tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbducted by Aliens from Karma

Abducted by Aliens from Karma


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Women stripped, groped, fingered, fucked & taught a lesson.

What goes around, comes around. If you're lucky when your nemesis gets their comeuppance God will let you watch. FYI, 'karma' is pronounced 'Ha-Ha-Ha!'

All characters are over 18. An April Fools contest submission.

^^^11:16 p.m. in Florida near Tallahassee. April 1st, 2008 (Before Uber existed) ^^^


The sound came from under the hood of a Dodge Neon. The battery made the motor crank, but the engine wouldn't fire.

"What's wrong, Lexi?" her best friend, Rita, asked.

"I don't know," the beautiful blond answered. "The stupid car won't start." She turned the key again. The car made the same noise and refused to start.

"Oh, no! We'll miss the party. I was meeting Tony tonight," Rita, a hot Latina, said.

The two twenty-year-old women, who were dressed to party, were sitting in the dark in a red chick car in the driveway of Lexi's house. Lexi pumped the gas pedal and kept turning the key, but the engine wouldn't start.

Lexi's younger brother, Greg, and his friend, Austin, exited the house. They came down the steps. As they passed the Neon, Greg said, "Sis, I thought you had a party to go to?"

"We do," Lexi whined, "and my car won't start."

"Bummer," Greg said. He kept walking.

Rita got out of the car. She was wearing a gold, low cut top. Her perfectly formed, 'Killer B' breasts were on display.

She smiled at Greg and said, "Come on, Greg. Help us. I know you don't get along with your sister, but will you do it for me?"

Rita was pretty. She had large brown eyes, big cocksucking lips, and long, black, curly hair. She was short and, as usual, she had on high heels. Black ones tonight. They matched her shiny, skin-tight, liquid leggings. Rita had the thin legs and tight butt necessary to successfully wear them.

She sauntered over to the eighteen-year-olds, pushed her tits out so they couldn't miss them, and asked politely, "Won't you take a look? I'm sure two smart, handsome men like you can fix it in a snap."

Austin said, "I guess we could have a look."

"Okay," Greg relented. "Lexi, pop the hood."

His sister pulled the latch. The guys went to the front of the car. Greg raised the hood. The young men looked around and checked various things.

Lexi got out of the car and joined the others. She had on a tight, scoop necked tank top that showed off her bountiful breasts. The silver mini skirt showed off her dynamite pins.

"Austin, get in and try to start the car," Greg said.

The young man got behind the wheel and turned the key. Again, the engine cranked, but it didn't start.

"How's the fuel?" Greg asked.

"The gauge shows more than half a tank," Austin said.

"I'm not stupid," Lexi said, annoyed. "I know a car need gas."

"Sorry, Lexi," Greg said. "I don't know what is wrong. You have gas. The battery is okay. Those are easy to solve problems. You'll have to call a tow truck to haul the car to a garage so a mechanic can look it over."

"Damn it!" Lexi said and she stomped her feet. "I don't want to deal with this now. We have a party to go to."

"Too bad Mom and Dad took the other car and we live too far out of town for you to call a cab. Can't one of your party going friends pick you up?"

"Rita and I had to work tonight. It's after eleven o'clock. Everyone is already at the party and probably too drunk to drive," Lexi said, "What about you? Can you take us?"

"We're meeting some friends and going to shoot pool tonight."

"You can drop us off. We're going to Josephine's house. That's practically on your way."

"Why should I? You're always such a bitch to me," Greg said. "Last year, you played that elaborated April Fools Day joke on me. You catfished me. For all of March, you texted me pretending to be a girl named Sheila and to be interested in me. On April 1st, we made a date to meet. Sheila promised that we'd have sex if I shaved my junk so I shaved off all my pubic hair.

"When I got to her house, I found a note on the door that said, 'I'm upstairs. The first bedroom on the right.' I went into the bedroom and called out, 'Sheila, I'm here.' A girl's voice answered, 'I'm in the bathroom. I'd be right out. Get undressed and get into bed.'

"I took off my clothes and got into bed. A beautiful girl came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She came to the bed and said, 'I'm naked under this robe. I can't stand hairy guys. Are you shaved?' I nodded. She said, 'Show me.' I pulled the sheet off me.

"Then, you and six of your girlfriends came running out of the bathroom to look at my dick and make fun of me for not having any pubic hair. I was called an inchworm. Someone said my dick was small and bald like a baby's penis. I was called a hairless Chihuahua and other shit."

Lexi smiled, remembering her best prank ever. Then, realizing she needed his help, she stopped smiling and said, "You're right. I went too far, that's why this year I toned it down. You came down for breakfast this morning and found a bowl of cereal waiting for you, you poured milk on it, and had a spoonful."

"I nearly broke a tooth!"

Lexi explained to Austin and Rita, "I'd frozen his Cheerios. That was funny, right?"

Austin said, "Certainly, not as cruel and humiliating as last year's prank."

The master manipulator managed to look contrite and said, "I'm sorry about last year. It must have been extremely embarrassing and humiliating to have been caught with your pants down."

Rita was just as self-centered and manipulative as her BFF. She was also a major league prick teaser. She went to Greg. She stood in front of him, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek. She batted her eyelashes at him and said, "Your sister's a bitch. Do it for me. I promise you'll be invited to my next party."

Greg blushed and caved. He said, "Oh, all right, but you'll have to find your own way home."

"No problem," Lexi said. "Thanks."

Everyone got into Greg's six-year-old Ford Explorer. There were multiple routes he could have taken to Josephine's house. He chose the back roads.

Longleaf pines grew in abundance on both sides of the small county road. It was dark. The waning crescent moon did little to illuminate their surroundings. They lived outside of town and there were no street lamps.

Ten minutes into the trip, flashing lights appeared in the sky. They were in front of the SUV.

"What's that?" Austin said.

He pointed at the windshield. Everyone looked.

"What is that?" Lexi asked.

The lights changed direction.

"It's coming towards us!" Rita said, panicking.

The lights went past the car. Then, they changed direction again. They now were keeping pace with the Explorer. They were above them on the driver's side of the vehicle.

"We're not near the airport," Rita said. "Planes don't fly out here."

"Yeah," Austin said. "This is weird. Like UFO weird."

Greg said, "There's a barrier up ahead blocking the road."

"What's going on?" Lexi demanded to know.

"Beats me," her brother said. He put the brakes on and came to a stop in front of the roadblock.

The lights in the sky disappeared.

"Does this mean the road is closed?" Rita asked.

A black panel van pulled up behind them and pinned the Explorer in place. Two figures got out. They moved in a stilted fashion and didn't look human.

Rita screamed.

Lexi said, "They look like aliens!"

"Yeah. I've seen them in movies. They were called 'Grays'," Austin said.

Everyone focused on the strange creatures. In the dark, it was hard to see them clearly, but they could make out that the figures had bulbous heads, no hair, and large, black, almond-shaped eyes. They had thin, pursed lips. Where humans have ears, these creatures had openings.

One was tall and thin. The other short and stout. They wore silver, metallic jumpsuits and gloves. In the hand of the short, stocky one was a silver object that looked like a weapon.

The scared young people heard a machine-generated voice coming from the tall one. His lips didn't move. There was a square box hanging around his neck. The sound came from it.

"Greeting, Earthlings. We mean you no harm. We are visitors from the spiral galaxy you call Andromeda. We are from a planet named Karma."

"What's going on? You chased us with some kind of flying ship, stopped our truck, and it looks like your friend has a weapon in his hand," Greg said.

"That is correct," the short one said. "I have a weapon for our protection. Past encounters have taught us that humans can act irrationally and violently."

The tall one said, "We are on a scientific mission. Come with us, allow us to perform the tasks our superiors have assigned, and we will release you unharmed."

"And what if we don't?" Lexi said, defiantly.

The short one turned and pointed his weapon into the forest. His weapon emitted a beam of light and a tree exploded. The top half fell to the ground.

The women screamed. The guys gulped nervously.

The tall alien said, "Do I have your cooperation or must I turn the weapon on one of you?"

"You're not going to hurt us?" Greg asked.

"You will not be harmed. We are only here to study your species," the tall alien said.

Greg turned and looked at everyone. He said, "I think we have to go with them."

The women were scared. Greg and Austin got out of the Explorer. They opened the doors and helped the women out.

The tall one said, "I need to know if you will come willingly with us. I need a verbal response in the affirmative." He looked from one of them to the next.

They felt they had no choice. They all took turns and said, "Yes. I will go with you."

The short alien said, "Leave the keys in your vehicle and get in the back of the panel van."

Greg had automatically taken the keys out of the ignition. He placed them on the front seat. The four earthlings shuffled toward the back of the van. The two aliens followed them. Greg opened the door and a light came on revealing the empty interior of a standard van. There was a wall separating the cargo area from the driver.

Greg climbed in. Austin helped the women get inside. He followed. The short alien closed the door and locked it. The door mechanism had been tampered with. It was not possible to open the doors from the inside of the van.

The humans sat in silence in the dark. Everyone held the hand or the arm of the person beside them. Rita sobbed. Greg said, "I've read stories of other people being abducted by aliens and they were released unharmed. I think we should do as they say."

Austin added, "Yeah. I don't want to be blown up like that tree was."

The women agreed.

The aliens dismantled the highway barrier and put the pieces in the woods. One got into the Explorer and drove it off the road to a place where hunters often park their vehicles. Then, the alien got into the panel van and it drove off.

The trip was one with many twists and turns, The folks in the back of the van were tossed about.

The van stopped twice. Once, to unlock a gate and, a second time, to open a large, roll-up door. The aliens drove inside an old, abandoned warehouse. They parked the van beside a dilapidated building.

The two aliens went around to the back of the van. The short one unlocked and opened the door.

"Out. Walk single file," the tall one instructed, "into the building."

The short Gray pointed the way with his gun.

Austin led the procession. He entered the old warehouse office. The building was ten feet by twenty feet. The door was centered in one of the longer walls. He was followed by Lexi, Rita, Greg, and, lastly, the two aliens.

The room was dimly lit. There was a hum coming from a bank of machines five feet tall that lined the wall opposite the door. They were covered with blinking lights, levers, and buttons.

"Move to your right," the tall Gray instructed.

The right was mostly open space. There was a basket on the floor and two metal armchairs against the outer wall. The room was divided by a black, padded wall about one foot wide, four feet tall, and six feet long.

On the other side of the short wall were two exam tables. They had the ability to tilt. Currently, they were in a vertical position. Above them were a bank of overhead lights which were not turned on.

The tall alien said, "We will begin our exams. Remove all articles of clothing and put them into the basket on the floor."

"What?" Rita shrieked.

"No fucking way," Lexi said.

"Hold on buddy," Greg said. He stepped toward the Grays and said, "We will not be anally probed."

The short one fired his weapon. A beam of light shot out and Greg screamed, grabbed his stomach, and collapsed.

"What did you do to him?" Austin demanded to know.

The short alien pointed his weapon at him and said, "He did not comply with the request and he made an aggressive move toward us. Neither action will be tolerated."

"May I go to him?" Austin asked.

The women cowered and huddled together. They were shaking and crying.

"Yes," said the one that shot Greg. He added, "He is not dead or seriously wounded. Only stunned. We have been briefed and understand that the males of your species exhibit a strong sense of guardianship toward females. However, you must obey.

"We do not wish to harm any of you," the tall Gray said. "If you cooperate with us, you will be released unharmed. Be disruptive, impede our exams or fight us and we will eliminate you. All of you. This is your last warning."

He added, "You may find this reassuring. They will be no anal probing. We have no interest in evaluating how humans dispose of undigested food."

Austin helped Greg to stand.

Lexi called out, "Greg, are you okay?"

"Yes. Ahh," her brother responded. "It felt like a horse kicked me in the stomach. I had the wind knocked out of me, but I'm okay. We better do as they say."

The voice box of the short alien activated and they heard, "You must comply. Remove your clothes. Put them in the basket."

The young men took off their clothes. The eighteen-year-olds were fit and muscular. Greg was blond and had blue eyes, like his sister. He was six feet tall. Two inches taller than his friend. Austin was thicker through the shoulders. He had brown hair and eyes. Their limp dicks were obscured, hidden in their dark mass of pubic hair.

The women looked at one another and slowly began taking their clothes off. They dropped them into the basket with the boy's clothes. Soon, all the captives were naked.

Lexi was beautiful. She had long blonde hair that cascaded in waves down past her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes and a silver ring through her nose. Her breasts were large and full. Her pink nipples had blunt tips. She waxed her sex, but left a blond landing strip above her cunt.

Rita was also good-looking but in a different way. She was dark and sultry. She had black, curly hair that reached down to the middle of her back. She didn't have the goods like Lexi. She was short and had smaller breasts. But she had the look of a temptress. It was her dark eyes, high cheekbones, and her attitude. She oozed sex appeal. Her vagina was completely hairless.

The faces of women were red. They turned the bodies away from the Grays. They covered their breasts with one arm and stuck the other hand in their crotch.

The short Gray opened a door in one of the blinking machines. He picked up the basket of clothes and dumped everything inside.

"Hey! What are you doing? Will we get those back?" Lexi asked.

The tall alien turned to her and said, "Yes. After they are examined and tested." He paused and studied her face. Then said, "Your face and your female friend's face are red. Are you blushing? Are you embarrassed to be naked?"

"Yes," Lexi answered softly.

"Why is that?" the tall one said. "As I look at your bodies, I see you have no tan lines and your bodies are a deeper hue than the buttocks and genital areas of the males. I assume that is because you have been sunbathing in the nude. Was that a voluntary activity?"

"Yes," Lexi said. Rita nodded.

"If you are not averse to being nude in public to suntan, why are you blushing now?

Rita said, "We haven't been naked in front of these guys. And these two are brother and sister." She gestured toward Lexi and Greg.

"Interesting. So it's not necessarily the activity that determines your emotional response. Other variables have an impact," the tall Gray said. His gloved hand rubbed his chin.

"We will begin the exams. One at a time, you will go stand on the circle on the floor in front of the exam tables. Our sensors will collect data," the tall one said.

He pointed at Greg and said, "You go first."

The short alien led Greg around the room divider and pointed at a black circle on the floor. It was two feet in diameter. Greg stepped on it. The short Gray returned to the other side of the room.

"Please stand still," the tall Gray said. "We are mapping your internal organs and the various systems in your body: circulatory, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, digestive, and respiratory. Please tell us your name and age for our files."

"My name is Greg Johnson and I'm eighteen-years-old."

Lights of different colors and coming from different angles illuminated his body. Front and back. Some lights pulsated. Others swept up and down his body. After ninety seconds, the lights went off.

The others were also scanned. Rita was the last one. Before she was scanned, she said, "My name is Rita Gonzalez and I'm twenty-years-old."

After her scan, the tall Gray asked, "Rita, you said you are the same age as Lexi. Why is it you do not present the same secondary sexual characteristics?"


"It was my understanding that mature human females have pubic hair and breasts. You have no hair around your vagina and your breasts are not as big as Lexi's. Although your areolas and nipples are large and dark."

Rita shook her long mane of hair and said, "If I didn't wax my pussy, the hair down there would be just as black and just as thick as the hair on my head."

Lexi spoke up for her girlfriend. She said, "The size and shape of boobs vary from woman to woman. I happen to have been blessed with large ones."

"I'm as much a woman as Lexi is," Rita said defiantly. "I've had sex with sixty-two men. Five more than she has."

"I see," the tall Gray said. "Is that much sexual activity typical for a woman of your age?"

Before she could answer, Greg said, "No. These two are sluts."

"Hey! Watch your mouth," Lexi said. "You're jealous. At least people want to have sex of us."

"Slut? I'm unfamiliar with that word," the tall one said.

"A bimbo. A floozy. A promiscuous woman," Austin hollered.

Rita and Lexi made faces and flipped him off.

"Ah. I see. They are sexually experienced. Good. That will come in handy in the next stage of our examination."

The tall one turned to the men and said, "Greg, Austin, please have a seat in the metal chairs against the wall."

They walked over and sat down. The short alien flipped a switch on the wall by the chairs.

"Hey! What's this?" Greg said. He squirmed in the chair.

"Gentleman, the magnetic feature of the chairs have been activated. They are exerting a force on the iron molecules in the hemoglobin in your blood. You are safe. I need you to be stationary while a sample of your semen is collected."

"What?" Greg screeched.

The tall Gray explained, "As long as the magnets are activated, you will not be able to leave the chairs."

"Not that," Greg said. "What's this about a semen sample?"

"We are investigating your species for many reasons. One of the questions we seek to have answered is, can our two species breed? If so, what would a hybrid of our union be like."

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