tagInterracial LoveABC: Betty Needs a Bull

ABC: Betty Needs a Bull


What can you say about a girl like Betty?

She was young and pretty. Long blonde hair that hung to the middle of her back. A high school graduate and varsity cheerleader, she got married instead of going to college.

Betty liked sex.

She especially liked sex with her big-dicked husband, a young man who'd been on the football and basketball teams for which Betty had cheered, and who now drove a cab.

They started trying for a baby almost immediately.

No one was more surprised than Betty when she got the Marketing Specialist position at Omnicom, a top-tier advertising firm. She gazed out the windows of the twenty-seventh-floor break room, marveling at the splendor of the Chicago skyline. This job was like a dream come true. Her previous job had been at a meat packing plant, where the bathrooms often had bloody palm prints on the stalls. Here in the break room refrigerated display cases hummed softly, holding bottles of specialty waters and caffeinated drinks in precise rows. Sometimes Betty liked to just come in here and marvel. It still made her feel like a thief to take one of the cold bottles back to her cube, although she knew this was silly.

"Hey Betty." Don strolled into the break room. He was thin and dark and wore expensive tailored Italian suits. A nervous tick made him constantly touch the knotted tie at his neck.

Betty nodded, making a beeline for her cube.

Don touched her elbow. "You're going to close the Bulls account tonight, right?"

Betty cringed. Don was a Senior Marketing Specialist, but he reported up to Evelyn, just like Betty. He always made Betty feel insecure, constantly talking about his degrees or his many years in the marketing industry. Evelyn had recruited Betty, telling her not to worry about guys like Don.

"Yes, tonight I'm meeting with Michael Gordon."

Betty tried not to gush, but she could hardly believe her good fortune at receiving this account. Michael Gordon was the star player of the Bulls basketball team and possibly the most sought after account in all of sports history. He was currently with a competitor firm, but Evelyn had been wooing him for years. Tonight he would sign with Omnicom. Don invited Betty to an ad hoc strategy meeting in his office, and her heart dropped into her shoes. It was the last thing she wanted to do, but she didn't feel confident enough to turn him down. Thankfully Evelyn called, instructing Betty to leave the office early, get a massage and lunch (charging both to her corporate card), and then go to the Gordon property in Highland Parks.

"We're all counting on you, Betty," Evelyn said.

Betty felt pressured and wasn't sure how to answer. That never happened with Evelyn, who was just a fantastic mentor. Always so reassuring about Betty's ability. Far more confident than Betty herself. The stress of working with such an important client must have been getting even to Evelyn. And was it any wonder? The Gordon account was worth millions. Possibly billions.

Betty took a deep breath. "I'll do my very best, Evelyn. I promise."

"I know you will, baby," Evelyn said, suddenly sounding like herself again. "Call me tonight on your way home, no matter what happens. I don't care what time it is." Betty agreed, put the contracts in her case, and then made her way to the elevators.

Betty did all the things Evelyn suggested with her day. Then, in the car service, Betty texted her husband to remind him she would be coming home late. He asked her to steal something inconsequential from the Gordon estate, something that would serve as a souvenir for him, if she didn't land the deal.

Betty winced.

She reminded the love of her life how important this job was to her. It was just like him to show a lack of confidence in her ability. But, really, the truth was they were both a little baffled at this newfound opportunity.

At the door to the Gordon estate, Betty rapped on the door.

She had worn a loose fitting dress that hung more than a few inches above her knees and now she checked her look in the reflection of the glass. Thin, delicate features. Small breasts and slim hips. Betty took a deep breath and blew the air from her mouth.

She rapped louder.

She tried the door, found it unlocked, and entered the house. The floors were gleaming hardwood and classy looking slate. All the rooms had vaulted ceilings that rose around inviting open areas. Light poured through towering windows and skylights. By the door, Betty saw giant-sized basketball shoes and leather sandals.

"Mr. Gordon!"

Someone from upstairs yelled down. Betty hollered back an introduction, saying she was from Omnicom and had a contract.

"Oh, yeah! Come up!"

Betty was nervous. Sweaty. She kicked her flats into the pile of shoes and then made her way inside. Looking over her shoulder, she saw she'd made tracks on the slate from moisture on the balls of her feet. She hoped he wouldn't notice.

"Up here!"

She made her way up a carpeted stairway.

Michael Gordon sat on a couch, playing an online video game. He waved her over.

"Guys I have to go to work."

The faces of his friends flashed across the screen. Betty realized his friends could see her and she waited patiently as they said their goodbyes. There was some light-hearted needling of Michael. The teasing involved Betty or Omnicom somehow, but it wasn't clear how they meant it, and no one explained. It was all very clannish and masculine, so Betty just smiled and waited for them to finish.

He was bigger than she imagined, his head shaved just like on TV. He sat with his knees apart, a controller in his hand. Big muscular shoulders under a loose fitting shirt. Soon the screen went dark and he turned to her, a warm grin on his face.

"Hi Michael," she said. "I'm Betty from Omnicom."

She extended her hand and it disappeared in his much bigger palm. He gave her a gentle tug and suddenly she was sitting next to him on the couch.

Betty trilled, grinning.

He made small talk and it felt good sitting next to him. Gathering her wits, Betty sat forward, retrieving the folder from her bag. "I have the sponsorship agreements Evelyn wanted you to review," Betty said. "If you could go ahead and and sign them."

He took the folder, flipped through the report, then set it aside. He said everything looked good without giving it much attention. Leaning back in the seat, he put his arm on the back of the couch. "I haven't met you before. Are you new?"

Betty grinned.

She admitted she'd just started and hoped that Evelyn would keep her around. That was a trick her dad had taught her. When Betty was a kid and he wanted her to do something, he would always present the thing he wanted her to do as if it were something he and Betty were doing in opposition to her mom. In reality, he was just trying to get Betty to do her chores.

It was a subtle way of winning people to your side.

Michael laughed. He said he hoped she would stick around too. "I love good-looking girls like you," he said, his eyes roaming her body.

"Slim, petite." His voice dropped to a throaty whisper.

The room suddenly felt much hotter. Betty tried to decide if his comments were appropriate. She considered him an incredibly good-looking man, but she would never say such a thing to his face. His eyes met hers.

"Thank you, Mr. Gordon." It was the only thing she could think of to say.

"A white girl," he observed, his eyes widening.

Betty swallowed.

A fine sheen of perspiration broke out on her forehead. He put his arm around her and drew her to him. He invited her to make herself comfortable, reminding her that it was the end of the day, that it was okay to relax.

Betty thanked him again.

She called him mister to draw his attention to the imbalance of power in their relationship. She had a sense that she was losing control of the meeting, but she didn't know what to do, so she just allowed herself to sink further into the couch.

He was such a large man her forearm rested naturally on his thigh. Taking her hand in his, he toyed with her wedding ring, a simple band of gold. He reminded her that he was probably Evelyn's most important customer.

She nodded in agreement, mumbling that he was indeed a very important man.

"Evelyn takes very good care of me." He placed Betty's hand on his crotch and smiled.

Betty gasped and laughed. She knew better than to pull her hand away. His cock was large and warm. He kept eye contact with her, putting his tongue on his upper lip. She tried to play it cool, telling him that he was very forward.

"You have to take care of me," he said, like a petulant child. "Didn't Evelyn tell you?" He grunted, holding her hand on his erection. He wanted an answer.

"She did," Betty admitted, taking a deep breath.

"You know what I want?"

She could easily guess. Pleading for more time seemed her only real option. "This is all going very fast Mr. Gordon," she said, a slight tremor in her voice.

He grinned, ignoring her comment. His face broke into a great white toothy smile. "I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock."

He had a fabulous smile.

She whimpered. It was a humiliating response. She was about to tell him about her husband, but Michael cut her off. "Ah, ah, ah," he said.

She pressed her lips together.

"Betty," He switched to a deliberate cadence. "Down on your knees. Open your mouth. And suck."

He stood before her and opened his belt.


What can you say about a girl like Betty? Evelyn and the rest of the team at Omnicom were counting on her.

Her husband expected her to fail.

Betty took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay," she squeaked.

She slipped off the couch and got on her knees. A warm thrill spread from her tummy to her pussy, then took hold in the rest of her body.

He opened his pants and his cock was huge. Bigger than even her husband's.

And very black.

Betty gasped. She told him how big he was, a bit of awe in her voice.

Michael cooed down at her, his hands on his hips.

She used both her hands to stroke his shaft. She licked. Kissed. Took the head right in her mouth. She listened carefully, letting his moans guide her work. He liked having his balls sucked. He enjoyed having the head of his cock at the back of her mouth. He hummed contentedly at the praise she lavished on his size and architecture.

The more saliva she lapped onto his cock, the more he grunted, grinding into her face.

As she worked, it occurred to her that her willingness to suck cock was why Evelyn had hired her. Michael liked petite white girls. Betty was petite. And she was white. But there were plenty of petite white girls with college degrees. It was Betty's willingness to suck a cock that set her apart from the rest of the pack. Somehow Evelyn had known that Betty, a little white girl from a meat packing plant, would be willing to get down on her knees and suck a man's cock.

"I'm going to come in your mouth, Betty."

What could she say? There was no point in being coy. Michael was the man and he wanted to dump a hot load of sticky cum in her mouth. Betty tilted up her chin, opening wide.

He stroked his cock. He told her that Evelyn would be very pleased.

Betty extended her tongue.

He cock exploded, spurting cum on her forehead and her pretty blonde hair. Ignoring the mess on her face, Betty kept her mouth open, her tongue stretched out. His spurts covered her cheeks and chin. Soon he saw fit to fill her mouth. When he finished, she suckled his cock head, taking all his juice.

Betty thought briefly about her husband, but she pushed him from her mind. To amuse Michael, she cleaned her face with her hands, using her fingers to scrape cum into her mouth, or just rubbing whatever she could find into her flesh.

After, Michael let her know that he would need to come at least two or three more times. He was a bull in every respect. He led her into the bedroom and they undressed. He was soon ready again and took her on the bed. An accomplished lover, he satisfied himself and then Betty again and again and again.

Finally it was over.

Betty was exhausted. Completely sated.

He stood in the nude, signing all the forms. He offered her a shower, but Betty just wanted to get those contracts signed and get out of there. While Michael wasn't looking, she slipped a large crystal ashtray into her bag. It was meant for her husband. She felt guilty and wanted to give him something to make him happy.

At the door, Michael scrutinized her bag.

"Oh Betty," he said, retrieving his ashtray and looking at her skeptically.

She apologized profusely, begging his forgiveness.

"My husband wanted a souvenir," she said. "He's such a huge fan." It made her feel dirty to acknowledge her husband's admiration for a man who had just satisfied her so deeply, a male whose victory with her in the bedroom had been an overwhelming and complete success.

It also made her feel stupid to have risked her corporate job for an ashtray.

Michael said he understood. He said it would be his and Betty's little secret. He said that she had just started at Omnicom, and that he hoped her husband would keep her around. Michael grinned at her, hungrily surveying her body.

Betty ran to the car service.

She had done it! The contracts were signed.

The thing with the ashtray had made her feel stupid, but she put it behind her. Michael had been very generous. She felt grateful to have him in her life. For reasons she couldn't quite explain, it felt as if she and Michael were on the same team, in competition with-- she had to think about it for a bit--her husband. Yes, she searched her feelings and thought that was right. That was certainly a silly way to feel-- she loved her husband --but Betty didn't have time to explore it. Michael had drained his potent cum inside her pussy and she was fertile.

She had the driver stop at a drugstore and purchased emergency contraception. Her plans to start a family would have to be pushed back a few more weeks, but that was fine.

It could be her little secret.

She called Evelyn, who picked up on the second ring.

"We did it," Betty proudly announced. "Michael Gordon signed with Omnicom."

Evelyn was ecstatic. She lavished praise on Betty, who lapped it all up like a young pup dying of thirst. Evelyn promised more than just praise. She assured Betty that this accomplishment was a major achievement, a milestone in her professional development. Betty could hardly believe this was happening to her. She had just been given the best fucking of her young life and now it sounded like she was getting a promotion, too. Trying to sound modest, Betty assured Evelyn that none of this would have been possible without her steadfast support.

The was a pause in the conversation.

There was one last thing that remained unsaid, but Betty wasn't sure how to broach it. Evelyn had hired Betty because she was young, white, and willing to suck a black man's cock. It was all true, but how could anyone admit to such a thing?

She was married woman for god's sake.

It was indecorous.

Betty resolved not to mention it. Michael Gordon contracts were once in a lifetime deals, and the agreement was already signed. Surely Marketing Specialists didn't suck the cocks of account holders everywhere.

Evelyn seemed more than willing to let it go. She reminded Betty of the onboarding contracts that she'd signed. A non-disclosure agreement. Don't tell anyone about tonight. Waiver agreements for nuptials, alimony.

Child support.

The turn in the conversation upset Betty. What was Evelyn trying to say? Betty fired back at Evelyn, snapping about being treated like a child. It was the first time that had ever happened. Betty was spreading her wings.

Evelyn said soothing things. She congratulated Betty, suggesting that she take the next day off. Maybe even take a few days for herself.


When Betty did come back to work, she found she'd been moved from a cube to a private office, with a door. Evelyn gathered the entire floor in the break room, near a large brass bell that hung on the wall. There was an end-of-quarter ceremony that involved the VP of sales making a single toll of the bell for particularly high-volume sales in that quarter. When he got to the Gordon contract, he made a gushing speech about Betty's contribution, and then he rang that goddamn bell continuously, amid the applause of the entire floor. Betty felt tears well in her eyes. Her female colleagues reached out to touch her elbow or her shoulder. Men pumped their fists, clapping her on the back. Some even whispered strange compliments.

Nailed it, Betty!

Shut the fuckin' door, Laid his ass on the floor!

First base? Grand slam! That bitch never saw it coming!

Betty never felt so sexually potent in all her life.

She floated back to her office. In addition to her new space, she got a generous raise and a new title, Senior Marketing Specialist. Evelyn made it clear that Principle Marketing Specialist was within Betty's reach by the end of next quarter.

Betty became the sole breadwinner for her family.

Her husband parked his cab and stayed home to take care of the house. At night, they kept trying for that baby. One day, he was in the break room with Betty, about to eat sushi, when Evelyn strode up to the two of them with purpose. Evelyn took Betty by the elbow and spoke to her privately.

"Michael is here," she whispered. "He needs to see you."

"What does he want?"

Evelyn gave Betty an unambiguous look that made a warm throb of excitement go straight to her pussy. Michael wanted more sex.

"Really?" Betty glanced toward her husband. "What should I do?"

"Are you kidding me?" Evelyn scoffed. "He's your most important account."

Betty took a deep breath, bulging her eyes.

Of course.

Michael was a bull and would need ongoing attention. A dirty thrill sailed up her spine, awaking memories of the night she got the contract signed. Evelyn offered to entertain Betty's husband while she took care of business.

What a life saver that Evelyn was!

Betty blew the air from her lungs. She apologized to her husband and then raced off to her office. it was a little embarrassing to admit, but her pussy was already creaming in anticipation of what was to come.

Michael sat at her desk, looking out at the skyline.

"Betty I'm sorry for dropping in on you unexpectedly like this, but I have a friend I really wanted you to meet." He stood and reached for her hand.

"Michael so good to see you." She slipped past his hand, putting her arms around his waist, and pressing her body against his.

He had an erection and grunted appreciatively.

"Where is your friend?" Betty asked.

"He's going to meet us here." Taking her shoulders in his palms, Michael looked in her eyes. "You know what I want?"

"I think I do." Betty rubbed the bulge in his pants, a dirty grin on her face.

Michael grinned. He took her head in both his hands. "I want you to fuck my friend, and then let him come in your pussy."

Betty gasped. "Oh God, Michael!"

She had done all the mental work required to rationalize sucking his cock, but she had never even considered that he might want to share her with his friends.

Michael chuckled, enjoying her shock. "And then you know what I'm going to do?"

He put his hands on her shoulders and gently pressed her toward her knees. Betty glanced toward the door to make sure it was shut. By the time she knelt, his cock was already out.

"I'm going to follow him," Michael said.

"Sloppy seconds."

Betty could only nod, her brows riding high on her forehead. Two virile men, one right after the other. Her plans to start a family would need to be pushed back again. She was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt.

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