tagMind ControlAbby's Friend Ch. 03

Abby's Friend Ch. 03


Months had past since Jemma's enslavement of Abby and Mike and had enjoyed their obedience to her as she continued to cast her deep hypnotic spell over them both. But she was on the look out for more to enslave and to widen her hypnotic control.

Tom was 21, 6'2" with dark, long hair and a broad frame, typical of an American football player. He had a long-term girlfriend, Kate who he was planning on proposing to tonight.

He was going round Kate's house for a quiet evening to watch a film. This was a rare occasion as Kate was a full time nurse that was on full time call and her Saturday nights were always spoiled by the interruption of her pager.

"Hey honey how you doin'?"

"I'm good, I just hope my damn pager doesn't interrupt us tonight."

Kate gave her boyfriend a deep kiss as she pulled him inside. They were half way up the stairs, half undressed when the doorbell rang.

"Shit! Don't we ever get any time alone?!"

Kate opened the door to see Jemma standing there.

"Hey Jem, come on in!"

"I'm sorry to intrude but I was wondering if I could borrow that book you had on aromatherapy please Kate?"

"Come in and sit down, I'll just go find it."

Jemma sat down on the couch in the living room next to Tom, turning her body to face him.

"So how you doing then Tom? I haven't seen you in such a long time!"

"I know Jem, I'm doing ok, I'm going to pop the question to Kate later! This night is so perfect with her not working."

"That's great news Tom, I'm so happy for you."

Jemma placed her hand on Tom's thigh, squeezing softly while looking deep into his eyes. Tom looked at her inquisitively, looking into Jemma's gorgeous eyes.

"Do you like looking into my .."

Jemma's hypnotic stare was interrupted by Kate bursting back into the room, looking all flustered.

"I'm so sorry babe, my pager just went off and there's an emergency at the hospital. I'll be as quickly as I can, an hour at the most. See you later."

Kate gave her boyfriend a kiss, grabbed her coat and ran out of the door.

"I can't believe it! The one night we get to spend with each other!"

"Don't worry Tom, I'm sure she'll be back soon."

Jemma smiled at Tom, once again starring into his eyes.

"I hope so."

Tom's reply was murmured quietly as he was suddenly entranced by Jemma's beautiful eyes.

"Do you want a coffee?"

Jemma broke her hypnotic stare, startling Tom.

"Y-y-e-a-a, that would be good."

Jemma got up, and walked slowly into the kitchen, swaying her hips in a slow and sexy motion. Tom couldn't stop himself from watching her; she looked so beautiful.

Jemma's perfume still lingered in the air, her fantastic, exotic perfume that made Tom's head spin. The smell was so luxurious and relaxing. Without knowing what he was doing, Tom had gotten up and had started walking slowly, following the hypnotic fumes of Jemma's perfume.

He walked into the kitchen to see Jemma standing with her back to him, preparing the coffee on the sideboard.

"Come to me." Jemma whispered softly without turning around.

Entranced by her perfume, Tom followed the fumes to Jemma, sliding his arms around her waist and leaning his chin on her shoulder. He began to kiss her neck softly while holding her close to him.

"Mmmmmm good boy Tom. Kiss my neck and breath in my perfume. Let it fill your nostrils and fill your lungs. Let yourself relax for me by breathing it in."

"What are you doing to me Jemma? This isn't right, please..."

"Inhale it now Tom. Breathe it in deeply, deep into you. And obey and relax for me."

"N-n-n-o-o-o Jemma. Why are you doing this? You know I love Kate and I won't be tempted to cheat on her."

Jemma put her hand on the back of Tom's neck, caressing it to relax him even more. "Then stop kissing me Tom. Stop enjoying obeying me and inhaling my incredible perfume. But you don't want to, do you? You don't want to stop what's happening, you just want to keep doing what I tell you because what's happening now feels so good, doesn't it?"

Jemma turned round to face Tom, resting back on the sideboard, and put her arms around Tom's neck. She looked deep into his eyes, hypnotising him so he wouldn't be able to resist and look away.


"Sssshhh. Relax now Tom, you're safe with me."

Jemma pulled him slowly towards her and began to kiss him. Softly at first, to make him want more. She then slowly slipped her soft tongue into his mouth. Jemma then reached down and unbuttoned his pants, slipped them down and began stroking his rock-hard cock.

"Jemma, I-I-I-I can't d-d-d-o-o-o this, I l-o-v-e-e-e Kate."

Jemma looked Tom in the eyes again, staring deep so as to wipe away the resistance that Tom had to her. She gripped his cock harder and stroked it slowly.

"You don't need her now Tom, you need me. Without me, you're nothing. You will be all mine."

Tom couldn't resist, her voice was so soothing and she had him exactly where she wanted him. Her perfume engulfed him, relaxing him more and more and making it impossible for him to not obey her.

Jemma broke her stare with Tom and Bent down onto her knees. She took his hard cock, and began sliding her tongue up and down the tip of his cock, tickling the tip, then taking it into her mouth, slowly as her lips slipped around it. She slowly slid her lips up and down his cock, stopping every now and then to take his balls into her mouth, and slowly massage them.

Tom stood there, his eyes closed, deep in Jemma's trance. With every suck of his cock she made, the more he was hers. He couldn't resist this stunning, hypnotic woman anymore.

"Come with me."

Jemma stood and took Tom by his hand and led him upstairs to Kate's bedroom where she lay him down and began to strip slowly for him while still looking into his eyes.

"You know you can't resist me anymore Tom. This is what you want, what you have always wanted. I am what you want. Isn't that right Tom?"

"Yes Jemma."

Tom replied in a toneless voice, completely under Jemma's spell.

"Good boy Tom. Kate was so gullible to take that message. She won't be home for another 3 hours now. But by then you will be completely mine."

Jemma was now naked, rubbing her breasts as she continued to cast her spell over the now helpless Tom. She lent over him, taking his cock once again, and began to rub it between her breasts, rubbing slowly while tickling the tip of his cock with her tongue.

"In time I will take her under my spell as well, but now, you will give yourself completely to me Tom and become my sex slave."

Tom looked into her eyes, hypnotised and under her spell. There was no going back now.

She stopped, and straddled him, her thighs each side of him she slid down on his cock, her wet pussy tightly sucking in his cock. She kept eye contact with him as she slid up and down his cock, riding him slowly, but gaining speed all the time.

Her pussy was tight around him, her juices slipping down his cock as she gained speed. He rubbed her breasts, caressing and squeezing them together as she rode him faster.

"Mmmmmmm yes Tom, let me fuck you and become all mine. Once you come you will be completely mine. You will come away with me, leave Kate and obey me. Now come for me Tom!"

Instantly Tom spurted his cum into Jemma, his cream filling her completely. She lent over and kissed him softly. Resistance was no longer in Tom, no other thoughts apart from pleasing Jemma were in his mind. All his thoughts had been washed away and now he was obedient only to her.

Jemma took Tom away, where he obeyed her commands obediently for many months, fulfilling her every desire. Until she had a craving for a new slave...

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