tagBDSMAbducted by a Gang of GILFs Pt. 03

Abducted by a Gang of GILFs Pt. 03


The birds hadn't started tweeting yet and already I heard a car pull up outside. It was cold in the cabin as I was laid out naked on a table. Nothing covering me, left exposed to the elements. My nipples were hard, my cock was too. I was scared; I had no idea what to expect and no way to stop it. This was completely insane that I was actually slightly aroused at the thought of being helpless to defend my dick against the advances of a woman I would never get sexually involved with. The only was some old granny is getting her hands on my cock would be this way. I guess that's why Cougar resorted to such extreme measures.

The door creaked open and I heard a timid "hello?" The ambiance was dim in the chilly cabin. I tilted my head to see a small frame slink through the door. This was one I hadn't seen yet. Meek, mild, very unsure of herself. Her diminutive presence in fact frightened me. The timid ones were usually the wildest. This was true for my newest domme as well. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I lay in acceptance of it, sprawled out on the table. I quipped, "you don't have to do this...you can set me free, I promise I wouldn't tell a soul..."

"Honey, no amount of begging will get you out of this. You have no idea who owns you, do you?!" she maintained. I didn't, I barely knew Cougar. These other women I knew nothing about. Understanding the situation more clearly now, I attempted to resist the feelings, to resist the temptation they presented, to prevent myself from getting hard. What could they do with a soft dick??? It was my only option. This first domme would be somewhat easy to resist, I found her to be thin, unattractive, certainly no one I would look twice at let alone get physical with.

She got started pretty quickly, cranking the large metal wheel that lowered me to the ground. This lady was all about the cum. "I'm gonna get me some of that sweet young nectar now. I'm gonna have soooo much fun with you today." With that she stopped cranking, I was just a foot off the floor now. She straddled my head and started fidgeting with something in her hands, I couldn't see from my obscured position. All I could see was this old lady's hairy snatch perched above me. I was a little turned on at looking up her skirt, despite her age, I adored a good upskirt peek and have found myself peeking up dresses of ladies totally not my style. So I got a little turned on. I felt my dick grow a little, then stop. It fell flat again. It would take more than an upskirt to give me a full-on hard-on. Her boney hands wrapped around my nut-sack and cock, strangling them. She crouched down now, covering my face with her crotch, scooching down further enveloping my face. I could barely breathe, I didn't want to breathe though, she smelled was more foul than sweet. I couldn't hold my breath forever. OMG this really was true torture.

She ordered me to start pleasing her, while she got me ready. I complied, stiffening my tongue and darting it into her holes as she grinded down hard on my face, feeling all of me rubbing her cunt. I felt a cold cylinder entrap my dick. Hear a 'hiss, hiss, hiss' and felt an intense pressure around my member. "Cougar said u were the sweetest cum she ever tasted. So, I want a whole's WEEK'S supply, you'd be delicious in my coffee! Now please me, lil boy. Please my cunt!!

Obediently I began a cycle of short quick flicks followed by a long dragged out lapping of the clit. This was sure to get her off. I was combatting the pain inflicted by the milking I was enduring. She had a small milking machine that stroked my dick in a vacuous canister. I hadn't felt anything like it before. It was effortless. It wasn't long either before I came for the first time that day. I spewed a lot of cum, seeing as I hadn't orgasmed since yesterday. And then the sensitivity set in. the machine kept going. I tried to protest from underneath, but she merely sat harder on me, cutting off any chance of begging for release. She liked it rough, grating her clit through my teeth, demanding I pinch them while she tried to pluck it away, tugging at her clit and tasting her tartness on my tongue.

I prayed for this treatment to end. My dick now being raped by a machine. It was so tender, the machine kept going, ceaselessly jerking me off, not even permitting me to get soft between orgasms. I felt it ramping up again inside me, gushing again. Now I felt empty, but the machine was relentless. Torturing my sensitive dick with a never-ending hand job. Thankfully after the second cumming she turned it off. It was only a moment of temporary relief. Peeling her moist skin off my face I welcomed the cool air. Breathing the freshness in deeply. She was pleased with the goo she milked from me, pouring it into a mason jar. "Mmmm", she said, "this should do nicely!" I figured she was finally done. I had no idea the length and depth of the tortures! She kneeled next to me, leaning her frail body over mine, fondling my dick, I still hadn't gotten soft yet, but I was desperate to. It was sore and red from the relentless milking. She was eager for a taste, setting the jar of my milk aside and swallowing up my whole dick in her little mouth. She licked up the sides, removing any trace of cum, sucking on it like a popsicle. Being inside your own head in this predicament was is crazy. Ur trying so hard to stop things, not get excited, and they're just exploiting your dick's fondness to be touched. Even though I was not in the lease bit attracted to her, she had full access to my dick and easily manipulated it to cum for her against my wishes. I know I was a goner, wait until a lady that DOES turn me on get a hold of my cock!

Old granny was quite the master at BJs, though. She skillfully pulled another orgasm from me, over my pleas for release. I begged her to leave me along, she simply craved the sound of me begging followed by my moans when she makes me cum. Every time I came she would remind me, "See? You're totally into this! Otherwise you wouldn't get hard, right?!??" and she continued sucking me long into the day, letting me have a little reset as the day progressed and I began spitting barely any cum at all. She milked me over and over until the sun went down, then thanked me for such a great performance and wiped me down, cleaning me up for the next assault.

"Wait till you see what Rachel has in store tomorrow! Ur dick is TOAST, she's all about the weird stuff, she is so gonna torture that beautiful penis of yours"

And with that I was left to imagine the horrors that would be inflicted on my captive body. The crickets kicked in...chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp ...I blacked out ... until tomorrow.

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