tagRomanceAbby's Panties Ch. 04

Abby's Panties Ch. 04


Abby was wearing a lime green string bikini accented with blue flowers and swirls. She was sitting in the passenger seat of my boat in the middle of the lake. We had taken my family ski-boat out for the afternoon. The blue cloudless sky had allowed the day to really heat up.

"Well, I need to tan!" Abby had proclaimed just after we had run the boat for about twenty minutes. We'd made a few passes around the lake, making sure the motor and gears were all in good working order as summer approached.

"Tan?" I teased. "You're going to burn that precious skin."

Abby had the most flawless skin, but she was still fairly pale after coming off of winter.

"Not if you help me," she added and tossed me the sunscreen. "I have to be careful, but I rarely get sunburned."

She grabbed a white towel and stood between the windshields of the boat figuring out where she could lay down.

"Tommy!" she screamed and I jumped.

"What?" I asked her, realizing I had been caught staring.

"I've been looking right at you and I said your name about five times!" she giggled.

"Sorry, " I mumbled, "Abby, I was....I mean...."

"You were what?" she said with a smile.

"I was totally checking you out, Abby, okay?" I said in frustration. "There's a gorgeous woman in a bikini standing in front of me for gosh sake!"

She gave me a quick twirl, showing off her body and grinned back at me, "You mean little ole me?"

"Yeah," I muttered, while reaching down and adjusting my hardening cock.

"Awwww," she said teasingly as she noticed the tent in my shorts, "did I do that?"

"No," I responded. "I was just thinking about that old man at the boat ramp."

"Well," she stated firmly. "I can understand that. He had a lot going for him."

She quickly jumped out of my way as I tried to swat her precious little butt. She walked through the gap of the windshields and put her towel down on the bow of the boat. I sat there admiring her body as she maneuvered around.

She finally stretched out, but in a minute asked me for her cap and sunglasses. As I stood up and handed them to her she checked out my crotch again. She smiled as she lay back down on her back.

"Tommy...Tommy..." I heard her saying softly. "I've lost you again."

"Wha?" I stammered, realizing once again I'd been staring at her bikini-clad, sensuous body.

"Why don't you just go ahead and take a picture?" she said. "That way I know I'll always be on your mind."

Picture! Well, of course I'll do that. I reached down into my dry bag and pulled out my phone. I snapped a few pictures of her as she lay there in the sunshine. My favorite was when she rose up on her elbows and gave me a smirk of a smile. I could stare at her body all day long. Now, with her permission, I'd be allowed to.

"So I guess you like the view, huh?" she said softly.

"Who wouldn't?" I replied. "There's a 3/4 naked woman on the bow of my boat!"

"3/4 naked, huh?" she said softly, teasing me.

"I guess if I pulled this string..." She said while idly toying with the side of her bikini bottoms. "or undid the back of this top....I'd be totally naked."

I stared. In my mind I could see it happening. She'd be totally nude.

"Okay," she said simply.

"Okay?" I asked back with a confused tone.

"I'm going to get naked," she stated. "But you have to really rub the lotion on me good now. You can't leave anything not protected."

"Abby, I don't think..." I said while looking around the lake. We were alone, but if anyone had binoculars they would see her.

"Too late!" she said triumphantly as she undid her bikini top and tossed it into the back of the boat.

I stared.

Breasts. Abby's breasts. Exposed in the sunlight. They were perfect. Smooth, flawless, white skin accented by light pink nipples. Nipples that were quickly stiffening under my gaze and the light breeze on the lake.

She smiled at me and then undid the ties on the sides of her hips. A quick lift upward and the material came free and was also tossed into the boat.

Naked Abby. Right in front of me. Totally naked.

My cock was incredibly hard.

"Tommy?" I heard her ask softly.

"Yeah..." I stammered, not even aware that I was rubbing my cock through my shorts.

"Will you cum on me, Tommy?" she asked sweetly.

"Oh yeah..." I replied dreamily. "Wait? What?"

"I asked if you'll put lotion on me." she replied. "What did you think I said?"

She sat up and turned to face me. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see just a hint of her pink, shaved pussy.

"It's in my bag," she replied. "It smells like coconut. Reminds me of the islands."

I quickly reached over and grabbed the lotion bottle. I looked at it and it's picture of coconuts and palm trees.

I looked at her and said, "This is going to have to wait."

"Wait for what?" she asked, looking up at me as I walked close to her, crowding her in the small front part of the boat.

I leaned over and kissed her softly.

"I don't want to taste coconut oil," I told her. "I want to taste you."

I kissed her again, and then dropped slowly down to my knees, kissing her neck along the way. Once I was more at her level, I kissed each nipple softly, working them with my lips and tongue.

Then I pushed her gently backward and kissed my way down her belly.

"Tommy," she whispered as she instinctively opened her legs to me.

"Shhhhhhh," I whispered back as I kissed her just below her navel.

"Tommy, I..." she whispered again as my tongue pushed forward, splitting the outer lips of her pussy.

"Tom...I....unh....mmmmm." That was the last bit of resistance as her thighs opened wide apart. She leaned backward on the bow of the boat and her feet went to the windshields.

I slowly and gently ran my tongue up and down her pussy, giving just a bit of attention to her clit each time.

My hands went up and around her thighs and caressed her belly and then moved upward to her breasts. I lightly pinched and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers.

Abby moaned her enjoyment.

I worked her over softly for about five minutes and then put a bit more pressure into my licking and touching. When she moaned her approval, I pulled my right hand away from her breast and easily slid two fingers deep into her pussy. I began rapidly licking at her clit. I pinched her right nipple with more pressure.

"Tommy," she moaned. "Ohhh, that's it."

I slowly began to pump my fingers in and out of her as I increased my tongue on her clit. Her left leg went up high and I felt the heel of her foot rubbing the back of my shoulder.

Her moaning became a constant hum and her hips began to move in small circular motions, sometimes lifting clear of the boat as she arched her back.

"Oh, Tommy..." she whispered. "Tommy, I'm cumming. Tommy, don't stop. I'm going to cum!"

At that instant her hands reached around to the back of my head and held me tightly to her pussy. She pulled me hard against her. Her hips lifted clear of the boat as she deeply arched her back and then slammed down hard.

"Unhhhhh...UNH!" She groaned loudly as the orgasm ripped through her. Her inner muscles squeezed my two fingers tightly. I felt a flood of liquid, and tasted a different taste than the one I 'd been enjoying.

She held me tight as the tremors rippled through her body.

When she finally let me loose, I collapsed backward onto my knees, staring at her amazing body as she continued her spasms. Her pretty pink pussy was now wet and shiny with puffy red lips. Her pale skin was now flushed pink as if she'd already been lightly sunburned. Her inner thighs were shiny with her juices and the lower part of her butt cheeks were soaked.

"Tommy," she whispered softly. "You do such things to me!"

"I'd do anything for you, Abby," I replied.

Her voice sounded sleepy and dreamy when she said, "You'd probably like to take advantage of me in my weakened state."

"I wouldn't do that to you, Abby." I told her reassuringly.

"Well, I think you should," she teased back.

I laughed softly, "Well, maybe someday."

"Tommy," she said. "Please take advantage of me. Would yous slide your cock inside of my pussy, please?"

I looked around. The lake was still deserted. I quickly dropped my swim shorts and scooted closer to her.

She opened her legs wide again as I stood and approached her.

"Fuck me, Tommy" she urged.

I leaned forward, bracing myself on either side of her. I used my hips to guide my cock forward until I felt her steaming pussy lips. I nudged my hard cock up and down, sliding just a bit between her pussy lips, covering my cock in her juices.

When she wrapped her legs around my back I pushed slowly forward.

It was hot, exquisite and steamy and I nearly lost consciousness as I slipped all of the way inside her. It was as if my cock had melted and dissolved.

"Oh, Tommy," she moaned.

When I pulled back to thrust into her again, I knew I couldn't last another second.

"Damn it!" I grunted as I quickly pulled out of her pussy and pushed hard against her pelvic bone. My cock throbbed and throbbed and I shot my hot juice all over her lower belly.

She rode it out with me as I plunged again and again, pushing hard against her. I could feel my balls slamming against her hot, wet pussy lips as my cock slid back and forth on her lower stomach.

"I'm sorry, "I muttered with disgust as I held myself above her.

"No, no," she replied. "I loved it. We'll have plenty of time to do this again. It's okay."

Abby reached up and cupped her hands on my cheeks and guided me to her lips and we kissed and kissed.

I finally had to stand up and I stood for a moment staring down at this beautiful creature. Her body was flushed pink and her nipples were still stiff. Her neck and cleavage was bright red from our passion. My cock had spurted several good spurts of cum all over her lower belly. Our stomachs pressing against each other had smeared it around, and there was a small pool of it in her belly button.

"You made a mess all over me again," she said with a giggle.

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