Abby Ch. 16

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XI


By D.C. Roi

Chapter sixteen

Carol Burke woke up horny. Much to her delight, Lee Marklin was asleep next to her, lying on his back in the huge bed they'd shared in the lavish Las Vegas hotel. Carefully, she pulled the covers off, exposing him to the morning sunlight pouring in the huge windows of their suite.

Moving carefully so she wouldn't awaken Lee, Carol got to his knees, bent over his middle, and carefully took Lee's limp penis in her mouth. As her lips and tongue worked on the flaccid organ, it swelled and grew. Soon the fleshy rod was jutting from Lee's loins, shiny with the wetness of her saliva. She felt a hand slide over her bare back.

"Good...morning," Lee whispered.

Carol wasn't able to reply, because her mouth was filled with Lee's throbbing, swollen javelin. She loved knowing she had the ability to excite Lee the way she could, especially since all week he'd been talking as if their relationship had a very real chance of developing into much more.

Once again, Carol savored the experience of making love to Lee. It excited her almost as much as it appeared to excite him. As she knelt next to him, her head moving up and down on his cock, he reached under her, caressed a dangling breast softly, then he began rolling the hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

With intense delight rocking her, Carol stopped sucking Lee and straddled him. She looked down at him and grinned, then she slid up, grasped his hard-on, and placed it between her moist labia.

"My God, Carol!" Lee breathed, "You certainly do know how to make a wake-up call!"

"You liked what I did before, did you?" Carol asked. "I bet you'll like this even better." She slowly lowered herself onto his swollen spear.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!" Moans of joy escaped from both lovers in unison as their super-sensitive organs joined.

Lee clutched Carol's breasts and began to tease both nipples. His action sent pinpricks of delight racing into Carol's body.

"My God, Carol! You're incredible!" Lee gasped as she began rocking her hips. She loved how her motions made his erection whip around inside her, lashing her insides, giving her a storm of wonderful sensations.

"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!" Lee moaned. His whole body shook from what Carol was doing to him. He slid his hands down, clutched her buttocks, and began driving himself into her powerfully. Then, unable to hold back any longer, he came, spewing his hot, creamy sauce into her.

Carol felt Lee's hot juices spraying her insides, and was surprised. "Whaaaaa?????!!!!!" she cried as her own orgasm blossomed. "My God!!! My God!!! Oh, Lee!!! Oh, Lee!!!! Yessss!!! Yesssss!!!!! Oh, God!!!! Yessss!!!!!!" she cried, bucking wildly.

The powerful orgasm took Carol by surprise. She'd been so intent on pleasuring Lee, she hadn't realized how turned on she was. Her release was stunning, unexpected, and wonderful.

At last it was over, Carol lay forward on Lee and kissed him.

"That was fantastic!" he whispered in her ear.

"Mmmmmm!" Carol replied, hugging him. "It sure was!"

They lay in each other's arms for a while, enjoying how nice it felt to have their naked bodies pressed together. Finally Carol rolled off Lee and got out of bed.

"I'm going to take a shower," she said, and headed for the bathroom. She turned the shower on and got it. Soon Lee joined her. Once more their showering together was playful and loving, but didn't involve sex.

Afterward, they dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. After breakfast, they got their things together and checked out of the hotel. Their week in Las Vegas was over and they had to return to the real world. Soon they were headed toward the airport in a limo.

"I wish we didn't have to go home," Carol said, snuggling against Lee in the car's back seat.

"I know you do, honey," Lee replied. "But don't worry. As soon as we get back, I'm going to take steps to make sure we'll be able to be together all the time."

Carol wasn't sure, but it sounded as if he'd just said he planned to get a divorce. " you really mean that?" she asked, clinging to his arm.

"Of course I do," Lee said. He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

An hour later, Lee and Carol were winging their way across the country. Once more they were in first class and the section wasn't full.

Carol noticed that Lee seemed to be dozing off. "You want me to get you a pillow?" she asked.

"Sure," Lee said.

Carol stood up and reached into the overhead compartment where the pillows were stored. She had to stretch up on tip-toes and that caused her short skirt to slide up, exposing a considerable expanse of shapely, nylon covered thigh.

Lee ran his hand lightly up Carol's nylon-clad leg while she got out a pillow, fluffed it, then placed it behind his head.

"That felt nice," she said, her eyes warm.

"It sure did," Lee replied, grinning. "I feel much more comfortable already."

Carol let her hand fall onto Lee's leg and began to stroke it.

Lee felt his cock begin to swell and harden the minute Carol's hand touched his leg. He wasn't sure this was a good idea. How was he going to deal with a hard-on here on the plane? He placed his hand on Carol's knee.

Carol's hand slid up Lee's leg and encountered his swollen penis, which was trapped uncomfortably in his slacks.

"My word! What is going on here?" Carol whispered, gently moving her hand over the swollen organ.

Lee couldn't speak. The delightful sensations coming from Carol's touch took his breath away.

Carol continued stroking him through his slacks, making him even wilder with lust. "That feels very uncomfortable. I think I better get you a blanket, too." She got out of her seat and walked down the aisle. Lee shifted in his seat, trying to achieve some measure of comfort, but watching the provocative movement of Carol's legs and buttocks as she moved away from him only served to arouse him more.

Carol came back carrying a blanket emblazoned with the airline logo, spread it over Lee, then sat down. Her hand slid under the blanket and found his hard-on once again.

"It seems to me I should see if I can do something to relieve your discomfort," she said, her voice husky. She turned to face Lee and, deftly, opened his belt, then the clasp at the waist of his pants. The zipper buzzed down and her hand slid into his opened slacks and encircled his throbbing pole.

"My God, Lee!" she murmured, hand moving up and down on the engorged spear. "You are turned on, aren't you? I think, maybe, I know just what to do to help." Softly, insistently, her hand manipulated him.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Lee moaned softly. What Carol was doing to him wasn't making him any less hot!

"Do you like that, baby?" she whispered.

Fires of passion flared out of control in Lee. He couldn't talk. He nodded.

"I'm glad," she said. "I really do want to make you as comfortable as I can." Her hand kept pumping him.

"'re making me crazy!" he gasped. "If you keep doing that, I'm going to make a mess!"

Carol, grinning, made a clucking sound with her mouth. "We can't have that, can we?" she whispered. "But I think I can see to it that doesn't happen." She took her hand from him, got a handkerchief out of her purse, wrapped it around his throbbing pole, and resumed her insistent stroking. "There," she said. "Now there won't be any mess." Her wonderful caresses resumed.

Lee couldn't stand it any more. The total eroticism of the situation was more overwhelming than anything he'd ever experienced. "Carol, you're going to make me come if you keep doing that!!" he whispered urgently. "My God! I'm going to come!" Sweat beaded on hisfore head as his excitement rose to the bursting point. "Mmmmmnhhhh!!! Mmmmmmppphhhhh!!!!" he moaned, biting his lip to keep from moaning out loud. His juices boiled up, then burst out of him in powerful jets, soaking her handkerchief. When he finished, he sagged limply in his seat.

"Now," Carol said, her voice soothing, "I bet you feel a lot better now, don't you?"

"Yes! God, yes!" Lee replied.

After they landed they picked up their luggage.

"Do you have to go home right away?" Lee asked Carol.

All that was waiting at home for Carol was her husband, and she definitely wasn't looking forward to dealing with him. "I...I guess not," she replied, "Why?"

Lee grinned at her and said, "Well, there is a hotel right here in the airport and..."

"Let's do it!" Carol said, her eyes hot.

They got a room at the hotel and, moments after they checked in, they lay on the bed naked. Lee's hands were moving over Carol's soft bare flesh, feeling the warmth and silky smoothness of it.

"Oh, baby," she moaned, "I can't believe what a magic touch you have! You know exactly how to make me feel so wonderful!"

Lee kissed one magnificent breast, and watched, enthralled, as Carol's nipple swelled out of the dark aureola surrounding it. He kissed it, then teased it with his lips and tongue.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Carol moaned, "Yessss!!! Oh, yes, baby!!!" She writhed on the bed as his oral attentions continued. Soon she was shaking with need.

"Do more, baby!!!" she demanded, "I want more!!!"

Lee blazed a trail of heat down her body with his lips, moving across her faintly rounded belly to the spot where her legs and body joined.

Knowing where he was headed, Carol spread her legs for him. "Yesssss!!! Eat me!!! I want you to eat me!!!" she urged, her hips rotating, thrusting her sopping pussy up to his descending mouth. Then his mouth covered her hot cave, and he began licking and sucking it.

"Yessss!!! Oh, yesssssss, Lee!!!" she cried. "That's it!!! Suck meeeeee!!! Lick meeeee!!! Give me your tongue!!!!"

Lee's lips and tongue punished her thrusting cunt, licking the swollen lips, nibbling the erect bud of her clit. His tongue stabbed in and out of her pulsing opening and Carol reacted wildly, her legs pounding the bed, her hips churning frantically. His face was wet with her juices and he struggled to maintain contact with her thrashing body.

"Agggggghhhhhhh!!!!! Agggggghhhhhhhh!!!!" Carol screamed, "Lee, I'm commmminnnnnnggggggg!!!! Eat meeeeee!!! Eat meeeeee!!! So goooooodddddddd!!! So goodddddddd!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Slowly, her wild humping eased and she lay back limp on the bed.

Lee rolled between her outspread thighs, grabbed his rigid pole, guided it to her cunt, and with a powerful thrust of his hips, sank in her to the hilt.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Carol moaned.

Lee began stroking into her, the friction from her tight cave clutching his cock unbearably sweet. Her soft skin rubbed his and the sinuous movements of her body combined with all the other sensations he was getting to once more build him toward a delectable peak of excitement.

"Here it comes!" he groaned, feeling his body build toward the explosion he knew would come. "Yeahhhhhh!!!!" he cried. Warmth boiled in his groin, then his cream shot through his penis and splattered into her, bathing her insides with heat.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" Carol mewled, "Oh, yesssssss!!!! That's itttttt!!! Take meeeeeee!!! I'm commmminnnnnnggggg!!!! Agggggainnnnnnnn!!! Yesssssss!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Their need sated, Carol and Lee lay in each other's arms, gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

"I don't want us to have to sneak around like this any more. I'm going to divorce Abby," Lee whispered. "I want you to get divorced, too. I'll give you the money for a lawyer. I need to be married to you."

"Yes! Oh, Lee, yes!" Carol exclaimed, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. "Oh, yes!!!" She'd never been happier. Her plan to win Lee Marklin had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

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