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Abby's Young Boys

byEnglish Bob©

Jim and Ben tore through the sand dunes close to the beach, laughing and shouting. First week of summer vacation from college and they were happy and excited. The sun beat down on their already well tanned, young bodies causing a sheen of perspiration to glisten in the late afternoon light. Putting an adequate amount of distance between them, the two boys began to hurl a frisbee back and forth. Wearing only shorts, they threw and caught the plate shaped projectile with ease and delighted in the way their toned, athletic muscles bulged with each diving catch. As the time went on, the boys began to get more adventurous, putting more and more distance into their throws and leaping high into the air to make impossible catches.

"Try to get this one if you can!" shouted Jim to his friend as he launched the frisbee high into the air.

Ben watched the disk float and turn in the air, like a small bird caught in a sudden updraught. Up and over his head it flew, well beyond the reach of the tallest man. Ben turned quickly and, keeping his eye on the frisbee, sprinted after it, closely following its erratic flight path.

"Over there, Ben," called Jim, pointing. "It's gone over that dune!"

Ben could feel the tight muscles in his legs begin to ache as he tried to sprint up the high sand dune. The sand was deep and, as he pumped his thighs, he could feel his bare feet sinking further with every stride. The natural erosion of this coastal area had created some strange shaped sand dunes, but this one seemed mountainous and it was several minutes before he collapsed, completely out of breath, on the sandy summit. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Ben looked around for the frisbee. He could see his friend, many feet below him, looking up at him and waiting for the game to resume. Ben could not seem to find their toy anywhere and, turning back to his friend, held out his arms in a non-committal fashion and beckoned for Jim to join him to help search.

While Ben waited for Jim to climb the dune he continued to look for the lost frisbee. From his position atop the high dune he could see down into all the rolling undulations of the lower areas. As his alert, young eyes traversed the sand, he spotted a movement some twenty feet below him. At first it was difficult to make out what it was, but as he crept closer, the shapes solidified into two human forms. Ben's eyes immediately stood out on stalks. He was looked at a couple in the throes of lovemaking.

"Hey, man. What's going on?" Called Jim breathlessly as he finally joined his friend. "Where's the frisbee?"

"Shhhh! Look at this, Jim."

Crouching down next to his friend, Jim looked in the direction that Ben was indicating.

"Jeez, man! I think she's about to suck his dick!" whispered Jim.

As they began to watch, the boys could clearly make out a pretty woman in her thirties leaning over a large man of about the same age. From the conversation that they could overhear, it became apparent that the couple were married, and that their lust had just overtaken them where they were sunbathing. Both the husband and wife were dressed only in swimming costumes, and she was taking great pleasure in easing her husband's swimming trunks down his legs, revealing a huge and erect penis. The two boys gasped in unison as they saw the size of his member, and almost cried out loud as they watched her pretty, pink mouth slowly open and envelop his large glans.

Jim could feel a stirring in his shorts as he continued to watch and looked over at his friend. By the look of Ben, he was also feeling the same tension in his groin and Jim could see the unmistakable shape of his friends erection as it pressed against his shorts. They looked at each other, both wondering if they dared to do what they obviously both wanted to do. Jim was the first to move, and with a grin, slipped his shorts down to his knees and began to rub on his rapidly stiffening penis. Seeing his friend's lack of inhibition, Ben did the same and they both settled down to watch the couple as they jerked their cocks in unison.

The woman was now kneeling over her husband and was taking his cock deep into her throat. The man was moaning quietly, his hand pulling at the pants of her bikini and trying to get at her pussy. The boys watched closely as, for the first time in their young lives, they saw a naked vagina come into view before their eyes. This erotic sight was too much for Jim and with a stifled moan his cum shot from the tip of his throbbing cock and splashed on to the sand creating small, white indentations. Ben was torn between watching his friend ejaculate and the older man grunt his way towards his own climax deep in his wife's throat. Ben and the husband both reached orgasm together; Ben spraying his seed on the sand alongside his friend's, and the husband pulling clear of his wife's mouth and unloading his large, heavy balls over her pretty face.

The two friends sat very still. As Ben had climaxed, his groan of pleasure had obviously been overheard by the couple. The woman was sitting bolt upright, her husbands excitement dripping lewdly from her chin as she looked around for the source of the noise.

"Shit!, She's seen us." Whispered Ben.

"It's too late to run," replied his friend. "Look, she waving to us."


Abby and her husband Frank had always enjoyed outdoor sex. They were both extremely broad-minded and were always on the lookout for different ways to satisfy each others strong needs. She had brought her husband to the dunes that day for the specific purpose of giving him a nice outdoor bow job, but now, seeing the two boys spying on them, another idea had begun to form in her mind. With Frank's cum still glistening on her lips, she was hotter than hell and wanted these boys with a ferocity born out of pure lust. She could see them hiding in the dunes a few feet above her and was waving to them, encouraging them as she watched them come down towards her.

"Well, I hope you two nice boy's enjoyed the view!" she said with a grin when they were finally standing before her.

"Er..y..y..yes ma'am." Ben replied for them both, stammering his words slightly.

Abby looked the two boys up and down. Young, she thought. Probably not more than eighteen or so. Their bodies looked tanned and fit, and each boy still sported a solid erection behind their shorts. She was going to enjoy this!

Frank was lying back on the sand, his limp cock still clearly visible as he toyed with it idly. He knew that his wife would have her way eventually. He would be happy to watch her take these two young lads. He smiled and remained silent as his wife continued.

"So," she said with a wide smile. "You two guys want to do me one at a time or both together!"

Both Ben and Jim were having a tough time getting words to form, and this latest declaration from the current object of their desires, did little to help.

"Er..um..w..w..w..whatever, ma'am," stuttered Jim. He looked over at Frank. "You sure, man?"

Frank simply smiled and nodded his assent. It was nice to see that they were polite enough to seek his approval first!

In less than ten seconds, Abby had stripped off her black bikini bottoms and was lying back in the sand with a grin. Both boys looked at her, not quite knowing what to do. Her long, tanned legs were amazing, and, they observed, she had shaved off most of her pubic hair. What little remained had been sculpted into an almost perfect heart shape. Abby saw them staring.

"Yes, it's nice isn't it? Frank likes me to keep it that way, he says it turns him on when he fucks me. Come on sweetie," She beckoned to Jim, "Take that nice young cock out and push it in here!"

Jim needed no second invitation, and while he watched her spread those long, sexy legs and open her smooth pussy with her fingers, he quickly stripped off his shorts. Taking his cock in his hand and kneeling between Abby's spread thighs, he was not at all surprised that it was once again hard and swollen. Abby took his hand away and, replacing it with her own, guided his rigid member straight into her pussy. Jim groaned loudly as he entered her tunnel. She was wet and slick, the heat and scent emanating from her pussy was filling his nostrils and turning him on more than ever. Slowly at first, he began to pump his throbbing cock deep into her body. Her muscles gripped his shaft and sent shivers of lust through his tight body.

Abby knew that as young lads, neither would have the stamina that she was used to and she wanted to experience the full enjoyment of both of them while she still could.

Come over here, darling," she cooed at Ben. "Plenty of room for you in my mouth!"

In a flash, Ben's shorts were off and he was kneeling next to Abby with his cock buried in her mouth. The feeling of an experienced head-giver was fantastic. She bobbed up and down gently sucking his glans deeply, forming a perfect "O" with her mouth just below his cock head. He looked down at his friend who was now thrusting his weapon deep into Abby's pussy hole with reckless abandon. Jim's face looked contorted as he groaned his way towards his second orgasm.

All at once Ben experienced an amazing sensation. Abby tilted her head back and swallowed his cock whole, taking him deep in her throat. At the same time she took his left hand and slid it under her bikini top. Neither boy had seen her breasts, but Ben could feel the swell beneath his hand as she closed his fingers around a hard, pointed nipple and urged him to squeeze harder. As her hand came away and left Ben to do what he thought was right, he pinched the nipple hard. This obviously had the desired effect because within a few short seconds he could feel the vibrations against his cock as Abby groaned deep in her throat and careered into a huge orgasm. Her body shook and trembled as she came, causing Ben to lose all control and jerk his meat deeper into her throat and climax wildly himself.

Abby gulped and swallowed the young mans cum as fast as she could, feeling the fluid mix with her husbands earlier deposit. She was orgasming herself almost constantly as the second lad continued to thrust his solid dick into her pussy. She wanted him to cum on her as well and knew that a little verbal encouragement should do the trick.

"Come on baby," she cooed as her legs wrapped around him, pulling him in deeper. "Fuck Abby's wet pussy for her....fill her with your fresh, young cum.....do it baby....do it to me ...fuck my cunt hard...harder...HARDER!!"

Jim looked up into her cum stained face and plunged his final thrust into her wet hole. With a cry he pulled out and exploded over her lower belly.

"Mmmmm...that's right honey...that's so nice.." She whispered as she rubbed his cum into her skin. "Feels so nice...so hot..."

Jim collapsed back onto the sand as he watched Abby mop up his cum with her fingers. Frank, who had been smiling and whispering encouragement to his wife all the while, now moved back beside her and was feeding his semi erect cock back into her mouth.

"You know, boys," He said as he began to fuck her face again, "I think you will agree, I have one of the hottest and sluttiest women for miles!" He passed Jim a scrap of paper. "Why don't you two come to our apartment tonight? I'm sure that we can think of lots of way's the three of us can entertain Abby for the whole night." He turned to his wife and continued. "Isn't that right baby?"

With her mouth full of cock, the boys could see that there was no way that she was going to answer. But then again, they thought, actions speak louder than words!

The End

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