tagMind ControlAbby's Friend

Abby's Friend


"Does my bum look big in this?" Abby said to Mike. She was wearing tight fitted jeans that showed off her fantastic ass that any man would die for. She had a gorgeous body as well. Long brown hair that came down just below her shoulders, lips that screamed out to be kissed, and irresistible 34DD breasts.

Mike met Abby during their first year at College and had been seeing her for about a year and a half now, during which time, they had grown very close and were madly in love. Little did Abby know that Abby's best friend Jemma was very attracted to Mike. Jemma was a beautiful 5"10 blonde, with long, sexy legs and lips to die for. Jemma had tried hitting on Mike a few months back at a party, but Mike had turned her down saying he would never cheat on Abby, but would never go for her anyway because she was too weird.

Mike had gone to see Abby to collect some books that she had borrowed the day before. "Sorry baby, but I lent them to Jemma last night. I just spoke to her now on the phone and she said you can go down and collect them."

"Okay but I'll be straight back up here 'coz she creeps me out."

Mike made his way along the campus to Jemma's room. Just as he turned the corner towards Jemma's room, he walked straight into her, knocking a load of books and paper to the floor.

"Shit, I'm so sorry"

"Don't worry about it."

Mike stopped and looked up, immediately attracted to Jemma's low-cut top that showed off her very tempting cleaver age. A shiny crystal dangled between her creamy breasts, the light reflecting off it into Mike's eyes.

"Are you ok?"

Mike immediately shifted his gaze from Jemma's breasts up to her eyes.

"Yea, sorry, just a bit of a shock walking into you like that."

"Me too"

Mike returned the smile, somewhat fixed on Jemma's gaze, as if being drawn in by her beautiful green eyes that seemed to pull him in towards her.

"You must be after those books I borrowed. Follow me."

So Mike followed Jemma as she turned and walked towards her door. Mike tried to keep his eyes from lowering as Jemma's sexy ass moved slowly from side to side, yearning his attention. Walking in behind her, Mike could smell her alluring perfume that attracted his immediate attention, pulling him in further into the room with her. He followed her in and Jemma gestured for him to sit down, vanishing into another room. She returned minutes later with a cup of coffee.

"Here, sit and make yourself comfortable while I try and find these books."

Jemma leaned slightly leaning over Mike, so he could have a full view of her breasts. The crystal once again attracted his attention, the light catching his eyes as it spun.

Mike began to drink his coffee. "Mmmm!"

He couldn't believe it! The Coffee tasted so good. He could get used to this treatment. No, he thought straightaway, shaking the thought from his head. What was he thinking?

Jemma returned 5 minutes later after Mike had finished his coffee, with his books.

"There you go."

Once again, Jemma stood slightly over him, and smiled at him looking him up and down. The smell of perfume drifted over Mike, tantalising his senses. Jemma sat down on the chair opposite Mike, crossed her beautiful long legs (slowly just so Mike could catch a glimpse of her pink panties) and began to play with her crystal that hung between her breasts.

"How are you and Abby?"

Jemma moved the crystal slowly so the light would reflect into Mike's eyes.

"We're going good, been together about a year and a half now."

"Aww good, I'm so pleased for you guys."

Jemma continued toying with her crystal as Mike began to stare at it.

"Yea, we're very happy together"

His reply was slow as the crystal Jemma was toying with was distracting his attention.

"I see. But you seem a little stressed Mike. You need to relax more."

Jemma said in a slow, but sexy voice, shining the crystal into Mike's eyes. The sedative coffee that Mike had been drinking was kicking in now, and he could feel himself tiring, transfixed on the crystal that Jemma shone into his eyes.

"Yes Mike, relax... relax for me now, and stare into my crystal."

"Wh-wh-what's happening to me?" stammered Mike.

"Just relax for me now Mike, relax deeply for me."

Jemma stood and moved slowly across the room to Mike, continually talking in her soft and sexy voice.

"Just listen to the sound of my soft and soothing voice Mike, and relax for me, that's right, relax. You cannot hear anything but my voice, concentrate on my voice and look deep into the crystal."

Mike had no choice but to listen to Jemma's commands and stare deep into her wonderful crystal.

Jemma sat down on her knees in front of Mike, and began to take off her top while getting Mike to listen to her enchanting voice. Mike didn't notice that she wasn't wearing a bra as his gaze was locked on her crystal.

"Good boy, relax now into my hypnotic trance, and relax for me. You cannot resist looking into my crystal and obeying my voice. Can you?"

"No Jemma." Replied Mike in a flat voice.

Jemma's perfume now clouded round Mike, deepening his trance, making it impossible for him to resist the commands that Jemma so softly spoke to him.

"Follow me!" Jemma beckoned Mike to follow her to her bedroom.

Mike was helpless but to resist what she said and followed Jemma, still fixed on her amazing crystal that held his complete attention.

"Strip for me Mike."

"Yes Jemma." Mike obeyed.

"Now undress me and pleasure me."

Mike began to undress his now new mistress, kissing and caressing her sexy body as he undressed her. Jemma lied down on the bed and ordered Mike to lick her out and Mike obeyed, completely under Jemma's hypnotic spell. He slid his tongue slowly into her wet pussy, swirling it around inside her, making her groan hard.

"Good boy. Now lye down for me."

Mike lay down on the bed for Jemma, obeying completely now. Jemma griped his cock and sucked it slowly, sliding her tongue over the tip of his rock hard cock.

"Relax now completely into my spell."

Jemma said looking Mike in the eyes.

"Forget about everything. Forget about Abby and everything else in your life. Only I hold purpose in your life, and you must obey everything I say. Isn't that right slave?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good. Whenever I say to you 'obey', you will fall deeply under my hypnotic spell and obey my every command. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good boy. Once I fuck you, and you cum in me, the spell will be complete and you will be all mine Mike. You will be my hypnotic slave and will never be able to resist me ever again."

Jemma straddled him, slowly pushing Mike's hard cock into her wet pussy, eagerly eating up her new slave. She rubbed back and forth slowly in a sexy motion, pushing Mike's cock further and further up into her. Jemma began to move faster and faster, riding Mike's hard cock back and forth, his Cock gripped tightly by her pussy. Jemma's juices were running down Mike's cock and he throbbed more and more and she rode him faster and faster.

"Cum for me now slave!"

Mike obeyed, coming hard and spurting all his cum into his new mistress.

He was now all hers.

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