg reached up, grasped the swollen orbs, and began torturing the rigid tips with his thumbs.

"Yessssssssssssss!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!! Ayyeeeeesssssss!!! Yesssssssssssss!!!!" Fran moaned as, once more, she exploded, experiencing a kaleidoscope of bliss.

Greg moaned, too, spurting into her, as their bodies strained and ground against each other, their juices mixing.

Afterward, as they cuddled in each other's arms, Fran kissed Greg softly on the cheek. "I don't know how you knew," she whispered. "But that was exactly what I needed."

"I'm glad I could be of assistance," Greg replied, grinning. "After all, what are friends for?"

"Mmmm," Fran said, snuggling her face against his chest.

After a few moments, Greg realized Fran had fallen asleep. In fact, he was having a hard time keeping his own eyes open. As he drifted off to sleep, with Fran's warm body pressed against his, he thought he heard a car outside his house. "I wonder if Abby and her family have come up again," he thought. He considered getting up and checking, but he was too tired. He lay there next to Fran a little longer, thinking about Abby, then he was asleep.

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