Abby, My Anal Loving Niece


When we woke up I saw that she had slid down my torso and nestled into a cozy ball between my legs and my morning wood was providing a little pillow for her head. I managed to get my cock out from under her head and it stood straight up. She was not stirring and I didn't want to disturb her sleep so I started stroking myself and thinking about what had transpired the night before.

Between those images in my head and the one of my niece nuzzling my crotch as she was now, I was so turned on I started precumming almost immediately. I have to keep my cock either completely wet or completely dry to jerk off or the skin pulls and doesn't feel good but I couldn't move and I had nothing to wipe my cum off on except my niece's face so I wiped it off on her forehead.

More precum came out so I wiped it on her cheeks, then on her nose, and soon her whole face was wet and gooey with cum except for her lips. It felt wrong to smear my jizz all over my beautiful little niece's face and now more and more was coming out so I had to wipe the tip of my cock off on her delicate pouting lips while she slept oblivious.

Seeing my cock ooze cum on my niece's lips was such a turn-on that I started really cumming and ejaculating right into my niece's mouth. I felt like I was taking advantage of her so after the second big glob of sperm slid right down her gullet I tried to stop it but I only managed to splash three big squirts all over her face. It was a great orgasm but immediately afterward as I looked at how I'd desecrated my poor niece's face I felt like a bad uncle.

Abby still wasn't awake and I had to get a wet wash cloth and clean her face off before she woke up or she'd see what I did to her, er, on her. I managed to slide out from under her and get her cleaned up. I went back in the bathroom and took a quick shower. When I came out Abby was up and had found a stack of photos of Tawny, Some of her slutting around the house and some of her at the strip club entertaining at an after hours party.

"Is this Tawny?" said Abby in wide-eyed wonder.

"Uh, yeah. You weren't supposed to see those," I said sheepishly.

"Why not Uncle Ray? These are so sexy and hot. I've only heard about Tawny but never saw any pictures of her. My gosh she's quite the voluptuous sex goddess!" said Abby.

"Yes well she works as an erotic dancer so it's her job to be a sex goddess," I tried to explain.

"Oh c'mon, you can't tell me she's not loving every minute of this, I don't blame her, look at those guys with their hands all over her. That looks like fun!" said Abby excitedly.

"Don't get any ideas," I said.

"Too late Uncle Ray," she said jumping up and posing in the mirror while holding one of the photos trying to strike the same pose. "I want to be an erotic dancer, do you think I have the looks for it Uncle Ray?"

"Well of course but why would you want to do that?" I said. I realized the idea of my niece being pawed by men brought out a protective instinct in me. But when I thought about it I suddenly realized how unbelievably hot that would be to see my niece walking around half naked in a club full of guys and exposing herself. She obviously loves the idea of it. Hmmm...

"Can we go buy some stripper clothes Uncle Ray?"

"Oh all right." I said trying not to sound as excited as she was.

While I was getting ready to go Abby flipped through some of our private shots and came across one where Tawny was wearing an outrageous outfit and I was fucking her in the ass.

"Oh god don't look at that," I said thinking she would be offended by it.

"Why, I've always wanted to try anal sex. Tawny seems to be enjoying it, hee hee," said Abby

"My god I've created a monster," I muttered.

We got back from shopping and Abby started trying on outfits and doing her make-up. I sat down and started working at my desk and about a half hour later Abby came out of the bathroom and said, "Whattaya think Uncle Ray?"

I turned to look and my jaw hit the floor! She was...Like...DAY-UM!

Her make-up made her face even more amazingly seductive and she was wearing an outfit like Tawny wears with no panties and no bra so her pussy, ass and tits were completely exposed. Then she turned around and spread her ass for me and I almost creamed in my jeans.

"Teach me anal sex Uncle Ray." she said.

I felt it was within my avuncular duties to oblige her. Just the thought of greasing up my adorable little niece's tight anus hole and sliding my rock hard cock deep into her and watching her expression go from shock and embarrassment to ecstatic submission, both to me, and to her most base animalistic desires, made me woozy.

We started the first lesson by familiarizing ourselves with the orifice to be trained. I had my lovely little niece butt-naked squatting on top a sturdy parson's table in the middle of the room with her cheeks spread so wide that her pink puffy sphincter muscle protruded slightly from the perfectly smooth flat surface of skin that normally forms the deepest part of the crack of her ass.

I was mesmerized, and to make this view even more erotic, her sweet vagina was right below, lips slightly parted and the inner folds dewey with quim. I hadn't even touched her yet. I left her like that for a few seconds just to increase the anticipation, and to calm my cock down a little, and fetched a bottle of astro-glide from the bathroom. I also removed my pants so when I came back out and stood in front of her my cock was hanging long and low right in front of her face.

I started explaining the whole process in much more detail than I needed to just to drive her crazy and the whole time I was casually fondling and teasing her breasts and nipples very lightly flicking them with my fingertips and occasionally giving the whole breast a good squeeze when she least expected it.

This of course made my cock start growing, and by the time I had finished explaining it all, my cock was poking her chin, slapping her cheeks and dripping dabs of pre-cum here and there on her flushed and panting face. I could see she was trying to be as calm and collected as I was but the poor thing was so fucking horny by now she was about to lose it completely. So was I but I wasn't gonna let her know that.

I began by having her use a vibrator on her pussy. I told her it was to put her in the mood for anal penetration. But what I didn't tell her is that it would make her asshole tighten up even more. It was okay because I was gonna drag this thing out for a long time so by the time I entered her with my cock she would be so exhausted she wouldn't be able clench her asshole at all.

While she buzzed her clit, I began by thoroughly cleaning her asshole with my tongue.

"Uncle Ray, what are you doing down there? What's the wet thing you keep poking my butt with?" asked Abby.

"That's my tongue."

"In my asshole? Tee-hee-hee! Don't do that!" she giggled in embarrassment.

"Sorry Abby but no man should be allowed to put his penis in your asshole if he's not willing to lick it clean first." I said,

"What does it taste like?" she giggled.

"I'm not gonna lie to you Abby" I said as I watched her cringe at the thought. "Your asshole tastes like fresh morning dew..." (she gasped) on the petals of a delicate spring flower..." (she exhaled) "as pure and fresh and delightful as the wind driven snow," I said.

And I did not lie. her asshole was so sweet and pristine I wanted to stay there forever.

Next I poured some lube on my finger tips and very slowly, gently worked in into the hole, but the whole time my other fingers danced carelessly around on her pussy lips, probing into her vaginal area more and more invasively. I'm sure it was distracting her attention away from how deeply I was probing and penetrating her asshole.

Getting a feel for just how submissive she was I realized the more shockingly abrupt I was with her most sensitive parts, the more excited she became. So while speaking calmly and steadily, I gave no warning when I suddenly plunged a finger all the way into her vagina and went straight for the primary g-spot just behind her clit on the other side of her pelvic bone.

She jumped when I did that and everything down there clamped up causing a little quim to squirt out of her onto my hand. As I tapped lightly on her tightly clenched anus with the fingers of one hand giving the impression I was trying to enter, I began stroking her g-spot with the tip of my finger causing her whole body to twitch uncontrollably. There was no way I would attempt to penetrate her sphincter at that moment but she didn't know that and the fear and anticipation of my entering her anus was keeping her suspended in a near orgasmic state.

So I said, "ramming my entire cock up your ass right now...would be the wrong thing to do."

She was beside herself now.

"So what I'm gonna do is pull my finger out of your pussy and give you a little break before going further," I teased. Because instead of pulling my finger out I plunged it deeper and went for the secondary G-spot near the opening of her cervix and rubbed it gently with my finger tips.

She started hyperventilating and almost screamed. a moment later she squeezed out a series of hard squirts having one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever seen. She could no longer maintain that squatting position and started to teeter. I picked her up and put her down on the bed on all fours but she couldn't hold herself up with her legs and just flopped down on her belly with her legs tucked up along side her.

I put my hand flat against her pussy and lifted her hindquarters up just enough the slide a pillow underneath her. This left her ass at the perfect height and wide open for access.

She had just barley caught her breath and i could feel her sphincter was loose and relaxed from sheer exhaustion. That was when I went for it. And with no warning slid my hard cock about halfway up her ass in one motion.

She was delirious. That's the only way I can describe it. I'd never tried to fuck a girl in the ass while she was in that semi-conscious post orgasmic state but it seemed to energize her whereas normally she might fall asleep. She started pushing back against me rhythmically and laughing,

"Wow! I don't know what you just did to me Uncle Ray but this feels awesome! Yeah! Yeah! Ooh! Harder! Harder! I love anal sex!"

Just at that moment I heard the door unlock and Tawny walked in! She took one look at us and said, "Oh my God!"

We both looked up at Tawny and said, "Oh my God!"

With my cock still buried deep in my niece's asshole I said, "Tawny, this is my niece Abby. She'll only be here for the week so I'm sodomizing her."

There was a long excruciating pause, then Tawny said, "That is so awesome!" This is your niece Abby? And you guys are having butt sex?"

"Yeah," said Abby in a really cute innocent way, "And I really like it. Uncle Ray has been really great and he's teaching me all kinds of cool stuff about sex that I never knew about. Oh, I hope you're not mad..."

"Of course not Abby. I have sex with other guys in my business so it's fine if Ray does it too. And this is really a special occasion since you're his niece and all. Aren't you part Japanese?

"Uh huh?" said Abby.

"Gosh you are so pretty, Abby," said Tawny.

"I know, right?" said Abby "You're even prettier in person than you are in pictures."

"Oh yeah sure, I just got off a 4 hour flight, my hair's a wreck and my make-up is all..."

"No really you look hot!" insisted Abby.

"No way!" said Tawny.
 "No really Tawny, you look great. You've got that sexy, tousled, airport-security-ravaged look," I said.

"You guys are tellin' stories," said Tawny glancing at herself in the mirror and doing a double take. "Hey, you're right, I do look good like this. Damn, check me out!"

We all started laughing. At some point I removed my cock from Abby's asshole but I don't know exactly when. Tawny started taking off her clothes as Abby and I watched. Suddenly Abby jumped up and knelt in front of Tawny to get a closer look. Then, like it was perfectly natural, she started touching her, all over, stroking and fondling her.

Tawny was a bit surprised by it but she seemed to enjoy the attention and Abby seemed to really be enjoying Tawny's tits. I realized she was looking at Tawny's tits the same way she was looking at my cock. And here I thought I was special.

"God you have such a great body. I love your tits," said Abby giving them a thorough groping, tweaking and twirling her nipples, and giggling as they got hard. Tawny just stood there and let her do whatever she wanted. By the look on Tawny's face she was more than liking it.

She was getting really turned on by my niece fondling her. Then Tawny started feeling up my niece and it progressed from there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it seemed so natural, it was truly one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen.

For one thing Tawny towered over Abby and Tawny's got the strength of ten strippers. Okay I'm exaggerating but she is a powerhouse. So when Abby was marveling at Tawny's biceps, Tawny picked her up and held her under her butt cheeks while Abby wrapped her legs around Tawny's waist. Remember they're both naked; it was too hot for words.

Tawny was carrying Abby around the house like that when out of the blue Abby planted a kiss right on Tawny's lips! They both stared at each other for a few seconds with big surprised smiles, which suddenly changed to serious expressions and the next thing I knew they were in a passionate lip lock. It was a Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh type of kiss and now I was really getting jealous but at the same time intrigued.

I just sat back, cock in hand and watched the show. Abby whispered something in Tawny's ear. Tawny whispered something back and carried Abby over to the bed where I was. They laid down between my legs and continued making out with each other but my erection kept poking them in their pretty faces. I was trying to keep it out of their way but then I realized what was going on.

I started jacking off between their faces and they were making out with my cock. With all the start and stop stimulation I was pre-cumming a lot and it was splattering the girls cheeks and getting in their mouths. There was something extremely kinky about the contrast between these two beauties kissing and me and my big hairy shlong spitting dick-goo all over them.

I lost it and started squirting cum right in the middle of their lip lock, slapping and slopping them up real good until my spent cock went limp. They weren't anywhere near done though. I dozed off for a minute or two and I woke up with an uneasy feeling that my niece and my girlfriend had run away together but I was relieved to hear them in the bathroom probably playing dress-up.

When they finally came out they looked so hot I almost got hard again but Mr. Happy just needed a good night sleep. Tawny told me she wanted to take Abby to the club tomorrow for an audition and asked me if I would mind seeing my niece exposing herself in front of strangers and getting groped by other men.

I couldn't help getting aroused at the thought of my sweet innocent little niece getting groped by strange men.

Tawny and I didn't get to sleep until 4 in the morning and when I woke up at noon I had Tawny and Abby draped over me, still fast asleep. I managed to free myself from the tangle of bodies and get into the shower. When I came back out the girls were wrapped around each other in a tight embrace but still asleep. It was so fucking adorable.

Abby's head was nestled between Tawny's tits and their legs were tightly intertwined so their pussies were jammed up against each other. I was hard instantly from seeing that and had to get back in bed with them. It was a tough choice which of them to lay next to but I realized Tawny had been gone for almost two weeks and I didn't want her to feel neglected so I snuggled up against Tawny's back and gently poked her between her firm buns while kissing her on the neck.

"Mmm good morning mr. man, I guess you missed me even though you had your little niece to play with," said Tawny.

"Of course I missed you baby, I was having fun with Abby but I was telling her all about you," I said.

"Well she's mine now," kidded Tawny pulling Abby closer to her bosom.

"I saw her first," I said.

"Finders keepers," said Tawny giving Abby little kisses on top of the head.

"C'mon Tawny she's my niece," I said not so jokingly anymore.

"She obviously likes me better," lied Tawny.

"Bullshit! I'm her sexiest uncle, and she's my adoring amorous niece who's been waiting since she was old enough to notice what a hunk I am, to meet me in the flesh," I said.

"Hahaha! What makes you say that?" laughed Tawny.

"She said so." I quipped back.

"(Yawn) hey are you guys fighting over me?" said Abby reaching over Tawny and grabbing my cock. Then she started sucking Tawny's nipple at the same time. I was getting really antsy to get my fuck on with one of these ladies. I didn't care whom, because I wanted the other to watch. Big fantasy of mine to fuck another woman in front of Tawny or to fuck Tawny in front of another woman. But this was a whole other level of turn-on having my niece be the other woman.

As if reading my mind Abby said, "Hey Uncle Ray I wanna watch you have sex with Tawny!"

I was already on top of her and poking the head of my cock into Tawny's pussy.

"Ow wait!" said Tawny "Im not quite wet enough on the outer lips and my mouth is kinda dry, do you have any spit?"

Suddenly Abby pushed her head in between us and Tawny and I both watched in awe as my niece laid a big wet tongue right on Tawny's pussy lips and then quickly popped the head of my cock into her mouth and backed away.

"There how's that?" she said shooting us both a big wide eyed grin obviously proud of herself and certain she'd garnered our approval with that little maneuver.

"Wow!" said Tawny, "The girl can fluff."

"That's my niece," I said proudly patting her on top of the head and sliding my well lubed cock into my well lubed girlfriend while Abby looked on with fascination in her eyes. She was so cute, her eyes darting back and forth between our fucking and our faces. I could see her vicariously experiencing what each of us felt. It was really erotic to watch her face and how she reacted to our reactions.

But things got really intense when her observation went tactile. My niece's hands freely exploring every part of our nude fucking bodies was so hot I was in real danger of ejaculating prematurely. A problem I rarely have anymore except when aroused to an extreme degree.

Abby looping her fingers around my cock as it entered Tawny's pussy and grabbing my balls from behind between my legs, palming my ass as I pumped away definitely aroused me to an extreme degree. But it got even better. I was sitting back on my knees, torso upright, flicking Tawny's clit while ramming her hole when Abby took it upon herself to climb on top of Tawny and start making out with her! I was losing it rapidly and when my niece raised her hind quarters up shoving her asshole in my face it was all i could do to keep from cumming.

I grabbed Abby by the hips and began forcing my tongue into her asshole while my fucking of Tawny escalated to a feverish intensity. I couldn't hold it any longer and in the throes of near orgasmic excruciating ecstasy I got a crazy idea. With no time to think better of it I dropped my niece's hind quarters, and in one motion yanked my cock out of Tawny's pussy and shoved it all the way up Abby's asshole with no warning at all, just in time to shoot one of my biggest loads of cum ever.

Abby gasped and held her breath as I continued sliding my cock in and out of her asshole until it started to buckle in my niece's tight anal grip. It wasn't till about two minutes later that I tried to apologize to my niece for using her asshole as a cum hole without even warning her.

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