tagIncest/TabooABC Modeling Company Pt. 04

ABC Modeling Company Pt. 04


Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 28 - Ron plays with his toys

We get home and a man is standing at the door waiting for us. His only words are, "We have a situation." Ron grabs Beth's and my hands and tells the man, "Gather the house staff other than security and have them meet me in the security room. We follow a very grim looking Ron to the unfinished house expansion.

I guess that isn't entirely true. To me, it looked unfinished, but the security section, home gym, and the bunker all appear to be complete. The rest is nearing completion, Ron made this a priority. I am glad he did.

Once in the room, Ron goes away and receives a brief rundown. He waits until everyone is present before he starts.

When he spoke, there is absolute silence, "I will explain everything in a second." He looks at a security guy and says, "Wake up second shift and send papa bear an email with the subject of Ghost Warrior and family say hello, priority 1. Is everyone wearing their jackets?" The man answers "Yes".

Ron said "Good. For the last three weeks, this house has been under surveillance. It's not against the law. Since I left, they have been bolder and getting close to the house and testing our defenses. In the last ten minutes, they seem to be rallying a large group of people. Again, nothing illegal, this is a free country. People can gather in nearby buildings. We estimate roughly fifty attackers. We called 911 and the swat team will take up a defensive position. We don't want the bad guys bringing in heavy vehicles or leaving."

He continues confidently, "To be honest, SWAT isn't as good or as well trained, I am keeping them out of the way, so they don't get hurt. They are a fine group that works their butts off, this is no offense to them. It's just that the people working here are some of the best in the world. I hand-picked each one for their specific skills. There will be blood spilled soon and death is in the air. They look like people I fought against in Iraq. We highly suspect they are terrorists. Funny thing about America, we let everyone into our country.

"If you saw one of these men by themselves, most of us would think nothing of it. However, we watch the area and notice unusual activity and large numbers of people carrying unusually shaped boxes. We have spotted AK-47's the standard weapon of choice by many terrorists. Unfortunately, lots of law-abiding Americans also own AK-47's so we can't strike first, or we would be murderers. My friends and I killed a great many of their people and I guess they want revenge."

He tries to sound very positive and upbeat, "You will all be moved to the bunker where you will be safe. There is plenty of space, plenty of food, cards, board games, and darts. This might take a while, depends on how smart they are. I know the result now so try not to worry too much. You will lock the door and not unlock it regardless of what or who you hear. Wilson, you were in the military, remember your Morse code?"

Wilson replies, "Sure do."

Ron continues, "Good, when you hear [I love my girls], it's time to come out. There are plenty of weapons and ammo in there, but the Calvary is on the way, this won't take long. You will hear shooting, that's the bad guys. You may hear RPG's that will rattle a bit but that will just make us mad. Any questions?"

I selfishly ask, "Can you stay here with us?"

Yes, I am crying again, and I can see that it is breaking his heart.

He tried really hard to sound strong, "I have to be there with the guys, it's what I do. I can't sit in here and hide knowing that I could have saved someone. Everyone, call your parents on the landlines, tell then you are safe and then watch the TV's, I am sure we will make the news. It will easily be the best safe view."


Ron here again.

We are completely ready for them. They didn't seem well organized and had no clear leader. He would have died within a second of the first shot anyways. We had run some of the faces through security services we use. Many are suspected terrorists, but they never had enough proof for arrest. They are about three blocks away in an abandoned office building.

They wait for the dark of night. I suspect they want to sneak up on us. We have night vision equipment but there are enough nearby lights and moonlight that it's unnecessary. They leave their building as a group and stop traffic due to their open weapons. They use ladders to climb over some high fences. To their credit, they stay together as a group.

I think of the Star Trek movie with Genghis Khan. He was smart but unwise in futuristic fighting, he thought two dimensionally. That gave my men up in the trees (the third dimension, up off the ground), an advantage. They literally walk under many of my men. Then my men scale down the trees and are now behind the "suspected" terrorists.

The bad guys are slow and quiet. They pass through bushes and back yards, careful not to break anything because that would make noise. I admire their guts. Against most houses in America, this would have been a slaughtering of innocent people. Little do they know, they picked the wrong house to screw with.

Security has had plenty of time to get the neighbors to safety, that was a big relief to me. I can't have paying customers getting killed.

They are about fifty yards from our house when they came in guns firing while walking in a nice straight line. There was a bunch of them and their AK-47's are noisy. I have no idea what they were shooting at, but they made a lot of noise and ruined the side of my house. I hated the color anyways. They break up into groups to try and control key points around the property. Snipers take out about a third of their force. Silent shots of death coordinated at entire groups. Some die by the men from the trees or laying on the ground. Bad guy walks past, good guy pounce, bad guys die, good guys looks for more targets. I have the overview on a large monitor with infrared viewers. I can see everyone. I redirected a team for safety. Our counter-attack and snipers solve that issue. In total, 62 dead and no wounded. Of my guys, the worse we came up with was three guys with hurt feeling because they never fired a shot. When we get the "all clear" I tell security to go back to normal, leave the house staff inside for now and I will go address the media and police.

I pull out the Police Chief's card and call his personal cell phone and ask, "You busy?"

He replies, "No, just holding the perimeter."

I ask him, "You mind sending your guys in and storm the house. I need you to save me?"

He chuckles, "What am I saving you from?"

I laugh, "The media." He laughs too.

I request, "Don't shoot up my place, I live here you know."

He says, "Fine, I will come save your ass."

The news shows a large contingent of police rush the area, cover exits, stand on guard, and save the house residents. Then I am walking out the front door with the Police Chief.

All the reporters run up to us, "Can we get a statement?"

I look at them with utter disbelief on my face, almost shocked, "Statement about what?"

The reporters yell over each other, "The terrorists and the military had a gunfight in your house. We saw two seal teams climb your house walls and disappear right after the shooting started."

Ron laughs, "Oh that? As you can see we have a large house. The family is growing, and we are going to remodel. My buddy asked if they could use it for a live fire test scenario where they take on a large force of brutal terrorists. He knew we were going to gut the place so why not. The seal team was in the area, so they asked to play as well.

"They and their copters don't take well to being photographed, I would keep your cameras to the front of the house where it is safe and your news helicopters better back off as well. They missed most the fun and might want to chase some newsies away."

The police Chief continues, "We wanted this to look really lifelike, most of the officers didn't even know. I wanted to see how they would react to a pile of dead bodies. They have never seen that before. How would they react to you being here trying to get past lines and people doing random things? We learned a lot today, we are very thankful for the help. Thanks again, old friend."

Back to Anna ...

The news channels go to commercial with Ron shaking the Police Chief's hand. We get the all clear sign and the door opens. We stay inside the house. I take a quick look and see the bodies loaded into bags by the US Navy Seals. That is when I remembered Ron asking for the email to papa bear. I wonder if that is the same person that likes to give away teddy bears? I bet it is.

Ron is in good spirits when he finds us. We each get a huge kiss. Ron asks everyone to please gather around.

He spoke with conviction, "First I would like to thank my team that protected me, my family, and all of you. The worst injury we have is some hurt feelings because they missed the action. No USA blood spilled today unless those swat guys scrapped a shin getting into position. You don't see them, but as you heard and saw today, my guys are the best. Congrats to all of them, they earned it today."

"Second, none of you signed up for this. It's possible this could happen again or worse. If anyone no longer wants to work here, feel free to email me and I will make sure you get an equal or better paying job somewhere else. Somewhere that will be safer."

Wilson yells out, "Where is that?"

Ron is confused, "Where is what?"

Wilson says, "Where will I be safer than in this house? All the people in this room are wonderful to work for or work with. We have the US Army protecting us and they call in a Seal team to mop up. So, mister big tough man, I want to know, where am I safer than in this house? I am staying right here!"

The room cheers.

Ron yells, "Ok, I see your point, you can stay!" Another chorus of yells. "Tonight, I will break out some wine, open the bar, make some snacks, play some guitar, and we will all celebrate a win for the house and have fun. You better enjoy it because tomorrow we have one hell of a mess to clean up!"

The bodies are gone, and all is clean except the bullet holes on the outside of the house by morning. Ron looks at me and says, "I hated that color anyways." He then falls to the ground laughing as I watch my little brother the child. Oh my, how I love that child.

Chapter 29 - Revelations

The house repairs are complete, all construction is complete, the baby is due in a few months, the wedding is in a month, and all is well. Except, I have been in a bad mood for the last several weeks. I am happy to see my parents and I am happy for Beth. Ron is like a child around her. He still gives us equal time, but something is wrong. I am sad. I didn't know why. Ron knows something is wrong, I have no answers to his questions. I am not jealous of Beth, on the contrary, I am super excited for her. She always wanted to be a mom. She is so happy she glows.

My mom and dad drove their golf cart to the house and came to see me. They texted Ron to come and join us. We are in the living room. Ron came to the couch where I am, and I snuggle up to him and hold him tight.

Mom spoke first, she always does, "Honey, what's wrong?"

I reply, "Nothing."

Mom is not amused, "Don't nothing me, it's like your dog died. Now speak up, what's wrong?"

I didn't know how to answer, "I don't know. Everyone keeps asking me and I don't know."

Ron says, "I know."

My mom and I look at him, "You know?" I ask.

Rom is confident, "Sure. Remember, I have loved you forever. I know you. This started when Beth got pregnant."

I start thinking, then I start to cry. Mom looks at Ron.

He says, "She can't be a mom. She can't have my child."

Suddenly, it made sense. He is right.

Ron says, "There are sperm banks, adoption, other men?"

The look I gave him shocked him, "Ok, maybe not. You could always help raise our child. I know, it's not the same but you will be a major factor in their life."

Dad says, "Son, there is another option."

Mom gave him an evil stare. It had the look of burning hate and something else in it.

Dad looks at mom, "They need to know."

Then he looks at us. "That conversation your mother had with Anna. She told her we did not care about your choices and your lifestyle, we will always love you unconditionally. What she didn't tell you is why."

Mom is nervous, "Dear, are you sure this is wise to discuss."

Dad says, "Yes, in fact, it is long overdue. The reason we will love you unconditionally is that your grandparents did not feel the same way towards us and they cast us out of the family. Never spoke to them in forty-five years. They died, and we attended their funerals. Nobody knew why we were there. They had no idea we were their children."

That took a while to sink in.

Dad continues, and mom starts to cry, "You see, you two don't fall so far from the tree. Your mother had the same feelings Anna has. She wanted to be a mother. I can tell you for a fact, it is possible to have two mostly normal and very beautiful children. I know it can also go wrong, but you two are living proof that sometimes it goes right."

All Ron can say is "No shit." I thought that was about the right words.

Chapter 30 - The Dungeon

It is a Saturday night after dinner, about a week after we spoke to mom and dad. I hear Ron swearing up a storm. He is furious. Beth looks at me, "I wonder what his problem is?" I am pretty sure I know, I run into our foyer and hide in the closet. Ron nears, and I hear Ron yell, "BETH! ANNA! Where the hell are you two!"

I hear Beth say, "What's up your butt, unhappy you haven't killed someone in a week?"

Ron yells, "I might do just that, where the hell is Anna?"

Beth must have given me away because Ron swings open the doors, grabs me by the hands, and drags me out of the closet.

Shouting at me, "You did it, didn't you?"

Beth yells, "What the hell did she do?"

Ron grabs me and throws me over his shoulders then grabs Beth by the hand and drags her off to, (evil creepy music here followed by a church organ when I think...) "The Dungeon" dum dum dum dummmmmm. Pick your favorite creepy horror movie music.

Sure enough, Ron is dragging us straight to his "Play Room" that he labeled, "The Dungeon", complete with a red light in a black box. It has steam pumping out when people approach, it looks scary. Beth has never been in here, I just could not resist looking. I get wet just thinking about what Ron can do to me in there.

He flings open the doors and we walk down a few steps, everything is pure black. There are two black doors with creepy monsters painted on the outside, someone spent a lot of time on it, the quality is awesome. Ron flings open the doors to this black area and a large room is in front of us with a high ceiling.

Now I know why he is mad. Someone has repainted the walls to make it look like a beautiful wooded park with lots of bright white and yellow flowers and a lazy blue sky with puffy white clouds. On a wall is an assortment of whips, canes, and other torture devices. Each has a "Hello Kitty" theme handle. There is a bed with restraints but rather than black and gold, they have a bright fluorescent yellow padding and a hot pink leather outside.

The Sybian looks like a pink and white bunny rabbit. The bondage stocks have been painted like flowers. The spanking bench is painted like a picnic table. The full height Cross is painted like a birch tree. The cage has plants on top. I think you get the idea. It was cute enough for a nursery.

Beth fell to the floor from laughing so hard. I just look at Ron and say with a straight face, "I like what you did to the place."

Even Ron had to smile at that. Beth finally gets to her feet to look around. I am amazed that the furniture even had coats of shellac to protect the paint job.

Ron askes with a smile on his face, "How did you pull this off?"

I answer, "I had this idea about a month ago. I slipped Wilson a note to have your guys do this for me when I could get you out of the house. He waited, and waited, then you solved the problem for me with our mini vacation. I didn't have to say anything, he just had them do it. I have been waiting for your nuclear meltdown for a while now."

Ron, "Well, I have been a bit busy rebuilding the house and improving our defenses just in case. Now, I think we have a very bad girl here. She really needs to be punished."

Beth asked, "Can I be punished too?"

Ron looks sad, "Sorry dear, doctor's orders. I can't beat my future wife until after we get married and you have the baby. Anna, on the other hand, I can beat the hell out of her."

Now that scared the crap out of me and I think he noticed.

Ron says, "Let's go sit on the bed over there, we need to discuss this form of entertainment."

Beth lays down, Ron and I sit on the edge of the bed.

Ron is conversational, "I think it's pretty obvious what this place is and what goes on here. While you both are still modeling, I have limits in what I can do. I can't bruise you, leave welts, leave skin irritation, leave whip marks, etc. We can do some spanking but even that will be on the easier side. This is only for mutual pleasure. If you don't like something, I don't want you doing it just because I might. I get pleasure out of giving you pleasure. This point is not negotiable. Do you understand?"

Beth nods yes.

I ask, "Not even as a present for like your birthday?"

Ron answers, "Never. I don't want to hurt or degrade the two women I love most in the world. I don't expect Beth to do any of this. I have no idea how far you will go, Anna. Tonight, we test some boundaries, pain limits, and introduce you to some of the equipment. If there is ever something you don't want to do, or are about to do, or have reached your limit, yell out RED. That is our safe word and I will stop."

"If you have a gag on, shake your head no or try to bark like a dog. This is important. I will try to provide intense pleasure, but you will NOT like some things or not want to go too far. Sometimes your pain level might decrease because of hormones, what you ate, or stress. I can't stress this enough, this needs to be enjoyable for you."

Now Ron is serious, "If I find out you lie to me in here, you will be banished. I care way too much for both of you and this just isn't that important to risk losing either of you."

I look at Ron, "I promise to tell the truth. I really want to explore this part of me and I think I will love a lot of it. Some things in here scare me right now, I will let you know."

I state, "Some of them have some obvious talent and I would like more of this for the children's rooms and their play area. This is very relaxing in here and far better than I ever would have dreamed. They went way beyond what I asked for and I love the Hello Kitty whips. They are so cute."

Ron asks Beth, "Would you like to assist tonight?" She is up off the bed in a flash.

Beth is eager, "I would love to assist. I have always been the dominant one and this opens a lot of new possibilities ... If you allow me, that is."

Ron, "For now you can rip her clothes off and help cuff her to the Cross."

I yell, "Not on your life, this is a unique $2500 outfit and I will not allow some Neanderthal to harm it. I will undress."

It takes about three seconds. My panties are soaking wet, fluids are leaking down my legs. I am hot and bothered at the prospects and how this might hurt me. It sent thrills throughout my body. I want it so bad it hurts.

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